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  1. The lack of people around in the summer didn't bode well for Teddy's mental health, but he was so caught up in the idea of studying for his STINGRAYS, reading ahead for his coursework, and working on his magical quidditch boardgame. These projects kept him pretty busy most of the time and he managed to get himself to places where there were at least people around, that was until he got to his room at night. You see, his roommate graduated a couple of years prior and he had a room to himself now. It really made him anxious, so he spent all of his time outside of it until he was tired, trying to interact with others. Yet, it was the most wonderful time of year now. People were arriving back at Tallygarunga and that meant that Teddy wasn't going to be as anxious or lonely anymore. In fact, it seemed that someone was getting right to it by greeting him as soon as they got back. A younger student tapped him while he was making his way to the library to return his books from his summer work. Smiling, he turned around. The books he had borrowed were floating next to him thanks to the levitation charm he put on them. She seemed familiar enough that they may have been in a lesson together before, but not familiar enough that he would have known her name off of the top of his head. She asked him how his summer was and he didn’t even know where to begin. His game was made with a pretty great rate of success but would need some tweaking and he had managed to get ahead in most of his reading. He couldn’t think of how exactly to summarize that, so instead, he just said. “Well, thank you. And yours?”
  2. Having managed to make the place significantly more clean and orderly with the help of Alex, Teddy smiled at their success. F3 was in tip-top shape, in fact, it was probably in the best shape it had been in decades. Quite beside himself, he told Alex, "Seems like we're ship-shape, mate. Now we just have to get everything together." He smiled even wider after saying this because this was indeed the easy part. After spending the previous weekend mending the classroom and this whole day gathering bits and pieces like the speakers, setting up the music and the soundproofing charms, and making sure that all of the decorations were in place, getting the food and beverages out of the cooler they had levitating alongside them on the way there, seemed a simple feat. Teddy made several complicated wand movements and suddenly the lid to the cooler popped off and the food and beverages magicked themselves into their proper places. "Now that this is done all we have to do is check on the billywigs to make sure they are alright and then wait for people to show up," he thought aloud to Alex. So, he went over to the formerly terrifying cupboard they magically repaired and opened its door revealing three jars with one billywig in each of them. They seemed a bit displeased, but not nearly as much as they were before. Closing the cabinet, he turned to Alex, who seemed to be working with the sound system. "I think we've properly set everything up, all we need now is our guests and some fun music. How is that coming along?" They worked really hard to put together the best playlist for the party and Teddy wanted to be sure that it would end up being played so that everyone could enjoy it. It seemed like everything was coming together. This was definitely going to be a party to get them through the term, that was for sure.
  3. Teddy chuckled to himself when Simon commented on his own dancing skills. He had just questioned Teddy's observations and now he was riding them on the way to a great ego boost. Teddy expected no less, but there was something about Simon's way of doing this that couldn't do much else, but make him laugh. A lot had just happened and Teddy managed to be right in the middle of it all. Yet, he wasn't upset about it at all. In fact, he was quite pleased with the success this moment provided in bringing the two of them even closer together, even if it meant that he was experiencing mixed emotions from Simon's way of expressing this. Simon was quite the curious one, wasn't he? When Simon turned around and hugged Teddy, he blushed to a bright red color, realizing that they really had a breakthrough. He rested his head on the other's shoulder again, smiling. If he could pause this moment for a while, he probably would have, the confusion and feelings he was having with it and all. There was something very comforting in knowing that someone saw the effort you put in to be there for them and return it in some way. Teddy thought that food sounded like a great idea. In fact, his stomach growled when the idea was mentioned. Smiling and finally pulling out of the hug, Teddy smiled, trying not to focus on the many feelings running through him in this moment, saying "Food sounds wonderful and I'd love to see your mom and Silvia again." He was genuine in these remarks, especially when considering the prospect of meat pies. The blush that had slowly faded away returned, however, when Simon asked him what his mother had said. "She was just admiring the artwork we made on my face. By the way, is it possible we could go to the washroom first and charm this stuff off?" With that remark, he followed Simon into the restaurant and they cleaned up and enjoyed themselves over some mini pies and conversation.
