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  1. Frankie had tried, but apparently not hard enough. That seemed to be the long and short of it. Frankie was simply not enough. She bit her lip and she shook her head. Frankie sighed. Nothing seemed settled in her world right now. ”I don’t care that it was Cass, I care that it wasn’t you.” Which had been all she was trying to say. ”I like Cass, and this is not about her.” Frankie had made the other young woman a dress because she couldn’t not make it for her once she saw the fabric and the way the dress had come together. That however was not the topic of this conversation. ”You’ve been sending weird signals and I don’t know how to read them… it seemed like you didn’t want me around so I just stopped trying to come around.” She said. Though she was used to the moodier signals of Jackson and Orion. She had wanted Orion and Alex to meet because she thought they could find common ground, but it hadn’t happened. ”My point is that you didn’t talk to me-“ The fact was she had also not ended up following through on running away, though the thought was looking better and better, because she thought that she had an actual friend. She didn’t uncoil however. Frankie had always been one to curl herself to be as small as possible… it was the physical representation of what she was attempting to do on the inside. To push this down as far as it would go in order to forget the way this felt. However, her emotions had been too big to shove anything down and it was showing up all over the place. Maybe once she settled from this portion of irrationality she would be able to see his side… though she figured he was right she was not a very good friend. It was hard for Frankie to understand what he was going through when he didn’t really keep her in the loop. She didn’t have the whole picture and so she could only make assumptions based on what she saw. Frankie had just felt so lonely recently. What did it matter? Frankie hated this. She just wanted to be back in her bed. She was tense, and she only felt her muscles coil tighter for a moment as he touched her. Frankie felt that familiar guard she liked to leave up with people. ”Really, I’m fine.” She assured him. She had thought she would be here alone and that was not uncommon for her. She swallowed the nausea that came with that thought. She pressed the heel of her hand to her eyes. She sighed. The truth was Frankie was not fine, she just didn’t know how not fine she actually was. It was a surprise he had stuck around… she had thought he would leave. It was the sort of thing she was used to. Maybe that was the problem, so many people had let Frankie down she simply pushed them away before they could actually make things worse… Maybe she had just been quick to write Alex off because she didn’t want to get hurt. She sighed. She took the tissues but they remained balled in her hand. She muttered a ‘thanks’ and sniffled. It was then that someone returned and handed her the results of the various tests. They explained the nurse had stepped away for an emergency. They looked at Alex as though this was a cue for him to leave and she shook her head. ”No, its okay he’s fine here.” They reviewed the results and Frankie stopped listening when they explained she had a positive pregnancy test… She actually could have let them shoe Alex out… ”that has to be a false positive… that’s impossible.” Well actually it was possible given the way she and Orion had been going at it recently. They explained they could do another blood test and she nodded numbly. Then she looked at Alex. ”I have to get out of here I cant breathe.” she said though she could breathe she just felt as though someone was sitting on her lungs. She started to gather her things.
