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  1. Oh boy, did the man know he was wrapped around the little tikes fingers. He knew when a cut off needed to be done and even then it was something that was difficult to even conceive let alone bring up and use a means to halt the young girl from getting her way -all- the time. Alas, he hadn't be successful in that endeavor what so ever and the future looked bleak in that kind of conquering impact. The trip, however, was fully his own idea and seeing her excited about his home country only felt like having her see it would gain her an understanding of it. She needed a grasp of the questions she was asking about and many of the wonders in Egypt could never be explained by words but only told by the tales of the eyes. A grin formed on Marcus' face at Gemini's accusation of Gabby and just watched as the Mother-daughter duo had their fun. It was refreshing this time he felt less jealousy and more like it was his family having their time- Waaaaait a minute. His head shook briefly to shake that kind of feeling and thinking from permeating itself inside. He knew that Gabby was also extremely fond of him which was cemented part of his reason on why he had decided he'd stay around, not just because of her or because he actually wanted to - Good luck getting him to say that around a bunch of people. But because of Gemini as well. He wanted to stay with the woman. "I was taught by the best! You may wonder why my mother is such a 'Time is everything, go cease your romantic moments!' Well. . . Woman reads like a greeting card because she used to assist with Wedding preparations. Practically has a memorabilia from every wedding and remembers those days vividly." His hand rose up as he shook it to dismiss his meaningless rant. "Point is, you're in good hands. I got the knowledge." Marcus smirked at the woman while he shook his head and playfully rolled his eyes at her. "Some people hunt for their dinner! In this case it's the hunt for a lady." He offered her a coy wink, but really, it was the hunt for heart. To claim it for himself which had been odd to admit even internally. Narrowed eyes glanced towards Gemini and her snark filled words until it seemed to whip back at both of them in a quick succession by Gabrielle. Well, that was something he hadn't expected to come out of her and yet something told him he should have seen it coming. Living together? He and Gem hadn't even figured most of things out about where they even wanted to go for a starting relationship and yet here was Gabby more than ready to have him be apart of their life permanently. What was he going to say? His eyes lingered on her and then towards Gemini, whom had already made the decision as expected since she was her mother. He was. . . Just a man. He tried to get himself mentally out of the mindset that he was more than that to this young girl. He coughed a bit after finishing the last bit of his bacon and nodded. "Yes, just a small joke! But I'll be around." A hand lightly nudged Gabby as he smiled towards her. "I'm not going anywhere, Kiddo, so you'll see all of me anytime you want." He didn't speak words he didn't mean. That had been perhaps a character advantage to his personality which could shift depending on who had been effecting his atmosphere. His place wasn't so bad for housing more than four people in general. It'd originally been designed to be a safe house with him as a guard but he could always make a better secured place that wouldn't threaten his family . . . His -loved- ones. A hand pressed to his head as he shook it trying to unhinge the thoughts. "Haha, perfect, I'll be looking forward to it." Maybe it was a bit dirty and suggestive even presumptuous. But something told him both of their appetites for one another had been harder to quench than the thirst in the heat.
  2. "Hey, I keep my word." Which was true he had never said or agreed to anything he didn't intend to follow through with one of the few things that reminded him on why he always kept himself on good terms with most people. The honesty when he could offer it but most important had been the honorable nature that one wouldn't expect of a creature of a night designed for seduction and temptations in order to capture a prey. As Gabby turned his gaze towards Gemini his own gaze shifted towards the woman as he smirked a bit. He had yet to realize how this all sounded like a -family- vacation. 'Don't worry, I don't plan to break the little girls heart. I need to contact a friend there she can set us up with a nice place.' His mind reached out towards the woman. After all, it was a big thing to promise and one that is almost always broken for kids rather than followed through. "Instead of magic we can go in a bit of a style. Plane and all." At least this way they'd be able to take Layla with them. She'd throw a fit knowing they were going and didn't take her. A grin formed on his face as she gave in with the assistance of Gabrielle. Finally, he got a win using her own ally against her! That won't work all the time and he knew this but something in him wanted to see how further 'this' could go. Just in a more formal setting, something that would define one way or another what they would perhaps be to one another. Even with her playful huff his eyebrows wriggled a bit at her with a shit-eating grin. "Promise it will be good. Gabby can hang out with Layla and Rosie a bit during that day." The thought alone flashed a quick image in his mind what could be done and it hadn't been due to him being any form of romantic but just considering both of their personalities and tendency to play around more than anything with one another in a good way. He would notice that glint in her eyes anywhere especially this far in which meant she was going to give him a fight every inch of the way. He'd expect nothing less and wouldn't want it any other way. The challenge is what made it all the more enjoyable on many levels. If anything the more he'd feel her on his skin the higher the chance Gabby and Layla may find themselves alone for a good thirty minutes or an hour. "The hunt is on then." His lips parted and a tongue ran across the sharpness of his elongated fangs as he stared intently at Gemini. A mixture of hunger and desire bore in his stare at the woman, not the hunger of his predatory nature but of the more. . . Lustful predatory nature. She knew just how to get him going by being difficult in every facet. "Then looks like you're going to need to show me a few more of the stuff you like to put in your pancakes, Gabby." Marcus had planned to come by more often and not only just to spend a long night of bed wrestling with the girls mother. He found that spending time with her had unlocked a new side of him and it was slowly started to corrode over his usual senses and fears. "How about. . . We make in an every morning thing? We can make pancakes then you can tell me how school is going for you? The stuff you're doing and all the different programs you'll be apart of." A hand reached out to rest on her head gently as he smoothed the hair downwards. Gemini's question caused his hand to retract away from Gabby as a small smile formed. "Mmm. . . How do you feel about chocolate and strawberries?" At least to give Gemini an idea of just what he had in mind. There were places he'd enjoy putting the chocolate on, equally, the strawberries between. He was a very naughty Dhampir. "You just have that Queen Bee look in your eyes. Sitting down swinging your leg back and forth watching us do all the cooking." He smiled with the teasing tone filled in his words. "Oh, You're good." That smile grew wider as he nodded towards her finishing up half of his plate already through all the talking. "Make sure you pack the sandwiches with some protein. Something tells me you're going to need it." An eyebrow arched upwards at the woman another suggestive thought pushed.