  4. Quite eager to start lessons, Teddy made his way to the hut where Care of Magical Creatures would be held. The heat was not totally unbearable that day, but he definitely broke a bit of a sweat making his way over to the hut. If only he could have apparated over to the class so that he could avoid that problem altogether. Alas, the school put up charms to prevent that. He ran a handkerchief he pulled from the back pocket of his shorts across his forehead to wipe off any sweat as he made it to the hut, quickly sitting in the center seat of the front row. In this seat, he could retain the most information, or at least that's what he read in a number of studies about proper studying habits to succeed in the classroom when he was getting ready to start school. It was the best spot to be and he always chose it. As he sat down he smirked at Simon and nodded at Alex and Iris, placing his bag underneath the desk. Once he was seated, he pulled his wand out and waved it, bidding his materials arrange themselves properly on his desk, allowing him to take notes, reference texts, and acquire further information appropriately. He smiled at his somewhat neurotic setup and then looked up. When he looked up his face turned a slight pink as it often did. A very handsome individual stood in front of him, someone he had never seen before. There was something about him that caught Teddy's full attention, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. It was going to be a lot harder to concentrate in CoMC from this point forward. Luckily, someone distracted him from this by walking into the class in a bit of a rush. She was there a few minutes before class begun, but it seemed she was afraid she was going to be late because she rushed into the room and quickly took a drink to cool herself down. She seemed a bit younger than him and Teddy had seen her around, but he didn't really know her well. Perhaps he'd introduce himself later.
  5. This was a nice hug. Simon seemed to be pushing away from his hard exterior and opening up a little bit. It was nice to have a friend be honest with you and communicate when you worked hard to show them that you weren't going to hurt them. When he leaned into the hug, Teddy smiled and listened to his words. He communicated a fear that Teddy shared. People were always so quick to shield themselves from a world full of judgement and hatred and in many ways they had every right to. The world was hurtful. Simon communicated a concern that he was doubtful that Teddy liked his performance and that there was some reason why he wasn't willing to share. Normally Teddy would press for an answer, but he wasn't sure if that was what he wanted to do. Teddy was getting a lot of mixed signals at this moment. Simon was drawing circles on his arm and leaning back into the hug. He felt shivers travel up his spine and blushed as this happened all while trying to remain attentive to what the other young man was saying. The other young man making him feel somewhat perplexed. Did those moments at parties mean more than just kissing? Was there something else there? He tried not to dig too deep into that hole because he knew it could lead bad places, so he focused back on the matter at hand and letting the moment exist as it was. Lifting his head, he said, "You can tell me what you want to say. I really did enjoy it though. You're probably the best partner Violet has danced with and your solo was really impressive. It's not often I see that kind of talent at the intensives she does." His right thumb rubbed against Simon's torso softly, his hand remaining in same position within the embrace as he spoke, an action he didn't partake in consciously. Then, he placed his head back on the other's shoulder, not wanting to show that he was still very much blushing. (Theodore)
  6. This scenario was rather overwhelming in general. Simon was getting Teddy to realize some things. In particular he began to realize just how much Simon was building up walls to keep others away. He didn't quite know why and didn't really mind if he ever did. He just wanted him to be happy. Sure, Simon was mean to him. Sure Teddy knew that it was a way to filtering out the people that would hurt him. That didn't mean it hurt less when every attempt to show Simon he wouldn't hurt him was met with a painful blow. Then Simon said it. As much as Teddy wanted to make him say it again or rub it in his face, he knew this was a breakthrough moment for Simon. He decided to let it go and receive his apology and comment of friendship. There was something about always being on the defensive or offensive that got to people. Teddy got that because he was always having to respond to dry humor thrown upon him. There must have been some hurt that caused that. He didn't want to respond to that by creating more hurt when Simon finally opened up to him. Teddy walked over to him and wrapped his arms around Simon quietly. He rested his coiffed hair on his shoulder and said, "It's okay. I understand." (Theodore)
