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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

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  1. The little girl beamed as Alex said he would play his guitar, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. She couldn't wait! She loved to hear him play. Amy looked up at the redhead as she introduced herself, smiling. However, a look of almost comical horror and disgust spread on her face as she introduced herself as Alex's girlfriend. And he was her boyfriend? Eww! Did they have cooties?! "You're boyfriend and girlfriend?!" her voice was horrified. "Do you two have..." she looked between the two of them, "cooties?" she whispered the word as though it were some awful secret. However, she cheered up some at the girl's offer. "Really? You promise? I love dancing!" she grinned, cheerfully. She looked over the dark haired girl who had been beckoned over, and waved at her cheerfully. "Hi! I'm Amy!"
  2. Amy furrowed her brow, tongue sticking out of her mouth as she stretched up onto her toes as high as she could reach. Why were the books here so high up?! It wasn't fair! If she was only a little taller... at least, she thought that. In reality, she'd likely only be able to reach the book if there were two of her, standing atop each other's shoulders, while both were on the tips of their toes. The Bilby student jumped as someone suddenly spoke behind her, dropping back onto her heels and turning to see a girl she recognized from the party. "Hello!" she smiled, revealing her uneven front teeth. Her eyes widened as the girl pulled out her wand, watching excitedly. Was she going to use Magic?! And then she did, summoning a stepladder to them. Amy's eyes widened, and she beamed, saying, "That's so cool!" The girl stepped up on the stepladder, grabbing the book Amanda needed. She accepted the book with a bright smile, bouncing on her heels. "Uh huh! Thank you!"
  3. Amy could tell something was off about the girl. Perhaps it was something to do with her aura of magic? It didn't feel like other's did; she'd felt slow, sluggish auras, hyper, fast auras, and auras that were sturdy and unchanging. But this girl's just felt different, although she couldn't say why. It just did, like a dog barks and a cat meows. "You have that much energy?" Amy asked. She couldn't imagine having that much energy! "But m'be it could help some!" she offered smiling. The dog was happy to keep licking the girl's hand, enjoying the pets. She liked kids, they enjoyed playing with her and usually weren't afraid of her. "You don't need to apologize." she shook her head 'no'. "Cousin Alan? You're the headmaster's niece?" she hadn't known he had a niece. "What's a 'memair'?" she struggled over the unknown word, tilting her head.
  4. Amy tilted her head, furrowing her eyebrows. Why? "Why not? It's fun, and it gets rid of energy." Not knowing what else to say, she shrugged, slipping the ball from hand to hand. Did you have to have a reason for doing everything? And why did this kid ask so many weird questions? The Bilby girl was surprised at the sight of the girl's bright smile, but she was quick to return it, grinning to the point her eyes crinkled. Blue woofed quietly, butting her head into the girl's hand, before flicking her tongue out to lick her palm. Her head tilted as she asked why Amy stayed at the school; was that so odd? She supposed so. "My parents are dead, and Mister Headmaster didn't want me to have to live in an orph'nage, so he let me stay here."
  5. Amy smiled, offering the ball to the girl. She began to toss it up and down in her hands, waiting to throw it if the girl accepted. The Bilby student hoped she would; she was bored, and lonely. Although she had befriended Alex and Gerry, they were Tally students, and she couldn't talk to them much. It would be great to have a friend in Bilby. "We play Toss, or Catch!" she answered, nodding. How could she not know what toss was? How could any kid not know what toss was? However, the girl was quick to get on her good side, complimenting Blue. She beamed, and patted the Pit Bull on her head. "Thank you! Her name is Blue!"
  6. I need to get a book from the library but I can't reach it... anyone wanna help me?

    1. Cassandra Sullivan

      Cassandra Sullivan

      I'm on it, sweetpea!

    2. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Sorry I can't swing by, kiddo - Have to handle some stuff! But Cass will take really good care of you! 

    3. Amanda Lee

      Amanda Lee

      Thank you Cass!

