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  1. Cassandra had not been feeling good for some time, and with Caitlin out of the country on some kind of business, she'd begun to feel even worse. It niggled at her, the thought that maybe her aunt knew something that she wasn't telling her. Not that she thought this trip had anything to do with it. Caitlin had made plenty of trips over the years, to various places. Sometimes people needed the help that only such a woman as she could give. It meant she didn't bother visiting the house during the week. It was easier for Alex to stay on the school grounds rather than going back and forth, so Cassandra did as well, but she'd found herself unable to sleep much, waking up with the occasional burning rash along her arm or leg, and simply... feeling gross. It didn't help that she was certain that Alex was keeping something from her either, which - in her fragile state - was only making her feel more upset. She managed to hide it for the most part, but today was different. Today... Cassandra just needed someone who she could talk to and cry on and... she had no idea why that had led her to Adele's house. The young woman had stopped out the front of it for a short time, looking at the place, unsure of whether she should be here or not. She wasn't certain where she stood with Adele still, and the surprise marriage certainly hadn't seemed to have helped. That thought had her playing with the rings on her finger as she stepped up to the door and knocked. She then waited. And then heard a call toward the door, which had her blinking, before she gingerly opened it and stepped inside. "Uh, hello?" The young woman called in. She had done well to mostly look her usual bright self, but the strain was showing, especially today. Her hair looked limp and slightly dulled, and her eyes didn't appear as bright as they usually were. She stepped through the house to where she thought the voice had come from, "It's just Cass..." She said, before grimacing, No doubt Adele knew that part. She then paused, should she have brought something? Oh shit! "Uh! I forgot to bring something!" Again, she cringed. That didn't sound weird at all. Not like this was a tea party.
  2. "Hey, I'm not complaining. Giving you credit, you're pretty damn good at potions, it's handy to know, especially looking at the field you want to get into," Cassandra chuckled, and then wiggled her brows at him, "Hey, everyone loves a good afterparty." She snorted, poking her tongue out lightly at Alex before then snorting aloud at his terrible joking to do with Vegas and slot machines and whatnot. That was even worse than her own joke! "She sure doesn't mind at all," She snickered, giving him a nudge in the ribs, while they made their way to the restaurant, the redhead enjoying casting her gaze about at it all, even if she felt a bit out of place in such a ritzy city. She was still happy to be here with Alex, and she knew they looked good. At the table, Alex held her chair out for her, and Cassandra chuckled as she sat down easily, allowing him to push it in for her as well, before she then reached for the wine list to take a look, and summarily widen her eyes at the prices. Thank Merlin they'd saved up for the trip, and that she had a whole bunch put away from her family and such because wow. She cleared her throat a little though and smiled at the Alex "Anything in particular that you wanted to start with? I was thinking maybe go with something daring," Cass chuckled quietly, glanced at the drink menu again, specifically the cocktails and spirits. She'd never really been a drinker, but they were supposed to be here to have fun and let loose, right? Why not go the whole hog?
  3. Cate had been gone for a week, and while it might have helped her sleep easier if she went to the house in Narrie, Cass didn't like being there on her own. Nor did she like making Alex go back and forth all during the week. And so they'd stayed there on the weekend, and come back to the school to sleep in their own dorms on Sunday night. And, like clockwork these days, Cassandra had woken up feeling awful. She didn't know what it was about staying here overnight that was affecting her sleep, but she knew she wasn't looking forward to the rest of today's classes. Alex was in something right now, that she didn't take this year too, so that left her to her own devices. And her thoughts. Her physical health wasn't the only think bothering Cass either. She knew there was something that the people closest to her weren't telling her, but they dodged around any potential inquiry she might make and it was leaving her just a bit frustrated, as well as concerned. So it was that she would spend those moments she had alone thinking and wondering and feeling as though she might burst. It didn't help that there were still the odd few snide people around the school, who were happy to poke fun at her and Alex's decision. In fact, as the redhead sat beneath a tree with her back against the trunk - for some reason she didn't feel like being near the metal benches lately either, maybe some weird phase - she could overhear a gossiping pair who had cast looks her way before speaking quietly, but not at all quietly enough for her to not overhear. "I bet she's pregnant." "Oh my Merlin, you're probably right. Think she did it on purpose?" "Maybe. I mean Alex could do so much better, but now he's stuck with her." Cass didn't want to care, in fact the first few weeks back at school she hadn't. But already feeling as awful as she did, she didn't even have the energy to call them out on being a pair of jealous bitches, and so instead she simply closed her eyes and brought her knees up to her chin as one hand searched her pocket for her phone and headset.