  7. Teddy chuckled because he found it ironic how Simon didn't see how the ways in which he picked on Teddy were very similar to the ways in which Mrs. Bican had picked on him. He did see, however, that she was much more like Silvia than him in her method of banter. His was more sharp and cruel, theirs more playful and endearing. Yet, something made Teddy feel as if this was more because Simon was a moody male teenager than anything else. Teddy rolled his eyes when Simon accused him or lying and attacked their friendship. Each time Teddy tried to get one step closer to the real Simon, he was pushed harder. It got old. He felt bad about it, for some reason. He felt like he must be doing something wrong to get pushed so strongly away from someone with whom he was genuinely interested in developing a friendship. He didn't understand what it was, though. "My cousin, Violet, was Alice and I did think you did well. I've watched enough ballet to know a good performance. You are good. Stop using me to beat yourself up." Teddy got tired of Simon's attempts to come up with ulterior motives for him to be nice to him. He didn't understand why Simon was that way. What did Teddy do to merit that kind of response? He couldn't wrap it around his head. "Have you ever thought for once that I just want to be your friend and I'm not trying to hurt you? Maybe, just maybe, I don't want to hurt you or use you for profit. It's just a thought." he added. (Theodore)
  8. This moment was one that likely could never be replicated. Teddy learned that Simon had kept pretty much everyone away from his family and he figured out that Simon was a danseur. The fact that this moment was coinciding with Teddy responding aggressively to Simon's attempt to physically intimidate him, kissing him, and then getting interrupted doing so by the arrival Simon's mother, only served to make the moment more unique. It helped that Mrs. Bican wasn't afraid to poke fun at Simon, because it took some of the tension off of the moment and revealed some more about Simon. It was all going well, that was, until Mrs. Bican pointed out that Teddy indeed had some of Simon's makeup on his face. She knew what they had been doing this whole time. Teddy was glad she still treated him well considering the situation, but he couldn't help but turn a bright red upon knowing that she caught them the way she had. He had never imagined that he would meet her, much less while he was kissing her son a little too aggressively. It was all a lot for him to handle and then she left. Simon chimed in, commenting on the situation in his normal, standoffish way. Teddy responded, still red as a well cooked lobster, saying, "Actually, she quite reminded me of you," as his eyes moved from focusing on the mortar joints of the wall to Simon. "She is much like you, but without the malaise toward life that you carry on your shoulders." He couldn't help himself. He was still very confused by all that had happened and even though he calmed down from his fight or flight response to being physically intimidated, he was still quite vexed by the entire situation. (Theodore)
  9. Teddy felt a little silly, seeing Simon act this way in front of his mother. He had seen him be standoffish at school and make that face, but for some reason, he thought that was part of Simon's act in hiding himself from the outside world. He always made faces and over expressed extreme emotions, something Teddy was beginning to perceive as a means of hiding how he truly felt about things and turning things on others. Simon's mother was having none of it, as she called him out on it and Teddy couldn't help but chuckle at her comments. "He is quite the master of facemaking, I'd say. I'm glad I'm not the only one that worries it will cause him wrinkles." Teddy was nervous about upsetting Simon at first, but there was something very appealing about this unique chance for him to poke fun at him and he him react. Most of the time it was the other way around, so it was nice to have things happen a little differently. Teddy was more than happy with the opportunity to have met Simon's mother. He smiled at Simon and then looked back at Mrs. Bican. He appreciated her taking the time to talk to him and get to know him, not even realizing he had lipstick all over his face or remembering how much he had embarrassed himself mere moments ago. (Theodore)
  10. Teddy was very touched by Mrs. Bican's love for her son. Teddy could tell that she wanted the very best for him and he couldn't help but find that sweet, even if he didn't quite catch every word as the brick from the walls behind Mrs. Bican's head faded in and out of focus when he was trying to stop reflecting on the very uncharacteristic moment he just had. It was hard. Yet, he still caught much of the gist of what she had said. He couldn't be convinced, given the fondness she showed her son, to tell her that he had really come to see Violet. So, he responded, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world. He has been a great friend to me." It felt odd saying that because Simon often avoided the label friend prior to this point, but had used the term earlier, even if it was heated. Then she asked his opinion. Teddy wasn't an expert on ballet, but with years of watching Violet, he tried his best. "I found his performance to be quite touching actually. He did a phenomenal job in both roles, really coming into the character. It was like night and day seeing him perform on stage. He has clearly put a lot of effort into becoming the characters and making the dance work for him and his partner. I'd say he's very skilled for people our age." Teddy was quite nervous in this moment and really didn't want to disappoint Mrs. Bican, but it was what he really thought of the performance. Simon had done very well and he loved it. He just hoped that Simon or his mom wouldn't hate him profusely after this entire exchange, because he definitely did not mean for these things to happen. (Theodore)