  3. He smiled with a soft chuckle that feel from him. Never had he seen someone so such excitement to hear about his homeland and while he was a bit bashful about someone being so gung-ho about the ideas that surrounded the land he found it endearing. "I'll take you there sometime when we get a chance, that sound good?" That was the most he could promise the young girl but the rub would be he couldn't step inside of Egypt without having a few issues one of them being that his childhood wouldn't hear of him coming in and not stopping in for a visit. Did he really need more people sniping at him in his life in teases? "That sounds like a good step! You'll get to see all the hard work that's happened over the years and the way the desert has and continues to impact against those structures." It was clear that once upon a time things like the Sphinx and Pyramids were beautiful marvels that cannot be replicated even with all of the technology that they held. But they were bad with being kept up especially being buffeted by the power of the wind and coarse sand that whittled away a lot of the surfaces and filled in many of the small cracks that added the beauty. "Oh, so you're saying I should feel offended that you -didn't- ask? I'm hurt, Gemma, after all I've done for you." And to her. A faux puppy dog pout face formed as he looked towards the woman. "Don't you think your Mommy and I should have ourselves a romantic dinner sometime this week, Gabby?" Where a surprise wasn't going to pop in his doorway. Marcus snorted a bit as he smirked towards the woman. "Doesn't mean I'm still not going to try." She had the upper hand so far but it had been time he started taking the lead on many things and his nature demanded that it happen one way or another. He had just chosen this particular path and moment to start and build upon. It didn't take deep insight to know that would make the young girls day, after all, she had such a gentle and sweet heart. Making something personalized took effort and that effort would show as a care and thoughtfulness. Something people will remember in terms of the kindness that would be shown from it. Between it all his fingers grasped the edge of his knife as he started to cut into the pancakes severing a small triangular piece to plop inside of his mouth. It was chewy, really chewy, and smacked with assorted cluster of flavors that came from the gummy bears. It was sweet and yet delicious at the same time. "Heh, this isn't bad. Really tasty and unique taste to it all." Maybe it had been the batter or the way the pancakes cooked around each individual gelatin treat but it had offered a new sensation to the idea of what could be acceptable during breakfast. "Shame, trying to make us do more heated labor. Breakfast is going to cost you the more you want it made, Ma'dam Demanding." He tutted the fork towards he direction in jest. Though he knew the proper payment which ironically in his mind. . . Hadn't be a sexual intention what so ever. Which gave his expression a very weird look on it. Fact remained that he could be pretty happy just holding and kissing the woman like they had done earlier in the morning. All of this was feeling more homely by the second and he could feel his body and emotions settling in while his mind tried to yell at him about getting too comfortable. "Sounds like the plan. And -you're- helping bake the cookies. We can't have you lounging around and not making proper memories, now can we?" He smiled gently at the woman. "I think it'd be a day that's pretty worth it." Did he say that aloud? That was suppose to be a thought! His mind mentally sighed though didn't show it on his face he really was stepping in everything now clumsily.
  4. A smirk twitched from him not expecting that entirely as her response. He had forgotten the inflection of words were often different everywhere else. "No, no - Not that kind of mummy." Marcus offered a low laughter at how he could describe the entire idea behind it all. "Mummies, it's a word in Egypt that refers to those tightly wrapped up and bound after having being cleaned and prepared for burial. Mummies can be boys or girls, mums or dads. " As for why people would dig up Mummies, he didn't know, maybe curiosity had taken away reason and destroyed morals. The audacity of the want to know growing so harsh in the minds of people, wanting so much of their past that had been forgotten. Things were left to be idolized when it came to the Pyramids and the dead, not to learn from them. His gaze shifted towards the chuckling Gemini, this woman was enjoying it way too much. Or maybe. . . Just enough. "You weren't worrying about my grumpy ass a few hours ago." As she winked and poked her tongue out he shot her a playful grin, a few hours ago her hands were grasping and slapping that ass of his. Though he gave off a soft sigh which followed by a gentle shake of his head at the thought of 'Good memories' what even were those anymore? They all became more jumbled up along with the bad ones that it didn't make them worth reliving or reveling in for himself. "Hey, what I do works for me." Not that he had much to show for it, successful career start and moving strong - a pretty decent home for the most part due to it and really not much else. An eyebrow arched up as the woman jousted a tease at him. "If you want a romantic dinner all you ever had to do was ask. Here I thought you preferred being more straight forward." He wagged his finger at her in a tut while he smiled. "Pretty sure we'd have to worry more about a plump Part-Veela." Which wasn't him being cheeky but honest. They hadn't been taking precautions and this far in? He wasn't going to be taking any at all. The well was already potentially in danger there so there was no point in stopping what they'd end up going back to anyways. Just felt way too good to even consider putting a rain coat on it. He figured she'd have sensed the relief but if she didn't bring it up then it meant it wasn't important enough for her to drag out of him, one of the few times she didn't anyways. "You think I can't do anything about it. Sunscreen isn't just for my people your delicate skin needs some attention too and it's only fair that I do the honest." Another excuse to feel along the woman's arms and body? He'd take that gamble. A grin shifted towards Gabby as he winked towards the girl. "Well if Mommy needs cookies too we need to make it extra special for both her and Miss. Layla. Something a bit different so they feel unique." Though it did give him an idea that he needed to pick up strawberries and chocolate to melt for much, much later. He waited for Gemini to place the mats down before he dropped the plates onto them smoothly. "Hahaha, I couldn't have done it with out you, Gabs." Which was true, she set up everything to make it go seamless and even had the process ready that he didn't need to do much other than assist with the ingredients and make sure that they were flipped. She was the real MVP. He glanced left to right in a conspirator way then nodded. "Luckily for you. . . I think we can get away with that." He grasped the small container and pressed the spoon into its soft layers to scope and pry up a few rolls and gently pressed it on top of Gabby's pancakes. Then he closed the lid and slid the spoon into the soap water by the sink before making sure both of the women of the house had been properly seated and their tables pushed in and then sitting down himself. It wasn't until he had sat down and gave a quick glance that everything that had built up as a possible problem in his mind became even more real, actualized into reality. No longer was it a battle between whether he wanted it or not, he did, now he had to figure out if he ever deserved something as peaceful as this kind of living - If Gemini had even see a future with him around, if he even saw one himself. "You ladies better dig it before it gets all cold and this hard work was for nothing!" Even as he knew he didn't need to urge either of them to eat he lagged behind himself just staring at the pancakes for a moment before taking a fork and knife to cut into its fluffy surface.
