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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

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  1. Samhain took a deep breath, rifling through her bag once more as she approached the Potions classroom. She didn't much like the Underground Hallway, it made her feel claustrophobic, like she was under miles and miles of stone. But unfortunately, Potions class was held down there, and there was no getting out of it. The girl slipped into the classroom, slinking to a seat before looking around. She felt almost naked; she'd had to leave Bumble up in her Dorm, for fear of the little beast falling ill from Potions fumes. In her arms instead was her cauldron, filled with the books she'd need as well as her Potions kit. She set her cauldron down, before looking around the classroom. There was a large cauldron already bubbling, a potion inside of it, and numerous cauldron heaters were placed around the room. The girl was startled as a hare made of paper suddenly hopped onto her desk, but couldn't help but to smile. That was... pretty cool, she'd have to admit. She was quick to read over it once it unfolded, looking back up as the woman began to speak. The Sturt student nearly went out of her skin as the cauldrons suddenly began to burn, flinching without meaning to. Samhain hated sudden movements, especially ones to do with dangerous things, like fire. She waited for another girl to speak, relieved when the professor put out the fires, before raising her hand to speak. "I-I'm in-interested in-in he-healing po-potions." she said simply, before staring down at her cauldron, cheeks flushing crimson.
  2. Samhain watched as the teacher began to go through the roll, before dropping her gaze to the table again. She listened as the teacher began to speak, writing down what she determined to be important. -Never insult Fae -Mr. Eron? -Fae view rude different -Avoid insults -Polite refuse gifts -Never thank them -Never owe a favor She also was quick to write down what the woman said on Banksia pods. Were they sentient? That didn't make any sense, but since when did magic make sense? The Sturt girl jotted down the recipe, wondering what it was for. Thankfully, the professor was quick to explain, and her eyes widened at what the woman said to the banksia pod. That was... seriously unprofessional. She grimaced as she was told they could work in groups but, thankfully, it didn't seem mandatory. Unfortunately, things went topsy turvy. The blonde haired girl spoke up, being completely unrespectful, and Samhain went still, feeling like her throat was closing in on itself. This was bad. The teacher was going to get mad. This was very, very bad. Without thinking, she reached for her wand. Instinctively, she cowered as the girl knocked items off the table, not seeing the girl, but someone else. She could hardly breathe, and only managed an "Excuse me!" before grabbing her bag and bolting, racing towards the main buildings where she could panic in peace. Without thinking, she left her journals out on the table.
  3. Hine? That was an interesting name. Then again, her's was Samhain, and it didn't exactly sound how it was spelled. Everyone seemed to think it was 'Sam-hayne', when in reality it was 'Saw-when'. But she didn't have a big enough backbone to insist on the proper pronunction, so she went by both 'Sam-Hayne' and 'Saw-When' at this point. This girl had a pretty thick accent, she couldn't help but to notice, and it took her a moment to decipher what she was saying. Cuz... cus...cousin? Well, alright then. However, the compliment only made her flush brighter red. "Thanks." she muttered. She followed the other girl's gaze, looking back at the main building. Thankfully, students were still inside, still eating lunch. It was nice and quiet for once. 'Dance cards?' she wondered, tilting her head. However, it didn't seem terribly important, so she let it go. "Yes, much easier." she chuckled quietly. Oh, so she was new to Tally? "I wasn't terribly hungry, and thought I'd enjoy the quiet." she smiled, shrugging as though to say 'what are you gonna do?' "You're new? Welcome to Tallygarunga. I've been going here since my First Year. I think you'll like it here."
  4. Samhain stared at the girl, visibly surprised, as she continued to play, not realizing she was offering for her to start singing again. When the girl returned her greeting, she waved awkwardly, flushing an even brighter red. Just her luck, wasn't it? "A-ah, no. D-don't worry about it. You just startled me, that's all." She chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck in an old nervous habit. "Thank you." she flushed at the girl's compliment. "I just.. didn't expect anyone to hear me. I thought everyone was at lunch. You play really well, too." It took her a moment to remember her manners. "I'm Samhain."
