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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

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  1. TW: Violence, Strong Language Thomas had been planning this for years, and everything was not working correctly any more. That stupid girl had apparently grown a set and stood up to Zane. Zane was a fool. He never should have entrusted him with this task. Thomas remembered when the boy had first met Amea. He had come home on the weekend from school to visit his mother, Thomas' sister. He told them of this girl Amea, who he was now dating. Of course, Thomas recognized the name immediately, and that's when the plan set in motion. However, Zane was proving to be a little more difficult now than he anticipated. He imagined it had everything to do with the murder of his mother. Still, things had to be taken care of. She was asking too many questions, and giving her opinion too many times. Thomas had to make Zane do it. Thomas was sitting back in an arm chair reading the news paper when the knocks came at the door. He quickly withdrew his wand in one hand, and pistol in the other. As he created a few defensive charms around the room, he also peeked out the peephole on the door. It was Zane. What was he doing here? He holstered both weapons, and opened the door, quickly ushering him inside. "Quick, boy, before anybody sees." He then shut the door, and locked it back again. "So, what's with the surprise visit?" Thomas asked, having a seat back in his chair. He motioned for Zane to sit down as well. "I'd rather stand." Zane said, crossing his arms. Apparently this was not the correct answer though, as Thomas has quickly whipped out his wand and it forced Zane onto the couch. "It's rude not to take a seat in somebody's home when they offer it to you, Zane." "My apologies." Zane said, rubbing his lower back where it had hit the wood where the cushion was no longer very fluffy. "Now, I asked you what it was you were doing here? I figured you'd be working harder on getting that wife back as I instructed." Thomas said, displeasure in his tone. "That's why I am here. I do not think she is coming back." "Why do you say that?" Thomas asked curiously. "She took the cat. She wouldn't have taken the cat if she was coming back. I know her." "This is not good, Zane. We need her." "You mean you need her. This was never about what I wanted or what I needed. I actually cared about her, and then you put me under this curse! You made me do things to her I never would have done. Things my father did to my mother and me! You made me kill my own mother because she figured out what you were doing to me, and she tried to help me break it even though she was a squib. I fucking hate you!" Zane spit at Thomas' feet, and almost immediately he felt his body seize up. Thomas stood, wand pointed directly at Zane's chest. "Your mother, my sister, was a weak, pathetic individual, just like you. Your father never amounted to anything more than a petty thief. I made you. I helped raise you. You're a weak as your mother and you won't ever amount to anything just like your father." Thomas brought his hand up, and back handed Zane hard across the mouth. Zane sat there unable to move, but he could feel the warmth of the blood trickling down his mouth. Thomas raised his wand up, and pointed it at Zane. "This ought to help you to not fight things so hard. Crucio!" A jet of red light shot out from the wand, and hit Zane square in the chest. Zane could feel in excruciating pain, and wanted to scream out in pain, but the spell that Thomas had paralyzed his body with would not allow it. After about ten second passed, Thomas released both curses, and Zane fell to the ground off of the cough, still in extreme pain. "I love her, Thomas. Please. Don't make me do this anymore. Let me let her go so she can be happy. Away from me so that she's away from you." "I don't think so, boy. She will suffer due to her mother's sins, and you will be my pawn, just as you always have." "Fuck you." Thomas kicked Zane in the ribs, and Zane could feel one or two crack. He began coughing up blood. Before he could say anything else though, Thomas had already placed the cruiciatus curse on him again. This time he could scream in pain, and he did. It echoed through the empty home. He hoped someone near by would hear. That someone would come for help. Nobody did. Thomas released the curse again. He rolled Zane over onto his back, and knelt down beside him, pointing his wand at the boy. "imperio." Thomas said, placing the imperious curse back on Zane. He placed his wand on the side table, and unholstered his gun. He placed it inside Zane's mouth, and pulled the hammer back. "Do not disappoint me again, or I will get the girl, and make you watch as I kill her before I kill you." He pulled the gun out of Zane's mouth, and stood back up. "Now, go. Carry out your instructions, and do not come back here again. You will alert me of anything by mail as you've done before." Zane nodded, and made his way out of the home, and disapparated before collapsing onto the couch of his home, holding his broken ribs.
  2. Thomas Giovanni Sollozzo II was born in Chicago, Illinois to an upper-class wizarding family. His father, Thomas Giovanni Sollozzo I was a prominent figure in the Wizarding Community and Ministry of Magic. While many of his dealings were illegal, he often made that to be kept low-profile due to his many donations to several wizarding hospitals and schools around North America. His mother, Elizabeth Renee Nelson-Sollozzo was President of the Department for International Affairs in the American Ministry. Thomas grew up with the thoughts of 'Pride, Power, Purpose.' He went to school in a small wizarding school in the Chicago Underground, and graduated with high honors. He didn't go on to University, while many of his professors urged him to. However, he helped out with his father's business and eventually killed his mother and father to gain their fortunes and his father's business. Throughout the years, he has made dealings with some of the darkest people in the wizarding community, while keeping a good profile by doing just as his father did. He remained a philanthropist up until a year before he made the final decision to move his business. He saved up quite a bit of money, and took a plane to Australia in 2007, and set up shop in a small town of Narragyambie as the owner of a Gentleman's Club. He brought controversy to the small Australian town, trying to set up a protection racket that failed miserably. He also met Adele here, and was quick to swoop her up. She was exactly his type of woman. When things began going for the worse though, and he found out her involvement with other men, he began torturing not only Adele, but her daughter as well. As people eventually stood up to Thomas, and he had kidnapped the daughters of Ivan Valentin, did his reign of terror end with the slice of a knife across his throat. Little did Ivan know that Thomas was still alive as he disapparated with his daughters. Once gone, Thomas disapparated himself, and reappeared at the home of his private healer. Thomas laid low for years, gaining power again, keeping his wealth, and most importantly, plotting the demise of all who stood against him, and to reclaim what is rightfully his...Adele. However, his letters to Adele stopped whenever Zane, his nephew, told them that they must. There were more important things at play now. When Amea stood up to Zane, however, a letter was sent to Thomas. Now, Thomas has returned to Narragyambie, using polyjuice potion and concealment charms to change his appearance around on a day to day basis to stay hidden, to keep a closer eye on the situation.