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  1. I dunno if I belong in the TallyQ club really, but Adam's pretty thrilled? 

    1. Theodore Spellman

      Theodore Spellman

      Of course, you do, Aiden. You're an ally. You're here to support us and your family. :)

  2. Oh. Oh gods. Oh dear gods. She was touching him. Proper, actual, holding him. Aiden froze, completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. She was so close and he could feel the softness of her skin, the rigid bones that built her frame, her hair was dancing beneath his nostrils and about to make him sneeze. Aiden was possibly happier than he'd ever been before, and---oh no. No, body. No. Please no. It was a relief when the crude shout-out spooked Mae into releasing him. It also killed the mood and the beginnings of what would have been a very awkward situation. Aiden was starting to grow out of his old uniforms and certain things were more obvious than he was comfortable with. He needed to get that sorted over the holidays. Give himself some... breathing room, so to speak. "It's okay." he mumbled, wondering what on earth he'd done to deserve such a gift as her embrace. Wishing for it again, at the same time dreading such an occurrence. He wondered what shampoo she used and if his hair would smell that divine if he used it too. "Y--you want to talk to me still?" the words stammered out before he could stop them. Very uncool, Aiden, but genuine at least. Why was the flame-haired angel spending precious minutes with him? He was tragedy boy. "Wh---where would you like to go?"
  3. Aiden could feel her there. So close, his guts knotted up and twisted. She smelled like summer and well-worn books, like the favourite fabric softener that Cass used on his uniforms. Okay... maybe that was the actual smell of summer, the library, and his own uniform he could smell, but still. Mae was closer than he'd ever expected to get to her. The colour of her hair was even more fascinating this close up, it seemed to dance with a light of its own. Yet, her comments threw him for a loop that jolted him out of even this delusional a reverie. "Yes--I'm alright." Aiden blinked. Did she not know? Was there someone in this gossip-loving town that truly had no idea? Had she been living under a rock? Aiden supposed Adelaide was pretty close to a rock, but... Oh. Mae's tower of books provided the welcome answer. Perhaps Mae had not lived under a rock (she was surely no troll or goblin!), but she had been living under books. "My Dad... he's in prison." He offered, softly. Aiden didn't like to talk about it, but Mae wasn't just anybody. Besides, she didn't know, and he figured he might as well be the one to tell her the story. "He killed our Mum when I was six--so me and Val went to live with our half-brother and his wife." Aiden tried to downplay the dramatics of the story. He never told the story to get sympathy, it was fact. A hard and horrible fact he had to live with, but fact nonetheless. "Anyway, five years back... Matt---my half-brother---went to the city to go study, and got in an accident. He's been in a coma since. His wife, Kate, she couldn't handle looking after me and Val after that, so now we live with our other half-brother Adam and his wife." He gave Mae a smile, picking up the thick medical text book and waving it. "There's gotta be a way to bring him back. So. I'm gonna do my best to bring together the parts of my family that matter."
  4. "Oh..." Aiden tried not to sound like every one of his hopes and dreams was evaporating. The summer program mixed year levels together, and the smaller groups made it easier to make connections that were difficult during the regular school year. His daydream about poring through medical textbooks with Mae, going on a quest for knowledge that would end with them as the heroes of his brother's miraculous recovery was detailed, exciting.. and lasted for all of thirty seconds. "Where is your family?" He'd never thought of her as having family. Which seemed weird now that he realised that. Had he imagined that she just formed into perfect existence on the school grounds, an angel of no real origin? Of course she had a family. What she said next was like a knife in his soul. He saw and felt where that smile didn't reach. "My Dad's probably forgotten about me." He offered, rather unhelpfully. "But I kinda hope he has. My brother says we're better off, and anyway---people who really love you, they don't forget." The expression on his face was earnest. He wanted to give something back to Mae, aware on some level that she'd revealed something of herself. "I mean. It's been five years since the accident, and we still remember Matt." he reached across and tapped his pile of books, a little more firmly than expected... and had to duck out of the way when the stack began to topple off the counter. Aiden bent down and began collecting them, ears glowing like two neon signs. "... Still trying to bring him home. People you love, they aren't really gone even when they're not there. I bet your family feels the same about you."
