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  1. She blinked at him, turning her lips in as she tried to contain the laughter. It didn't work, it came out anyway. "No," she said, shaking her head. "I just didn't take you as the kind of person that would be open to requests." Then her face dead-panned at him. "I was joking, Alex." Her tone was serious as she watched him. Not only had he taken her words, but he had taken them even a step further. She wasn't as willnig as he was to open up to strangers or acquaintances. He... he'd been a special case, and Cass was only because of him. She wasn't going to go around looking for more people. She was already struggling with him and Morgan as it was... Maybe she would have been better off on her own. No, she knew she wouldn't have been. It was the people she kept, the things she did that she loved, that gave her any reason to keep pushing. She might not have been the one dying, but she had her own demons she faced. In truth, it was everyone else who would have been better off without her. Her stomach turned at the idea. She listened to his words, and knew he was right. It was those few friends she had, from the small first year to the seventh years, that had kept her from giving up. Giving her that boost when she needed it and couldn't provide it herself. But it wasn't without any small amount of hard work or determination either. She drank from her cup, setting it between her crossed legs as she took Alex's free hand. She laughed at his remark about the sign. "When you're not away playing your music, anyway." He handed her a slice of pizza on a plate and she took it, sitting it next to herself. His words made an ache grow in her. She couldn't say he hadn't hurt her--he had, deeply. But it was a wound she was willing to let heal, but he wasn't that. "You haven't disappointed me." she said, voice quiet. And that was how she came to a decision. With how she was, she knew then that problems would probably rise up...more than she would have liked. So instead of picking something that might bring a mood down, she decided to go with the one that lifted instead. "Can't Stop The Feeling."
  2. Took a couple weeks for this class to start which was unnerving, but it wasn't terrible. She could deal with that just fine. Helped keep the load from being too heavy. She found Alex and quickly took a seat next to him. She usually tried to be among the four three to arrive, it was just a thing. Gave her time to find a spot and plop and get settled and try and turn her inner student on instead of her usual self. It was still awkward. It was incredibly awkward. Less than a week since Alex dropped a pile of bombs on her including his health, his family, and his feelings about both her and Cass. It had been two days since it was publicly announced they were a thing. It made her stomach knot and twist and turn. She felt sick. She wanted to get the hell out of this room, but was unwilling to run out of there just because her crush was dating someone. ....Somehow who apparently sat right behind her. She kept quiet, not saying anything to anyone in the room until after Cass' aunt, whom the red-head had told her of before, began speaking to the class, giving a small introduction to the day and sending them all off to introduce themselves. Eventually after a long round of others she stood up to do as instructed. "I'm Geraldine Richter, but I only respond to Gerry. I like to hit heavy balls of possessed hate at people while flying on a broomstick." She gave a shrug at that. Most the students here were already well aware of that. She wasn't about to dole out anything personal to them. "I think my aim is the same as everyone else's. Learn to defend myself and other people. Oterhwise there's no point being in here. As for that dark art bit, I disagree with the class. Intention isn't the only thing that classifies a dark art. Anything that removes a person's will or choice is a dark art, whether it's intended or not." She sat down, eyes closed, and waited.
  3. This teacher was pissing her off. She wished the last one hadn't quit and she hoped to high hell that this one would quit by the end of the year. She couldn't handle two years of this crap if this was how classes were going to be. She might have to up her Quidditch game because it looked like her back up plan was starting to fall out. The way she dropped fairies into the same category yas any other creature by associating Eron with it was downright insulting, and wrong. She might have had the odd opinion out on the matter, but it didn't matter to her. And then the teacher not only carried on about it, but kept discussing fairies as if they were actually in some sort of comc class. She'd had enough. "Excuse you, have you not heard of the Sentient Species Act? Stop talking as if they're little more than a garden gnome. Learn some respect, or get off that podium lady." She folded her arms and glared at her. "Besides, this is herbology. If you want to teach," and she pulled out some air quotes before refolding her arms, " 'fae ethics and manners', then boot yourself over to a law class, or take over the creature one yourself since you seem so intent on dragging them down." But it seeme dobvious very quickly the entire lesson, and homeowrk, was going to be talking to these stupid thigns to learn how to 'speak' to fairies. She was done for today. She rolled her eyes and knocked the nearest items off the table that she could, grabbed her bag, and left class. This was bullshit.