  7. Amy scowled up at the tree, fisting her hands and putting them on her hips. This wasn't fair! She'd been having fun, and now the tree stopped her and Blue from playing. And she could still see the ball, as though it were taunting her. Not. Fair. The girl jumped out of her skin as another girl suddenly appeared in the tree, startling back. Blue appeared to be startled as well, as she began to bark, until being stunned by her Mistress. For a moment, she felt rather dumb. She was in a school for Magic, so why would this scare her? "Thank you!" she beamed, running to grab the ball, picking it up. After a moment, she would hold the ball up as though to offer it to the other girl, calling, "Wanna play?"
  8. Amy giggled. Blue was rather annoyed, but wagged her tail politely. She was tired, but her little Mistress was having fun, so she'd put up with this. If it were anyone else, however, she wouldn't have. It was only for Amy, she had to keep that in mind. The little girl held onto the rubber kickball she'd found, waving it in front of Blue, before chucking it as hard as she could. It bounded a handful of times, and the Pit Bull raced after it, woofing as she did so. She ran around the ball so as to stop it, before herding it back to her girl. Amy cheered, patting the dog on the head, before chucking the ball again. Blue sighed, before running back to get it. This continued a few times more until, with one unfortunate throw, Amy chucked it a bit too hard. The ball bounced once, twice, and then flew up into the air, nestling itself securely in the branches of a tree. "Oh, no!" Amy cried, running up to the base of the tree and staring up at the ball, trying to figure out how to get it down.
  9. Amy giggled. It wasn't often she was allowed into the older student side of Tally. She'd been a couple times, but never with the Bilby side's permission. Although she wished it was something... cooler. Like going to the Quidditch pitch, or getting to help with a class! But going to the library? It wasn't terribly interesting! Not that she didn't like to read, she did, but she didn't think any of the books in the library would be very interesting. Plus, she'd had to leave Blue behind. She hated putting the dog in the Kennel, and had made it a habit of only putting her in the Kennels at night. But it had been a stipulation that she'd have to put Blue in the Kennels if she were to go into the older kid's side of Tally. It took her a moment to push the large door open, finding it heavier than she expected. As she walked in, she looked at the paper in her hand. They'd been kind enough to write down where she could find the book, including the aisle, as well as what the book looked like. She counted off the aisles as she walked, before finding the one that matched her paper. The Bilby student walked through the aisle, before finding the particular shelf. She couldn't help but to frown, however, as she spotted the book. Well, spotted was a bit of an overstatement; really, she only saw the color of the spine. If she stood on the tips of her toes, she could only just see it. There was no way she'd be able to reach the book. But that didn't stop her from trying. She stretched up onto the tips of her toes, reaching as far as her arm would allow, failing miraculously.
  10. Amy giggled, beaming up at Alex. She'd been hoping to see him here, but hadn't let her hopes get up. But the fact that he'd found her so quickly was kind of funny, she had to admit. "Yay!" she cheered, throwing her hands up in celebration. The Bilby kiddo had been worried he might make her leave, but he was quickly proving to be a very good older kid. "Will you be playing Saf're tonight?" She hoped so, she liked when he played it, and thought he deserved to have more people listen. The Bilby girl looked up at a rather loud voice, drawing both her and Alex's attention. She giggled quietly, giving Alex a shit-eating grin. "Boo?" she asked, stressing the word. The amusement on her face was obvious. She looked between Alex and the girl, wondering exactly how they were related. Amy startled, looking away from Alex at a loud 'OY' that sounded surprisingly familiar. Her face lit up as she saw the source of the sound, calling out, "Gerry!" excitedly. She squeezed Alex a final time, before racing forward to hug Gerry's legs, smiling up at her. "You're here too!" "Thank you! We should all hang out together, can we Alex? It would be fun!" she looked between the two pleadingly. However, she looked back at Alex, hearing the sadness in her voice. "Don't be sorry! Gerry was there, and she was so cool!" She grinned as he patted her head, before looking to see who he was talking to this time.
  11. For some reason, Gerry looked confused. Amy frowned, trying to figre out what had happened. Had she said the wrong thing? But then it was gone as soon as she'd corrected herself the look of confusion was wrong. Had she not known what inches were? Australians were weird. Inches were so much easier! Centimeters were too small, and you had to use more of them. She beamed as the girl accepted her pinky-promise, glad she had accepted. Adults never seemed to understand just how important pinky promises were! They just seemed to wave them off as though they were nothing. Amy followed Gerry out of the hallway, squinting her eyes against the light. She hadn't realized how dark it was in that hallway until she'd left it. The Bilby student looked up at Gerry as she stopped, stretching her legs. "Really? I can't wait for you to meet her! She'll like you!" she beamed, tugging on her hand to lead her to the kennels. "Follow me!"
  12. The Bilby student bit down a giggle, hiding under the table. She wasn't sure if Bilby students were invited, but she doubted it, and she didn't want to get kicked out. But this was fun! And the food was good! Now she had to find a way to sneak some of the other foods, too. As footsteps approached, Amy took a deep breath. When the table cloth began to lift up, she quickly stuffed the rest of her handful of mini-corndogs into her mouth, chewing as fast as she could. As someone began to peek under the table, she screwed her face into an expression she hoped was suitably sheepish. However, upon seeing a very welcome, familiar face, she beamed. Her cheeks were swollen like a chipmunks as she swallowed, so she could talk. "Alex!" she scrambled to her feet, hugging him. "I missed you! Can I stay?" she grinned cheekily.
  13. Anyone wanna come over to Bilby and play?

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    2. Cassandra Sullivan

      Cassandra Sullivan

      Who's this cutie and why haven't I met her yet??

    3. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      That's little Amy! She has the cutest dog named Blue, which is an awesome color too. She has a pretty good singing voice.

    4. Geraldine Richter

      Geraldine Richter

      Of course I know her.  And why on earth wouldn't you be cool?

  14. She could get in so much trouble for this. But it would be so worth it. "Shh, Blue!" Amy whispered, holding her finger up to the dog's mouth. It did little to help, as the Pit Bull continued whimpering. She didn't know what her Mistress was doing, but she knew she didn't like it. "Now, stay!" the Bilby student whispered, the dog whining before sitting obediantly. She began to push on the chainlink fence, before finally making it through the hole she'd found. She was careful, being as quiet as she could as she made her way to the Great Hall. Amanda had overheard some of the Tally students talking of a party, and she was desperate to see what was going on. She wouldn't stay long, she just wanted a look! Thankfully, she managed to slip into the Great Hall with little trouble, and ducked under the food table, peeking out from under the table cloth, chewing on the mini-corndogs she'd grabbed.
  15. Amy giggled, nodding and holding up a single finger. "By one inch! Er..." she took a moment. "Three centimeters?" she finally guessed. Somewhere around there, at least. She was never good at math (sorry, maths), and centimeteres were weird. She sighed in relief, in the over-dramatic way only a child could, as Gerry promised not to tell anyone about them being Tally's superheroes. Well, future superheroes. They hadn't exactly done anything heroic yet. "Promise?" she asked, tilting her head and offering her pinky, silently asking for a pinky-swear. To a child, that was practically the equivalent of an Unbreakable Vow. However, she couldn't help but to grin, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Really?" she was special? The Bilby student easily took Gerry's hand, wrapping her fingers around the older girl's. She followed her, staying close enough that their arms weren't stretched. "Alright! I wanna visit the kennel so I can see Blue before it rains."