  2. ”I don’t have a phone.” She pointed out. She had grown up in a magical household and her dads had not really been into the muggle technology. Culture was one thing, the phone had been a HUGE fight in the household but Frankie had simply given it up. She had learned to pick her battles and this was not one she could win. She let out a soft hmmph as she looked over at him. ”I am mad because big life things have gone on for you and I heard it from someone else, I am upset because I do care about you.” She bit her lip. She didn’t know why she cared at this point. ”And I heard it from Cass.” She said with a small frown. She sighed this was not productive in fact she felt worse now that it had started. Frankie had no issue with Cass, she actually liked the red head and was glad she had managed to make a female friend. Some things guys would never understand the way another woman would. Frankie didn’t know this was upsetting her as much as it was. She could feel the pinpricks of tears starting to from and she sighed. ”I just didn’t think you would drop me like a bad habit.” She hugged her knees tighter and pressed her forehead into the small platform it made to hide the fact she was being a girl about all of this. How was she supposed to know when he didn’t say anything to her? How was she supposed to know anything about him? She had been studying this stupid book because she thought it would help him, she had been worried about him but she had gotten the impression that it was not okay for her to want to know about him. It was new territory for her and she had just gotten a very weird vibe from him lately and so she left it alone. Frankie feared rejection almost as much as she feared imperfection. The idea of not being good enough seemed to hit both ideas rather well. If she didn’t ask him she wouldn’t be rejected, she wouldn’t have to worry about not being good enough. ”How am I supposed to know any of this?” She asked him as he mentioned the work he had been doing for her show. She sighed and her voice cracked. She looked at him and then wiped the tear with the back of her hand. Frankie had not been very good at hiding her emotions lately and this was no exception. ”Fine-you’re right, I’m the bad friend.” She said deciding she was not up for this argument anymore. ”don’t worry about it Alex…” Charity was not something she wanted to deal with. She knew that it often came with strings anyway. ”Then go Alex, you don’t have to stay.” She said. He didn’t have to stay if this made him uncomfortable he could leave. Frankie was fine. ”I’m fine.” She said. Though she felt the fact she had messed this up rip through her. She was the bad guy. She was the jackass. She sniffled and turned away. She hated crying and she hated the fact she was crying now… Frankie had put up walls for a reason. What did it matter? She had been sick and tired for weeks and she had no idea what the hell was wrong with her. The ball of paper hit her and the silent tears became harder to conceal. She let out a small sob. ”I’m sorry I sucked at this.” She said.
  3. It had not been the fact he was sick, it was more than that. Frankie had noticed that once he had a girlfriend, Frankie no longer seemed to matter. She supposed that was probably true. He didn’t fill her in on things anymore, instead he was just… absent. Maybe he had put more value in other connections and it was simply what it was at this point. Frankie had gone back to how she was before the summer, and she spent most of her time alone or with Orion. Though that friendship had changed quite a bit since school started. Though she and Orion had not put much of a label on what they were doing. She just didn’t think too much about it, they snuck around enough. She snorted at the idea of him being a stranger to them… ”You’ve been a stranger.” She said. Avoiding the emotional tone she wanted to put on it. ”I don’t mean to sound like a brat. But you just haven’t been around.” She said with a small sigh. ”I mean I guess I understand that you would rather spend time with your girlfriend but I sort of thought… I mean I don’t know what I thought. It just sucks that I hear about things from others and not from you.” Frankie had not really thought too much about what it meant to be deceptive, and then she didn’t have any friends with whom she could be deceptive with. That and as it stood now, she didn’t have anything to lose really- not when it had been months since they had last spoken to one another. She sighed. ”I just thought we were friends and then school started and you didn’t seem too interested in hanging out.” Then again she figured girlfriend was more important than a friend. Having not had a relationship before she didn’t know. Feeling a bit on the vulnerable side she pulled her knees into her chest and her chin rested on them. She hated the idea… She didn’t like to appear as though she was not perfect. It was one of those things she had been striving for. She felt she owed her parents that. Perfect people didn’t get their feelings hurt, perfect people didn’t get sick. She was failing in many ways at the moment and she hated the way that felt. Her dad’s had always been deserving of a perfect child. They had put so much effort into being good dads. ”and I get that your stuff is like, not about me… but I don’t know it’s like we didn’t even meet…” She said with a small sigh. And who knows maybe they didn’t? maybe it had been one sided? She shook her head. ”No its not that, I’m just surprised that’s all.” she said honestly. She was not trying to be rude or ungrateful- she just assumed like most things in her life this was another thing she should not count on. ”I dunno, it just seemed like you didn’t care. Which I get, you have your own stuff going on.” Way more important things than maintaining a friendship with her.
