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  1. Home. . . Well, at least the Country, he hadn't expected to find himself back in Ireland with his current issues with family but, of course, he wasn't here to deal with the mystery of his bloodline. Rather, it was the company of someone he hadn't expected to be next to in the slightest even more than being in Ireland - Cate. She'd requested his presence on the trip and while part of him held reservations stepping into such dangerous territory for himself he was more than willing to oblige her, even with the vagueness of the reasons that they had been heading into the country. Let alone the quaint little town that held more of a 'back in time' appeal towards it. There were always rumors about those sorts of places but he also hadn't pushed the red-haired woman too much on the details not until they were well on their way towards their destination and curious piqued a bit too much to ignore for the man. "You've been quite tight-lipped about the full reason why we're here, Caitlin. We're no longer in earshot of those more crucial to your life in Australia so. . . What is the full reason we've need to traverse to such a place?" It couldn't be in reference to the fairy rumors could it? What purpose did such a thing hold for the woman and her family? It hadn't occurred to Dylan, perhaps, that she was of Fae descent? It wasn't unheard of especially with those of Irish bloodlines. Pureblooded Wizards of the Irish heritage often tended to be even more spiteful in those regards finding it a gross perversion of human nature being overcome. A rant that his Late Grandmother often rattled on about in order to poison the idea of Half-bloods and Breed's much deeper than most could have consider a young mind should take in. "I would have let this ride out and I also know you trust me enough to seek my presence. But you don't need to be dodgy with information, unless, it's something so sensitive that speaking it is more of an issue and habit of not doing for you?" That was a possibility in his mind which he couldn't blame the woman for with the sentiments witnessed through out different countries. While governmental 'Acceptance' of certain people have improved the views it hadn't quelled the stigma's and the prejudiced, truthfully, it had only enhanced and shined a light on them even more. Atrocities and hatred brewed in the darkest of hearts and the shadowy places of the Underworld where people dear not utter anything else but those dark desires. "At the very least, I would like to know what I am walking into in case I need to defend us or at least keep an ear and eye out." A hand grasped at the strap of his back as the path laid before them to head towards the town, it was best to not use vehicles considering the possible superstitious nature and at least experiencing the nature and atmosphere of Ireland was something he could take in once more at a leisured pace.
  2. "I never would have guessed, there had just been so much that showed you held sanity." A small smile formed on his face. He knew he wasn't really in any position to mark whether a person was insane or sane at times he wondered which one he had been. There had been enough situations that had been encountered in life that gave him enough of an idea that he should question his own mental capacity. Dylan wasn't sure how the family could withstand such chaos and the truth of it all had been that he wondered even further on when it would all spell a much more disastrous touch, that is, unless they had halted their usual tendencies and responses. "Can only imagine which one of you all truly hold the most sanity. Granted, I don't believe I have much room to speak on the sanity train." His had to have slipped years ago. "He'll have to learn to lend a hand. At least if he plans to truly stay around in the family." Maybe that was asking too much of a person? Taking on responsibilities that technically were not theirs could be a major push for most people. Though safeguarding a persons psyche was an important task when it came to family members, more times than anyone will care to count when the world will seem as if it his bearing down the heaviest weight imaginable. "Eventually he'll see the merits of pitching in to help in that particular endeavor. It will ease up the stress on you and the other family members which may make things feel less tense. On the other side of it, may just help him realize how precious you all could potentially be to him from being that deeply involved." Of course, if he was set on being a rebel of the family then that would be something different entirely. "Mmm. . . Haven't we all. Yet it always seems to pop its ugly head up as if it were beckoned by our very lips in the end." There seemed to be no end of the 'twisted' things rolling its way before his feet. Dylan's hand rose up to rub at his chin in consideration of this particular dilemma. If it had been an easy solution he imagined they would be with their father but Ministry work perhaps wasn't the best place to watch children. Not with such importance focused on what needed to be done, the little bundles would create more of an issue of delay in paper work and response to critical needs of the state. He dared not even think of the idea of suggesting himself that was just a hazard waiting to happen even with Caitlin's help and so he side-stepped that in his mind. "Perhaps your Father could offer some assistance in that regard? He does owe you some time but most importantly gives him time with his grandchildren while giving you the right amount of escape and time necessary." From what he remembered her father had been well in his years which possibly meant he was looking for more of the good times after the years of solely working hard. "Nothing wrong with dancing just for yourself in solitude. Many talents and things involving the arts and creativity are done in the dark behind closed doors and curtains simply for the designer's sake. " Many famous people of such caliber's found their exhaust in such way sand those that didn't often fell apart with a massive crash. "Just imagine that then, fifty times worse. I'd let them have the run of the house while I stepped outside with a bottle of wine in hand trying to forget about such horrors." A slight inhale of his breath shifted through his nostrils while his smile turned towards a smirk. Back leaning against the chair before his head gave a light shake. "Then you'd have to worry about the random animals they'd find on the streets and bring into your home. Puppies will be multiplied along with cats. That or Dust will end up popping a bunch of her favorite animals in the home. She does crazy stuff like that sometimes." At least that was the image he'd often get of her possible antics. Dylan's eyebrow arched upwards as a hum vibrated within his throat and the tips of his fingers dragged slowly along his jawline. How would one even explain the progression of how that night occurred? It was intended to be a simple dinner and it ended up being all but. "It went. . . To an unexpected scenario that neither her or myself had even intended or planned. It perhaps was the furthest thing from our conscious minds." Yes, perhaps, subconsciously they both were reacting on that urge and pull. "For the time being we decided to adopt a ease as it goes policy. There is much that needs to be sorted out between her and her niece but also with me due to the connected past the three of us share."