  5. "Of course I can, Squirt. After we make the cookies we can snatch up a map and I'll show you." He had wondered why she was so curious on where he had been born and raised up for a short while. Maybe it had been just a kids curiosity about someone who had started to become more of a stable figure in her life and while the memories of that time weren't all bad there had been a distance he often kept since arriving in Australia. The distance of keeping his mind from home. "Oh, Tombs are places where the dead are buried. In Egypt there was once a massive empire of Pharaoh's. These were like King's, those of the royal bloodline were buried in Tombs - The Pyramids. To this day many excavate and try to find proof of bloodlines and pull mummies from them." There had been other crypts other than pyramids but that had been the crowning world wonder. "Hahaha, That's why I had to get her on the case the moment she started to live with me." Really, it was Gemini's suggestion but he probably would have asked Rosie anyways. Rosie the Nosie Veela. Twitched a bit at the thought that he needed memories - he had hoped he was able to dodge them himself. Memories, while they could be beneficial were largely painful for him. Either through the abandonment or the fact he had to do things he wasn't entirely proud of in life. Either way they were a danger zone of a minefield for him that he'd rather altogether avoid. Then came another flash of a camera's light and he sent a glance towards Gemini after the mixture had fully been poured. "You're enjoying this -way- too much. Someone needs a new hobby that isn't filling my life with these so called 'memories'." He gave a tut and wag of his finger but knew it was a winning battle, staying around them meant they were going to force these memories. There had also been the fact he wouldn't be able to duck and dodge them with all of his talent and skill, they'd still find him. He snorted and considered the question. "Don't know. I guess the moment my heart found completion or something. I don't think about it." Which was true, he didn't have any long standing locket or pendant where he could store a photo of someone precious to him. That would have just made the move difficult for him personally. Ravenous? A questioning look painted on his face clear as day, she hadn't picked up what he actually meant? Well, that worked in his favor and shook his head a bit. "You know the appetite of us Dhampir's, always have to make sure we get the -best- prime red meat in." When in doubt, fake it out, and so he started to try and play off that was what he meant. He didn't need her poking about is inner feelings related to the inner thoughts until he figured out more what was going on with him. He didn't mind the Zoo idea too much, sure it had its issues for him, but this wasn't a day about himself. He could endure, grin and bare it because it was just a day to give to those two little ladies that poked and prodded at him. And his mother, he supposed, she deserved to not be shut out after coming all this way and she seemed to be easily taken with Gemini. Which only spelled more trouble for him once she got her hooks into Gabby. Nosferatu! He didn't consider that! He already promised she could come! Drat his inability to foresee the potential car wreck when he had been talking with these girls. Cooler bag, sandwiches - sunscreen!? This was all feeling too much like a family to him and here he was going along with it and not running away like a bat out of hell that just escaped the cage. "Sunscreen? You just want to put it on me. Weirdo." He grinned at her but knew she was taking the precaution to think of him. That alone still felt weird, where they only just having sex then? . . No, he knew that it went way passed that the moment their passions started to intensify. The major question on his mind that had answered itself was, did he even like all of this? Unfortunately for his complex, he did, he was enjoying every moment and it added a new depth of fear he didn't know he could experience. He could run after dangerous individuals, chase after a man with deadly curse magic - But dealing with the idea of becoming some kind of family made him fear? "I'll take up a hat too, should help a bit in that with the shade, not too big of a problem." He had to push on, he had to ignore the fear and the alarm bells within his mind trying to yell at him to get away. As much as his defense mechanisms told him to retreat his desire for it had been putting up the fiercest fight he had ever know on the inside. "Is that code for 'Mommy is going to feel left out if she doesn't get cookies either?'" Marcuse gave a teasing grin towards Gemini as he started to put the finished Pancakes, with scrambled eggs and a few slices of bacon on a plate for himself and Gabby while pressing the steak, Eggs, and Bacon into a hearty sandwich on toasted bread. Then started to pick up two of the plates while letting Gabrielle take one of them. Their duo job wasn't quite done yet, of course, neither was this nagging in his mind about how all of this had seemed. Everything was so much more confusing now that he wasn't even sure if he should bring it up, if it should even be talked about in the future. Damn himself for not knowing how to let people in fully and being afraid of what he could do that would harm those he loved.
