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  1. Poppy

    hello ♡

    Hi Honey, welcome to Tally! I'm Poppy the local Brit. If you need anything feel free to ask. Not only do we have two wonderful admin but we have two fab-u-lous mods too! That being said, anyone will answer your questions
  2. @Kaitore I will respond to everything you have replied with but I’m about to get ready for work so just wanted to say if you are up for John being the baby daddy then so am I. I think that will be suitably amusing, dramatic and just explain a lot. It also mean Neri is Fairy/Veela/Human mix XD Also, Bertie meant Tyson was cute but Marcus slipped out 👀.
  3. @Shell: Albertine/Gerry. I love the idea that these two similar in a lot of ways and could totally see them butting heads, if not actually coming too a full on punch up! I am happy for them to be established as have coming to blows before and then moving on and seeing if perhaps their shared experimental magic love could bond them. Perhaps they could start a experiential magic club? Holly/Gerry: They are both in Sturt. So we could throw them into some common room thread and see how they play off each other? @Kaitore: Holly/Tyson: It's like they are mirror images in some cases. I could see some competition between the two of them. They could have a score sheet and everything. It could be a good natured thing they have had going most of their school carers. Holly/Alex: I think we should get these guys in a thread to see how they get on Sturn/Derrick: I imagine they would know each other. Sturn wasn't the nicest person at school but she would have also had a few friends and Derrick seems like the sort that may have irritated her at first but eventually broke through and become a friend. She kept a low profile since finishing school, so perhaps a reunion of sorts could be on the cards? Sturn/Marcus: I am up for some half-breed type issues. Sturn/Jonathan: LOL, he should have been the one that got her pregnant! I jest of course. But perhaps they could be half-breed loner allies. What house was in he in? Sturn/Alex: Most certainly he can be on her show! It could be him playing music and explaining about his young love vegas wedding XD Albertine/Tyson: Albertine would like to announce that she thinks Marcus is cute. @LilyCat Sturn/Gem: They are both young mothers, so, perhaps they bond through the children and then Gem comes on the show. Sturn/Arti: More people for the show is good Holly/Cas: Holly needs female friends and Cass seems relaxed enough that she would be able to make Hol's chill when needed. Need to get these girls in a thread @pyjamaviking Sturn/Salt: Single mums with kids of similar ages and both have awesome S names? Hell yeah they can be friends. Sturn needs some girls. I'm thinking a mothers club should be formed with @LilyCat Gem, @Chromatic Penny and anyone else who has a child is the 7-9 range! Crazy girl times I say!
  4. Hi, Sturn could use one or two. I am now using Elizabeth Olsen. Eye colour is light blue. I'll let you pick the picture. I trust you
  5. Okay, I'm just gonna update this post so there isn't a huge line for you to follow. (Done = all possible clicks) May 1st - done May 2nd - done May 3rd - done May 4th - Missed May 5th - Missed May 6th - done May 7th - Missed May 8th - done. May 9th - Done May 10th - Done May 11th - Done May 12th - Done Total = Nine
  6. Hello hello fellow European! I'm Poppy - or that's what I tell people I'm from England/Wales, I have cats, three of them. I keep angling for a forth but then I would have to live in my car. Welcome to Tally, feel free to hit me up for plots or just too shoot the shirt!
  7. I'll join in. I have only the one character at the moment. I am also going to set my self a realistic goal for me, cause lets face it I am the worlds slowest poster 30 posts Ashkar Gastrell - 81 And if I get more than that, then wayhay!
  8. Poppy


  9. Oh, those people who got you a keyboard are awesome. I'm confident that everything with your surgery will go smoothly, but let me know when you come out and look forward to dealing with you on pain meds etc. Just no walking around K-Mart about to collapse saying 'I can handle it' 😉
  10. Hallloo fellow Welsh person. Okay, I'm half Welsh. I have no idea who Lemar is. I have never been to Belguim. Deers are the bane of my existance when trying to get to work, but they are pretty awesome every other time. I am afraid I can't stand Ginny Weasley, I am Team I wish Harry had died (instead of Fred Weasley). My favourite character -- if I have to pick -- is somewhere between Neville Longbottom and The garden Gnomes. I want JK Rowling to write a book entitled Luna Lovegood and the weird shit we learnt that day. But, besides all that, a very belated welcome to you!
  11. Poppy


    Hi Callie, I'm from England
  12. Poppy


    Isn't Dick Grayson, Robin?
  13. Albertine Bellerose ● 16 ● Spencer ● Former Child Model ● Pureblood Even though she is a Spencer, Albertine doesn't fit the general stereotype. She often comes across as not only a snob but also a bitch. She has no problem putting you in your place if she feels you've stepped out of line. She also has no problems ignoring you. She has an intense love of experimental magic, spending most of her free time causing all sorts of explosions and messes as her latest experiment goes awry. She's also know for having various mechanical animals (usually mice) charging in bathtubs or in classrooms. She is also often seen with a large black one eyed, three legged cat following her. This is just El Bestia, her pet. Bertie has some family issues that is in the works. I am open for anything plot wise, friends, enemies, fights in classrooms. Ashkar Gastrell ● 44 ● Health and Healing Professor ● Undercover IWP Agent ● Muggleborn Sassy, direct and oh so very British, Ashkar is a guy that has never pulled his punches. A former (but not reformed) criminal who was eventually caught and offered the option of Azkaban or working for the International Wizarding Police, he went for the later. Now working with another agent he is undercover at Tallygarunga, acting as protection for the children and staff alike. Ash is in a presumed relationship with Elektra. Aside from that, again I am open for anything. Interactions with staff, parents, children and just the general population Sturn Haviland ● 26 ● Radio Host ● Single Mum ● Half-Veela Host of the radio show 'Chronic Requiem' a late night or early morning show that not only hosts an diverse amount of muggle and magical music but is also known for it's open and frank way of talking about the world as it stands. She is not only known for being the opinonated girl on the radio, she is also known as the 'Tally girl that had the baby at fifteen'. Sturn had alot of trouble trusting people and has only just managed to escape the mantra that her Mother has always crammed into her head - which is using her looks and feminine wiles to get what she wants. Not a message she wishes to send to her own daughter. Holly Bennett ● 17 ● house TBA ● Part Time at ??? ● Halfblood Miss Bennetts been through alot. The product of a week long affair with a man who until recently was unnamed. Losing her Mother at of 12 and then for year being cared for by her step-father who just couldn't cope. She was placed in foster care and for the remainder of her childhood has been through both good and bad homes. This has only caused the young girl to be driven though, studying hard at school and with a ambition to go University and then get a job in law enforcement she's filled with passion and drive. Her current hurdle is that now as an adult in the eyes of the wizarding world she is now homeless and is using every spare moment she isn't studying working so that not will she have somewhere to go when she graduates but also so she can but herself through university.
  14. Poppy

    Wamp Wamp

    I haven't really spoke/threaded with you. My sentiments are the same as the above, though. So when you are rejuvenated maybe we can rock out some awesome threads together.