  3. "That it does but it often offers much more in that regard." Sometimes, anyways, there would be period where what Time took up there wouldn't be much to compensate it in the moment but something in the long run hopefully would pan out beneficial. Other moments it did offer much more than one would expect, of course, he was always of the mind not to let things slip away. While dedication and devotion are important there are things one must give to themselves to hold on to the sanity that life often tries to strip away. "Just remember those that occupy your time do need you need to be sane." A narrow gaze for a moment as he showed a light shrug a sly smirk that pressed on his face with his following words. "Well, as sane as one could get - especially someone that's a loose cannon as yourself." But maybe those around her grounded her in a sense to have that sanity? It was always a question of late for himself. "Fair point. You can't very well leave the children on their own, well, not yet anyways." There would come a time where they'll be old enough to start to learn to care for themselves, for one another. That time in their life hadn't been there just yet and maybe at that point is when things would begin to slow down a bit but chances are it would only intensify with how children get when they're older. Curiosity, easily influenced, trouble was almost always on the horizon. "What is life without a bit of twisted to its sick affliction." Twisted? Twisted was having whatever he had with Cate in the moment while having a record of harmful intent towards the woman. Twisted but pretending to be 'Gilliam' purely to wait for the moment that the enemy would show up at his door. Dylan understood the impact of such a thing. "Just make sure you enjoy what you want to do and no one else. " "Family, often are those that aren't even by blood but by strength of will to help hold you up." Many say you can't choose your family members but that was only partially true. Blood, those will always be your relatives but there is no definitive trait in that vein that determines whether or not they should have any of your devotion or time. That is still earned, much like any relationship, and those that aren't by blood often treat you better than those that are 'supposed' to be by you. "It is good that they have someone that they can lean on for wisdom and knowledge as well as you. That is an important network and pillar that many people neglect on using when it is there and regret when it is not." Not form personal experience but he had heard many speak of it while they entered and exited the shop, while they ate around him the days he visited his usual eatery alone. "No one throws a better tantrum, I assure you." A smile pressed on his features. "Maybe it is a good thing it hasn't died down, in a sense. Everyone yearns to have the child in them stay and those around you help to remind you life isn't entirely what it seems, it isn't always intended to be serious. You carve out a small little moment in your bubble that you enjoy. In this case. . . Tantrums and the dastardly influence of Nationalism." He briefly chuckled as he sat down and started to look over the menu more focused on the drinks. Silas' response caused an amused look to press on his face, the young boy knew not the extent of 'mean'. There were parents that wanted their children to be children until it was necessary, some wanted their children to only ever succeed the moment they said their first words, others? His own? They preferred to design their child to be a killer without remorse or conscious of the act. Without ever thinking about the ramifications or rather that they weren't important as they didn't directly effect him in that manner. "I'll stick to making wand orders, I am terrible with children. You'll come home to an entire house with ketchup and various other condiments on the walls and mustard in the rugs." He huffed playfully and shook his head. That wasn't entirely a lie either. "I'd rather not be target practice, but I suppose I could always have them target your bureau." He chuckled though her question caused his eyebrows to raise. Dylan had wondered when it was going to come around and it seemed like now was the choice. "Yes, I met with her. More surprised she ended up showing up, truthfully. Wouldn't have blamed her if she didn't." He was equally surprised that things had escalated between he and Her as they had which left them in a weird limbo of trying to figuring things out bit by bit.
  4. A small chuckle pressed from him as he nodded towards her. "Then you are very welcomed, Doe." He was a man that didn't continually push on something once he had already given his personal view of it. There wasn't much in him that made him think that she had taken him for granted which had been why he felt she didn't need to thank him, he was a friend he was serving in that capacity. At the same time she seemed to believe it needed to be stated and he would accept that not willing to put such intention behind her reasoning to shame by denying it. "Lost the voice of your feet, did you?" Dylan gave a minor joke towards her but he could understand how time would be a major culprit. With having more of her family around along with the little ones that she had taken care of that would make actually getting that particular activity done harder. At least until that time loosened up just slightly in their older years. "Oh, I didn't mean for others anyways. You need to do it for yourself - having people watch maybe exhilarating in its own way, certainly. Though not everyone should witness you unless your frustration. It is only in the guardianship of your own walls will you be yourself fully." "Some enjoy a proper teasing it is some kind of twisted pleasure." A short grin was given towards the woman which had only been followed by a contained laughter. "Yes, the real thing has much more impact than trying to find a substitute." Perhaps even in theory aggravating the desire for wanting it far more than trying to go cold turkey. "It can be considered an upsetting fact, that is for sure. Knowing sooner would have assisted better in having him in better cohesion with the family, the younger the better. Though at a certain point introducing them to a new environment can often be more catastrophic. " There had been nothing they could do about it than deal with it but that was something he expected they had already known and were already taking the process of handling it as such. "Problems are rarely so simple as they seem, after all. Better that they deal with what is before them. To worry about what they would have preferred would blur what needs to be done." "Those are two important skills to have." Dylan responded towards Silas as his pressed his hands into his pockets. "Lets you express yourself. Creativity is important to keep your mind focus and develop a talent that you can do for yourself." He believed in hobbies and various practical applications which didn't leave much room for the creative arts but he could always admire those that took that up for their own comfort. A chuckle escaped from him hearing Silas' reaction and he was fine with that kind of response considering he would want no child to grow up as he did. "It is simply the kind of life that my parents have chosen for me. There were. . . Circumstances that deemed it so." Often he remarked that he had not been a good man, this fact still remained to be a truth. Being near such innocence had reminded him of how such a presence had never been what could have described him at the boys age. "Getting the bad guys is important. There are many who deserve to be locked up." Or worse. But Dylan also was severe in his methods one of the many reasons he could never see himself as a successful Auror. "You know how those types are, they enjoy working twenty-four seven which means Auror's have much more work they needed to do." It made him wonder at what point will his own record end up catching up with him? That will be quite the violent outcome. As they made it to the destination of choice he pressed his hand against the door to open it up for Doe and Silas to enter in before he did. "Just remember to let your father know I do good wand work." His eyes shifted to Doe as he gave a shameless shrug. "I need more work." He smiled firmly towards her.