  5. Aiden continued to stare a little as Mae talked. He was enchanted by the way her lips moved, lulled by the melody of her voice. And she talked with such a passion and earnestness that it was impossible not to be caught in it. He knew she was Muggleborn, and he knew that her grades were beyond excellent. Aiden himself was a halfblood, and he considered himself lucky to have been given the opportunities he had. He was in awe of Mae's ability to excel without the advantage of knowing what she was from birth. Then her hands were headed toward him--no--the books! Panic struck his heart again, clumsily he attempted to block her from violating his stack but he was too slow and too awkward. She had the book. Gods, she had the worst book. It was not light reading. "I... I yes. Healing." he stammered, willing himself to stop there. But no. All of the words wanted to rush out of his mouth at once. "I'm doing the--the summer program this year and I want my project to be in healing. I want to find out where people go when they're in a coma, maybe there's a way--a way we can reach them. Bring them back." Aiden's face was burning bright with embarrassment now. He'd spent so much of his time at Tally as "the kid with the coma brother" and finally, after five years people were starting to see him as Aiden in his own right. He'd just destroyed that with one awkward word vomit. "There has to be something we can... try, right? Are you," Aiden paused, wishing that the nearest shelf of heavy books would just flatten him here and now. "Are you doing the summer program this year?"
  6. Aiden's eyes widened as she began to talk back at him. He'd half expected her to run screaming, though he wasn't sure why. Maybe because that's what he was doing internally: running and screaming and desperately hoping this was some horrible nightmare and that he hadn't actually made a git of himself in front of Mae. Only he wasn't dreaming, and now Mae was standing here mimicking his words and... talking about spanking? Aiden remained frozen, his guts twisting when she giggled. The tips of his ears were starting to burn bright red, but surely that was just sunburn spreading across his cheeks in a half-lit room... he wheezed a breath and resisted the urge to take out his asthma puffer. And then it hit him. Castle Anthrax. Monty Python. Adam was a fan. Aiden didn't quite... get the humour. Cass said she didn't like it either, but she would often quote the spanking line when Adam was... Aiden coughed. "What um. Books do you like?" Aiden was on a salvage mission now. He was here and talking to Mae, his face was burning up with blush, and she kept on giggling... but books. Yes. Books were good. He thumbed back at the heavy medical tomes in his pile. "I like. Um. These books."
  7. Mae had a big pile of books, that was for sure. But even with the pile threatening to topple, he couldn't quite look away from her. The pile could fall on his head and Aiden would still be staring, mouth slightly open, and lost in a daydream. Aiden hadn't expected this... feeling. A few months ago he'd had no interest. None. He'd got sulky every time Cass asked if he had a girlfriend yet, offended that she would think he could ever see the appeal in a girl. It had seemed such a weird and foreign concept, and listening to the other boys talk in the Flinders dorms had left him very concerned for his friends. It was like a disease... claiming them one by one. He thought he was immune. Or possibly broken, but mostly immune because girls didn't make sense. He was just stronger than the others. Or so he thought. He remembered the exact moment that changed. It had been here, in the library. He'd been reading about deep-dream existence, thoroughly absorbed until his nostrils caught the faintly floral scent that he knew could not belong to a book. Books had a marvellous scent, but this was different. He'd looked up, and there she was: standing in a literal ray of sunlight. Her hair looked like it was on fire, a halo around her from the late afternoon sun. It was as though the dead, musty air of the library had been replaced with crisp, fresh oxygen... and then nothing at all. After that, he saw her everywhere. And every time he did, he became less and less able to approach her. Now she was speaking to him. Aiden hit panic stations. "No---you're fine!" he yelped, voice squeaking. "It probably is your day. Every day is your day. If not then it's a bad day. Not... bad day, bad day, but bad day like naughty day!" to his own embarrassment, Aiden put on a stern voice and waggled a finger in emphasis. "I... see you like books." he tried to recover.
  8. Aiden was preparing for the weekend. No doubt Adam would insist on an outdoors-y trip somewhere, and Aiden knew that he needed to have a good supply of books ready to keep his mind occupied while they all tried not to get consumed by rabid wildlife. Aiden was not given to athletic endeavours, and not a big fan of the sun. The sun caused more illnesses than it appeared to solve. The librarian was not in yet, or maybe she was on one of her many cigarette breaks, either way this was all good for Aiden. He wasn't overly fond of her, found her a mite intimidating. She could be loud and chaotic, which weren't qualities Aiden liked in a librarian. Also, the majority of his books were overdue. Some had crumbs scattered through them, where he'd been too absorbed in his research to break away for food. There was no way a fourth year such as Aiden should have to study the way he did, especially not the thick volumes on medicine both magical and muggle. He explained it away as a passion, an interest, a career goal. That wasn't untrue. Aiden knew he would need exceptional marks to go on to further study. He didn't want to burden Adam and Cass any more than he already had. He wanted to support himself through uni, and scholarships would be the best path. He carried his stack of returns to the desk, awkward elbows sticking out as he heaved them onto the desk. And then he saw her. And he froze. And he still, after sharing the library with her so many times, had no idea how to talk to her.
