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    March 5- Birth of his son Lot
    March 3- Birth o his daughter Eudoxia
    March 1- Birth of his daughter Kora
    March 2- Birth of his son Petros
    March - Birth of his son Orion

    April 20, Birth of his granddaughter Lilah (Lots daughter)
    May 9- Birth of his grandson Silas (Eudoxia's son)
    November 21- Birth of his granddaughter Persephone(Eudoxia's daughter)

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  1. Atlas had found, in the last few years, that being humble was sometimes a better way to approach things. Though he was often a victim of his own hubris… something that would have angiered the Gods on Olympus, but luckily those who were nots gods or goddesses tended to be forgiving. The last thing he needed was a nemesis. It would however be a nice addition to the Greek Tragedy that was his life… There was love, loss, betrayal, lots and lots of sex and more children than he knew what to deal with. Hedone and Algea would fare rather well in this passion play of his life. Though he would have to admit he saw himself as a Christ like figure, which… he was not by anyone’s standards. Though he supposed Christ hung out with the same sorts Atlas had hung out with. He could make an argument for it if he needed to he supposed. However, that still did not make him a man who knew the ins and outs of Runology. Which had never been his better subjects while he was in school. His Runes expert had recently gotten rather sick and needed time off. As much as Atlas hated the fact he was without one of h is oldest employees for a bit, he was glad the man was getting treatment for his conditions. The sea was not always kind to sailors… even less so those who were made to share their knowledge on land. Atlas was going to offer him early pension. The last thing he wanted was to see his friend get sicker. He had sent him and his family a few things in Greece. It was rather useful that his son was attending Tally, and thus Atlas had the ability to get a consult from another talented expert. Though Atlas had not met Ms. London, he knew her name based on his Son’s classes. He had managed to request a consultation on the item in question. It was often that Atlas took to Authenticating items for clients. He knew the who and the what for these things. This however was a rather sudden need. He was just glad she had agreed to meet him in the office he was leasing on Oliphant. Calixta was out for the day, she was completing an inspection of some of the items that they were a little worried about. The woman from the temp agency let him know she was here and Atlas smiled. ”Ah Ms. London, I am glad you could make it, I have some things I would like you to look at. A Client had inherited a few things. I wish to learn if this will cause a problem in shipping.” He said as he offered her the seat across from his desk. ”I am hoping you can help me with this- they are also concerned about the items authenticity.” he said. The item was in his vault but he wanted to talk a bit first.
  2. The man looked at her and shook his head. ”I am only saying to a Greek this is important. My grandfather used to say there were only two people in the world those who were Greek, and those who are not.” he said with a nod of his head. Meant to give her an answer to her question but not to give on at the same time. The truth was, as a man who was full of Nationalism and pride he wanted to say yes, but as a man who had children from every singly country except Greece he knew that the truth was he didn’t really care about where someone was from. ”My children would argue they come Israel, Columbia, New Guinea, America… So you can choose how you wish to take that” he said with a nod of his head. Atlas liked woman… where the came from didn’t bother him. He also didn’t mind those with other abilities… though he had to admit he came across them much less often in the world and when he did encounter them it was always a surprise. He supposed he should have known Rosie was a Veela, but then he had not been focused on that when he had met her. It had been the combination of the blonde and who he now knew was is granddaughter and his desire to simply share a good mood he had been in. Atlas nodded. ”A long lifetime indeed.” he supposed- the only one he knew who was in their hundreds was the vampire Moros. He lived around the docks and would look out for the shipping company, Atlas in turn gave him safe places to stay. ’yes.” he confirmed. The man was one that Atlas had actually quite liked once they met. ”He seems like the sort to have on your side.” he said. ”I have to admit he has made shipping some things in and out of the country much easier. I was not sure I should dragon eggs on a ship… but we were able to come up with a good solution to get them to their destination safely. I have also been asked for a quote on shipping a few other things, thestrals for one…” they were not so difficult but he wanted to be sure they were comfortable on the ships. ”That sounds like you do rather rewarding work all over the place.”