  5. "You'll have my support anyway I can give it, I'm not sure how and I am aware it is a family issue. Though considering I am my privy of what much of the problem is I can be there." One wouldn't expect that Dylan was a 'supportive' sort with the kind of his history that he held but he had been a man known as a protector one way or another. The first blood he had spilled had been those that had been sent to kill her entire family after all, that he took his newly forged wand up as a way of defending unable to keep to the life of the one that had been corrupted with evil intention. Even to the only friend that he seemed to have made back in France had been under his protection of sorts. The last thing he wanted was to turn the life of these women all about again. "Well, as you said at dinner. . . She does have someone she's taken to vastly, yes? Then perhaps her reaction will be slightly different than normally expected because of this unknown factor." He wasn't sure how long she'd been around the young man or even if they were actually dating but support in strength was something to harbor closely. A hand rose up to run through her dampened hair from the water and used this time to shine a genuine smile more feeling safer about it because she couldn't directly see him. "You'll have to get in line on that particular train. I've already been on it for a while and the conductor punched the ticket on the 'Not used to anything' rail." It wasn't a competition but rather he was just letting her know they were in the same situation on this particular case. "Still trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened still in part disbelief and partially realizing that it wasn't a passing dream." One thing had been sure was that he had more than just a carnal interest in the woman and he wasn't sure how to approach that kind of subject or situation not being in it ever in his life before, not when it can lead to something. Maybe lead to something? Even that was a subjective possibility. The woman held a softness and a kindness that he had never encountered, yet stern, but something else called to him that he had always known was there. That darkness. . . The stain of knowing what she knows was definitely something that he had wanted to keep her from drudging too far towards. Knowledge was power and power was corrupting. "Ah yes, we can call it their tip. They had to deal with two crazy Irishmen and came out without a wound on them. You know what they say when we start to toss them back." There had always been that swimming idea that Irishmen always drunk and that not only could they hold their liquor but things often came with a crazy party in bars, while in Ireland, that wasn't. . . Entirely a lie. . . The two of them could be seem as exceptions to that kind of stereotype. "Think on your feet, quick answers - I can only imagine the questions that she'd inquire towards. Best to not stumble without having that brain power." The food shouldn't take too long and the wine was definitely a good choice but there had also been the hope they wouldn't take in too much that she'd have more issues keeping up with an answer by being drunk and loopy. Dylan noticed her gaze and the question she had asked he left to linger for a moment taking the time to seriously consider the meaning of it. They had crossed a line and sure they could 'pretend' it didn't happen but that would only go so far before they'd succumb again or things between them would grow even further awkward fighting the urges or feelings, perhaps both at the time. "While unpresented and not part of what I had planned for the evening I wouldn't mind keeping it up. As well considering the idea of us two becoming. . .More than we are currently to one another. Of course, I know the difficulty of such a stance considering there would still need to be a lot you need to tell young Cassandra." Teeth gently bit as his lower lip trying to keep in mind Cate's position with her family member. "I wouldn't want you to feel as if you're put more on the hotspot having a significant other that she didn't know about. At least if it drags on too long."
  6. "Please, You don't need to thank me." Not that he didn't accept it gracefully, however, it was just him giving the usual straightforward opinion that he had often went with offering. At least to some people that he deemed worth it enough to speak up about in such a way. Not all the time could a person choose to wear what they carried with grace but standing tall and offering it anyways often preserved people in ways they wouldn't have imagined. To reject it as a stress could keep up the pretense for a while but also finding ways to alleviate the actual stress could shape those fine features of the woman without much effort, she was naturally beautiful after all. It had been his hope that her dancing would be just that for her, a fun stress relief when the world around her had been so vastly aggressive. "Just keep up your dancing, Doe, put your heart in it so that you hold no regrets. That you can express yourself." It was a terrible sin to be contained on the inside. Dylan chuckled with a hand that weaved through his beard for a moment in contemplation. "The best jokes are often the ones the body never expects after being happy about it." The smirk played on his lips but he shook his head soon after. "We'll keep you on a completely non-alcoholic diet for the time being. I'll make sure to stock up in the meantime. It at least gives me the chance to build up my collection." Ever since moving to Australia he hadn't the time to peruse or even get a few vintages from the old man but if he wasn't planning on drinking them three times on fast then it would last much longer. That is of course, depending on his current situation with Caitlin. "Actually, Sparling Cider might help you as well if I remember correctly. Good for the stomach but also the fizz will remind you of a good time." A gaze held on Silas as the denial fled from his mouth which had only caused a small smile to position itself on the Irishman's face. "You sing? That is truly the mark of a good brother, very few can ever claim they were so protective of their sibling in such a way. A song can be soothing for them, you know." Which wasn't a lie and while he never knew of this for himself he had seen it a few times. "You'd need the toughest chef who can throw down to contend with the insanity your family can bring, maybe one of those cooking show chefs? They're always pretty tough and broad." More so than anything the chef would need to be thick skinned. What did he play? Well that was quite the question. . . That left Dylan in a hotspot for many reasons. There was no playing only drilling, only understanding what his familial purpose and obligation had been of the darkest order. A finger curled around the collar of his shirt while he lightly pulled at it trying to come up with a proper answer that wasn't well. .. Beyond what the child needed to really know that happened in the world. Then finally he settled on an internal answer "I actually never got to play as a young lad, studies were important to my family and so I would only ever be learning." There it had been a truth without too much detail. "So I've heard, It sounds like he has quite the respectable job at that with a lot of responsibilities on his plate."