  9. "I'm still trying to work out the details." Aiden answered. Choosing classes was always difficult. He was one of those kids that truly believed that the path he took through his secondary schooling would define who he was and what he could do later in life. No matter how many times Adam and Cass told him otherwise, it never quite sank in. "Adam reckons I should take a lighter load, but I don't know---we're here to learn, right? And he was a Sturt captain when he was at school, so... I think I'd like to aim to be a Flinders captain in the future." Aiden smiled to himself. He could see himself doing that, guiding younger students as they made their way through school. "Maybe even a head student in seventh year? Like Alan--I mean Headmaster Burdett--was." Aiden certainly felt he had a lot to live up to. Cass had also been a high achiever. In fact, it was only his brother Matt that had hadn't been a good student. Not that anyone could really fault Matt for that. His ability for magic was so tiny that he was essentially a squib. Or maybe he was, Aiden wasn't fully sure. Matt had always joked about it. "I need to do better at potions though, and herbology too. They're going to be important. If I don't start getting better grades, I'm never going to get into VMU." Which was a lot to be worried about at his age. But Aiden had a plan, and the plan was locked in tight. Tally. VMU. Save lives. It really wasn't that complicated.. until you looked at the details. "What classes are you taking this year?" he said, by way of distracting himself from those particular woes.
  10. Aiden's face fell just a little, as Teddy mentioned feeling lonely. He understood that. Even though Aiden never really sought out company, which meant he couldn't say that he really had a "friendship group" as such, he still felt that occasional sad quiet of being alone. Most times he cherished the ability to study in peace, but he was not fully immune to feeling isolated. "School will be back soon, and then there'll be so many people you don't know where to start!" Aiden tried to help. This was only temporary, after all. The population at the school was so much smaller over summer, it was so much easier to feel lost among the hallways when more than 90% of students were not there. He missed seeing Mae's face around the corner. The holidays had passed so fast for Aiden, he wasn't sure where all that time had gone. And he looked forward to it, classes resuming. Though it meant that the other older students would also be back, and they would be here to keep Teddy well-occupied and perhaps this was the only good chance Aiden was going to get to talk to him. That---that thought stung. But it also made sense. Why would Teddy bother to seek Aiden out when his peers would soon be available? Aiden sucked on his Zooper Dooper, careful to keep the sharp plastic edges away from the corners of his mouth. How many times had he experienced the agony of cracked lips from a Zooper Dooper? Too many. "I mean it's kinda nice when it's quiet here too, but. Just harder to stay entertained."
  11. Aiden tried to process that. Whatever he did would make her happy? He wasn't so sure. In the one chance he'd really had to talk to Mae, he was pretty certain that all he'd achieved was to make her feel sorry for him. At least he'd got a hug out of it? Not that he was angling for a hug, but... it had worked? He put on a smile, and nodded. It might work. It probably wouldn't. He had to... he had to find a way. A way to do this without completely embarrassing himself. But---as Teddy mentioned the magic words "zooper dooper" all that was forgotten in his sudden eagerness to accept. "Yes! I mean... yes please." Aiden remembered his manners... just. Zooper Doopers had been one of the rare treats of his early life, and something Adam and Cass kept frozen for him and Valerie when they wanted them. He liked the blue ones best, and so did his sister... which was the cause of many household fights. It was usually Cass who ended up eating the orange ones that no one liked. "I haven't been doing much," Aiden confessed. "Just... study, and helping out with some things at home. Re-organised my room, although I don't think it's gonna have been worth the trouble." Aiden shrugged. "Adam and Cass are thinking about moving back to Narrie, now that Adam's got his business up and running. I know they've been talking about a baby, too, which might be why they've decided to come back up here. I dunno. How's your summer been?"
  12. Aiden was having a minor panic attack of his own. Even with Teddy's reassuring words, it felt hopeless. She wasn't here and he couldn't get his words straight, how could he hope to sound human when she was standing in front of him? "Maybe I should write a letter." Aiden mumbled, the humble and defeated look hung strangely on his large frame. Yes---write a letter. And not put his name on it. That... that actually sounded like a plan. He could do the whole secret admirer thing! And... never ever tell her. Ever. But then Teddy would be disappointed in him. And also sad that he hadn't managed to take Aiden from awkward to confident macho man with this little exercise, and if there was one thing Aiden didn't want: it was to let Teddy down. He had to succeed at this. Teddy looked worried---genuinely worried. For him? For the lonely life that Aiden was going to have if he never mustered up the courage to speak to a woman? Was Teddy sitting there pondering the black lonely abyss of a future that Aiden would have if he didn't succeed in this lesson? Blaming himself for this horrible hypothetical that seemed so horribly inevitable? "I'll be okay. Um. I mean. You don't have to worry." Aiden put his hand on Teddy's wrist to reassure him. "I'll try again. I'll keep practicing until I get good at it. Promise." True to his word, Aiden composed himself ready for another attempt. "Um..." Aiden spluttered. Good start. Good start. "I like you. Um. Will---there's a party, can you go with me?"