  4. Her face flushed dark as he complimented her dancing. She was nowhere near Cass' level though. Her dancing wasn't bad, but it was... normal? dancing? It wasn't any sort of trained sort. The things her new friend could do with so much ease was jaw-dropping. She flushed darker still as he commented on her insights, then going so far as to say he owuld cherish just him singing with her there. SHe knew now he didn't mean it in any romantic sort of way, but it was still nice. It was nice he just wanted to spend time with her. Quickly he was back to teasing her and her mouth twisted into an annoyed frown. "No!" she said as she huffed. "I'm just... You surprised me!" Which was the bulk of it. She never tbought he'd ever give her a choice in anything he'd sing. Her hands began to fidget as she glared at a signpost for a moment before they passed it. "I really like most everything you've done." she admitted through quiet mumbling. She expected less that he would even offer to cover something ... new. At her request. Already her mind was going through a list of songs she knew he'd done. .....Largely because she had nearly all of them on her mp3 player, not that she was willing to admit that yet. She'd listened to them more times than she wanted to say, and it began funneling down to some of her favorites. Pompeii was one such song that came up, but she was having fun, and didn't want the song to pull her out of this spot of joy they'd finally found themselves back in, so she tossed it aside. There was also Can't Stop This Feeling, which was among the more recent ones. ....Then again his offer to cover something new was also entirely tempting. She tilted her head as she looked at him, laughing as he joked about the food being his savior. He was truly something else. Something she wanted to keep. "Hey, if you were going to sing something new, I'd save it for something better than a little favor." She wrinkled her nose as she grinned at him. "Really? Maybe I shoudl find some friends and start asking around." As if she really had any. Outside of him and Morgan, and maybe Cass....everyone in her life was fake. Everone was convience looking for something. And she had to admit, while she liked Cass, she wasn't sure if she could trust her that much yet. So she had Alex, and Morgan. "Maybe one day I'll learn to believe in myself the way you believe in me. Then maybe I can work through all the shit and actually make something of myself." She smiled at him, but there was that hint of pain and wavering uncertainty in her eyes as well. He sat next to her and bumped his shoulder into hers, and she looked up at him again, her smile coming easier. She tucked some of her hair behind her ear, then grabbed the bulk and pulled it over the farther shoulder from him as she reached for the ginger ale and the cups. She opened the lid, enjoying the hissing sound that came from it. "I'm not sure there's any particular story to tell." she said. She wasn't sure the cause, the root of her running--not the generalization. Most everything else she knew a memory, a bulb from which her blocks and struggles came from, nearly all being born from the same handful of things. She took time to think it over while she poured the drink into both cups, then relidded the soda and lifted the cup holding it just in front of her mouth. "I think...." she said after a time, licking her lips and biting at her lower one for a moment before continuing. "I don't want to let anyone down. Not my team, not my house, not myself. I don't want that disappointment or rejection that comes with it, either."
  5. "Okay, that's gross. I don't need to be thinking about all the creepy crawlies that are 'getting jiggyy' down there." Worms were fine. Other bugs. ....Well, it depended on the bug. And she liked them in smaller numbers. Surely there were colonies of them in there somewhere. She shuddered. She needed to divert that thought. She said she didn't take her hits sitting down and she couldn't help but grin at her. "Oh, is that right? Good then! You'll keep things interesting." She liked it more when people brought something to the table, not walk away like some ghost. She also knew she needed a good knocking every so often just to keep her from going over the side somewhere. Gerry shook her head and sighed as she smiled. "Then you're definitely not coming by a car." she said, and Cass confirmed it, saying she preferred other methods. That was fine. She just usually ended up in a vehicle on those weird days she did travel. Usually she only went as far as Melbourne on breaks, and her parents came and got her. "Well, there are plenty of those," she said jovially about Cass' liking the lights and shops. There was definitely no shortage of those back in the city. Cass extended her pale arm and Gerry pursed her lips together, pressing a finger to the side of her jaw and cheek. "Hmm..... what lovely porcelain skin you have. Do you only leave at night?" She grinned, showing she was only teasing her. "Yeah no the beach would do terrible things to you in the summer. Best to avoid it." She'd probably fry red and be in pain for weeks. The look on her new friend's face fell and she looked down. Then she said not to bring it up in, of all places, the defense class. She was abotu to ask why, because where else better to bring it up than a place to defend oneself, but Cass looked at her again and explained. Right. Her aunt. Gerry's face fell as well. Living through that....would certainly make it a touchier subject than most around here were used to. She watched as the redhead pushed herself up, announcing she was going to go and clean herself up. "I'm gonna hang out here a bit longer. I'll see you around right? We need to hang some more." She grinned at her, then gave a small wave. This storm was perfect.