  5. "Oh somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly, And the dreams that you dare to, ohy why, oh why can't I? Someday I'll wish upon a star," Samhain crooned, paying no attention to the world around her. After all, everyone should be at lunch. The only things that could hear her were Bumble, and whatever animals were fool enough to walk around on the campus. She was deep into her own world, focusing on the lyrics and little else. Which was the excuse she'd gave when she nearly had a heart attack at a sudden sound. "Somewhever over the rain-!" She jolted up, breaking off in the middle of a verse, eyes wide. Her voice rose an octave, and she stared at the girl playing the... was that a ukelele? opposite her. "Uh... hi." she finally managed, face going bright red as she realized the girl had heard her singing. Had heard enough of it, in fact, to play along.
  6. Samhain paid close attention as the man began to speak, surprised he didn't say anything to the girl that had come in last. She jotted down some notes in her rather messy handwriting, making a dotted list on what he said about magic. -passion -carelessness -spantaneous nature -destruction -creation -rebirth She bit her lip as she thought on a spell, before raising her hand hesitantly once several other people had given their answers. "One fire spell is Fiendfyre. It tends to take the shape of animals, usually Magical but some muggle as well. I can't think of a practical application it might have, but usually it is used similarly to hunting dogs, able to chase after living targets." After answering, she turned to her journal, and quickly tore out a piece of paper, writing down -bamboo -iron Once a few students had turned their papers in, she would walk up, giving hers to him and leaving the classroom.
  7. She'd never admit it, but he was homesick. Samhain frowned, leaving the main building. She wasn't very hungry, and the majority of the students were at lunch. So she allowed herself to walk, one hand reaching into her bag to pet Bumble's head. She didn't know why she felt homesick. After all, life at home was hell on earth. But at least there, she knew what to expect. Do something wrong, put a toe out of line, get punished. If dad got drunk, you get punished. But here, she didn't have that. Kids seemed to attack her out of random, and nothing made sense anymore. She seldom get peace, so this was her first chance to breathe in a good while. Without thinking, she began to hum, walking down towards the Courtyard. For Australia, it was actually a pretty nice day. Not nearly as blistering hot as it got some days, and the cooling charms she'd applied to her clothes definitely helped. "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high," she crooned, approaching one of the benches. Think she was alone, she allowed her eyes to close, head leaning back against the bench. "And the dreams that you dreamed of Once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow Blue birds fly," It was nice, she thought, being able to sing without being mocked. She never bragged, and never thought so, but she had a rather nice voice. In her mind it was horrid, but it wasn't terrible in the least.
  8. Samhain hesitated, waiting for the nurse to be finished with Alex. It seemed to not take terribly, long, and than Alex was beginning to leave. "T-thank you." she stammered, raising her voice as best she could so he could hear her. And then he was gone, escaping, and she wished she could do the same. Why her? "Y-yes ma-am." she stammered uncomfortably, sitting down on the bed, hands fisted in her lap. The Sturt student was quick to answer, "S-sixteen ma'am."
  9. My name is spelled Samhain, but it sounds like 'Saw-when'. Like "You saw her? When?"


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  10. Samhain fiddled with her journal as she waited for class to start, although she was careful not to bend the papers. She was always careful with her belongings, keeping them meticulous. Her father would be furious if she had to replace some of her supplies this early in the semester. She looked up as she sensed someone approach, seeing a girl in Bourke colors. Samhain looked around hesitantly, before realizing she was talking to her. "Uh, hello... I'm Samhain." she answered hesitantly, before turning back to her supplies when it seemed Savannah was distracted. Urgh, more class participation? Why couldn't she have taken a class that would let her melt into the wall. When there was a lull, she raised her hand, before answering, "I-I'm S-Samhain, like the fe-festival. Um... th-there isn't m-much to s-say ab-about me. I c-can u-usually s-s-say wh-whether a plant i-is m-med-edicin-inal or not." She stammered, before looking back at her table once she was done. Nobody needed to know why she knew that, of course.
  11. Samhain felt naked. Her backpack was uncomfortably light, without Bumble's familiar weight. But she didn't want to risk the poor creature getting hurt by a wayward spell, so she'd left him behind in her Dorm. She shivered as she stood in front of the classroom door, wishing she had Bumble with her. He seemed to give her the courage she was lacking, but without him here she wanted to turn tail and run. Unfortunately, she definitely didn't want to get Detention for skipping class, especially in the first week. So she slipped inside, waving uncomfortably at Alex, before taking a seat away from the students that had already arrived. Once it was her turn, she flushed, before answering. "I-I'm Samhain, y-you c-can call m-me whatever. Um... I h-have a p-pet Quokka n-named Bum-Bumble. I-I'd like to g-get more c-control ov-over my-my mag-magic, so I sto-stop ha-having out-burs-bursts. As-as a g-group, I-I'd like to le-learn to tru-trust oth-others. Um... Da-Dark Ar-Arts are spells th-that are kno-known for har-harming oth-others, with-without having a-a u-use oth-otherw-wise.