  7. "Hehe, I suppose it depends on the context. I hear more often of parties being broken up but raves are certainly much more rowdier and almost go unseen by many due to its intentions." Dylan had been to a rave once in a while but never for self partying, no, it had always been to hunt or track down someone that held the misconception that losing him in crowds would be an easy feat. A lot more difficult when someone preferred the shadows anyways and higher ground to watch someone be herded to where he wanted them to be. Family drama had been something he knew well about but on a much different scale, in his personal case, death was literally going to be on the line and there was no way to deviate from it. He was at least glad that Doe could be saved from such an experience, that there had been a strong familial connection. "Hey, being older isn't as bad as it seems." A small smirk pressed on his face. He had been a few years older than most people he had surrounded himself with and the gap between himself and Doe hadn't been too bad. Though he also was nearing the good old number of forty and time wouldn't be kind or slow down for him anytime soon either. "You'll wear everything gracefully, that I assure." He snickered with a slight tilt of his head considering that she shouldn't be drinking too often but something here and there every so often wouldn't be too bad. At least to take the edge off of her, stress could be an equal issue as drinking had been in the sensitive moments. "If need be I'll see if the old man has any virgin wine. Not as much of a kick and the taste can be a bit bitter but it could also satisfy the body enough to drink it due to it be pretty similar." That had been his drink of choice when he needed to meet with people, avoiding messing around with his cognitive choices too much. "Mmm. This is true, it'd only ever be dinner." The dinner of a blood diet. . . That sounded horrendous for him and he'd rather enjoyed the things he could partake in. "At least it's a start somewhere. Gyro's are beefy and could produce a lot of stuff for him." It had always been a 'pro-tip' of sorts to hide vegetables and other complimenting foods in something else to hide the taste and still get the nutritional benefits that they offered. Like adding peas to the mashed potatoes trick. They continued on their way passing through the various store fronts until they had made it closer to the restaurant he often ate at during the evening. "Crying just means she needs a bit of attention. Maybe she might even be happy with having her big brothers attention too." That was more of a guess, Dylan had no idea what the hell he was talking about from a hole in the wall. Siblings, this concept had been such a foreign topic to him that any advice felt hollow on the inside to him. That it didn't hold enough weight behind them. "It's always good food when you're not the one who has to slave over to cook and serve it." A small smile perched on his face though Silas' question caught him off guard. He didn't even want to be seen next to an Auror let alone play as one of them. There had also been one specific issue with it as well. . . "I've never actually played auror's before. I never had much time when I was younger." He admitted.
  8. The care he had been showing towards her had been the façade he often wanted to keep up, perhaps façade was too harsh. It was fully himself but it was that which was before the beast that took Caitlin as his own. Who he had been now was the part of him that he had wished to be as much apart of whatever this had been along with what he had unleashed on her earlier within the night. There still had been parts of his mind trying to piece together the course of events how everything had escalated to such a degree and it all seemed to add up to what was within himself that couldn't be contained at all, not when the option had been there and it had reacted in kind. "That's fair, I do not inspire the idea of one who would fully tell the truth of something. At least not from her perspective and the linked history." Maybe not at all, after all, he was wandering around town with a false name. That was a lie in of itself and something that he wasn't sure how to feel about given that he had tried to keep a more 'honest' apparel, especially when it came to Caitlin as that was what he had promised the woman. Transparency. "I wouldn't expect anyone to be impressed by it, perhaps more saddened that it was such a choice solely based on that." There had been the fact he had followed them as well that would add up against him but after that incident he only ever acted in the capacity he felt was reasonable. "Would not blame her for being suspicious, it is something to be expected with all the other facts laid out on the table. But I won't make up excuses, I take responsibility for the things I have done and could have stopped but didn't." It wasn't so much peace within himself as it had been much more about coming to terms for growth, taking up the flag that he planted. Running away from his activities and what he had been involved in would do little to honor the lives that were lost. "I will answer any questions she or you have, inquiries that may have been bugging you both." At least the things he was more privy towards. Between the two of them, he wasn't sure what she had been thinking either. But he also hadn't been sure what fully made it seem like a reasonable request within his own mind. Before he knew it there he had been sitting in the tub waiting for her, staring at her as if this had been normal for the two of them. Once she had settled down into the bath the firmness of her back pressed against his chest and a deeper flutter winged itself within his stomach. What was this odd feeling? Had it been her or simply the situation that he had found himself with her in such close proximity again without the urge of lust and a hazed mind to push common thought away. "A lot less awkward than we probably would have anticipated in the same breath as well." A small smiled formed on his face while he watched the water flush over her body, flooding down her back to leave a glossed over image at least until he lost sight of it from her pushing further back into him. He had no idea what to do yet it seemed natural instinct took the lead in this particular scenario having both of his arms wrap around the red-head's waist lightly. Enough to offer comfort, not enough to make it seem like she couldn't break out of it if she didn't feel entirely suitable for such a tender affection. "Some underpaid waiter will end up eating anyways. But you do have a point. . . I am dreadful in the kitchen but I will have something sent over. We can have some pasta delivered and I should have some really good vintage wine around somewhere from an old friend of mines."