  6. Gerry didn't want to go to class after the morning that had happened. The worry, the anger...then all the pain and guilt and exhaustion. It wasn't what she was wanting. She especially hadn't wanted the fight. When the message first went up, she was just the worried sort of angry, nothing else. Then it escalated and everything had gone downhill from there. She'd stayed behind after he'd left and had at the tree some more until she crossed her threshold for pain. After that it was a visit to the school nurse--jeez she was young, and she spent some time there as she got fixed up and bandaged. She was late to class because of her own soured attitude and intentionally hurting herself until she got as much of the feeling out as she could. She was late because she made it necessary to see the school nurse at all. She had no real excuses outside of the bandages that still covered her hands and wrists. She looked around the room and the weird arrangement of the seats and a professor who looked entirely too excited about whatever was going on. She looked and saw Alex, giving him an awkward, sheepish smile tained with guilt. She saw a stack of papers near the door she stood in and took one, then placed herself in a seat a couple away from Alex, making sure she wasn't on the same side as Cass. Normally she was happy to sit right next to him but she felt weird and out of place. She hoped she hadn't caused too much of a disturbance.an dbegan pulling out her book and papers.
  7. She moved up to the tips of her toes to inspect his shoulder as best she could. She saw nothing, found nothing. It was probably just an ache or something right? He said it was his normal pains and she frowned at him, taking her sunglasses off for the first time. She remembered how he'd not wanted people to treat him like some frail piece of glass, so she didn't press the matter. Instead she tried to massage his shoulder a little in the hopes that it would help. He was so concerned about her missing class, but he also relented, giving in to let her do as needed. It was a new kind of pain that she felt at the sentiment. He wanted her to succeed, but didn't want to bar her in. He was giving her freedom. She stopped massaging his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him instead. Why? Why did she always have to throw fits and think so awful of this impossibly sweet boy? She didn't want him to go through the trouble of having to take her notes for her. "No, no. I'll go to class. I really shouldn't be missing anyway." Not if it would be a burden on him. She released him as he grabbed his guitar and adjusted it. She couldn't hide the sudden strain in her face. She figured Cass would be there. "I told you I'd help." she stated simply. She was a person of her word, doing what she could to hold to it. She'd deal with Cass' company. For him. "You should go on ahead." She had a fire to put out, and some knuckles to break.
  8. "It's not anymore fun for me than it is for you," she mumbled. She would much prefer to not have a fight, but they were like fire and water some days. Or oil and water. Then somethign lit the match and BOOM. They were up in flames. He tried explaining his side to her, and while she listened and took it in, she still didn't agree with him on all of it. Yes, sometimes it was impossible, and that was fine, but if there was a way a person could be there, especially within hours, then she thought they should be. Just like she should have been. If she could open and do as he wished, he saw her as there in time, but not herself. She would always se it as too much. Much too late. He spoke again, bringing her back from her mind and she looked over at himm. His hand held his shoulder as if it hurt. He gave her that weak smile and she sighed, raising her hands. "Let me see that." she said softly. Maybe there was something she could do or advise him on. He brought up class and she nodded. "Yes, we do." She stated simply. It was why the move was postponed to later. When he brought up not having his books or his bag, she moved to picks hers up and opened it again. "Take whatever books you need that I have. If nothing else we can share during lessons we both have. If we manage to avoid that scenario, you can give them back later." She chewed the insight of her cheek. "Maybe. I don't think I'm going, but we'll see." Was her comment on him seeing her in class. She wasn't entirely sure she really wanted to go now. Besides, she still had some feelings she needed to get out.