  3. It seemed she didn’t agree with much he had been saying tonight. He shrugged. ”I don’t think i was contributing personality traits, just making more of a comment on what it means to be a Greek and have a Greek name” He believed that part of who you were was your heritage. ”there are traits that can be attributed. Greeks are proud but so are Nigerans and Russians.” he said with a shrug, not that the Greeks could claim they were the only proud people, or that all of them were proud. He had traveled enough to know the importance people placed on their cultural roots. Something Atlas also found to be important. So much of who he was came from the way he was raised in a very proud household. He shrugged. It was not really a conversation worth arguing about. Once again she said he was wrong in thinking the reasons were silly. Atlas merely nodded at her. He believed it was silly to not like something you didn’t understand. That was the same thinking that caused many to force other nationalities to live in camps and reservations. Without understanding you missed out on a lot of good information about others. They knew about the creatures they deemed a threat but Atlas had never seen the purpose in being ruled by fear. Then again he often took things from the dark corners of the world and shipped them to other dark corners of the world. That and he spent most of his time chasing danger. He shrugged. His point had been about the good and not the evil in the world. He liked to see the good over the Evil then again, he had not faced much adversity in his life. His brother’s death had been devastating but he still had his sister who had been a rock… ”Perhaps in your lifetime someone will change the way people perceive others. Have you worked much with Ikedi? He has consulted with some shipping of dragon eggs back to a location that could handle them… I imagine he would be a benefit to you and your fight.” he suggested.
  4. [ b]”Thank you, she grew into it.”[/b] And she would have to. The name was a struggle for anyone. ”Though now the idea that she is called Doe, is strangely funny to me, Doe and Kora could easily gut someone with a high heel if they had cause to.” Both girls learned from Lot how to take care of themselves. ”having daughters will make you crazy won’t it?” he said with a small laugh, Atlas figured if anyone knew it would be her. Boys were different, thought he had to admit each of his children had brought their own special challenges. Letting out a small laugh. ”Names can build character. I will say that my children are very Greek even if they don’t. like to admit it.” he had felt strongly about them knowing their culture. They spent summers in Santorini. They knew their family history. He looked at the woman in front of him and he did not understand the struggles she had faced with being non-human. He had also not been raised that way either Maybe it was the fact he was Greek and the myths that came with their history and culture… if he believed the family stories right they were decedents of Zeus himself. How could he judge someone for what their blood may be? That and he was not always the most honest and decent human. He put his children and their mothers through hell because he was driven by his own hedonistic lifestyle. ”children do that.” It just took him longer to make the changes that his kids had deserved. With Lot it was too late, he wouldn’t blame him for it. He would just continue to make the changes he needed to. He smiled at her. ”Misspent youth is not always so misspent.” He said, he had learned quite a bit about himself when he reflected on it. He shook his head. ”I am not sure why people believe the things they believe.” he had no idea truly. He nodded however. ”I can’t find reason to dislike someone based on something silly.” He then leaned in. ”Besides, according to family legend we are decedents of Zeus himself. So I am not fully human either.” he winked. Aware of the ludicrous nature of the claim. ’If I have learned anything, there is no simple way to decide what is good or what is bad. Evil knows no race, no species… so why should we believe that good is different.” He shrugged. He had seen a lot in his travels.
  5. Atlas nodded. ”She used to curse me for the name. Said it was too much. However, I knew that she would grow into it.” All of hi children had grown into their names. Even Orion. He wondered if the name had come from the night he had met the woman who became his mother. Atlas had showed her the stars, something important to a man who loved to sail, who owned a shipping company. He had always found that Orion was a good reminder that even the strong could be taken out- not to mention he could find parallels in the stories. One of them was pissing off the women in his life. So far none of them had sent giant scorpions to kill him. Yet. There was still time. ”That was what my great, great grandfather thought, and he was right on the money.” He said with a smile. ”That and the items can be unstable. Or become unstable. You have to know what you are doing. People thought it was crazy to employ curse breakers when we did, but after my father lost two crews to unstable magic he couldn’t keep putting his people at risk.” Not when it cost so much more than money when those ships went down. Atlas remembered those funerals… they had been hard, and his father had gone to every single one. As a teenager he had not understood why, but now that he had the lives of crews in his hands… it made a difference. He looked at her his face confused. Then it seemed to make sense along with some of the things he had noticed when he was around her but had ignored. ”Ah.” he said with a frown. ”I am very sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine that is easy.” It was something he didn’t want to imagine. Losing his kids. ”It seems you have… I imagine that your ife has many eventful stories?” he said with a smile.
