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  1. Team sport? Caleb? I'll believe it when I see it. Not sure how I feel about you teaching Caley to punch properly while he's got this issue with Dave, doesn't sound like something that is going to end well. Long as you teach him some discipline at the same time, and that "breathing" is not a valid reason to attack someone. I'd rather not have my living room turned into some sort of death match stage... We're gonna have to work harder at this, I know that. Be a little more calm. Not fly off the handle over stupid things, and---I probably need to trust him. Properly. That's always the reason it breaks down is that I keep him out of the rest of that stuff. Jezebel is right, it's not fair. I can't expect him to share only half my life and be happy with that. If he knows the truth of what is going on, at least if it still fails we can say we really tried properly. Then again, he might just run because it's too much. It is a lot. But I think I need to do it anyway. If he runs, he runs. If not, then---maybe I'll finally have someone I can really share everything with. You can bet I won't be abiding by that ban, Stuart. David puts the toilet rolls on the holder the wrong way around, so if you think you're not going to hear that rant, you are dreaming my friend. Love, Del.
  2. Might be a little bored, yes. Bored is better than acknowledging that Caleb is going through the library right now, dog-earring half the books. He’s not very happy with the news, I don’t really know what to do. At some point he needs to accept that this is what I want, right? He can’t just have a tantrum every time I get close to someone else. But I’m glad you’re still keen to help out. Obviously I’d like him to bond with Dave too, but until that situation settles down it’ll be good for him to have someone outside of me he can go to. Thank you for that. I know Tanya jerked you around, and I appreciate your concern. This is kind of... who we are. Dave and I jerk each other around. Somehow we just always end back where we need to be, even if it takes years. It always seems to come back to him. We’re less destructive than we used to be, but old habits die hard. You should have seen some of our fights the first time around! And of course I’ll be there for drinks nights. You think I would miss a night dedicated to alcohol? Besides, if not there—where else will I be able to whinge about my annoying-ass husband? Love, Del
  3. “There would be less of physical illness, yes.” Bethianna confirmed, and in spite of herself she smiled. The boy was special—in her eyes there was no doubt. For one of Lillian’s mistakes he had a remarkable strength of will, a true passion for life and others. If he survived, if he maintained his strength—wizard or sorcerer, he would be a force in the world. This was what her life was about. Ensuring that forces for good were at play to balance out the bad. Keeping humanity on a peaceful track. Gods, but she had seen some wars. “None of us can guarantee eternity, you have my word that I will do what I can to keep you filled.” And she felt that Adele, Jezebel, even Améa would do the same. If this succeeded, there were still a lot of unknowns even to Bethianna. Nor could she predict whether herself or the others would choose to cease before Alexander was complete in his life. His life would depend on theirs, always. But then—hadn’t that been the case until now anyway? And she had failed at this once. Bethianna was resolved not to fail again. The quote rather amused her. It was as if he knew, and yet he couldn’t. The boy thought so much further ahead than his own natural life, eventually he would have a good eye for the overall design. The logic and compassion present in Alexander was welcome. They needed more of that among their kind. Adele had both too much, and too little, humanity left in her. The rest were far too young to understand much about the world. ”You are brave to commit against such odds. If this is truly what you wish, make your arrangements. Prepare for the end of your life, and we shall hope we are surprised.” There was little more to do on that front. Bethianna knew that there really wasn’t any secret to surviving acceptance, except to be strong of mind and body. Perhaps they would be able to catch him if he fell too low, keep him sustained while his body processed the change, but that in itself was dangerous. If Alex began to bleed energy at dying rate, their own energies would be caught in the whirlpool and all would be drained. You could not save a mortal from dying. It was dangerous to try. It was how most of their kind ceased. Bled to the last of their ability, they could not bear to be full again. They would not wait and grow strength. They lost will and they chose sleep. ”You know well that your mother did not name you, except as an afterthought in her own mind.” Anna’s voice was gentle, almost soothing. It was possible to see now how the woman was a healer. “But neither did your father—your true father, the one who raised you as his own.” Bethianna’s hand lifted, an old and creased sheet of paper appearing between her fingers. She didn’t know if Alex himself had ever seen this, but given his predicament it seemed appropriate. Quietly she placed it face-up on the table, and pushed it across for Alex to view. It was the note he had been left with, a content baby in a basket on the doorstep. Ornate handwriting carried a simple message: His name is Alexander, for he shall conquer.