  9. Bigger pictures. She was terrible at bigger pictues. Ha, go figure. She watched the cat leave. Odd. He was living in some weird fantasy land, that much she was sure of. Him thinking that everyone respected everyone? That was truly laughable. This one school didn't even manage that, let alone everywhere else. Could he ask for people to have that? Yes. Did it mean they'd follow through? No. He hugged her, much to her surprise. She dropped her bag, wrapping her arms around him. He always knew how to talk her back down, even if he worked her up all the more first. He pulled away again, and she looked up at him as she continued to listen, each taking their turn. "She is a person. I don't use that word to describe someone as anything less. It's an irritation. But...if you feel that strongly about it...then I'll find something else." She might as well cave, it wasn't like they were ever going to see eye to eye on that. She had no idea what word she was going to use, though. "I know you didn't I just....." she sighed. She just what? How else could she explain it? "I'm glad you did that. Honestly I don't know that there's any other way to calm me down." She couldn't even calm herself if she wanted to. She learned that one a long time ago. She would keep going until something forced her down, or the other person walked away. She moved to lean against the tree, leaning her head back against it as she stared up at the branches. "What are you asking Alex? For me not to be angry? That's what I am--all the time. Just angry. Angry at myself. Angry at everyone else. It doesn't go away, it just has varying degrees." She tried thinking to a time when she didn't feel angry. In the last week. In the last month. There wasn't one. Even when she was happy....she was still angry. About something or someone. Usually herself. Mad that she was allowing herself to get close to anyone, mostly. Mad that she was willingly opening the door to disappointment and pain. Mad that she was letting everyone down because she couldn't be the perfect person it felt like they all wanted, or even be the person she heself wanted. No. It wasn't what he was asking. That was just how she took it. She shook her head and held up a hand. "You don't need to answer that. Wrong question. That's just me being snippy." she said quietly. He wanted her to curb it, not feel it. Although with how strongly she felt her emotions, it was almost, but not quite, the same thing. What he wanted as an answer, and it wasn't one she could give the answer he was looking for. "What I think is being there for someone, and what you think is being there for someone, are apparently two very different things. I think we just proved that one." She was entirely too physical, and too literal for it. To her, being there was physically being there. In that time. I wasn't some drop by check in later on, which is what she was understanding he was looking for. She didn't know what to say to him to keep from further aggravating the already precarious situation. 'What am I supposed to do?' she wondered. 'Carry on, being worthless?' It wasn't how he saw it--it was how she saw it. 'Step back how he wants, or keeping having this fight until he gets tired of it?' Her head turned away to stare at something, anything else as the debate roiled inside. 'What hurts more Gerry? Hating yourself a little more every day, or losing him? Will you stick to your beliefs, or turn into the air around you? What's your choice?'
  10. This time she didn't interrupt him. She let him get it all out. What else could she do? It wasn't as if he were wrong. He pushed back at her as hard as she pushed at him. It was expected. It was hoped for. She hated herself. She hated the way she lashed out at everyone--but most especially those she cared about. She needed someone to keep her in check, to cool her rages when they came. A verbal slap in the face did just that. Her temper seeped straight out of her, and all she felt was tired. Tired, and guilty. "You can't make me like or respect anyone. Just because I call her that right now doesn't mean i don't respect her. I have far worse words for that. It only means I don't like her. If you're gonna get uppity because one of your friends and your girlfriend don't get along, then you're going to have one hell of a time." She wouldn't apologize. She wouldn't apologize for how she felt, or anything she said. It simply wasn't in her nature. He always told her she should be open, and there he had it. Pure, unfiltered open communication. She didn't share anything her ass. "Maybe it is your past. But it's still happening to you now." All the bite left her voice. She left the poor tree alone, ignoring the throbbing and stinging she felt in her hands. "You are right though. I'm a selfish, raging bitch. And I did try warning you. But you were a bug that was going to stick. And I believed that." She should have known better. "I know my faults better than anyone else. I live with them." So what? He was giving up on their friendship because of one word and an attitude she already told him about? Was this whole thing just a lie then? "You can tell me I don't know how and I say you're right. I told you that too. I don't really know how to do friends. Never have." She shrugged. The motion reminded her of the weight on her back, and she pulled her backpack down and unzipped it, digging through to a stack of papers clipped together. She pulled them out and offered them to Alex. "I copied all my notes from our classes yesterday. And the homework assignment. ....I even did some of the homework, made sure it was different from my own. You can use it or throw it away. Your choice." She looked at the ground. "I say all this about wanting to be there, about you not asking stuff....but I don't ask either. Just like you said. Despite all the desire in the world...I'm not really here, am I?" She felt more like a burden than ever. "Do you need me to go?"