  6. There was wisdom in a unity on that level when it came to a support system. When live isn't kind to anyone in your family on massive levels that seemed to be the best way to pull through things. Someone as young as Lilah who already had a problem of her mother leaving her behind for another and a father that had been forced to stay away from time to time due to a circumstance that kept him on the run she already was in a position where the support network could break or make her childhood, well, a childhood. "Or worse. Never know how significant changes like the lack of support could have altered the path walked, but luckily enough, you didn't need to find that particular path out. Doesn't hurt that the kiddo adores her old man too, that in itself is a reason to do just a bit better." He always knew how important Lilah was to him and her safety and nurture always came first along with his family's. As he made the comment of hot air, Marcus head angled skyward and he began to blow into the atmosphere with a small smirk. "Which is a rough sell even with you being clear of it, the government is always some kind of messed up like that when it comes to paternal parents. Men always get the rough schtick that regard. But you're right, you are a mess, might want to clean up a bit - proper haircut and a trim of the beard." Marcus chuckled and crossed his arms against his chest. "The fire is always where the more interesting and adventurous people tend to lay inside. Whether they're cut out for life as a father or mother is a wildcard but as long as someone steps up then eventually there could always be someone else to be that missing piece, a caring person." He often wondered if he were ever suited to be a parent but those kind of thoughts he decided to shelf for the time being. "The good kids are always the ones who struggle the hardest." At least when it came to sudden changes and being uprooted from everything they knew. While the young man was definitely at an older age and should be able to adapt without hassle there wasn't any guarantee that his mindset and maturity actually scaled with the age, it could be all too easy to react as a fifteen year old who just needs to throw a tantrum. "Gather up all the boys, sharpen the skills. Cause chances are if your sisters get involved along with Lilah you'll have a game of 'Bloodied Quidditich'. " That was something that'd be interesting to see but the men didn't deserve to get a beat down from every sport they tried to compete with their fairer relatives against. At the question about his anger release a smirk pressed onto his lips. Almost as if were a bit too mischievous. "I hunt. At least pseudo-hunting. Sometimes animals, sometimes criminals that thing they're just a bit too slick to get caught. Depends on how high the anger is - when it's too much. . . The beast has to emerge and play. Not something I can really stop unless I keep it curbed and maintained. I at least have enough senses to not do anything drastic when it does but I have considered doing something with a bit more activity seeing if that helps out more."
  7. Well, technically, everywhere was passed the sea when it came to Australia wasn't it? A slightly laughter escaped from him as he nodded. "A bit towards the North-west of Australia. It's a pretty hot place sometimes of the year. Vast desert, sandstorms, and old tombs from eons passed. But there are beautiful cities and places there, especially in my home, Cairo." He managed to softly smile and leaned against the edge of the counter a bit. The memories weren't all bad when he managed to be able to go around and about on his own. "Heh, at least someone thinks it's good! She's pretty bossy~. You know how Mommy's can be." He gently nudged the girl playfully while accusingly eyeing Gem as if the two of them had some major secret. The next question hit him a bit deeper but he rolled with the punches, kids, they asked questions out of curiosity and to understand the world that had been shaping around them or already shaped around them. "Yes, Miss. Layla is very sick. So I have to make sure that I have ways to take care of her. Easier to keep her living with me close by." She didn't need to know about how difficulty history had been for the Mother-Son pair. All the better. . . Perhaps if only it were that easy. Not for himself but for his mother since she had been the one in pain and dealing with the constant treatments. "We'll just need to see what Rosie can come up with, won't we?" Marcus shined an inspiring smile, fake it until you make it as they say. To see such a vibrant trust in that Rosie could handle it did give him a genuine smile. Even if he knew it wasn't so simple he couldn't dash the hope and confidence she held within her great grandmother. Gemini's retort formed and Marcus stared at the woman wondering if he should respond back. He understood the difference, she lost more than enough that she only had memories to lean back onto in order to remember the times. As for him. . . He'd rather close away all of his memories and keep them in a lock box of 'Never to be opened ever again so sayeth the Dhampir Lord.'. He considered his next works deeply and shined her an honest smile even if it was an irritation for him, even if he hated the idea of leaving behind some kind of memories of himself. .. He couldn't do it this woman."Then for you, Gemma, I'll make all the good memories you want to save." It was sweet, not at all like his usual gruff or flirtatious mannerisms. A true heartfelt oath that he'd help her fill whatever memories she wanted to keep close to her heart. For both her and Gabby at that. The realization of just how deeply he cared and liked the woman dawned on himself from his words. Well. Shit. Marcus slipped the flat end of the spatula under the pancakes once one side had grown solid enough that it could be moved and not messed up. The motion was fluid and quick, he was learning and even managed to avoid making the other side splatter and coming out deformed. Then he proceeded to take tongs to flip the steak and bacon tenderly and gently wanting to make sure he kind the meats just right for the lovely lady that had requested a much more hearty breakfast instead of the sugary bits. Gabby's smile was always the infectious one causing his own to widen once he looked back at her. "At least get me one in a locket, come on, a can? That's so impersonal." He offered his own retort but in playfulness. She had caught him red-handed and that was something that he expected. What he didn't expect? Was the next words that came from his mouth. "Lunch, Dinner, breakfast again. Nice long cycle of it." Once he had caught the words it was too late and out in the air. What was this atmosphere doing to him!? Fingers pressed against the bridge of his nose in slight frustration, something was effecting him and making words come out a bit too honest for his liking. That inner conflict between mind and emotions. At least with Gabrielle being asked the question about where she'd like to go in gave him a reprieve to try and collect himself. Though he knew that what he said was going to get back at him one way or another. "The Zoo, huh?" He hadn't been to the Zoo before. His sensory was often haywire in those places and with the sun it added a bit more to the factor. Maybe it'd be a much different experience now that he hadn't been starving the beast of blood and his talents were more under his control - more defined. "Sounds like a plan then. We can head to see some and maybe pick up some kind of ice cream on the way from there." Whether to bring his mother or not had been brought up just not in such a broad way. It is true, Layla probably did need to go out and experience life and happiness a bit more. Not be cooped up in a house that was, well, silent at the moment. "Yea, sure why not. I guess I can be a target practice again today." Just meant he got to show Gemini the 'error' of her ways the first chance they had alone.