  4. Stuart! You might have heard by now, but David is coming home. We’re going to try and work things out, for the both of us—and the baby too. Now that Caleb is opening up a bit more, maybe he will even warm to Dave. I hope so. I really want us to be a family. Properly. Anyway, it means that we’ll be moving back to our place in town. I’ve got to get it cleaned up again and all, but with all that’s going on with Améa I might need you to arrange those wards for the place. We’ve got some security already, but more won’t go astray. Also, I wanted to say thank you. For making sure I didn’t completely lose it while he was gone. It’s really not that often that someone says they’ll be there for me and then proves it, so—thank you. If only I’d seen that before I ran off on you, might not be as screwed in the head as I am now, haha. But also wouldn’t have met Dave. So there’s that. Anyway. Thank you. I might have done some dumb stuff, but I don’t know if I could have picked a better father for our girls. Love, Del.
  5. Now alone with Alexander, Bethianna sat quiet while she heard him out. His points were all rational enough, but based mostly upon assumptions and experiences that Bethianna knew would not apply to him. This wasn’t anyone’s fault particularly, even Lillian was not as knowledgeable on this subject. For once Lillian’s information was simply incorrect, rather than deliberately misleading. ”You wish to live. That is human.” She acknowledged, and this alone validated her choice in giving him a chance. The boy had a fighting spirit that she admired, and perhaps it would carry him through. Whether it would be enough, and whether it would be worthwhile even if he did survive Acceptance remained to be seen. ”There will be pain, yes. The purge of blood will burn through your body until the last of it is gone, and you are no longer half but whole.” Bethianna had seen a few Acceptances and they were never comfortable. Whichever way they went, it was agony. But there was more to be known. Bethianna’s hand lifted, a jug of water fading into view. In her other hand, a thin glass. ”We are vessels, containers of energy.” She said softly, beginning to fill the glass with water. “As humans are, as all living beings are. What makes us different is our ability to store, process, and utilise that energy.” The glass now full, she tapped it once on the side. A large crack split through the surface, and water began to gush out. Calmly, she picked up the jug again and resumed filling the glass as it poured out onto the table. ”Humans cannot. Their energy is used in their constant struggle against death, a battle they invariably lose. They are like this glass. Always being filled, but forever losing more than they can hold.” Bethianna tapped the side of the glass again, sealing the crack. ”Your sister, her daughters, are as this glass here.” The glass now full and no longer leaking, she tipped some more back into the jug. “Until they make use of it, the energy remains. It will find things to do, heal wounds, keep their looks and health—ensure they are ever young and vibrant. But they do not lose it over time.” Bethianna tapped the glass again, a small crack appearing. This didn’t leak as heavily as before, but the water level dropped steadily down. ”Even whole, this will be you. You will require always the support of the others to ensure you do not run dry. You will not have the ability to absorb or hold as much as they, and should they refuse to keep you filled you will perish.” Bethianna’s voice grew soft. “Such was true of the Violet. A male born whole, he was separated from his kin and locked away where he could not be found. Not until it was too late, he was too empty to refill. Too broken. He chose to cease.”
  6. Bethianna nodded ever so slightly as Alex spoke. This griped at Adele, the woman had all but dismissed her own desire to meet their father and now was showing some consideration for Alex’s wishes. He was right, it didn’t serve that much of a purpose, it was just something that would be nice. Even if Bethianna wasn’t in the habit of doing nice things, it looked like she might just make an exception for Alex. Apparently the chosen one. What did she have against Adele, really? The more kindness she saw come from Bethianna toward her children and Alex, the more she really wondered what was so wrong with her that she’d been saddled not only with her mother’s indifference but Bethianna’s as well. ”Perhaps in time.” Was all Bethianna would say, though it was clear she was at least thinking about it. More than she would do for Adele. With a huff, Adele opened her mouth to protest, but Bethianna held up a hand first. “You leave. Now.” “What?” Adele snapped, the abrupt rudeness of her stepmother not unfamiliar, but this was her office. Her living quarters. And Bethianna was asking her to leave? Not asking—demanding. Adele pursed her lips and began formulating a response, ready to stand up for herself. Where were her rights in all this? DIdn’t she matter? But the cold look in Bethianna’s eyes advised against speaking up, and instead she grumbled under her breath. “Whatever, your majesty.” With that, she slunk out of the office door like a wounded cat. Bethianna didn’t seem to notice or care for her injury, turning her attentions back to Alex. In a smooth movement, she sat herself down in the chair behind the desk, the one Adele had just vacated. ”There is more we must discuss. WIthout her influence.” Bethianna said softly. “You have a momentous decision ahead of you, and already you believe it is made. I would ask you be not so hasty to go down this path. It will not be as simple for you as it was for them.” Her expression shifted slightly, a flicker of something—was that sadness?—passing like a cloud before her face settled back to its normal stone-carved stoicism.