  11. "She's a fucking thing to me, and you can't tell me different. Nor can you tell me how to refer to her." Her voice dropped cold, the boil, the heat that had been lost rising once more as he dared try and tell her how to think and talk. She laughed at him, something dead and awful. "What moral ground do you think I have? I told you before there nearly is none." And that was what she believed. It had been a long time since she had ever truly thought well of herself. It was only his insistence that she even had good points that she'd even started to open that lid. Now it was slammed back shut. "That is not what I am even talking about!" she said as he seemed to bring up a much older conversation. "That shit was weeks ago! Days, Alex. Days. YOu seriously think, even after I just said your dating isn't my issue, that it is? Merlin's ratty socks! That's not my issue! If I wasn't okay ywith that, I wouldn't have agreed, I wouldn't have been peaceful for those weeks! I just thought, 'Well if that makes him happy, then I'm fine with it." And that's exactly how she felt. As much as it hurt, as difficult as it was, as much ash she made the occasional little vomit motion at their nicknames... she just wanted him happy. And if that meant Cass, then that was fine. Their romantic relationship was nowhere near her issues. He then went off about his father, and watching him die, and she glared at him. "No, I don't." she said, her voice dropping back to the cool, low tones. She shook her head at his stupid note. "Yeah, my common house. When I was literally with you every step of the way. But wait. I'm invisible, even when I'm standing two feet from you in your own room." The first, and only, time she'd ever broken that particular school rule. "Okay, POT--" she spat back at him. She was up and down between fire and ice. "I told you that you could ask me whenever. You smply choose not to. Moreover, there is not a single thing happening in my life right now that you don't know about anyway! Everything I have to tell is old! WIth you it's current events headlines everywhere!" His dying, his father. This was all here and in the now. It wasn't something that happened two years ago, or eight years ago. It was acively breathing--and dying. He tried to hide behind the school and threw her hands up. "Oh, so she just magically knew then? What, she shows up and it doesn't occur to you to let anyone else know?!" It didn't occur to him that it was going to be a problem later? Maybe she should have been kinder, should have seen it from his end. She was never good at putting herself in someone else's shoes. But just like her, it went in one ear and out the other with him. She was thankful for her sunglasses. It kept him from seeing the tears that were welling up. He couldn't even seem to begin to fathom why she was upset. "You're right, I did forget that." she said, trying to swallow. "But that's it." She let out a shaky breath as her nails dug at her scalp. Anything to keep her hands busy. "It's not small. God, I know how upsetting it can be to find out you have a sister you never knew about. But damnit Alex..." She was tired. She was tired of launching against a wall. She was tired of feeling this way, and to feel it all the time. "Do you not get it? All I want is to be your friend and be here for you. But you won't let me.." It was one-sided. She'd already given him that open door. She might not just pour out all her past, but she'd given him the green light on those questions awhile ago. "I was right there with you. All day. I was there and you didn't say a damn word to be about it. Then I spent all of yesterday freaking out wondering where the hell you are, and all I can find out other thing the knowing but silent stares from teachers is that people saw you fly out your door." She couldn't help the way her voice broke. And she cleared her throat and tried to fix it, folding her arms over her chest as she paced around instead, then stopped and kicked the tree. Anything to stay mad. Whatever she could do to stay mad. Anger was strength. Everything else was weakness. She couldn't be weak. Not here. Not at this damn school. "I didn't know what to think. Were you running away? Did something horrible happen to you? All I could do was freak out. So I went to the pitch becacuse lord knows you don't answer your stupid phone." To try and forget her worries. "It could have been you in that bed for all I knew!" She said, raising her voice again as she gave the tree antoher swift kick. All he did was disappear. She started hitting the tree too. To vent it out, to get it out. Somehow. Because she wasn't going to swing or kick at him. She refused. So she took it out on the tree instead. "And then I found out she's there with you, and you're fine but your dad is dead. And what was I doing but sitting in class? I should have been there. I should have been there! " But she wasn't. Because she wasn't good enough. Because he didn't trust her. Because their whoel friendship must have been some sort of facade. "I told you I didn't want to be protected! I thought I made it clear I hate being left in the dark. Besides, how can there be a competition? I can't be your friend if you don't let me, and you're not letting me. I will always lose."