  12. She was... surprisingly early to class. Samhain adjusted her backpack on her back, hovering near the door to the Elemental Magic classroom. She was relatively early, and didn't want to be the first student to enter. Everyone looked at you when they entered, and you were alone with the teacher, and it was so embarrassing. So, she stood near the door until another student, a dark skinned boy in Bourke colors, had walked in, before going in as well. The classroom was set up different from what she had become used to. Instead of neat rows, the desks were in a giant circle. How were they supposed to see the board correctly? So she sat in the desk furthest from the door after grabbing a syllabus, so she wouldn't be stared at, before pulling out her supplies. That done, she looked up at the board, reading it over. Professor... Sparky? What on earth? She couldn't imagine being so familiar with a teacher! She listened as he spoke, wondering what on earth he was talking about. She'd never heard of Sparky of Spencer, so that went way over her head. The girl was surprised to see Alex again; was he in every one of her classes? It was starting to feel like it? Samhain waited until it seemed nobody else would answer before hesitantly raising her hand. "I'm Samhain, like the festival. My favorite Element is probably... Earth? Like Tyson because it is sturdy and stays the same, and I know to expect."
  13. Samhain was rather surprised as the woman began to laugh, although she had to admit it was rather funny, her pulling a Quokka out of her bag of all things. People didn't really do that everyday. Well, the tourists on their island probably did sometimes, but it still wasn't exactly 'normal'. Bumble leaned into the stranger's touch, giving the woman his signature grin. Samhain flushed, patting Bumble on his head before setting him back into her bag. "Thank you, ma'am." She was quick to shake her head, offering the woman a polite smile. "I don't mind." The student began to walk up the stairs, careful not to swing her bag. Didn't want Bumble to get sick, after all. Especially all over her books. Samhain startled as the woman suddenly burst out in speech, having been enjoying the science. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Penny. I hope you enjoy your visit." she smiled politely.
  14. The girl cringed, reading the annoyance in Alex's body language. She'd long become rather good at reading people, and she felt rather bad. He hadn't needed to help her, and it had only caused him trouble at this point. She suddenly found the bedding interesting as Alex hinted that she knew the bullies names; she really didn't want to say it. If they got into trouble because of her, things would only get worse. Samhain looked at the nurse oddly as she pulled out an olive green dress. However, at the sudden movement as the papers and pen flew at them, she flinched. She hadn't expected that. Thankfully, it seemed, Alex had alleviated the Nurse's suspicions, as she suddenly seemed to be kinder towards him. And calling him Dear? However, at the mention of him getting docked points and even getting detention, she grimaced. She didn't want him to get in trouble because of her. However, thankfully, it seemed the nurse wouldn't say anything. Her eyes never left the nurse as she closed the curtains, seperating them from Alex. She accepted the gown with a quiet "Thank you," and waited for the nurse to leave before undressing. Her shirt and pants (trousers, they called them trousers here) were folded and set on the bed, and she pulled on the gown, fiddling with the tie for a moment. As she tied it, she wondered what exactly constituted a check-up. How did they take your heart rate? Check your lungs? After tightening the gown, she poked her head out from the curtain, waiting for her to be done with Alex before speaking up that she was done.
  15. Samhain looked down at herself, and was glad she'd been wearing the school robes over her shirt, all things considered. If she hadn't, everyone would've likely gotten a pretty good show. Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around herself. "Y-yes ma'am." she nodded, flushing. And that's why she didn't like to leave the campus, something bad always seemed to happen. If it wasn't the other students, it was her making a fool of herself. Last time she'd been to Narragyambie, she'd walked into the door frame of a shop. And another time, some kids had thrown candy at her feet, and she'd slipped on the gum balls. The Sturt student was quick to follow the woman's instructions, trailing after her. She looked at the bed hesitantly, before sitting down stiffly. "I-I'm Samhain, m-ma'am." She'd never been in the hospital wing before, or to any doctors to be honest, so she wasn't sure what to expect.