  6. He nodded. ”Her husband is Jason Miller, head of the MLE… she gets mentioned in the papers from time to time, usually about what she is wearing or the kids… or to identify her as his wife.” he shrugged. He knew Doe hated the attentions paid to her family but something she begrudgingly dealt with. ”Unless you know much about shipping… guessing is not something I would expect of you.” he smiled. However the right circles knew he was, and he made a killing in those circles. Atlas did his best to feign being humble but he was very proud of his career and the living he had earned with it. Sure the business was years old by the time he had it but he had not sunk it as it were. It was relatively hard to let them do what they would, he wanted to believe they would be fine without him but the idea of them suffering or failing was something that had suddenly become very important to him. He wanted them to be Atlas himself had not been very good at making sure that they were okay before now… maybe that was the source of the worry… he had not taught them how to be okay. If that sort of thing was teachable. ”Oh yes, I agree. Watching them make mistakes, that I know I made. Its damn near painful.” he said with a rueful smile. He had also been told off by his son in law. It was not undeserved, Jason had been right Atlas had not been there for her. His eyes grew wide for a moment as he tried to peace things together. Grandchild…. ”You hardly look old enough to have a grown daughter and grandchildren.” He said with an amused smirk. ”have you found the fountain of youth? Or maybe just a fantastic skin care routine?” He said with smile. He was being genuine she was far too young looking. ”Sorry I am sure that is very rude… “ he said with a smile. ”I would never assume to know a woman’s age.” He smirked. ”Yur Granddaughter was an absolute delight.”[/b
  7. Atlas smiled. ”I like to think so, but that was all her mother’s doing.” The women Atlas had met, and then had children with, were remarkable. He was not attracted to something average… they held his attentions not just because they were beautiful, but they were intelligent and driven as well. That was the import thing to him, their drive and desire to do well. He needed that, his drive was sometimes all consuming and he would lose interest if someone could not compete with it. People had developed ideas about him, but they were wrong. Those who assumed thing about him were fools. Atlas rarely paid their petty idea mind. ”Eudoxia, she goes by Doe however, when my children were younger my youngest boy, he couldn’t pronounce it and we ended up with Doe.” he said with a smile and then laughed. ”How incredibly rude of me. Karras, Atlas Karras.” He was not trying to sound like James Bond but realized he had. ”I think I get rather involved in a conversation sometimes and just forget my manners completely.” He was not sure what had made him miss such a basic step. Rosie was sometimes rather distracting he had noticed. That was the truth he wished he could simply fix things for his children but they were adults. They had to handle things on their own. He could only offer guidance if they wished him to. He was trying not to meddle and he was enjoying his grandchildren. They made so much seem so much better. He looked at her for a moment. ”It’s a rather challenging thing to do. To sit on one’s hands.” He said as he looked at his hands on the table. ”But what can you do? They have to live their lives, that and I must say, being a grandfather is something I enjoy so very much. my oldest grandchild is a spitfire, she is going to rule the world some day.” He said with a smile. Then of course the newest one. ”she is already playing big cousin to my newest grandchild. I am amazed at how truly amazing kids are sometimes,” The compassion they had. The ability to see things in such an innocent way. ”Have you found a way to cope?” He imagined she must have, she did not appear to be emotionally taxed.