  7. He’s coming home! My husband hasn’t given up on me. :x

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      O-Oh? Well! Congratulations then!

    2. Adele DeVylissea

      Adele DeVylissea

      Thank you! I know you’re going to love him.

    3. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      As long as you're happy, Del. That's what is important.

  8. Dave, Come home, babe. I’ll see you when you get here. Love, Del.
  9. Adele, I don’t know why you’d lie about having an affair. I don’t know why I believed it. I don’t know how I thought I could leave so easily, or why it’s taken so long for me to come to my senses. We’ve had dumb fights before. They never ended like that. I’ve been trying for weeks to submit the final papers and I can’t. Not yet. I need to know that it’s really the end this time, that it’s what you want. I know I asked for this, but I don’t want it. I’ll respect your wishes as they are, but if there’s half a chance of working this out I want to take it. I love you. I miss you. And I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you. I want to be part of our kid’s life at least, can we make that work? I’m out of the country at the moment, but if you’re willing to see me—we can arrange something for when I get back. To talk. I’m yours, if you’ll have me. Love, Dave.
  10. The truth was that Adele herself didn't know where her mother, or Bethianna, were from. Lillian spoke of so many lives and locations that it was very possible that neither woman could really be considered as being from any place in particular. Adele on the other hand was most definitely from somewhere, and while she hoped that her brother would survive long enough to learn those particular secrets---she wasn't ready to divulge them yet. Goodness, the boy had already had enough upsets in his life. He didn't need to be trying to process all of that on top. It did pose an interesting question, though. If Alex lived, he had a rightful place as their father's son. As with Jezebel, Adele had no desire to suddenly drop that weight on Alex. He was a kid. Young, stupid, and so incredibly idealistic. They would eat him alive over there. He needed to have a few more wits about him, six or eight painful heartbreaks, and a fortress of thick skin before she subjected him to all that they were. If he'd been just Lillian's son it wouldn't be a concern. But. Rheldor was alive. "You know where he is, don't you." it wasn't a question. Adele cut sharply over Alex's positive affirmation, folding her arms. Bethianna's level gaze didn't change, though a weird shift in the air gave the impression that she was rather bored with this line of questioning already. "Yes." the answer was simple, true, and clearly not enough for Adele. "And you will take us to him. Or bring him here." the demand sounded almost childish out of Adele's mouth. Her arms folded, Adele looked every bit the petulant child. Still Bethianna's expression stayed fixed. When she spoke, there was a steel chill in her voice that raised the hair on Adele's forearms and the back of her neck. "You forget your place again, child." said the elder woman. "Save your tantrums for Lillian. If it should be that uniting you with Rheldor serves the greater purpose, then it shall be done. By myself or any other. If not, it was never designed to be." "Serves the..." Adele scoffed. "What if it doesn't serve any purpose? What if it's just... I don't know. A nice thing to do? Give us one parent that might not suck, and let Rheldor know he's got two damn kids?" "Everything serves something, Aellra." Bethianna replied firmly. Her gaze flicked back to Alex. "What of you, Alexander? What desire have you to know your true sire?"
  11. Bethianna's eyes clouded just briefly as Alex mused over what her experiences may have been like over such a long lifetime. Very little of it was worth repeating. As they had become fewer in number, and separated, she and Lillian both had taken on more and more roles. Lillian had always been the one to dally with the mortals, even from the start. The Violet had suggested that her affection would be what finished her off, and yet he was the first to go. None of this was really important now. These stories belonged to another life, and Anna spoke very little of them. Only the sparest scraps were given to Lorelei, and at times to Améa. Who this lot would be depended on how the centuries would shape them, and they would not be with the same burdens as their matriarch. So long as Lillian existed---and Bethianna felt it would take a lot to get her to relinquish power---there would be no need for another to step into her role. But would she push to fill the gaps as she had with The Grey? That was a concern. Still. It was a matter between herself, Lillian, and the abomination. "The language is that of your sister, and the life in which she was raised." Bethianna answered smoothly. Adele's expression twitched, more than a little annoyed that the answer was given so freely. "It is not something that belongs to the blood. We exist before that. We are born understanding the tongue of our mother, but as Lillian is a woman of many languages it seems it selected for you the language of your homeland. What you learn from now is not for me to teach. That is the business of your sister." Adele's expression suddenly became a very stiff smile. Great. It was always wonderful being dumped into a vat of boiling hot oil. Or thrown under a bus. Bethianna wasn't wrong, but did she have to be so damn direct about it? "I'm not Australian, that's not exactly a secret." Adele recomposed herself, and did her best to sound dismissive. It was true. She did have an accent. It was hard to place, and in most cases it was identified as French. Adele tended to just run with that. Hopefully Alex would just assume the same.