  4. Frankie rolled her eyes. One thing she could always count on, was that Alex would be ridiculous. ”Frankie is just fine, this is not a formal setting.” She said with a smile. She closed the book she had been reading marking the page by folding the corner. ”Good, they will be happy to hear, they ask about you before they ask about me.” Which was only half true, they did sometimes ask her how she was first. They however were deeply concerned about her friend… probably because she had finally brought a friend around them… if something happened to him they probably figured that Frankie wouldn’t bring anyone home ever again. They weren’t too far off. Though she was not sure she would bring someone home now… they didn’t know how to act. It was true that Alex had hurt her feelings. It was as though she no longer mattered to him. She heard what was going on through the grapevine and not from Alex himself, and it was almost as if he had not cared enough to say anything to her. Which she supposed was fair. Alex didn’t owe her anything. She had thought they were good friends, but she sort of felt as though she had been shifted to the Acquaintance side of things. It had sucked, Frankie didn’t branch out often and she felt as though she had burned by thinking she had an actual friend. Maybe her desire for friendship had caused her to think that he felt the same about her. She sighed heavily at the thought. Stuff was too complicated sometimes. She wished she had a better understanding on the rules that came with making friends. Something she had struggled with in general. She had been close to closing herself away in her room and talking to no one ever again. However she just let it go. What did it matter? If they weren’t really friends, then they weren’t really friends. She groaned and shook her head. ”Of course.” She looked at him and continued to shake her head. ”No, my roommate was sick but it didn’t last like this… I probably just need to get more rest.” she said as she looked over at him. ”I feel better now that I have had some fluids.” She indicated the bag that was emptying. ”what brings you here?” She felt like it would have been rude to ask why he was here. But she was curious.
  5. Frankie grinned. ”Oh they will adopt her too.” She said with a firm nod. ”And trust me, no one would be the disappointing child. My dad’s are always just thrilled to death about everything.” Which made her wonder if she could tell them more about this… She would see how this show went. If it went well, she could tell them then… she would know she had something, that she was actually talented enough to make it. She looked at her and smiled. ”Maybe if this goes well I can tell them more about it. I guess I just want to be sure that I am going to be good at this before I uproot everything you know? I love fashion, but sometimes even love is not enough to make you talented.” She said as she shrugged it off. She had no idea where she would fall on the spectrum but she had to try- at least before she gave it up for a life of salves and potions. Families were always freaky. She knew that much about them. ”Well- so long as my biological parents don’t show up.” Frankie didn’t want to know the people who had given her up. Sometimes she wondered what having a mom was like, but she didn’t think she missed out by not having one. Her dads had been amazing… awkward they had one of their friends explain the whole menstrual cycle thing when the time came, and they did have trouble with discussing the sex thing, but she figured that was at least normal. Dads did not like the idea of anyone sticking it to their daughter… a reason Orion had not been introduced to them. At least not yet. They were in that weird ill-defined stage of things. She however knew if Orion thought to go into an empty classroom with anyone else she would want to stab him… not stab him… but she didn’t like the idea. ”I have had a similar issue… I dunno, its hard to open up to people sometimes. I was teased when I was younger, about my dads, of course I thought it was the fact they are totally embarrassing and not because they were gay.” She shrugged. Kids could be so mean. ”But, I think I am liking what this whole friend thing means you know?” She smiled. They had been getting along and she found there was little to do ”Well, I say you and I start the new trend of supporting one another instead of tearing them down- It may catch on… we are both pretty and they like to listen to the pretty people.” She said with a smile. Of course that was also why they had become targets for pettiness, but Frankie didn’t actually care what everyone thought of her, just the few she considered her friends. Frankie smiled. ”Alex is a pretty good thing.” She agreed. She let out a small snort of laughter. ”I am glad you feel a little more relaxed here.” It had to be a better feeling now… to not have to look over your shoulder. Frankie didn’t know what that felt like, but she could at least empathize to the best of her ability. ”I swear people must think i’m into girls the way I study a body… but what I am into, is making a woman feel like she can take on the world in a pair of high heels without smudging their lipstick.” there was something powerful about a woman who knew she looked like a goddess. ”ooo yes, I love Queensland!” she said with a smile. ”I love the colors you know…” She said with a smile as she went about getting the hem… ”Okay I am going to leave this a bit longer since the dress is meant for heels. So when you walk you wont be tripping all over the place.”