  9. "Party or a rave?" A slight joke seemed to emit from him as a way to help her through any possible tension she may have felt in consideration of just how bad the 'parties' could potentially be when it came to those of the Karras family. They weren't the typical collection of family members one would mean and were much more rowdy and quick to react in a matter of seconds. Which perhaps meant the thrown party could have been much more worse than one would often assume, then again, trying to get everything situated with a persons family after finding out about a new relative was enough to turn any party into a madhouse. That was quite the present to offer. "Important enough that you all found time to celebrate even if it were for a brief second. Not many will have such an opportunity so taking in those moments are much more important, especially considering each of you knows what it's like to have a life at stake." "Hehe, I can understand that sentiment. I still treat my birthday as if it were something normal all the time. Some believe I shouldn't but hard habits to knock after so long of having it around." There was just nothing about the day to truly make it special in his personal circumstances. "I bet you'd feel different if I got you an order of your favorite wine. You know the old man would break it out in an instant if he knew it was your birthday. A low discount at that." He hadn't had a good vintage in the last few weeks and often didn't like to spoil himself but some days called for the good stuff. His hands pressed on the counter for a moment before he started to make sure he grabbed everything he needed before exiting the shop. "Somethings happen in life that we're not prepared for and those are the things that we need to learn to adapt to accordingly, sometimes it takes a while. " Not something that would solve the underlying issue but at best it could offer Doe a bit of comfort in knowing the young man still had a chance to come around and learn to deal with what had transpired in his life. Light laughter pressed from him as he stared towards Silas with his hip presses against the counter. "As your mother has said, I'm no vampire. That would make a lot of what I need to do extremely difficult." He left it at that in terms of it sounding like he meant wandcrafting yet it went so much further than that. While it would have amped up his fighting prowess there still had been a possible life after he'd need to contend with. Often he didn't connect with Vampires they tended to be unpredictable and something of a risk he couldn't afford. "Usually happens during the busy days or in this case the extremely slow days. It just enjoys to hit in the sudden moments and then the battle of figuring out what to eat begins. Juice was gross over milk? That was a surprising encounter he had always held the belief children seemed to be unnaturally drawn to juice but perceptions and personal palettes were often different in that regard, even for children. A fact that often slipped his mind due to the inexperience of dealing with them. "Cheese and broccoli can be a pretty good combo, get two colors and a pretty good taste without tasting the broccoli at all." Fooling the taste buds were sometimes techniques that had been warranted to get proper vitamins in. "Hahaha, Everyone has a battle they must fight in the foods category. In my case, I tend to eat way too much bread. Need to cut down on the toasted whites." A light jest had been made at his expense. "Being a big brother still sounds like a fun experience, one of the few things you'll grow to enjoy quickly." At least if their relationship as siblings kept strong and true. At the consideration of where to go his arms crossed for moment. "There is this small family place nearby, a Mom and Pops, if you will. I often drop in there and they are very accommodating. The atmosphere is very relaxing and exciting at the same time. "
  10. Defining what they were or more specifically what this bond had been would be difficult in the moment due to how far things had shifted. What had occurred wasn't part of his plan or even in the forefront of his mind, perhaps in the darker recesses where he tried to push it aside but one could only stay bottled up for so long before being popped opened and unleashed. They had given themselves to one another or more specifically he took what he wanted and her body enjoyed the moment of her, she enjoyed it, and yet there was still this haze in his mind about the entire scenario. Harming her had never been within his capability back then and now it was even more for certain, there was a deeper care than simply trying to make up for the past when it came to Caitlin. Dylan couldn't deny that he didn't want to treat her like a Princess, a Queen, for sometime now. Perhaps that kind of desire had been further fueled by the fact that he had seen harmful relationships, toxic and destructive with one person giving it all because they felt there had been no other option. That wasn't a situation he could see her in but it had also been a situation he wasn't going to place her in at all. "You're welcome, though it is my fault that you have to have a change so. . ." A strong chuckle pressed out from him as he knew he held a major responsibility of having her clothing not only discombobulated but perhaps a bit more than just wet and sticky given the intensity. "That's a fair point since there is a lot that she'd need to be told and informed about. I unfortunately do not know the full depth of the answer of the first part as you well know." Which perhaps put her more in a predicament with her niece, what if she found out this entire time through the shifting of records and connecting of information that had flowed in hand that her own aunt already had been aware of why they had been hunted for some time. "Though her caring on why I chose betrayal. . . I suppose that hadn't escaped my consideration. Though I doubt she'll be happy to hear the true reason behind such a choice at that time." What person would truly want to hear that at first his reasoning hadn't been a noble change? It hadn't been that he suddenly felt guilty although he didn't approve of what they were doing, he didn't want to go through with it. . . That hadn't been a driving force. Emotion and desire, Juvenile lust. He wasn't sure how he'd manage the two of them especially since there would need to be secrecy for sometime until the witche's cat was out of the bag but until then he'd find ways to visit, to show up suddenly. The Wandmaker delivering his special crafted wand. Once he had turned back around he could see her hand turned inwards against her back lowering the metallic zipper and splitting the dress so that it loosened from her body. Merlin. . . She had such gentle skin even from a glance. Her statement of him not needing to go caught him off guard enough that he wasn't sure how to respond at first and that only lasted for a millisecond before he caught his words within the confinement of his mind. "Alright, I don't mind joining you at all." Of course, He'd like to join her especially with it be given as an invitation he found no reason to deny it. Nervousness wasn't foreign to him but steeling himself to push through it had become the norm while he started to unbutton his dress shirt. "It offers us more time to talk, I think. It makes sense and we can take our time a bit." Once he had been fully disrobed he'd wait until she was fully finished undressing before grasping her hand and leading the way towards the well prepared water and stepping inside to sit down inside and leaned against the base of the bath's form waiting for her to settle in.