  8. "May sound all deep and philosophical because I am just that awesome but. . ." A smirk played on his lips as he boasted about himself in a joking manner. He had confidence but even confidence in thinking in such a way was more coincidental than it was a talent of his. "It's just a natural thing. It's just a pretty good thing that it worked out that way, ya know? It means that people who finally acclimate and see feel comforted at the stability of it even with the instability of the shared past." Or, maybe he was a lot better at that crap than he realized. He shuddered slightly while a shake of his head formed even going as far as to place a hand on the top of the crown. "I've been hanging around one of my clients way too long and their long windedness." He laughed briefly. "Hah! Okay, you got me there. Whether planned or not, I bet too." Not that it was bad, he was an unplanned little bugger. Sometimes the best surprises and people come in that kind of way. "The way you talk about it though. . . It's almost as if you're happy about it." He closed his eyes in consideration of those words and offered a subtle shrug. "You must like the idea of a big family, which is pretty cool. A big family means people to share stuff with and taking care of one another. Building up." Building. . . Maybe that was something he should start aspiring towards himself sooner rather than later. Sure he had -more- than enough time but whose to say the person he was interested in had the same age mark? "Doe has always been a pretty impressive lady. It's no wonder she as more admirers than she probably even realizes. Which is a good thing that she takes it so well, it means little Lilah as some really good role models to look up towards as women. It's always hard for a kid when they don't have someone to fill the gap where a parent should be." He never had an actual male role-model growing up and sooner than he knew he lost the motherly one. He ended up latching on to two people in that regard that most would never have thought. There had also been that fact about the idea of taking up fighting, something simple like boxing wouldn't do for the behemoth either. The MMA arena was something Marcus could see more of his pace because of the ability to really get in there. One isn't restricted and the force of two powers meeting at once was much more certain and expected in various capacities. "Maybe. . . But maybe that's also a good thing that Orion is in the picture too, yea? Gives you the time to teach him to be what you believe a Karras man should aspire towards. Honor, loyalty to the family, protect ones own and handle whatever responsibilities one causes. This way you can go into fighting and won't need to worry too much about things that need to be done. He's young but not too young to learn a few key things." But maybe that was just his own experience that he had been trying to project, being Seventeen years old and having to build up everything from the ground up. Not many understood responsibility and care at such an age but he knew it, lived it, couldn't escape it. "I can get behind some physical aggression, the food is barely secondary. Sometimes the urges demand I get a bit rough. It's satisfying enough." 'Enough', that just meant he could hold off a bit more but satiation never truly came from it. "Hahaha, I guess it's a good way to get all the anger out too. Think it's good that it's how you all bond though. It's just what makes you all close, who you are. "
  9. Not having ones parents around was something that Marcus could understand on many levels. A mother that followed her parents wishes and shipped him away from the only home he ever knew, a Father who was only brief enough that a child could be made into what he was through a passing fling. Opening up to a person was brave and at times it could be considered stupid because of the potential of the wound to be severe and inevitable. Yet, recently, he had considered if the wounds themselves were worth it that people chose to open up as often as they had at times. That was a mental conundrum he didn't entirely want to face in the current moment of his life and found himself confronting it more often for some reason. "You add a balance." Was that the right way to say such a thing? Was there even something to 'Keep in balance'? The more he thought about that kind of prospect the more he felt that it had been a necessity. "She does what you can't, you do what she can't kind of deal. Where she risks opening up you find you can't risk that - either by experience or by personal belief." Perhaps a bit of both when it all really came down to it. When the big lug opened up his heart which had been with Lilah's mother it pretty was injured and that was something one couldn't recover from so easily. Often shifted up a wall and defenses for the sake of oneself and their family. "That is pretty strong of her but probably explains why she also takes the hits harder. Someone needs to though, probably her thought process. You both keep the family together in different ways and it pretty much works." "That's pretty fair though, I often find out parents I've met from my job tend to be terrible parents but the most spoiling grand parents. Guilt, trying to make up for it. But that also implies that they're done trying to populate the world with kids." A slight smile formed on his lips, he knew enough about Atlas that the man loved himself women. Not that he could blame them, there had been a few women in his time that were an 'almost' in many regards. Few that he wanted to 'taste' just to get an idea of how lovely they were as the fairer sex. But he also preferred to keep up his responsibilities whatever may come for his future. "How does it feel? Being the actual Patriarch of the family? I mean it goes more than to just the person who everyone descends from, its the title of a Male guardian, the one who had to make certain choices. Which pretty much puts you and Doe as Patriarch and Matriarch, doesn't it? The ones trying to handle your own responsibilities will taking up after the old man." He hadn't asked about their mother often, Mothers. They had always been a tough subject in any case and he often tried to not even tip toe near those edges. "Anger isn't always a bad thing either. Helps you through some stuff once you know how to channel it, not let it control you. And when you have an activity you can funnel into? Oh man, does it ever get better from it all." That's how he managed to get through some of his toughest assignments. Just pure anger and dwelling on his own situations. Now that he had been going through the process of reconciliation it did hang on his mind how he'd find a proper supplement in it all. "Now, I maybe durable, but even -I- don't want to get a fork shoved in my hand. Holidays and family dinners must get pretty competitive and hectic. Hey, at least you have your sisters cooking regardless. What I wouldn't do for a good batch of well made steaks."