  6. Being sick was absolutely, 100%, the worst. On top of that, her friends had been rather insistent that she get checked out. Which she had promised she would… for fear of being dragged into the hospital wing kicking and screaming. She had let them know she would go this morning if she was not feeling better. When she woke up she felt the same, tired, and she ended up getting sick a few times… on top of that they had eggs for breakfast which only turned her stomach and she had thrown up, in the great hall during breakfast. Not her best moment but she had slunk away to the hospital wing, mostly out of embarrassment than wanting to see the school nurse about it. Orion had been noticeably absent but that was not unusual. She hadn’t expected to see him until lunch anyway. At least the cots were comfortable. She had been pleased to curl up on one. The nurse had been pushing fluids, which she needed, she had felt a little dizzy and she was not keeping much down… not to mention she never really did well with taking care of herself to begin with. She was frequently being told that Cheetos, while delicious, were not actually nutritious… which she felt was a crock… they had cheese which was dairy and they were made of delicious. Though right now, she didn’t want Cheetos, she just wanted to stop getting sick in the middle of the dining hall... She let out a sigh as she closed her eyes for a moment. Maybe she should have come in earlier… she was starting to feel better… for now. She sat up for a moment. It was rather boring by herself, and she was looking for just about anything else to keep her occupied and so she pulled out the potions text she was supposed to study for her dads. They had been sending her a few things, stuff for Alex and then stuff she needed to know. She wouldn’t take the shop over right away but the goal was for her to be able to start her apprenticeship, so she could start learning the business and then take it over. She settled back on the bed and flipped to the potions she had been studying. They were more about the way you could adjust with some potions to treat other things. TI was actually very cool, and very all consuming. Swallowing she took a deep breath and closed her eyes to close out a wave of nausea. However when she opened them she looked up and spotted Alex. ”hey.” She said and then shifted. She wondered if he had seen her, or heard about her exorcist impression this morning. Or worse… her forehead netted in concern. ”Are you feeling sick? My dads wanted to try a new potion…” She said as she sat up a little bit better. ”Or- is it worse than I thought and everyone knows about how much I don’t like eggs?” She said her nose wrinkled a bit.
  7. uhg this stomach bug needs to go away before potions or everyone will be sorry 

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  8. Watching as the dress was altered in front of her she smiled. ”You could even stitch a flower into the belt with thread. It would be subtle… and you get your flower.” she said with a smile. It would look nice. ”I like it… maybe we can go look at fabric later this month when we have time. Or, the Easter holiday is coming up… I have some fabric but its mostly left over from the pieces I’ve made for my show.” Those just needed to be sized now and she was done. Cass looked flawless in the pieces, she had picked them for her because of the red hair and the porcelain skin. She was like a doll. Frankie enjoyed dressing her up and seeing how she looked in the clothes. It was satisfying on a whole new level. ”I am just not feeling well.” she said with a smile. Turning her hand to squeeze Mari’s. ”Whatever this stupid bug is that is going around has just been hanging on for so long.” she said as she took a sip of the teas she had made. ”I am hoping that this will help… my dads have sent me a few things.” she said with a smile. ”How are you? You have been tucked away and hiding.” she teased.
  9. Letting out a small sigh as she rolled over in bed. She usually spent more time out doing whatever, however she had not felt the best in the past several days. She let out a small sigh. It had been a rather strange few months and she was not sure what she really wanted out of them anymore. If she wanted to stay, if she wanted to runaway, If she wanted to go with Orion. All she knew was that the stress from her internal dialog going all hours was making her feel sick. She sighed as she rolled from her bed. It was harder to get comfortable which meant, she simply needed to get up. After groaning she grabbed some clothes from her floor and threw them on. It was still early and wouldn’t be too crowded, which was a good thing, because besides feeling tired, she was starving. She twisted her hair into a messy bun and sighed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Who the hell was she trying to impress anyway. She grabbed a tea bag from the collection her dads had sent and headed to the dining hall. She grabbed food, hot water and sat down to eat. She had not selected too many things for dinner. Instead she simply picked simple things. Letting out another sigh as she looked at the food and found none of it appealing all of a sudden. She swallowed and shrug. ”Oh…” she said with a smile as she looked at Mari. ”Okay sure.” She said with a smile. She looked over the sketch that was in front of her. She tilted her head for a moment. ”Actually…” she said, looking at it for a moment. ”I think a wider belt would look better.” she leaned back to look at it. ”It gives the dress a better silhouette.”