  11. "Then hopefully you actually got some rest, that isn't an easy trip to make with children especially with the kind of traumatic situation as dealing with family can often be with barely any break." Not that it was something that he knew a lot about, these days he often forgot how life had been or rather how it all made him feel. There were no good memories no rise in the hard times, it simply just was one expectation after another and eventually all of them seemed to blend into one another. It was certainly something that they all had their birthday around the same time of year, an odd occurrence and expensive. Not to mention potentially chaotic the older they went considering more adult activities were now up on the pedestal to be used. "Happy belated birthday. I would have had a gift prepared but I have been a bit. . . Preoccupied of late, to be honest." Ever since he and Cate had their encounter at the restaurant back in February things had been on a course of trying to discover. Dylan opted to avoid mentioning how her marriage had been going, he knew it'd take more than a month to work everything out and to be entirely honest he wasn't sure how much more help he'd be on that front other than being supportive in his usual way. Arms crossed over his chest as he listened to how her siblings he had asked about had been doing, particularly, because those two seemed to have had a pretty harsh set of things going for them in the current moment. Even with Lot being exonerated many jobs would potentially see him as a flight risk even if there no longer had been a fact to back up that perception, and Orion, well. . . Teens always need a place to explode the sudden changes and upheaval's of life especially with that young ones particular scenario. "It is a sudden change. Something that any person would have a hard time adjusting to at first especially when you consider he had been pushed into a world that he was not familiar with what so ever." In hindsight, it may have been good for him, but on many levels it was extremely cruel. Then again, life wasn't something that had ever been known to be truly caring or kind. Eyes then turned towards Silas who had been putting up a front of shyness. That was fine by him personally, he was never sure how to address or connect with children. That also had been due to the fact he had never been in a situation where that could be counted as part of his everyday life. Much of what he knew had been from one adult to another and then some. "It is nice to meet you, Silas. No need to hide yourself, lad. I don't bite." Much, anyways. Dylan's eyes shifted towards Doe. "Lunch? Hrm. . . Well, I have to admit I am a bit famished. I wouldn't mind grabbing a bite." It had been growing time for him anyways. "Dusty, I'm going to take my break now. Please, don't stay the entire time in the back with your animals." He didn't really wait for the Fairie's response before turning towards Silas' who had made a remark on what he was going to eat. "Grilled cheese and pickles? What do you choose to drink with it? Hm. .. Let me guess, Raspberry juice."-
  12. There had been a lot more order of recent time that filed in since the school years had started and even more so now that they were coming to a close of a term. To think, kids were already snapping their wands and destroying the cores in the process. Such poor maintenance of their partner and instrument often filled the brooding man with sorrow but these days he found he had much different issues to worry about and consider. There were a whole laundry list of life changes that had been spur of the moment and left with the aftermath of wondering just how much of it would all come into alignment, how much of it he needed to work tirelessly to make sure it held a growth. As he sat in the back room shaping up various wands to have different lengths and various cores he could hear the sound of the bell from the front. Stardust had been taking care of the customers during this time of day and it often meant he was on labor duty. Not that he minded, he wasn't much of a social person as it was and preferred to work solely with the wands and understanding the temperaments of the wood. The kinds of owners that they'd be accustomed towards and adapt towards. Of course, that didn't sit well with the uppity fairy, the woman had a way of getting her way and often poking his buttons enough until he was annoyed to just agree had been her choice. It took a special kind of person to push him to that limit and Fae kind had been notoriously skillful in such an endeavor. The voices were faint but he could have sworn he heard more then one that had been recognizable but pushed it out of his mind. That was until the Fairy started to saunter her way into the back in her true form and landed on his head with a barrage of pokes. He'd shake his head In aggravation just before she'd fly off. "Got a visitor big man in wand shop! Go ahead~ I'll mind the cute little animals!" Dylan had little time to respond until she sped off to meet with some of her favorite pets. A hand embraced against his forehead wondering how he had managed to keep his sanity in this short time. His hand moved away from his head and pushed open the backroom door easily and made his way out towards the front only to first spot Eudoxia. "Doe? Lovely to see you, I didn't realize you were back or I'd have dropped by with your favorit win." As she addressed him he didn't catch what she said fully until his mind caught up. 'We'? Eyes directed to seeing a small child that lingered at the woman's side. Her son, no doubt. Kids, Dylan tended to be bad with them due to his stern and cold exterior that he would often emit and yet. . . There was a sense of pride within him knowing that someone he had considered a friend brought such a charming young boy into creation. "How are Orion and Lot doing? Better I hope?" He questioned lightly before giving full attention towards Silas. "So, you're the one whose keeping me in business, are you?"