  12. "I've been here the entire time!" she siad in a huff, placing her hands on her hips. "Like I told you. I waited for you. Once you were on school grounds I was with you. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you didn't notice me." "What's my deal?" she repated. He looked up to her, acting like he didn't know a damn thing that was going on. It wasn't until she looked right back at him--really looked--that she saw the look in his eyes and she remembered the original reason she was angry. Not that she was willing to just let the rest of it go. Maybe he hadn't realized, but it didn't change how she was feeling, and, for the most part, she'd been pretty open about those, at least. She let out a shaky breath through her nose as she shook her head and looked around. She kicked at the dirt again as she clenched her jaw, but this time made a point to make sure it was aimed away from him. How could be this stupid? She turned back to him, tongue pressing against the inside of her teeth. He wanted it out? Fine. He could have it out. "My deal is that you act like you give a shit. You use your stupid words and that stupid smile and say things like 'you're important to me' but you don't mean a damn word of it! It's like I'm just some toy for you to play and amuse yourself with when you're not around that thing! I'm sick of it!" She could have stopped there. Probably should have, but now that the floodgates were open they were stuck. "I clearly don't meant shit! There is nothing you get from me that you don't already get from her. You've made that pretty clear, and I tried to swallow it when you slapped me with it the other day. But this is just ridiculous." She dug her nails into her palms as hard as she could manage. Anything. Anything to stave off the shaking. "I tried. I was okay with your all being a thing. That was fine. But now it's like I barely even exist. You call me a friend but you don't mean a word of it. You can't." She swallowed, trying to draw in a breath, trying her hardest to calm down. But it was like trying to stop water from moving. She didn't want to cry. She didn't want to have a fight with him, again. Especially not here at school. Especially not in this place. "Friends are supposed to support each other. But you won't let me! You won't tell me anything unless I pester your or force it out of you." She scoffed and shook her head, hands moving into her hair. "Oh, but you can tell her fine. Just like always. You can tell her anything and everything while I'm expected to sit back and be okay with you trying to keep me ignorant. That's bullshit. That is fucking bullshit Alex."
  13. "Maybe they don't like that worms crawl around in it." she said in a mocking voice. Come to think of it, why did mud bother her? She wasn't actually sure. Was it the clean up after, or something else? It didn't mattered so she let it drop. Geraldine laughed as Cass seemed to figure them out fast. "You are right--on both counts. Looks like you'll get both ends then, the verbal and the physical. Though I won't thwap you too hard. This one's a freebie." Mostly because she didn't like physically acting out against those she called friend. Everyone else she flat out didn't care. Thwaps were usually about as far as she went with people like Alex, or Morgan, or now Cass. She snorted. "Cautious? If you call not speeding cautious then, yeah, sure." Crazy foreigners. ....Not that the locals were any better. "Mm. Yeah I actually really like Melbuorne. I'm very into the big city thing. You can walk down the street and no one knows you. If you do something, sure, whoever's around might remember it, but unless it hits the internet when you go back the next day it's like it never happened. Always new people." It made it easy to forget where she'd come from sometimes. "Besides, can't beat that beach. Esepcially during the summer." It was where she usually spent most of her holiday. Her little haven. She nodded as Cass explained where she was from. "Okay, that makes more sense then." She paused. 'Wait, it's creepy? Really?" She gave it some thought. Not that she knew a lot about Hogwarts but... "Well I guess after all that shit twenty years ago it probably would be. ...Makes sense then. Ugh. Glad we were left out of that."