  10. She smiled. ’I can see if they will adopt you… maybe you can fill in for me on some things. Not the same as your aunt, but they are just that way. I think it’s because I was adopted you know? They felt they had to compensate for not being my biological parents. However, I didn’t need all of it. I’m a lucky kid to be so loved you know? I mean the last thig I ever want to do is let them down.” she said with a smile. It was true. It was why she would not pursue her dreams, and take over the store when it came time to. She never thought twice about it. If it made them happy she could do it. They chose her. That was the most powerful thing. ”I mean I could have had a lot worse of a life, I was lucky they took me in as a baby too, i mean I never thought about them not being my real parents.” She thought about her birth mom but she didn’t want to find her. Life was pretty damn good to her. ”but I agree, sometimes it was kind of lonely.” She had always stayed more to herself. Orion had been hard to ignore and she and Jackson had similar stuff. He was adopted too, though he felt differently about his birth parents. ”and they both kind of have the same thing going on you know? Orion was just told who his dad was and has all these siblings. And they are like crazy… but I think they would have some common ground and it would be good for both of them.” Frankie worried about Orion, more than she had thought she worried about anyone before. Of course they had become complicated recently. A good sort… ”I haven’t really either. I mean I aoso haven’t had too many friends.” she admitted. It was not something meant to curry favor but a simple truth. Frankie did not have many friends. She had found so many were just… assholes. The same issues Cassandra had. Frankie smiled at the compliment. ”Thank You.” She tilted her head to the side and laughed. ”I don’t get the whole catty female thing honestly. Maybe being raised by two men influenced me… but we should support each other.” She shrugged. ”Girls are so odd.” she said and looked at her. ”That’s all you can do. Action speaking louder than words and all those sayings that people told us that we are suppose to remember to be good members of society.” Sher shrugged and shook her head. She smiled. ”Its nearly perfect.” she said rather proud of the way it looked on her. She wanted to make the sleeves just a bit shorter. She would then put the zipper in the back and add the buttons to cover the zipper. Make it look a little more complicated than it was. It was aesthetics at this point. She loved aesthetics. She gently took the sleeve. ”Okay I am gonna pin the sleeves… and these always get you if you aren’t careful.” Franke had been the victim on a few stabs from straight pins because she was hardly careful. ”She placed the arm bac at Cass’ side and stepped back to take a look. It was perfect. She smiled as she moved to the other side. ”Other than the idiots, are you liking it here?” She imagined it was tough to move. Frankie only knew Melbourne and Tally. She wondered if she would actually do okay in a new environment.