  12. "That's the thing---I almost lost Lauren before she was born, when I was in that accident." No matter how many people knew the truth of it, Adele still resolutely called it "the accident". Admitting that it was anything but accidental was still too difficult even a decade later. Adele knew how lucky she was to have not lost the unborn baby, and that if her mother had not intervened she wouldn't have survived herself. "She just wanted Lauren to live, and---I think most of all, she wanted to know that Lauren would survive me." Whatever Lillian's motives, Adele had assumed that she was seeking to push on her daughter a choice that Adele felt required more time and understanding to really make. Looking back, it was a suggestion that would have guaranteed Lauren's survival and perhaps she would have regretted allowing it to happen but Lauren would be here now. There were so many moments and ways and tiny things that Adele could have done differently, and some of them may have ended the same anyway. This one, having Lauren accepted, she knew that was the moment where she had really chosen to allow Lauren to die. Lillian had foreseen that Lauren was in danger with Adele. That was what Adele believed. Even though she'd felt that bond of love with Lauren, she'd not known what to do with it. Motherhood was something Adele had learned through very awkward stages, Améa had got a very raw deal while Caleb reaped the benefits. Lauren had definitely been a turning point, but she'd still been too absorbed in her own pains and lacked responsibility to care for her properly. "I could have done better." Adele sniffed. "I really could have." * * * Back inside, Flora had moved to stand beside Améa and watch Adele and Stuart through the window as they embraced. Améa's expression was cold, almost stony. Though it wasn't clear who she was displeased with, or why. Stuart for being close to Adele, or vice versa? Flora on the other hand, rolled her eyes. "She does grieve much for a child she never wanted, nor adequately cared for." said the small girl, her tone flippant. Améa looked down, her sharp features now definitely displeased at the intruder that stood by her feet. "Enough of Grandmiere's lie." Améa snapped. The girl knew nothing, how could she? Améa had been there. She was there when Adele held Lauren for the first time. She'd seen it. She'd seen that change begin. Flora knew only what she was told, and far as Améa was concerned---it was all lies from Lillian's lips. But Flora just shrugged, still very unconcerned about the hostile welcome she'd been given. It wasn't for her to choose how others reacted to truth, after all. "Mamiere plays piano." Caleb said to Alex, knowing full well that Adele went to great lengths to hide that as well. Why, he wasn't sure. She said it was for her own relaxation, not for others---but he'd heard her play. She was good, he thought. Caleb didn't really know. He knew when things sounded really bad, though, so Adele was at least a competent pianist. She never talked about it. He wasn't even sure if Améa knew she could play. But now everyone knew, because he'd told them. He beamed back at Alex. "She can join our band too, can't she?" As Alex praised the cello, Caleb turned a curious look to Vladimir. Alex aside, it was the least threatening look he'd given someone outside Adele in a long time. He hadn't really warmed to Viktor at all, so this was unexpected. "Will you play at my birthday party too?" he asked, with all the innocence and sweetness of the young boy he so rarely got to be.
  13. "She chose to live in service of someone not herself." Adele explained. "We are... wells of energy, I guess is the best way to explain it. We get low at times, and other times we are overflowing. Sometimes, when one well is low---you use another to top it up. As we do with you. Améa decided that all her water should go to someone that was not a well as she was, someone who doesn't have the ability to store and use energy as we do. Like a bathtub that hasn't been plugged. It was wasted on him, because it drained away as fast as it was given. Boosting full mortals is dangerous like that. It can help in a pinch, but they are dying at such a rapid rate every minute... the energy burns up fast." Bethianna frowned slightly, but seemed to decide this was an apt enough explanation. It was, by far, oversimplified. But then if she were to go into the full mechanics of transference and the siphoning effect, she doubted either Adele or Alex would follow. Besides. The boy had more questions yet to answer. "No. We were never designed to be nobility." Bethianna said this with a particular firmness. "Such power in hands that also control populations would be a catastrophic imbalance between the people and their leader. We are guardians. Teachers, healers, advisors, watchers. We do not participate unless required. We do not involve ourselves in what will become history, we are the invisible hands that guide the world." Adele was wondering where this lesson was. She'd never heard this before either. She could understand why Lillian had left certain details out, but some of this would have been damn useful. Like explaining why Bethianna had been so against her birth. Why it was such a terrible thing that Lillian had begun a relationship with their father. At least they agreed on Flora. The girl was a problem, or at least would be in time. Wherever Lillian had found her, Adele was certain that girl lacked any sort of moral compass. Or concept of human emotion. Or anything that even remotely resembled compassion for anyone outside of herself. That was worrying when you considered the sort of power they were capable of. Bethianna may not have been the most emotionally responsive person around, but she always had reason. Adele wasn't sure that Flora was bound by any sort of code beyond just doing things that amused her. "I disapprove of most dealings Lillian orchestrates." she said, which seemed to be the most complete answer at hand. Everything else was far too complex for the moment, and not really detail that neither Alex nor Adele had need of.