  14. When she'd sent her first message she'd been mad, sure, but mostly? She'd been worried. She'd only wanted to be there for him, and as always, he'd shut her out of it. But hearing that Cass ahd been there the whole time? That was it. That was the trigger. That was the raw, epxosed nerve. And he knew she ahd it. She'd shoved it in his face once already. He should have known better than to pull this shit with her. Again. He was jerking her around and she hated it, hated that she cared so much about someone who didn't give her a second thought. When she started throwing things and sreaming, her roommate was out of the room in a heartbeat and never looked back. She kept the act up for a good fifteen minutes beore she sat down on her bed, legs beneath her and hunched all the way until her forehead touoched the mattress. Her hand pounded at its surface again and again as stubborn tears she didn't want rolled down her cheeks. She took a few deep breaths and let out another scream, then wiped her face and stood in frotn of hte mirror. She quickly reapplied her makeup, covered up the evidence, and burst though the door. She'd gotten another message in that time. They'd pack up and move later. She rolled her eyes. Whatever. Then she'd go back to her first plan. Geraldine made her way from her dorm out and made her way to stand some ways in front of the school, the look of fury on her face keeping everyone at a distance. She'd said before she'd wait out in the sun until he got there, and she meant it. He wasn't going to have any chance whatsoever in getting past her. And so she waited. Luckily it was morning, and the sun wasn't at its high point, because as was typical for her, she didn't bother to remember sunscreen at all. Her hat was in her hands, not that she was bothering to wear it. Eventually he showed up, with Cass in tow no less. The scumbag. She wasn't going to talk with him when she was around. Her focus fell entirely on Alex and she pretended that Cass didn't even exist, turning her back to her, completely blocking her out. She was in no mood to play nice, and she'd made no secret of that. She stayed on his heels everywhere he went, including into his dorm room. She'd folded her arms as she leaned against a wall, , staring at her feet with a cocked eyebrow as she waited for him to change. Then he was out again and she was back to staying on his heels. Where the hell was he going? He could pretend she didn't exist much the same way she'd been acting like Cass didn't, but she wasn't going to drop off. Eventually he'd have to notice her, if only to tell her to buzz off. She watched, peering around him as he scribbled a note and left instructions to one of her housemates as if she weren't standing right with him. They stared at him as if he were absolutely insane. The freaking hell was this bullshit? She ripped the note out of the person's hands as soon as Alex turned away and looked at it. Oh sure, now he was leaving her a note? She crumpled it up angrily and shoved it into a pocket before she set back to following him. He made his way to the memorial garden, and she had to give a quiet, angry "Ha!" at that. Of course it would be here of all places. When she caught up he was already sitting under a tree, having already started to play. She could feel her blood boiling just beneath the surface as her hands clenched into fists and shook. She was about to start yelling at him when he began to sing. Her voice became lost even as her mouth was open, hand whipping through the air. What. The actual. Fuck? Her mouth clamped back shut as she fumed internally. Jerk. Donkey dick. He knew by now didn't he? That she couldn't do shit the second he started singing. She just couldn't, even though she wanted to. There was a reaso she gave him that paritcular nickname, even if she had layered it under jokes and sarcasm. She had to ride out the song. And he had to pick something like that to sing. She was clawing desperately to hold onto her anger. She didn't want to lapse into something else. As soon as he finished she kicked dirt at him and threw the wadded paper from her pocket as his face, really getting her arm into the swing of the throw. "You're a real piece of work." She spat at him. Was she still invisible? She'd make it hard for him to ignore her now that they were on their own.
  15. "Maybe one of these days I will." She hadn't yet, because of the blow she'd gotten from Alex about Cass. She'd largely spent her time avoiding her, not knowing how to deal with all the mixed up messed up feelings. But she was trying now, and that was something, wasn't it? "You're right I would. I find out everything eventually." It was a tease, yes, but she was also entirely serious. It was one of the ways she survived in this damn school. She laughed as Amy removed herself from Alex and clung to her own legs. Gerry bent over to give the small girl a big hug, sticking out her tongue and point into her mouth as she twisted her face up as the word 'Boo' was passed around by Alex this time. "Oh yeah. We're all hanging out. And of course I was. No one messes with you on my watch. They shall COWER IN FEAAAAR!" She said in her best epic sounding superhero voice. She grinned as Alex praised her....then it fell away in an instant as he gave the exact same praise to Cass. It had been something she'd alwasy been proud of but now it was just there. It was just a thing. Not her thing anymore. It wasn't something she wanted to share--it was about the only good thing about her. She might as well have been one of the decorations on the wall. Soon enough another child was around, who seemed to know Alex and Cass both. She introduced herself as Alex's niece and she gave the best smile she could muster. "Hey, I'm Gerry." She noticed they had the same blue eyes. It was definitely a family thing, then. She shouldn't have felt as surprised as she was that she knew Cass already. The two were pretty much inseparable, and it drove her absolutely insane. Reason two she had kept her distance. Talk of the duets had her grimacing in a heartbeat. That was not what she wanted to hear, and she let go of Amy. She wanted to walk off and find some excuse or something -- anything -- left undone, but she'd told Amy already that they'd all hang out. And she was a girl of her word. So now she was stuck. Great.