  8. Atlas Karras

    Atlas Karras

    Atlas likes to think of himself as a man of the world. Born in Santorini, Atlas was lucky to be born into a family that had been importing and exporting magical and none magical items, Athena Worldwide. The Karras family was well known in Greece for their business they ran, they also were rumored to have some connection to moving dark objects. There has never been any proof either way and the family has never publicly commented on the allegations and rumors, however the company remained successful through the years. In the beginning Atlas had not wanted to be a part of the business he thought he wanted something else from his life, but he eventually gave in when his father stepped down. The man has a long history with women. The first being Aviva. Atlas and Aviva were the worst couple one could imagine. They had met in school and hated each other with an intense passion. It was surprising to most that the intense hatred turned into an intense romance. As intense as the romance was, it was far from a perfect relationship, Aviva’s parents hated Atlas and thought their daughter would do much better with an Israeli wizard. That was not the real strain that was placed on the relationship that came from the fact the pair couldn’t stand one another outside of the bedroom. In fact most of their peers found it amazing the two could stop throwing things at one another long enough to conceive a child. In their last year of school Aviva got pregnant and dropped out. Her parents forced her to move back home with them in Godric’s Hollow, having relocated from Israel when Aviva was in school. They had wanted to forbid Atlas from coming around, but a child needs a father. The child in question was born and Aviva and Atlas were ecstatic. Atlas was thrilled to have a little boy, one he could train to be just like his dad, and Aviva was glad to have the best part of Atlas. The relationship was one doomed to fail and once it did, it was a spectacular mess. Atlas soon left the small town and took a position with the family business. From there he met Esme. Atlas and Esme were two people cut from the same cloth. Only Atlas was a wizard and Esme a Muggle. He had been in Spain only a few weeks with a friend but he saw her working at the restaurant and he had to meet her. Esme however was dancing with the Madrid ballet and this made it difficult for Atlas to get a hold of her, when he did though he spared no expense. Soon Esme was beyond in love with the older Greek gentleman. It was not unlike a twisted love story until Esme got pregnant and Atlas, fearful of commitment ran off for a few months. The pregnancy ended her dancing career and Atlas happy with being the only breadwinner settled down with the dancer just outside of London. This happiness only lasted a few years before Atlas filed for Divorce, which was better for Esme and her daughter. Atlas then found himself involved with many other women. Atlas had a bad habit of falling in love with too many other women. His next child, Kora came from a woman in the United States. They had been a fling and though she had not wanted to, she did follow through and move closer to the others in order to keep his children close to him Atlas always maintained that his kids were the best thing to happen to him. After Kora came Petros, his mother was much harder to work with- she moved but she did not trust Atlas at all. When she became ill she placed his daughter in charge of Petros when she died. Petros was 16 and nearly through school but moved to Australia to be closer to his sister. Throughout the years Atlas continued to date women who were much younger than him and travel. Atlas however had spent more of his time in Australia recently given most of his children have relocated and his grandchildren were here. Atlas’ current girlfriend is younger than his youngest daughter and has not been happy with him coming to Australia to see his new granddaughter. Atlas will be relocating once he has a moment to look for a place to live, for now he has been staying with is daughter and son in law.
  9. He smiled for a moment and laughed as well. ”she has always been a hurricane.” He was amazed at the resolve she always seemed to have. It was as though someone had made her extra stubborn on purpose. ”It is annoying when when she is right most of the time.” he admitted, when it came to him he knew more often than not she was going to be right. He wouldn’t claim to know how it worked in their marriage. ”Her mother was like that. Did you get to spend any time with Esme before she passed?” He knew Doe and her mother weren’t close… Lot’s mother had always been more of a surrogate mother to her anyway. He assumed that they had spent time with Aviva given some rather Aviva like gifts around the home. ”I am lucky, she does. I fear if she did not, then I would not have much of a relationship with any of my children.” Atlas thought for a moment. ”I think if you were truly undeserving she would have left you by now.” he said honestly. ”My daughter would not spend time with someone who was not worth it.” he knew that much about her. ”The only glaring exception being Malcolm but he had us all fooled.” Which was the sad truth.
  10. He smiled. ”That I can agree with, aside from myself, The family has no trouble staying married. I think my curse came from fighting my place as the head of the company.” he suggested. T was something he thought about. He wondered if Malcolm and Doe would have the same luck had Malcolm not “died” only to come back to life and attempt to disrupt her life. ”Or you are lucky.” he suggested. The truth was Atlas knew how much his daughter loved the man in the chair beside him. To Atlas to have a woman love you like that was very lucky. He laughed at the next question. ”very much like she is today. Stubborn and determined. She had always been a feisty little thing. Lot and she used to get into it and sometimes she won because of determination alone.” He missed when his children were still children. ”She was also very observant as a child, she picked up on a lot.” he thought for a moment the way the small brunette would watch those around her. ”She always had to be right, when she was very young we once argued over what color the sky was… Lilah reminds me much of Doe, much older than her years.” the little one took after her aunt quite a bit. "she has always shown a great capacity to love, of all my children she ha always been the first to forgive me."