  10. Marcus had no idea what he had been in for when it came to Gabby and her excited nature but one thing he often found happened was that she'd always show him what she had been working on, various things she's learned and had done from the knowledge that had been given to her. At least she was harmed in an emotional way of the lack of her grandmother which showed that her Mother and Rosie were doing something right in always making sure she knew something, anything, about the person that helped to start her existence. He knew what it was like to grow up with vague tales that simply ended with no where to go. Then her question came and it was like a fist ready to take out his kidney. Somethings were still a bit of a sore spot but she didn't know that, no, she couldn't have. Instead of letting any signs show physically he kept up his pace and the façade of a smiling face rather than one who had been trying to avoid that part of his past. "Aah, yeah, you see I'm actually from Egypt. So that's where my mother had been for a long time. She only recently had the ability to travel to Australia." Soon after a weakened chuckle flowed out from him. "Presents can be pretty good that way, she shouldn't be eating cookies but I won't tell her doctor if you don't." He gave Gabby a conspiring wink at her idea as if it was a major plan that they had conceived. It was easy to tell, however, that she held a stern passion and heart for baking. Something he'll have to remember for the future when she starts to set up her own shop and a place. God, was he thinking of her as a young woman already? Not his little Gabb- Wait a minute. His head shook realizing his mind started to become a bit muddled. These thoughts, considerations, invading his mind so intently in these moments. Nostrils flared as he glared at Gemini even while having the posing little girl enjoying the snap of the pictures, which had been cute in its own way. But pictures, they were not him, ironically while he take them he didn't like being in them. Maybe that was just part of his nature being that Vampires have issues being a center of a photo to begin with, he was just thankful the light wasn't some kind of UV ray. "The amount of hate for my comfort is astounding, truly. " She just HAD to see Gabby enjoyed pictures in a scrap book and a small groan escaped him. "Fine~. . . I guess a few is fine." He preferred to be as elusive as Big Foot, leaving as less of a foot print for people to prove things as possible. At this rate he'll be slacking badly in his job. "Okay, after breakfast you can show me all your wonderful memories." He shined a bright smile towards the girl before looking into the bowl with her and nodded. "It should be perfect! Alright, Head Baker Gabby - pour it in!" He gently started to drag the step stool only slightly closer to the stove so that Gabrielle could pour the batter onto the pan. The flipping portion he'd handle himself. This way the work had been divvied up so that they had equal active parts together. A gentle nod was give towards Gemini as he glanced towards her. "Sure, as long as you aren't going to be snapping pictures from every gulp that I take. Because I might just start thinking you're my personal stalker." Not that he minded, it's ironic, that the Dhampir would be the one to stalked. Slowly his eyes trailed from the top of the woman's head down to her feet - definitely checking her out without any form of shame. He always found himself surprised at how quickly she managed to recover which mad everything so much more endearing about her many qualities. Even if some of them had been to purposefully poke at him. He liked her and her child - maybe even like had been. . . Too mild at this point. At least when he had to consider the ever so slithering thoughts that made themselves known and confused him more on what he had expected, what he wanted. Did he truly want this kind of a life for himself? See himself as being able to do all of it given just enough time? "So aside from visiting my extremely crazy mother, what do you ladies want to do today?"
  11. "Ha! So you want to be both an angel and a devil? Sorry to say, lover, It's still me." A roguish grin pressed along his lips as he leaned towards her and pressed a lingering kiss against her lips. There had been something about her that did call towards him, the change had always been innate but the desire or more so the need to change had never been present before. He could have been equally happy living the life he had keeping many at arms length and associating only with those that could truly gather an understanding of him. Yet, meeting her and the daughter that followed around pulled out that desire more after it had been repressed for so long. Even if he was still trying to repress it back into himself he couldn't say he wasn't in the highlight of his life in this moment. A sense of comfort and happiness. "Making tall orders just because your legs are sore. Alright! Since I was the one who made you temporarily stunned from my amazing moves." Marcus laughed at the sound of her stomach chiming in to confirm the order. "You're body seems to like a lot of the ideas that we come up with, if it keeps it up just mind find itself addicted to all the attention." The tip of his fingers curved along the edges of her waist and down her exposed rear as he grasped it and gave it a salacious spank while her lips pressed into his once more. "Oh, I won't, from head to toe just for you." She drew an entirely new kind of 'predator' out of him in the bedroom and he found it nearly out competed with what was in his nature. Even on his transit towards the kitchen he couldn't entirely wrap his mind around what he had been getting himself into. Physically he was well aware of the fun ride that was the height of passion. Emotionally, however, things were starting to push into his thoughts that he never would have expected so easily. Maybe it was something that he did expect and just had been avoiding it the entire time? Gabby worked fast, he could have used her organizing a lot of his files at home. The idea was tempting enough! Everything was in order and had been prepared not only for the start of their preparations but for the very end so that they could just jump into cleaning out the bowls and plates. Which worked in their favor since much of grime that could stick on within moments would be taken care of from the bubble formulae's solution. Nana Mel. . . That's right, it was Gemini's mother, Rosie's daughter. A warm gaze turned towards the girl along with a smile. "Then we have to do these pancakes some justice! They have to be absolutely perfect." He wasn't sure what to base his level of success on but it'd have to rely on the two women in the house. The feeling of having the opportunity to do this with someone who had been as enthusiastic as she was had grown a bit of a gentle warmth within himself. What was this feeling that had started to well up within just from spending time with