  11. So many things had just happened and it all happened so fast, Teddy wasn't even sure if it was real. It was like he was in some kind of novel or muggle drama series on the television. Not too sure of why he was reacting the way he did, he let go off all of the tension and anger when he heard Simon's name from someone else, in a tongue foreign to him. "Oh shit," he thought, "what the hell just happened? The whole scenario became much more odd when the tangling of Simon's hand in Teddy's shirt turned into him pushing Teddy away as he said "Mama." Teddy's eyes widened as he turned to Teddy's mother, red smeared on his lips, as well, now. He didn't know what was going on or even what would be appropriate to say, so he turned silent and his whole face and his ears turned bright red when he realized that he had just pinned Simon against a wall and tried to kiss him after getting in what had to be the most heated altercation of his life in front of Simon's mother. What had he done? What came over him? He wasn't normally like this. Then, Simon introduced Teddy to his mother. He grinned to the best of his ability, unable to contain his blushing. He couldn't believe himself. He just got so caught up in anger and passion, it was like this other side of him took over. It was fight or flight, and apparently, he fought. He then stuck out his hand to greet her, "It's a pleasure, Mrs. Bican." He still felt a bit like he was outside of himself, but he managed to pull himself into social graces. (Theodore)
  12. Teddy felt like his back was curling along his spine, adrenaline pumping through him as Simon got into his personal space. He didn't deal well with physical intimidation. He felt his blood pumping as the other tried to scare him. His breathing got heavier and he could feel himself getting frustrated. He pushed Simon back against the wall, his right hand against Simon's left shoulder, and his face very close to Simon's. He looked into his eyes, with a fiery passion no one had seen before from Teddy. It was hard to tell if this was anger or passion of a different nature, Teddy, however, would not take physical intimidation of slander. "You don't get to tell me who I am or what I want, Bican. I am not defined by your shitty attitude or your closing off of the world, but I won't let that make me bitter, either. Just know that... this isn't payment." Teddy felt a lot of things in the heat of this moment, his head feeling heavy as blood pumped to it in higher numbers. The next thing Teddy knew, he pressed his lips against Simon's and his left hand played with the edge of Simon's shirt, trying to find the right place to be. It was all happening so fast. (Theodore)
  13. The strength of his response, showed that Simon was most definitely not prepared for anyone, let alone Teddy to know about him dancing. Teddy wasn't all that sure why he would be ashamed of his dance or fear others knowing about it, but he, for one thought Simon was phenomenally expressive, talented, and fit to do that. He knew because of his cousin, just how much work one had to put into ballet. He admired it as an art form and sport. He would never seek to publicly shame anyone for it. Simon seemed to think that Teddy would go around and tell the whole school, based off of what he told him. Teddy was willing to be forgiving on the matter, even as he turned red, because he knew Simon was responding like this because of Teddy's ability to find information on anything, accurately and quickly. He had good reason based off of the information that he did have, to assume that Teddy would want something to remain quiet. That, however, wasn't Teddy's style. Sure it would have been nice to make him stop calling him Ted. Sure it would be nice for him to tell Simon he had to hang out with him whenever he got left alone. Yet, all of that wasn't satisfactory. "I am not really the kind to take bribery, but you don't have to worry, I won't tell the Queen. I would rather see you keep your head intact." He then smiled playfully at the Knave, taking a mental note of the makeup still on his face. He wondered if he could get Simon a makeup removing potion to make taking the makeup off of his face easier after performances. (Theodore)