  14. "My title is Tahaern'anna." Bethianna corrected Alex. Very few called her simply "Anna", she wasn't about to allow it from a child. She certainly didn't allow anyone to call her "Betty". "I really think we can forgo the title business," Adele replied irritably. There were some things she wasn't ready for yet, and she wanted Alex to focus on what was most important at this point: getting him through Acceptance. We only call her Anna behind her back---I... probably should have mentioned that. Apologetic, her thoughts rang in Alex's mind. "I think we can forgo the secret discussions, Aellra. You know well that I can hear." Bethianna said aloud. Adele cursed inwardly. She'd forgotten that. However strong her blocks, even the ones that stopped Lillian, she'd never managed to fully block Bethianna. It bothered her that she never knew when Bethianna was listening in, found it exhausting being on her guard all the time. "No. I am not fae." Bethianna answered the question that was not asked. "We have the ability of many forms, with one limitation. Our eyes do not change. No matter the shape, the colour stays. It is a marker of our strength, our wellbeing, and most importantly: our bloodlines." "Which is why Améa looks... faded. Compared to the rest of us." Adele explained to Alex. "When we are well, we are full of energy---our physical images are easily maintained. You start giving away that power as Améa did, or drain yourself too fast, it shows." Bethianna nodded, it was correct enough. "We are not of the same line, that is why our eyes differ." Bethianna stood as absolutely still as ever. It was weird how her lips moved, and yet the rest of her never did. "In the first days, there were six. The Blue, as you both. The Green, as I. But also the Grey, the Gold, the Brown, and the Violet. In centuries past, some lines chose to rest eternally. Others were taken for their power. If any remain, where they are I could not be sure. I have seen none of the Gold, Brown, or Violet in many generations." This was a lesson that had not been passed to her from Lillian. Adele frowned. Six? There were six families? "But you have seen the---Flora?" Adele supposed she'd known that much. Bethianna nodded. "A bastardisation of the Grey, yes." Bethianna replied. "But in all appearance, very much one of them."
  15. "You ever were Rheldor's child." Bethianna remarked, coolly. "The both of you." Adele wondered what that meant. Was it a compliment? An insult? Coming from Anna, it almost certainly had to be the latter---but then she seemed to have some sort of favour toward Alex. The more Adele thought about it, the more she realised that for all her brusque nature, Bethianna had probably been more help to her in past years than Lillian had been. When had that happened? When had Lillian and Bethianna switched roles as hero and villain? Once upon a time, Lillian had wanted to repair their relationship. She'd been insistent on it. Adele had pushed her away, and pushed her away, still hurt by the lie she'd lived. Lillian had pulled her from that wreck, made her whole, and briefly... briefly she'd had a mother of sorts. When had that stopped? Adele didn't remember denying her after that, but at some point Lillian had become less and less involved, and the bitterness grew again. Was it before, or after, Lauren died? Lillian's response to the infant's death had been lacking. A matter of fate, she said. Such things will happen. Adele had not seen her mother shed one single tear for her granddaughter. Maybe that was it. Maybe she'd been so angry in her grief that she'd blocked Lillian out again. "Our father. Who is alive." Adele clarified, still trying to wrap her head around that. "Yes. He was never deceased." Bethianna answered, clear in that moment that she had also known all along. What else did Bethianna know that she kept obscured? Adele was starting to feel as angry at Bethianna as she was at Lillian. "And you said nothing." Adele hissed through her teeth. "It is not my place to interfere with Lillian's family matters, Kendr'aellra." it seemed that too, was a theme. Bethianna was many things, but she wasn't one for idle gossip. She would have to care enough to break that secret, and what difference did it make? Enough for it to have value to her? Apparently not. "She may scatter them where she likes. The pieces will find each other in time, without my hand to help."