  13. Suddenly, Aiden felt stupid. Abominably stupid. Of course---Teddy was right. Adam would have been horrified to hear those words out of his mouth, so would... just about anyone else he knew. He deflated visibly, even as Teddy's hand held steady and warm against his back. "Well if it's a big party, maybe she'd just... be there. I dunno." Aiden shrugged. It seemed hopeless. There was no way he would ever be able to ask Mae to join him at a party. "She's older, and.. probably just thinks I'm a stupid kid anyway." No. No, he had to fight that. He couldn't let this defeat him without trying. Teddy was here and trying to help---if anyone knew how to solve this, it had to be Teddy. Aiden took a deep breath, and tried to think positive thoughts. "Practice...?" Aiden looked up, turning that idea over in his mind. That could... be useful. Yes. Maybe if he knew what words to say, he could stumble into Mae's general vicinity and blurt them out fast enough that he wouldn't forget what to say. And Teddy would tell him now if they were good words or not. Teddy knew a lot about words. "Okay." Aiden took another deep breath. He tried to imagine Mae was there. Recalled the scent of her perfume, the way that light bounced off her curls, the bony knobble of her elbows that was strangely adorable. The way she had hugged him so unexpectedly. Slowly he opened his eyes, looking up into Teddy's. "Um---there's. A p-party going to happen and um. Uh..." Maybe he'd recalled too much of her. He was flustered. "If you. Um. Um. Want---I can... can you... want to go?" Aiden finished with a soft whine. No no no, not good at all!
  14. Oh. Of course! The party! He could ask---no wait. He couldn't. He really couldn't. Aiden's hands started to shake just thinking about asking her to the party. Aiden wasn't especially familiar with Teddy's exploits, he wasn't the sort to keep up with gossip. He'd been burned by that sort of talking very early in his school career, and he had no time for tales of things that did or didn't happen. He preferred to hear things from the source and ignored all else. But while he'd watched Teddy closely all these years, it still struck him as very strange that the older boy had never had a proper relationship. He was perfect in every other way, so it seemed... illogical. "I don't think I can ask her," he sighed heavily. "I'll mess it up." Aiden bowed his head, rubbed at his cheeks in frustration. Now Teddy had him thinking about actions and he knew he had to do something. He couldn't just admire her the way he had, he wanted... he wanted to know her. He wanted time with her. Like this. Like he and Teddy were having right now, where they could just be themselves, but that would never happen. He'd trip over himself too much. He'd never relax. "There's gonnna be... alcohol, right?" Aiden said slowly. A plan was beginning to form in his mind. A Bad Plan. Adam had let Aiden try his drink once, and it had been so delicious he drank way more than Adam wanted him to. And then he hadn't shut up for half an hour. He'd felt confident and free. "Just a bit. I mean. For Dutch courage. So I can talk to her and not... not be a fool." Aiden chewed his bottom lip. "I won't go silly, promise! I just... I need a way to get her there, is all."
  15. Again, Teddy's words had a soothing effect. It was as if he had some magic spell that helped Aiden really take to heart what he was saying, and as Teddy described him as beautiful he felt his cheeks and ears heat up again. So much praise. He did try his best to really understand the life that his brother and Cass lived, and he had an advantage in that he'd not really known much different. Were Aiden placed with a different family, he probably would have found it much harder to relate to them if they weren't a part of the queer community. But he always felt that he ever-so-slightly missed the point, purely because he was not like them. Because he'd never fought that fight and earned his stripes, and likely would never have to. "I haven't told them yet." Aiden added. His crush on Mae was... a secret. A secret he kept locked deep in his heart, he wasn't sure what to do about it. She was older and she was perfect and he forgot words when she was near. He turned back to Teddy, his expression slightly desperate. "I talked to her once, and... and... she's so nice." She hadn't teased him once. "She likes books and she's smart, and she smells like summer. Do you think I should tell her? Should I write a letter or tell her myself? I don't---what do I say? What if I forget what I want to say? I'll forget, I know I'll forget. We---we don't have classes together or anything, so it's hard to just... bump into her, I..." Aiden crumpled a little. "I don't know how to do this."