  11. Frankie nodded. ”My dad’s have sent me some things.” They had been just as concerned about her. ’they are very invested in my life. I almost want them to adopt another kid so they can focus on them and not me so much.” She said with a small laugh. The truth was, if they did adopt another kid Frankie would be happy. Not because she wanted them to stop focusing on her but because they were great dads, and any kid would be lucky. Frankie knew that he life was better because she was their kid. Which was why she didn’t want to let them down. They didn’t have to love her, they didn’t have to take her in at all. ”That and I would have a live doll to dress up.” she joked. She had always been the only one in their life she had liked being an only child, though she wondered what it might be like to have siblings. Especially with Orion suddenly having a bunch of siblings all of a sudden. ”he only seems like a broody jerk, he is not so bad one on one.” She said with a shake of her head. ”I have wanted him to meet Alex for a while.” She wanted him to make friends, and she wanted him to make friends with her friends so they could hang out… She smiled at Cass. ”It could go horrible- but I mean… I think that it could actually be really fun, and if not we can watch the boys posture at one another and laugh.” she shrugged her shoulders. And shook her blonde head. ”Well, I’m not threatened by you. I recognize that you are hot and I want you to wear my clothes.” She offered. She then nodded. ”I imagine that is intimidating. I guess, the best thing would just be the supportive girlfriend.” That seemed to be the best way. ”I mean you know? I guess being consistent and just there for him and allowing her to see that you don’t want to hurt him, or her for that matter… I mean I can’t say I have much experience with the whole thing but to me that would seem the best way. You won’t change her mind any other way. People seldom change their mind with words.” that was something she did know. She had seen it many times. She nodded. ”More or less, my dad James loves clothes. I suppose it started there… he always has the latest everything… or at least he tries to. I used to play with the pocket squares… she said as she looked at the blouse. It was a good fit honestly. She was impressed. ”I do manage to surprise myself sometimes… this here is quite good.” She smiled as she looked at her. Nodding. ”thank you. I don’t want to intrude you know… but he’s still my friend.” She smiled. ”That sounds perfect…” dinner in the city would be good. Away from school and the stupid things. ”that is true. You should see if he is interested.” She smiled wide. ”Okay, I like how this fits… ready for round two?” she asked as she handed her the black and ivory dress. It had a mortician adams feel, but nearly as severe looking.
  12. Frankie never understood why women were threatened by other women. Frankie felt they should celebrate one another. She had never found herself feeling threatened by Cass. She liked her quite a bit. She knew that she would draw the eye and be a perfect canvas for her clothes. Frankie was not one to model, but she knew what she wanted for her clothes. That and Frankie did not find herself ugly, she thought she was attractive enough. Besides it was all about confidence. If you had it in spades no one seemed to care. She smiled. ”Oh just a little under the weather, I think I caught that bug going around. I just feel tired. That and I have been staying up late to work on these.” she said indicating her clothes which were truly her pride and joy. She smiled at her. ”Oh no you have that porcelain skin… its beautiful not pale.” Frankie was naturally tanner, she wondered what her bio parents were. Then she stopped caring. Frankie made a face as she looked over how the clothes fit on her. ”Trust me I know what you mean. They think everything is such big deal.” Her run ins with a few of the assholes had made her a bit standoffish when it came to new friends. ”Orion had trouble adjusting too, well he still has a problem with it but we mange to get along you and Alex should join and we can all hang out.” She said with a smile. She actually liked that idea, she didn’t mind hanging with Orion or Alex but having another female presence would be good for her. That and she wanted Orion to make more friends. ”He also has kind of a messed up life- “ she said with a small shrug. ”Women are so petty sometimes its just dumb.” She huffed. ’If that is why she doesn’t like you she is not worth your time.” She said with a nod as she grabbed her pins and sunk to the ground to pin the hem. ”Thank you, it is a gift I have, I can easily figure out anyone’s size. It can be a great party trick now and then.” She said putting a pin between her lips as she pinned with another. ”besides I think you are the reason Alex has been too busy to hang out with his friend… so if you two just hand with us everyone is happy.” she teased. ”How is Alex? I have some things for him from my dads.” she had heard a few things but not from Alex himself. She had been upset with him but it was not about her. She looked at the hem standing up and then moving away. ”You look amazing in this.” She said with a proud smile. ”I am so glad that you wanted to do this. There are very few people I can trust with my clothes and I don’t think Alex will look good in a dress… but you never know.” She said with a small laugh Then she moved to pin the other pant leg.