  11. Atlas had never had political aspirations he was much happier with his life in shipping. He donated to campaigns and he had favors owed to him. He’d only called on them a few times- mostly to get a few shipments through customs without too much fuss. Sometimes palms needed to be greased and Atlas understood this. Something he didn’t think his daughter would do, especially now… She had married a man whose very ability above reproach was the reason he was being asked to run. He smiled for a moment and nodded. ”I have been careful with the business it is the Karras Family legacy… there is a story it started when a man from my family fell in love with the daughter of an Olive Oil merchant and they formed this company to appease their parents who were never thrilled with the relationship.” he said with a smile. ”It is however a very Tragic tale. It is said that he died while out to sea only a few years after marriage and she so forlorn threw herself off a cliff and they never recovered the body from the ocean, and so now the ships sail with little issue because those who started the company from love guide it safely through Poseidon’s waters.” The truth was there in the story… but he didn’t know how true. ”It is blessed…” he said with a small laugh. ”Or perhaps cursed… it is a matter of perspective.” "But then, so much is."
  12. There had been many things that he had thought about and he shook his head. ”I have no expectations honestly.” He had not been too worried about how many children they had, they would make the best choices for themselves. Atlas had thought about how he had wanted a big family and he had to admit he was a little ashamed to know what his daughter had wanted. It had seemed as though they had found some happiness with the two. ”I suppose the 2 makes you a typical nuclear family- that will look good on the campaign posters.” He suggested. People loved a family man. ”It is a good thing to be on the water.” He agreed. It was something he had always enjoyed. ”then maybe one of them will want the company when the time comes to pass it on.” It was something he had come to worry about since taking control. It Should go to Lot as the first born, but he was not sure now who it would go to… if any of his children wanted it at all. He would figure out how to make it work… It was not too challenging he supposed. His brother never had children. ”That is the plan.” he said for a moment. Though he knew very well that it was likely he would never quite make things up to those who had deserved it.
  13. Atlas nodded. ”She is a good mother.” Better than her mother, then of course Aviva had always taken on his other children, she acted as the mother to all of them in many ways. He knew that Aviva and Doe were close.”After what happened with her and Malcolm and that child… she deserves it.” There was nothing worse than grieving a child. He had been lucky in that was not something Atlas had been through… but it was just as bad watching it happen to your child and being helpless. He smiled. ”they are both quite perfect. Persephone is a spitting image of Doe when she was a baby.” ”I am not a car man, I own lots of boats. The fleet of course for Athena and then I have my own. I will likely end up heading to Greece after the holidays to sail one here.” He was a man who did enjoy his boats. He found he was the most at ease when he was on the water. ”Maybe I can coax Lot out with the catamaran.” It was Lot’s boat after all. ”I plan on getting all of my grandchildren a boat at somepoint. Its important they learn. On the sailboat of course an then they will earn the boat.” He said looking over. Everyone had their things. ”I think it is a dancer thing- her mother was the same.” He mentioned. Esme had been an amazing woman. They all were. ”She loved her mother’s shoes when she was younger. Has she made you see the red shoes yet? It is also her favorite ballet…” He said looking over. "I missed out on a lot."
  14. He could imagine. He did not share a living space with his daughter for long, but he knew what that was like sometimes. ”Silas seems to have mellowed her out…” He suggested. That could also be the fact she had not been working at the ministry any longer. It had been a solid job for her, though in reality none of his kids needed to work, he was just glad they chose to. Though Lot wouldn’t touch his trust… Atlas wished he would put his feelings towards him aside. Lilah was not suffering but he hated watching his son struggle. Then again he understood, Atlas fought the family business for a long time before he accepted it. ”Six.” he nodded hi head. ”That seems excessive for me, I am not much of a car guy.” Not like Jason. He had the Maserati and the Audi. He didn’t really need anything else… and the only reason he had gotten the crossover was for the kidbits. He could lug all three of them around when he needed to. ”I will look at it, there is another one with a treehouse in the back, its in the neighborhood but not as close.” The treehouse was a selling point. It only needed a bit of work. ”I don’t expect you to understand my parenting method. But I do want you to understand that I am trying here. All of this goes against what was my very nature, but I have found retirement has been rather welcome.”