  4. "Terrible," The redhead muttered in response to Alex's innuendos, but was still grinning all the same as she chuckled softly, and then lifted a brow, "Oho? Got a brew that can skip the headache as well as the nausea there, potions master?" She asked. Personally, the young woman could handle vomiting, that was usually the fastest way to purge all the horrible toxins from the body, but the headaches would kill her mood, and she didn't want to be a mood-killer. "You certainly are something," The young woman poked Alex lightly in the ribs, before laughing quietly again, "Well I don't want you completely legless, that would really take away any chances of an afterparty." Cassandra's eyebrows waggled as she gave him a small grin, "Just see how we go, I guess, and make sure that I don't stun you too much with said beauty." Her fingers combed through his hair lightly once he'd brushed it, and she chuckled as they left the room. "Ooh, I see, so it's all about the amazing bod. Totally not interested in the personality or attitude as well, I see now!" Cassandra grinned as she teased him, giving him a gentle nudge while they wanted for the lift, before stepping in. She leaned into his side easily and snickered, "Even going so far as to call me the name of a city so that you can later claim to really be in Vegas. Just awful," She murmured beside his ear softly while they rode the lift down, wrapping her arm around his with a cheeky grin as others joined them in there so that he couldn't retort as easily. Once they reached the floor of the restaurant and main casino area, the redhead also gazed around, taking in things that she hadn't pain much attention to when they'd arrived, as tired as she was. She smirked as he pointed out the name of the casino, and said emerald gaze shifted to him. "Really? I'd love to meet her some time, she sounds dazzling," Cassandra chuckled, giving his arm a small squeeze before beginning to step in the direction of the restaurant alongside her boyfriend, almost feeling a little strange that they seemed to fit in with the scene so well. She was so used to the outback and everything being so simple and easy going, that being in such a place was almost daunting.
  5. Cassandra was lost, to say the least, but she wanted to be there to help however she could and it seemed that making sure Alex was alright, and that Caleb wasn't too freaked out, since the poor kid looked pretty scared by everything (and who could blame him?), and so she placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze as Alex hugged him to try and make him feel better. If allowed, she would give Caleb a brief hug too, before the two were dragged off by Alex, to go on the 'keep the party moving along' wagon. She wasn't sure if she'd even be able to help this recover, but she could try, and smiled with a nod. "Uh oh, dancing? Can you even dance?" The young woman asked Alex, before then looking down to Caleb, hoping that he was going to be alright. She wasn't even going to comment on the de-aging of Améa, because that was freaky as hell. Thank goodness the family had been doing all that stuff in a more remote area of the party, or other folks might actually start asking questions! That's when an elderly lady that Cass had only seen once before stopped in front of the three, holding a platter of delicious smelling goodies. "Have something to eat," It was an order from Mary Blair, who was well aware that things had gone awry and was already trying to keep spirits up and people feeling more relaxed without even being asked, "There's lots of things for everyone's tastes." She added with a warm smile, and then knelt down to beam at Caleb, "Ah! And something special for a March Hare." She winked and nodded to some cupcakes that had carrot-shaped candies on top of them.