  13. Dylan wasn't ignorant to the extreme oddity of their situation, it hadn't. . . It wasn't supposed to escalate in this manner. That was not part of the plan he had in mind for the woman. But between his blunt and straightforward nature coupled with the locked away feelings and the woman's poking of that barely kept tight lock? It was only a matter of time before it would burst outwards in a wave to claim that which it had held as a desire. A dangerous thing but not impossible to understand especially considering his affiliation to knowing the power of emotions that were selfish and purpose focused. His hand rose up to gently press along her blushed cheeks with his usual stern expression being somewhat lighter to the point of a brief smile being possibly witnessed. He had been proud of himself, this is true, but the weight that he had held seemed almost lessened from that moment. "In the context of having someone in your life willing to guide you to a place where you didn't need to have everything under your control in the moment. In an amorous, moment." He stated without hesitation not even a stumble in his words or a blush littered on his cheeks from suggesting the intimate idea. "Not all the time, but once in a while, it can be good for the heart and the soul." That was something he understood at least now. Giving over and into someone that had your best intentions at heart could be something wondrous and fearful. She'd agreed to the bath and at that note he started to gently grasp her hand and arm at once to lift her up and start to head towards the washroom. "Women's clothes? Who said anything about women's clothes being provided?" Just at that moment his fingers weaved a bit and the sound of wooden dressed opening and shutting soon after formed as what seemed to be a lengthy T-Shirt and shorts flowed through the air and into his grasp. "We can wash your clothes that way you won't have to explain why you have men's clothing on you when you decide to head home." What kind of idea was weaving through her mind that she thought he'd have women's clothes availably ready here? The missing shoe didn't come into mind for him until he had started to walk with her towards the bathroom a small chuckle escaped. So engrossed in the moment that they had ended up performing an X Rated Cinderella moment minus him having to chase after her. Her words were true though, when ever was a good time to tell someone about a person like himself? WIth their history, especially with how he just ravaged her - Unprotected. Well that would change the game of things massively. "She'll find out one way or another." His gaze narrowed towards Caitlin a smile broke through giving a gentle joke poke in his next words. "But it is good to know if those weren't a factor that you would actually consider staying over." He figured it wasn't the only reasons but they had been the highlighted ones for her choice of uncertainty. What had been their change in relationship now? From enemies, to Stalker and the Stalked, to Acquaintances with a shared dark past, and now. ..? He claimed her, this is true, possessively so - but it was on a stage of confidence that he felt he'd be the only one to properly satisfy her in all accounts. Not just physically, someone who understood her and her past. The pain of moving and the intimate turmoil's of her life that she often let no one else feel strike at her. His grasp of whom she was rang inside him more heavily because of these factors. Their walk had stopped only briefly so he could remove a towel and hand enclosed washing cloth from the closet before leading her to the bathroom gently setting the change of clothing on the edge of the sink along with the towel and cloth. Then proceeded to guide her to sit on a nearby chair for comfort, he had always enjoyed not sitting on top of the toilet seat and thus a chair was necessary. It had been a grandiose bathroom which was quite large and roomy enough to fit at least four people in snuggly of average adult size, the bath was both a glass sliding shower and a tub that offered privacy both ways if necessary. Much more secure and less likely to slip and fall. The tiles on the walls were of a deepened blue and well maintained and still held its shine even with the consideration of constant steamy water filling the bathroom and tainting the colors. Walking over towards the bathtub and leaning inside of it he'd turn the water on and let it run for the moment. "I'd like the idea of being able to talk even for a few hours. There's a lot to talk about. " Forming thoughts traced within his mind on what he should do for his next action, an urge had occurred and it was one that had been carnal yet something that needed to be done. Once the heated water had been filled up and the drain blocked he made his way back towards the woman and curved a single finger under her chin to angle her head upwards and deliver a softened kiss to her lips. A sign that he didn't need to be poked to be affectionate towards her in a sensual way, at least, in his own mind. It had been something he needed to do in case it was decided nothing could happen, a lingering kiss that he'd be able to cherish regardless of outcome. "I'll let you wash up in privacy, I am sure you don't want me sticking around for it."