someone? A child no less, that wasn't his by right or by blood. Marcus was beginning to feel a sense of inclusion and completion and it felt weird. It felt beyond what he could comprehend. "Yup! Layla is my mama, she recently just moved in with me." Which he wanted to add unfortunately but he couldn't bring that kind of talk to a kids ears! "Cookies? Haha, sure, I think she'd actually really like that. It'd make her feel really good to have a little one bring her some goodies." Which also wasn't a lie, the woman had this major Grandma syndrome building up. Sensing the happiness roll off of Gabrielle his eyes slight narrowed - it only made sense. While ill controlled he could feel the more childlike presence of emotions and it seemed to twitch a smile on his lips. That was until this moment caught him off guard from paying attention to find a massive flash echoed around them. Pupils dilated and he realized what had happened before he'd turn to spot Gemini up and with a camera. Then found that his neck had been -assaulted- with a hug by Gabby preparing for another flash of a picture - he was again in a house where people were against him! Why, Gabby, Why - His only ally turned against him. "Oh, Oh you're going to get it big time. . ." That wasn't a threat, that was a promise. If she didn't think she could walk this morning - Snack time just turned into a full on brunch. Eyes narrowed towards the mischievous woman. "You. . . Are a whole new level of evil that I can't even think." Her 'Punishment' was going to be tenfold - the ideas that flooded his mind would be satiated and then maybe afterwards he'll think of an actual proper punishment. "It was fine until Lois Lane decided she wanted a new picture of Superman. " His hand reached up gently embrace the top of Gabby's head affectionately. "She's been the perfect little helper though - Even if she did turn on me with those pictures!" Even with his defiant nature a smile pressed on his lips. Whether he knew it or not, he had fallen square in the danger zone. A wanting for 'these' kind of moments had started to dwell within his feelings and in the depths of his mind.
  12. The moments you're wondering 'How did I get myself in this situation and like it?!'. 

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  13. "That's not true, I got -very- past you." A coy and naughty grin touched across his face. That wasn't even what she meant but he had to have his moments where he could twist her words. Eventually, that would just turn against him so he took the moment and savored them when they lasted long enough before the collapse. Her hum resonated within his ears loudly and it caused him to blink a few times, was that a form of. . . Happiness? Contentment? He couldn't help but to chuckle at this interesting series of developments but could he honestly say he didn't feel the same way? As much as he mentally tried to run from it, one cannot hide their inner emotions so easily from an empath. Between Rosie's scheming and his Mother's pushy nature, it seemed that the fact that the two seemed to meld together well hadn't escaped those that watched form the outside. "Don't you know? I'm the devil, you made a deal you just don't know it yet." At least that's what he'd like anyone to think, that he was BIG BAD DHAMPIR. Really, in Gemini's arms and Gabby's presence, he seemed to be a Teddyphir. There seemed to be a sense of confusion in the air, at least what he could pick up mentally. Marcus had started to shut down his mind - focusing on something else entirely in order to avoid reading too much of her thoughts. That wasn't the kind of relationship he wanted - Did he just consider a relationship. ..? He shook his head subtly in confusion himself. 'What the hell is happening to me?' A hum resonated within himself this time as he shook his head. "Nah, I'll make the steak for you. I think you could use it more than me I've already had my red." Which was true, she oddly enough, sustained him for quite a while. More than he had expected but perhaps it had been because drinking was more new to him and hadn't grown to such a sensation or desire. Not yet anyways but as long as the both of them could keep up that heat and focus in the bedroom as they do then he'd never really need to worry about his inner beast becoming a problem. "Ooh. . . I do like that plan. Hah, yeah. . . I realize I made a mistake in that a bit but if she gets along well with my Mother then we can definitely escape somewhere in the house for a bit. Just for a snack, of course." An eyebrow raised up as a surly snicker formed. "We can use some chocolate and strawberries." It was strange, the choices and ways that they had been with one another seemed to escalate from sheer satisfying a need to actually form of romance? His arms wrapped around her closely when she had rolled on top of him. "Mmm. . . A guy could get used to this kind of attention and treatment." Genuinely he found himself smiling at her admitting she appreciated it. There was a lingering feeling she meant that in both the carnal sense and the fact that they had been enjoying one another's company in more than just the sheets. Once he had been in the Kitchen he found that Gabrielle had already gotten most of the ingredients that she could reach without a hassle. "Haha, That's my independent girl!" The words he said hadn't even clicked into his mind yet, he was till in the presence of being in awe at how she managed to get everything carefully even setting up their station to begin the start preparations. He started to move through the cabinets to grab the remaining ingredients that couldn't have been reached by the small girl then placed them on the counter so that everything was in reach for the both of them to work as a unit. "Oh, thank Nosferatu, a cook book. We wouldn't want me going blind in this, Squirt." Then he proceeded to put the apron she had given him on. He looked utterly insane with this apron on - no better be taking pictures in secret. Especially with it being -PINK-. First he started to pull out the Steak as well that had been in the fridge and after greasing up a good griddle he pressed both of the meats on to it since they'd take the longest to cook out of everything they were going to make this morning. Pancakes and Eggs were a lot faster in comparison. Once she stepped up on the counter top he started to hand her the milk but assisted lightly in pouring it in along with getting the butter and cracking the eggs inside of the mixing bowl. This was then followed by pouring in the actual pancake mixture together. "Go ahead, go wild with those gummy bowls as we stir it together." He angled the whisk towards Gabby's direction so that she could grasp it along with him, if she did so then he'd begin to whip the ingredients together in a eased motion. "Hehe, You know what? For you? Sure, we'll both eat some! Can't have you enjoying a yummy meal alone can I?" In the back of his mind a slight alert rang - He was acting like a Father. Why?!