  6. "You can eat as much as you want later," Cass snickered, offering Alex another small kiss, before she continued to drink her coffee and nodded a little to him, "Well, at least it's not bad weird then. I guess we just have to take advantage of you being in rather top shape while we can, hm?" The redhead grinned lightly as she wiggled her brows, before softly chuckling and then wrinkling he nose a little, "I'm not usually a drinker, but we're in Vegas. We have to have at least one night of going all out. And then we can complain about our hangovers and declare that we'll never drink again for the rest of the trip." She smiled brightly, as though that sounded like the perfect idea. It was probably a terrible one, if they planned on skydiving tomorrow, but who ever said they had to be smart about it all? She gave him a small nudge and continued on getting dressed while snickering at his complaints about oglers. "It's alright, I have full confidence that you can protect me from such people," The young woman stated easily with a soft laugh. She didn't think she really caught that much attention, but maybe she just wasn't really paying any attention to her surroundings enough. It wasn't like she was interested in what people thought of how she looked. Personally, all she really wanted was maybe a friend or two of her own age that she could actually get along with. "Wow, you saying you can forget how to unzip a dress? That's some serious levels of drunk, you're talking," Cass laughed with a shake of her head, before grinning at the small kiss to her neck, and then she finished getting ready, touching up her face a little in the mirror, not that she ever wore much make-up. "Too true, memories are always important," The redhead murmured a little distractedly until she was done, before turning to face Alex, "Do I look ready for Vegas?" She asked him, before clasping his hand and letting him lead the way out. "Well, it is my greatest asset, you have to admit," She said, before laughing and joking their way down to the restaurant level in order to get something to eat and begin their night out.
  7. "I can manage anything, babe. You should know that," Cass winked with a small grin, though a brow rose as he spoke about not knowing what was going on with his body. "But... you're alright, yeah? It's nothing bad?" She asked, a little confused, but able to see that he was as well. She snickered as he mentioned Adele's stock, and didn't doubt that it must be something. She'd heard some of the stories about the woman, but didn't judge. It sounded like she'd probably needed the drinks some days."Alright, so long as it's not going to affect you negatively, then we go all out tonight! Lots of wine with our dinner, and then dancing and whatever else comes to mind." She grinned impishly. She could understand Alex's difficulty with understanding everything that was going on, "Yeah, I feel a bit lost sometimes. And I've had a hell of a life growing up already." She chuckled, but watching him a moment, wondering what he wasn't saying. "I know you love my PJs, that's why I wear them around the house most of the time when we're home. I mean, I can wear them around the school too, but I don't think they're the right colours," Cass snickered quietly, wagging a finger at the young man as he openly spoke about ogling her. It had never really changed, and she didn't actually mind. It was always good to know that she had what he wanted, and it wasn't as though she didn't appreciate the view when he was getting changed either. She knew he was getting some exercise in recently, and it was certainly showing in some of the muscle development going on. "They can keep dreaming, ain't no one like the pair of us," The redhead smiled and pulled her dress on before turning her back to him, "Zip me?" She asked coyly. "Trust you to be prepared for writing random things down," Cassandra chuckled quietly and offered a nod, "I'll leave it to you to record our shenanigans and sights then, shall I?" She asked with a raised brow, "I can... be charming bait?"
  8. Cassandra had been a little busy today organising a dance routine, however her practise was cut off when someone else needed the studio and so she'd got changed and packed her things into a backpack and travelled back to Narrie. She remembered that Alex had said something about taking Amy into town today as well, and wondered if they were already out or not when she spotted a pair of familiar figures heading into Mrs Kempsey's. Perfect! She was right on time! Now she could surprise her boyfriend, hang out with him and the adorable little Bilby girl, and get ice cream as well! It was a three-fer. The redhead jogged across the road and then carefully snuck up behind Alex, before suddenly pouncing onto his back lightly with a firm hug and pressing a kiss to his cheek. On her own ring finger was a daintier version of the band that adorned his, along with another ring that was clearly an engagement one. "Surprise! I was wondering if I would catch you guys while you were still out. I finished at the studio early," The redhead explained as she dropped back down onto the ground and then stepped over to grab the little girl up to give a squishy hug and spin, before setting her back down again. "And hitting Mrs Kempsey's already, speaking to my heart, loves." Cassandra grinned and adjusted the pack on her shoulder with a light sigh, "So what're we getting then?"