  14. Aunt Myrtle and her daughter, Violet, were Teddy's favorite muggles. See, his mother was a muggleborn witch and the only in the family that they knew of. In his childhood, he got to spend a lot of time with Myrtle and Violet, watching movies at the cinema, going hiking, going on day trips, et cetera. They enjoyed having time to spend together, especially in the summers when Teddy would come back home from school. Yet, with time, the danseuse who had been working on her dance skills for years started to work in intensives, camps, master classes, and other summer programs to improve herself over the summer. This was the main reason Teddy began to attend the summer sessions at Tally, but he made sure to attend her final performances every year. This year she was in a new intensive (to her) that she was very excited about. She and Teddy had written letters back and fourth about their summers. So far, hers was much more exciting. She was working on a number from the Royal Ballet's Alice in Wonderland and a solo piece from the third act of Anastasia by Sir Kenneth MacMillan. Teddy was really captivated by the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland performance. Violet was playing her part beautifully along with the danseur. There was something, however about the danseur that caught his attention. He wasn't too sure of it, at first because of the makeup and because he was trying to pay attention to Violet, but he could of swore he saw Simon as her dance partner. That all shattered, however when he came out for his solo. It was definitely him. Simon did a wonderful job. He payed attention to detail and truly became the character. The performances caught him off-guard because this showed a different side to him. It showed a more tender, yet strong side to the young man Teddy was used to endlessly belittling him and pushing him away. It intrigued him. He wanted to know more. Yet, how could he ask? The least he could do was congratulate him. He did phenomenally. Simon and Violet had both done wonderfully and Teddy, having came by himself, offered his cousin a congratulations. The spoke for a moment and he couldn't help but ask. "So, Violet, where's the Knave of Hearts?" "Simon?" she asked, surprised by the thought. "So it was him. He's one of my more angry, brooding peers in school." She looked at him bewildered, "Are you sure we're speaking of the same Simon?" "Yes, it just had to be him. I'm shocked, but I'd know that ass anywhere." She rolled her eyes at him and told him to go find his friend, that he had probably left, and that they could catch up later. He wasn't so sure Simon would call him a friend, like Violet assumed, yet perhaps they could be now that he saw this different side of him. Teddy made his way out of the building, trying to find Simon and let him know how well he did. Teddy scanned the crowd and found him more than a few yards away. Wanting to catch up to him more quickly, Teddy jogged over to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, "So it was you, Knave of Hearts." (Theodore)
  15. It was nice to hear someone say that he shouldn't be embarassed of his panic attack, even if it was done is a somewhat unexpected and passive manner. It was important for Teddy to hear that it was okay for him to experience what he did and that he was allowed to take his time to recover and do what he needed to do in order to feel better. Alex was going to be a good friend, even if he was a little too cool for Teddy, who was normally well-received, but not cool. Perhaps they were right. He was getting ahead of himself. He didn't want to get anyone in too much trouble, so perhaps it was a good idea to keep things tame. It was probably an even better idea to specifically say that no alcohol would be allowed. This would lead to a better party for him anyway. If he thought about it, it made sense to not allow alcohol at the party because he wouldn't be responsible for anyone being too drunk or doing anything too awful. "You're right. I don't want anyone to end up overindulging on our watch and that way we don't have to spend the night making sure everyone's still alive." Teddy smiled as Alex thought about the bit on billywigs. It took him a while to think about it. Of course, he was right to think about it and mention the bit about them being abused. People liked to take things too far from time to time and really anything could quickly become an addiction if abused. He added, "Of course, we could just get one or two so no one is going crazy the whole party. I'd hate to be responsible for an abuse that results in some kind of addiction." Alex managed to take Cassandra’s point about location to a more specific venue and it made sense with his explanation. That was where this kind of thing was expected and often times it was best to hide something right in the most suspected place. It was the last place looked into, in most cases. Yet, something came to mind. ”That makes plenty good sense to me, except that location in particular would make the entirety of Spencer invited including younger kiddos who might not be ready for seventh-year debauchery. It does sounds like Eureka Underground is the best bet, though.” he added. This all started to sound even better with the additions of amps and music. Teddy figured he and Alex would enjoy putting some music together for the party and that he could contribute some method of maintaining confidentiality for those attending and how to communicate the expectations of the gathering. He wanted to wait until they settled the debate on the location at first, however. (Theodore)