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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

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  1. Oooh yes music! Here's the official acoustic version <3
  2. I'm so anxious. I'm wishing you all the best with your surgery and a quick recovery. Also, awesome keyboard those people rule!
  3. The Low Down

    also...i know they were up and running before this post, and while i'm not fully away like....i cannot guarantee any posts anywhere, so i'd really, really appreciate it if you all could just like...not flunk my three students [iris, geraldine & mairead] and have them in attendance to their classes >_<;;
  4. On the dropdowns, under Setting Information, "Wizarding Australia" directs you back to whatever page you were just viewing on both player & character accounts Wands no longer show up on submitted profiles for Student Characters. Which is funny because before it was birthdays??? Is there a limited number of slots or something? Viewed from both player & character accounts.
  5. Heya NessieJ! Never been to ya'lls country but it's on my list. Has been for yeeears. Cool to have another local resource to badger The gmail feature is awesome! Especially if you don't want to do the research on patronuses and wands because you're feeling lazy. you can have tons of accounts under one email to get all that stuff sorted LOL. I used to do all the research ever. not anymore.
  6. Hello

    Welcome to the site Heather! While I do not share your DC or Grayson love, I'm sure we'll find in time things we do share in~

    Hi Callie! I'm Shell, I'm also USA :3 I've been in a few places -- Mostly Oregon & Washington, some Utah. Welcome to the site! Come play wiff usssssss`
  8. Wamp Wamp

    Taking time away. Don't know how long I'll be gone. Try and post in classes / group threads but no promises. No, I don't want to talk about it.
  9. -shy wave-

    Welcome to the site Sealla! Glad you're dipping your toes back in. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  10. out of hiding

    Mairead has arrived! Come play with my flinders-sorted veela of contradiction!
  11. Open Name Tally Student Suggested Play-by: Open Female Face Claim [PoC preferred] Key Facts Is either in her fifth, or sixth year. Age dependent on what year she's in, and time of year born [hence the range] Excellent camera / computer skills The name in the title is not even a suggestion, I seriously just.... pulled it out of nothing. Feel free to make whatever name you want! Just please avoid a first name starting with A, or a last name starting with W. Appearance No particular requests for appearance. Just that, once more, she is a PoC. Whether full or mixed doesn't matter to me. I'd just love more diversity. Connections Personality Iris Glauert - Best friend. They started the Rainbow Ice project when Iris was 13 [so second year ish, she started school a year late.] Alexander Winfield - Co-conspirator? Mutual friend in Iris. I don't have a lot for her, really! She's definitely a bit sneaky, at the very least--she's been uploading the home videos of Iris doing covers under alias Rainbow Ice behind her back. I don't imagine that she's got a shy personality, on the contrary, I think she's very bold and outgoing and upfront. Otherwise she's totally open here. History Outside of what is listed above, I have nothing for history. This is entirely up to the player! Plot Points Contact Rainbow Ice project. Alex is trying to get Iris out of her shell to perform and do some covers with him. Maybe she helps conspire about all this with him? Maybe she shows him the videos and such that were uploaded to the net? Own personal development -- I don't want her to be JUST someone for Iris. I want this to be a character as much fro the player as it is for me. Feel free to make your own plots and development lines, really breathe in some life. Shell~ PM or Discord me
  12. Morgan Grace Richter Tallygarunga 7th Year/span> Suggested Play-by: Camilla Belle Key Facts Parents: Mason Richter & Carlotta (Last) Raised solely by her mother Mother is at least half Brazilian, father is partial Has two half-siblings: Geraldine & Jordan Richter While a seventh year, her birthday / exact age have been left up to the player Appearance Slightly small to average height for her age. Tan/olive skin, dark brown/black hair, brown eyes. Slender build. Connections Personality Geraldine Richter - Half-sister, former best friend, bur they are still close friends. They will end up having to face the first time being truly completely separated at end of year when Morgan graduates. Others - I have had her attend the party at the end of February, so whomever you feel like plotting she may have talked to, you can easily work out a connection with our varied characters from that. Attendees from Bilby, Tally, and varied adults were in attendance! I see Morgan as cheerful, optimistic, but also skeptical and a realist. She tends to become over-attached to the friends she makes, being dependent on them, which is a hurdle she'll have to face when she graduates. I see this attachment as something that will cause her a sense of isolation / mild depression, or may make her irrationally lash out. Should note that she is not bouncy or upbeat, or a tomboy/athletic. She is very loyal, hard-working, and trusting of others. She's sociable, but I really absolutely cannot see her as a Spencer, so please do your best to avoid those traits. Otherwise she is open season. History Morgan had been raised by her mother without her father in her life. Whether her mother dated around, got re-married, or stayed single is up to whomever takes the ad, as is whether or not her mother had any more children. She and Geraldine met on the playground when Morgan comforted her--at the time they were still at St. Andrews. Suffered a brief isolation from other students when she became Gerry's friend. This ended when they both moved on to Bilby when the wing was created in 2011. Most of her history is up to the player. However, in March of their fifth year [check Gerry's pensieve in the diaries & journals] their relationship largely changed when Carlotta [Morgan's mom] laid down the truth. She had probably told Morgan that same day about it. Her mom forced a separation between the girls and moved herself and Morgan elsewhere. The method / reasoning behind the separation is up to the player! It wasn't mended until their sixth year, although the damage had been done [fights, taking turns probably trying to rectify it for awhile only for the other to blow up or ignore the other, etc.] They're still close, but Morgan in that time away gained herself a new circle of friends. Plot Points Contact Own personal development [newer circle of friends, boyfriend, life goals, etc.] Graduates Tallygarunga at the end of the year, moves on to next stage of life. May cause a lot of triggering of her separation anxiety. Developing past, present, and future relationship with Gerry Shell! You can pm me or discord me ;]
  13. Count Vladarino! *loves on* Come play iwff ussssss!
  14. Posting this for reference because my memory is terrible. Geraldine -- attending , assisting with setup [however awkward that might get] Iris -- attending, bringing her violin as per alex's request Josie -- attending [at least for a time]. might embarrass students or hang out with whatever adults show up
  15. Something Beachy

    *hugs* glad you're home!