  9. "Right? Get ourselves a bit of a caffeine hit before we start drinking wine," Cass grinned lightly, an impish expression, before leaning against him a little after the kiss, while she sipped at her own drink. "Are you going to be alright with drinking, by the way?" They'd had some light drinks before, but had never really got drunk, and she really hoped that it wasn't something that would cause him suffering afterward... or even during. While he may have worried about spoiling any fun, to Cass the only thing that would spoil anything would be if they did something that adversely affected him. She was honestly happy to take things easy and not do much at all, so long as they just got to spend time together. She grinned, however, as he mentioned looking forward to simple things, and had to nod in agreement. "Not weird at all, to be honest. I'm happy just for the chance for us to spend some time together without the craziness that's seemed to surround us lately," Not that the craziness was really 'theirs', since a lot of it belonged to other people that they were connected to. But they still seemed to get caught up in it. Honestly, the redhead had never imagined things would become quite so strange after moving. She'd thought her life before had already been hard enough, with having to look over her shoulder all the time. Something that she'd actually stopped doing. It was strange, but she almost felt like she was going to be just fine. Safe. "Anyway, it'll be nice to have a fancy date. I mean, I love our home dates, they're seriously the best," Because, who didn't love being able to chill out and watch a movie in your pyjamas and taking leisurely baths and pretty much just lounging around doing whatever you wanted without having to worry about other people around you? "It's something different, even as 'normal' as it seems. And, let's face it, we'll be the best looking couple around, right?" The redhead nudged Alex lightly, before she too began to get changed easily. "Oh man, I have to remember to stuff a note pad in my purse so that we can write down the names of every celebrity lookalike that we see," Cassandra giggled quietly, "We might even see a couple tonight without even trying!"
  10. The dress was laid out, and shoes and underwear and anything else she thought she might need followed while the young redhead idly made the hot drinks, occasionally gazing out the window while she thought about the recent events and the weight of them. She felt like there was something she wasn't being told, but she also knew that there were a lot of things she hadn't been told about Alex and his family and that she couldn't push for details. She understood that. What she felt was being kept secret felt more personal though. Actually, it wasn't even just one thing. She had noticed the change in Alex since the party, and she wondered where his head was at right now. Certainly, they were here for a good time together, but she couldn't help but worry about his motivations. As he exited the bathroom and commented about her choice of dress, however, the young woman smirked at him lightly and offered a small chuckle, before holding up a cup of freshly made coffee for him. "Red's my colour, what can I say? Actually, so it green, to be honest, but wearing both together just gives off a 'Christmas' vibe that doesn't quite work for this time of year," Cass laughed softly and leaned up to press a small kiss to Alex's lips before moving to pick up her own drink and take a sip. "Anyway, I figure, we do the casino stuff tonight. Dinner, drinks and dancing, and wherever else the night takes us. The restaurant in this place looks really nice, so we could always just call from here to make a reservation and then toodle on down when we're ready to," She nodded lightly, leaning her rear against a table while turning her gaze back to the window and the lights along the strip. "Then tomorrow, explore a bit more, I guess?"
  11. Word had somehow come about regarding an idea for having some midnight eats one day in the Spencer Common room. It hadn't been a big thing, and Cassandra recalled mentioning that she was sleeping horribly and sometimes just wanted to get up and have some ice cream or something. Somehow, it had all turned into the idea for a midnight meal of sorts, that a few students decided they'd be in on. Word had got around the students in the school a bit, though there were a number who weren't interest, those who were had just been simply told to show up around midnight in the Great Hall. Somehow Cass and Alex had been lumped with cajoling the school's House Elves into making up a few things, as well as simply setting up a music system to play something quiet as background noise. After all, what was a midnight meal without at least a little bit of music to while away the time. To be honest, Cass wasn't that worried about getting in trouble either. The party they'd arranged had turned out fine, and it wasn't like they were doing anything over the top or dangerous. And to be honest, it was just nice to have something to do besides toss and turn all night. It was getting to the stage where the young women thought she'd be better just sleeping at home. Still, as the food began appearing on the tables, the redhead found herself actually feeling a little hungry. Mostly for ice cream, which she dished up a bowl of for herself while she waited for others to turn up, sitting down on a seat with her foot bouncing to the quiet rhythm of the song that was playing while she enjoyed her triple chocolate mud brownie swirl.