  13. It had been an absolute pain in the ass to find an empty classroom for the fittings. Somehow she had been able to find space and not have to fight for it. Which was a good thing- blood could be so difficult to get out of fabric. Maybe she would use her potions abilities to make comfortable liquid proof clothing. Not that stiff fabric… it always felt so waxy to her. She placed it on her list of things to work out. She had opened it up to just Mari, and Cass at this point. She felt she could trust them, Cass had the perfect bone structure… she was sometimes amazed at how pretty the red head was. Frankie had got to the point where she looked at her classmates for who she could put on her runway… but she had not found too many. Poor Cass and Mari couldn’t walk the whole show. It would be impossible. That and Frankie had actually sewn a dress for Cassandra, she thought of her the second she had finished the sketch a deep emerald number. Tea length, off the shoulder. She could see a delicate necklace and heels. It would be perfect. She had it one of the mannequins. She had two others in addition for the show. She smiled as she heard footsteps. The familiar gait stopped and Frankie spun around. ”hey!” She greeted her. Frankie had not been feeling well for the past few weeks but she figured it had to do more with stress than anything else. It was a horrible feeling. However she could easily suppress the feelings for now. She was focused. ”Okay so these three are to try on, get your fitting and then make the alterations. I am pretty sure I have your size perfect but I am not infallible” she said with a smile. ”and you can spill about why you hate the student body… I do to honestly, but I am curious as to your reasons.” She had never been able to make many friends. She had some but not a whole lot. She was not worried abiout it however she was very happy with the few friendships she had and did manage to maintain. ”Okay so lets start with the pants and the blouse they will likely be the most challenging to fit. The Dresses are pretty easy.” Frankie moved and handed her the outfit. ”I think this will be perfect on you however.” She was rather proud of the garment and how it had come together.
  14. She continued to trace circles and other shapes into the back of his hand. ”I can handle mess.” She said with a small smile. ”I just haven’t done much of the outdoorsy thing you know my dads like the opera and the ballet.” And that got boring. She could easily sleep through some of the ones she would be seeing during Easter vacation. Maybe she would be able to do a little more of what she wanted to do with her life for a moment. The fabric was waiting for her to use it… she wanted to use it. For now, nothing else mattered. She felt good, she didn’t care about the pressures she’s been facing. She smiled. ”Who is your favorite professor?” She asked with a smile. She wondered, they didn’t talk much about school aside from her reminding him about the homework and offering to help him with the reading. What she really felt. She looked at him her head coming off from his shoulder and she wondered if he was really ready for it. ”I feel like there is too much pressure to do what makes my dad’s happy. I don’t want to run the store.” she said as she sat up on her knees, feeling more animated, ’I want to be able to do what I want and that is designing fashion. I want to create a narrative and be empowering and embrace everyone at everysize.” a complex things sure but it was worth if. ’We can party here.”
  15. The potions master was not terrible honestly. However she could see how trying to fish with someone breathing down your neck would be difficult. ”Will you take me sometime?” Fishing she meant though she didn’t clarify. She had not thought about what she had said, at least not now she was starting to feel something, like a warm sensation pulling at her brain, lulling it to low down just a bit. Frankie always had so many things running through her head it was sometimes impossible to sort through them. Especially lately. She sighed heavily as she inhaled. It was a good feeling, sometimes it was nice to just relax, actually relax. ”I haven’t been fishing my dad wanted to make sure I had culture that didn’t get messy…” She said with a small giggle. It was not so much the messy part as it was the part they didn’t know how to o those things. It simply had not interested them, but she wanted to be able to say she could do those things too. She was not one or outdoors, but she sure could try to be a little more outdoorsy. She had taken more of an interest in quidditch since she met Orion before she just though of it of stuff. Now that she understood the game better she was rather fond of it. Though she felt she was more fond of the fact Orion was interested in it. She smiled at him as he head came to rest on his shoulder. ”I bet a few of the professors would want to join us, I feel like have to do something to deal with teenagers all day.” She said with a soft snicker. ”Can you imagine… I have a good feeling some of them are drunk too… I swear I can smell it.” She said. Her fingers started to idly trace shapes into the back of his hand. ”I think the party must be boring… all the supervision and such… not to mention they can be idiots… the other students I mean… and the professors too I guess.” She said though she was not sure if her thought process was making much sense.