  14. "Looks like I was busted." Marcus gave a gentle titter while he caught both of his gazes into her single popped open orb. It was a gaze that could draw a man and that was on top of her natural charisma and the heritage in her. There had been a sense of resistance before when they first met, yet now, he found that he wanted to jump further into the pool of infatuation. "Oh, you think you have a choice? Oh, no, no. . . You still have a lot to make up for even today and tonight." Their connection fit as well as two pristine puzzle pieces or perhaps even to go as far as saying a two-part key. She managed to unlock a side of him that had long since been abandoned and he had a very keen suspicion that what they were doing had been. . . More to her than the usual joe. Whatever their relationship had been he found he was less interested in other women of late, not even the urge that often snuck in his mind of 'Maybe I should try and used my seductive talents'. Having a five year old suddenly appear after a night of canoodling often would draw the ire of many guys. The ones that wanted to go for 'another morning round' or wanted to sneak out before a Mother's child could awaken. Marcus' case was vastly different, even if he consciously denied the prospect something deep within wanted it all the same, the chance, the knowledge that he wasn't entirely a beast. Gabrielle also was just a heart stealer, there was no way he would be have been able to avoid loving her as his own with how things had been going. She drew a smile from him, made him feel more like a person that had a chance in this kind of a lifestyle. "Gummycakes, huh? Alright, alright we can do that. . . We'll even add a bit of frosting on top. Trust me it's going to send you to sweet tooth heaven" Not that he ate sweet things that often, even with his typically horrible eating habits. But he knew a thing or two if one needed to satisfy the craving or something just a bit more sugary than normal. The look on Gemini's face already stated she wasn't feeling that choice of food! A grin pressed onto his lips as he lightly nudged the woman's shoulders. "Bacon and eggs, huh? Hehe, Okay, I'll add an extra something onto your plate if you need some good ol' protein." While it wasn't a popular choice, a well made steak could be a perfect edition to such a breakfast. It at least was one of his favorites, for reasons. Gabby had departed at her Mother's request and Marcus found that his lips were pressed along his own. Arms wrapped around his shoulders while his hands settled right at her waist to pull her into himself more. What was this. . . It was . . . So much more than casual. Something that he had yet to bring up, was that he didn't want it to be casual. Whatever this was, wherever it was going he knew with just the lingering kiss that he wanted more. To keep it. The sound of skin against skin echoed his ears as she smacked him on his Adonis shaped rear-end. "Oho! It's barely the break of the sun and you're already getting frisky?" His tongue swept across his lips as she spoke of sustenance. "Just be glad Gabby's up, after that bit of a slap I'd have to take the between the legs special as my breakfast" The Dhampir could be raunchy when he needed to be and it felt good to get such phrases and intentions out verbally and physically. Slowly and reluctantly he started to roll out of the bed and began to pull on some actual night-time clothing that he had brought over. A T-Shirt, Shorts, and some socks just so he could glide over the more smooth surfaces. "No appreciation that I even cancelled an entire day just to spend with you. Just a chained-Chef, it's okay, I'll make your meal a delicious one, My Queen." A grin formed on his lips as he looked towards her before starting to head out towards the Kitchen. "Alright, Partner-in-Kitchen-Crime! What are we working with this morning?"
  15. The constant movements between one anothers house wasn't too bad in his book, in fact, he was getting more used to it. Though he'd never vocally admit that part or else it'd have given her that silly grin she often got when she realized she still managed to keep him around, like a puppy. There were times where Rosie did them a solide and most of those times he could have sworn he saw her giving a cheeky grin, but there had been the days he was glad to just not be in the house with his Mother. Not that they were on bad terms but the last thing he needed was his mother mentally broadcasting 'I want a Grandchild, you hear?!' That was just occurred to pick up mid cliotis. His nights had been late but as late as usual, mostly because the appetite that often formed that couldn't be handled by food alone had found a way to only be satiated by Gemini. It was weird. . . How keen the beast within was to fall under her spell but perhaps it was the partial Veela inside of her and the satisfaction of being along her skin and feeling her pump emotions through his body that enhanced that attention. The blood? Didn't hurt at all either. "Oh? You're up? Here I thought I had a few more minutes before I became primo target today!" He grinned at the woman as he leaned further into the kiss she had planted along his jawline. He made sure these days that every night was a 'Punishing' night, by punishing he meant pleasing. Each time the woman would poke fun at him, each time he was the butt of jokes, that was just another step towards sore legs for her. Almost like some hidden sex game that had been devised as a way to thank her, over, and over, and over again. Once Gabrielle had busted into the door a smile grew on his face. Why the hell was he smiling? He felt. . . Odd, happy? Like a Father, Dear Merlin, why did he feel like a -Father-?! "Morning there, Gabby. Did you sleep well?" He asked making sure the noise didn't keep her up too much. Though she was far enough away that maybe it didn't have too much effect on her noticing it, granted, she was also a smart kid. She probably one-hundred percent knew what the man was doing to her poor mother. "You're going to show me!? Well. . . I am pretty bad at it and do need help. Alright, alright - You must show me all of your secrets Master Chef G." Marcus half-bowed his head towards the girl as if to swear apprenticeship under a skilled professional. Not that he was too bad at making it but he had only gotten better of late due to the two young ladies that had entered into his life. "I am the shyiest. So much so that I have to hide in the shadows an -awful- lot!" His lips turned into a broad smile. "Luckily enough, I cancelled my work and meetings for the day." Why he even did that or felt compelled that he needed to do that, he still hadn't hazard to guess. "You'll have as long as you need to teach me! If we're really good we can surprise Old Lady Layla with some stuff, what do you say?"