  12. "I think... regardless of what Adele does or doesn't want to hear, you need to do what you think is right, when you think it's right," Cassandra said softly with a small nod of her head. No one could really know better than Alex when he would feel like he can handle what was to come. She didn't know exact details, but she knew that it was going to be rough, dangerous, and that he was going to be different afterward. He would also be able to do a lot more afterward. The redhead huffed a small chuckle, however, as Alex tried to get her to stop worrying. She knew that she shouldn't, and most of the time she was just as happy as he was to just enjoy each day as it came. But she had to worry at least a little. She remembered what the spell at the party had done to him, and she didn't want to lose him. "The way of the artist, huh?" The young woman grinned, but it softened into a warm smile as his nose brushed against her own, and she laughed softly as Alex brought up the other potential name that she'd mentioned as a possibility for their production idea. "See, we get all the things rolled into one. Vacation, fun and antics, and inspiration! I mean, how can we come here and not be inspired?" The redhead grinned, pressing a small kiss to his lips before then laughing as he agreed about the fake world wonders, "Don't forget we have to get photos with every impersonator that we can find as well. We're going to have a full few days!" She winked at him, settling in against the man as jet lag settled over both of them. Later, when she woke, Cassandra was careful to try not to wake Alex as she rolled off the bed and moved to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. She yawned and stretched once she'd washed her face a little, and made her way out to the main suite in order to turn the jug on and set up some cups to make hot drinks for the pair of them. Glancing out the window, the sun had already set and she could see colourful lights all long the main strip, causing her to smile a little. Tonight would be fun, some drinks, dancing, maybe a little gambling. Without much thought, she waved her fingers toward her case, to open it and draw a beautiful dress from it, laying it over a chair while she continued making coffees.
  13. Cassandra had blinked at the puma patronus for a few moments after the message had come along, before closing her door in the animal's face and slowly getting dressed. She felt - to put it simply - awful. Horrid even. It seemed to only be when she slept at the school that she felt like this, and she especially felt uncomfortable in her dorm room. And even in Alex's dorm room. There was something going on that just didn't feel right, and she was starting to be feel so drained day to day that it became more and more difficult to try and think about what might be causing it. Arriving in the field, she was pale and barely paid any attention to the teacher or the menagerie of pets that appeared to be tied or cooped up. Though the noise they were making was killing her head, when she usually adored being around animals. It was no doubt due to her general awful feeling. At least Alex was here though, and the woman made her way over beside him, paler than she'd been in recent weeks, and stumbled slightly before falling into a chair. Whether the teacher was in a moon or not was not her problem, the redhead decided, catching his apparent disdain for the day, and instead she glanced over at the drinks and wondered whether she could be bothered getting back up to her feet to grab something. Though, after a moment, decided not, and rested her head on her arms.
  14. Cassandra Sullivan Role for the Mock Trial: Old Witch's Sister Rational: Because she's a questionable variable. She only knows what her sister told her and how she found her, and that makes for an interesting character witness who could potentially be swayed.
  15. Cassandra blinked as Alex turned away from her to cough, almost as though pulling away, not wanting her there to help, but the stubborn redhead shifted closer and spotted what he had. That was blood. Immediately, her concern shifted to her boyfriend as she sifted through a pocket on her skirt and came up with a small travel pack of tissues, offering them to him. She wouldn't say anything, she knew he didn't like the idea of people trying to take care of him, the hit to his ego that this had to have made considering how well he'd done so far this year. But she also wasn't going to let him push her away and leave him to deal with it himself either. A gentle hand shifted to his back and just lay there lightly, letting him know she was there for him. The fight that broke out with the brothers caught her attention, but only for her to shift around subconsciously as a physical buffer for Alex. She didn't want anyone lashing out at him, it was bad enough that the Flora girl seemed to have plenty to say to him. She sighed softly and continued to rub his back a little as she rested head head against him lightly. She wasn't following this talk of batteries and such, but it sounded like she wouldn't be much help to them. "Can you do a fairy blessing?" Violetta then asked quietly, causing Cass to look at the girl who seemed to be eyeing her for a brief moment. The triplets' attention seemed to be shifting constantly, between their mother and sister, their father and uncle, Améa, and Alex and Cassandra. But the girl seemed to have heard Cass' question and her answer was one that confused the redhead. Was that even a thing? And didn't someone have to be a full fairy to do something like that? She had no idea, but offered a small halfsmile. "I could try, I guess," Cass said, mostly just to see if it would help the girl feel a little better. It seemed to have worked well enough though, as the triplets returned their attention to Viktor, and gently tugged from Améa's hold so that they could move over to him without any fear, practically piling on top of him with hugs. He would never harm them, and he needed their calm right now.