  14. “I can celebrate that simply by living life.” Which had been ironic considering the plan he had put forth before. Yet, he also had the realization early in life that the celebration of a birthday was always less for the person but more for the people that surrounded that person. “Persistence seems to be a family trait, Haha. She just wants you to enjoy yourself a bit more which I can understand. Something some keep trying to tell me to do more these days. “ The way she frowned at the glass spoke volumes of what had been on her mind, at least the severity behind the thoughts locked inside that pretty skull. “Do not keep your mind so intensely on what weighs heavily upon you. It’d offer more stress and less answers.” Something that he often had to remind himself more often. Whatever plan that the two would have to discuss the details of what he had wished to be done would not be realized in this moment with the way he had already taken the lead and stepped up from the table to guide her along. It felt as if time hadn't slowed down what so ever but also that many of the patrons and employee's in the restaurant were just staples for the background. His mind tuned out everything except what he had planned to do to the woman who had challenged the idea or notion that he would consider 'asking' for control. He was a man that took what he wanted but was gentleman enough to leave the possibility of backing off before it could profess too much further. Caitlin, had chosen to continue to poke and he wasn't the type to allow it to happen a second time. Once was plenty enough. The way he had pressed his lips into hers had been a mark of passion and desire that could no longer be withheld on the inside. Years that built up of never experiencing what he saw in others, never going beyond skin deep reasons for why he slept with one person to the next. Others were just a basic carnal desire that didn't need to be conquered or showed a new walk of life they were just a means to an end. Caitlin, had been different, even has the two had continued to play a game of who would be in control and lead the next steps it only took strategic movements and motions on his part to slowly break away her need to be in control of every aspect of her life and moment. He had wrestled the control from the red-head and from there it was her being submissive to his commanding might that exerted in every action. In the moment of being spontaneous the two had found themselves in a heated throe of pleasure that spanned across the ladies room in various areas leaving quite the mess for whomever needed to clean up the bathroom after their tête-à-tête. It ended up with Dylan pinning the woman to the bathroom wall with the upper portion of her dress pulled downward and the hemline of it hiked up high enough above her waist that her undergarments were in clear sight. Words spoke out from the woman that asked of him to take them somewhere else, anywhere else but the place they had been in and surely someone would come around knocking to see what all the extremely vocal ruckus could have been. Though little could have been left to the ear itself this much was true. The man dispelled the charms he had put in place on the door and trash bin and proceeded to grant her request using apparition to condense to teleport the both of them towards his own home. Afterwards. . . Dylan and Caitlin would find themselves within his living room located in Lausler Park, not too far from her own home perhaps but that was mere coincidence. He gently put the woman down onto the couch and assisted with pulling up her dress back over her breasts. Just because they had unleashed the pent up energy in a rutting fashion in a public place didn't mean he should stop treating her as the graceful and classy woman that she is. "Submitting. . . Isn't always so bad, is it?" He offered a smile towards the woman that was laced with being gentle. "I will run a bath for you and some clothing, if you'd like. You don't need to go home just yet." His eyes narrowed slightly in thought before tracing back towards her. "Could even spend the night. Will give us a bit more time to talk." He meant what he had told her as well after all had been said and done. He claimed her as his own and he wasn't going to let another so easily take her away from him. It was perhaps animalistic and even board lining Neanderthal but it was his honest feelings which couldn't have been more blunt if he wanted them to be. He desired more than just what they had in the rest room, he desired the passion he knew she felt during the mix of it all.
  15. Giving thought to what he could do with his time other than prepare or keep up a false alias hadn't crossed his mind and it had always been primarily due to the fact it was a means to an end. Though he understood that some, especially people in Caitlin's position, needed to place such an importance to remember that the moments in life weren't promised to anyone. That anything could happen in the split second of a minute and change the course of where their life had been going either by their own choices or the choices of others being enforced on to them. "It's a consideration, for sure. I know just enough to keep in mind my own age but it had been sometime since I had ever felt the need to track it." His birth was more of a reminder that he had been born into evil which often lingered on his mind since there were somethings about that living situation that hadn't fully left from him only been suppressed. He chuckled lightly at her predicament with Cassandra. "She knows you both have been through a lot so you may as well celebrate your due. But if you ever need to sneak away for a read my place is opened." The greatest irony had been they lived in the same general area, though he actually didn't know this. Dylan didn't expect the frown that formed on his face and was slight perplexed. Was she upset because it would have robbed her of the chance of justice? Or. . . Had she been genuinely concern about the way he had chosen to toss his own life away? At least she managed to relax the firm expression of displeasure on her face once he had followed up with her request to allow her to see the plan before he could react on it or put the finishing touches into place. The whole thing was going to end up messy by his calculations either way and if they managed to get by unscathed then it'd be in the slim percentile. The ones that had been sent were not small boys looking to make their mark or allegiance known but full-fledged hunters that had proven themselves in the past. This woman was a surprise and a danger - to himself and herself with her words in this particular predicament. He had tried to stall only for a second for her to have a realization of whom she was actually speak towards with such a question that had been the start of something entirely new between the two of them. Did she mean the question? She had blushed which had been either a sign that the idea was flattering yet embarrassing or that the act or possibility itself was of the same token, that it had nothing to do with him specifically. Though she had his answer to her question, and he was nothing if not honest. His eyebrow arched at her prodding words that were an obvious goad to test him. There had been little need for words now. She had her chance to escape from the snare of the snakes fangs and she chose to press her entire hand out to see if the serpentine inside would bite. One doesn't get a second chance from that and so he started to slowly stand up cupping her hand fully in his own to help stand her up and started to lead her away towards the bathroom in a graceful stride. He was in no rush but he was going to make her heart and stomach beat with anticipation with every step, that every click of the soles and heels of their shoes would exasperate that feeling. Once they had made it to the ladies woman he double checked to make sure that no one was inside before opening up the door and leading Caitlin inside of it and pushing the door closed tightly. Fingers traced into the air as he charmed the door to be extremely heavy and for double the effect he'd summon the nearby waste bin and perform the same charm. There would be no disruptions short of an explosion. Then he twirled the red-head towards him as if she were dancing on the floor and pressed his hands slowly down to her hips to pull her into himself deeper. Then perhaps the expected or even the more unexpected depending on perception, his lips pressed against hers firmly and hungrily.