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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

House Points
Flinders: 10
Sturt: 10
Bourke: 10
Spencer: 5
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  1. Welcome Ravioli! The place is great and the people are great, and I'm already sure you're great! You can catch me in the discord over-using memes and gifs, as well as sharing cute animal videos and art? Dont mind me.
  2. Paperwork is finalized for Laurie and Marie Burdett to become Susan Summers legal guardians. She moves to live with them and the Burdett family at their farm before the start of her 6th year.
  3. Tension that had been building for years over Susans magical ability and future finally breaks out into an argument that results in Susan leaving her birth family in Melbourne to return to Narragyambie to seek help from Alan Burdett
  4. Susan Summers begins 1st year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic and is sorted into Sturt.
  5. Susan Summers begins 2nd year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
  6. Susan Summers begins 3rd year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
  7. Susan Summers begins 4th year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
  8. Susan Summers begins 5th year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
  9. Susan Summers begins 6th year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
  10. Susan Summers begins 7th year at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic