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  1. That moment when the person who can save you the most isn't here...

  2. Zane wasn't sure what was bringing him to have this meeting with his uncle, but all he knew was that it needed to be done. Thomas had been been asking Zane when Amea was coming home, and Amea had not been giving him any answers. Thomas had been growing restless. Zane had to speak to him. He'd seen the new articles. Thomas was known to be in Australia. So, Zane wrote Amea another letter, letting her know that he would be out of town if she decided to return home. He needed to talk to Thomas. It was urgent. Zane left Narrie, and traveled by apparition to various spots, to elude any potential followers, before finally coming to the run down home that Thomas was temporarily staying in. Zane knocked on the door three times, and waited. He could hear shuffling around inside. He imagined his uncle was checking to see who it was, and readying any defensive measures awaiting in case he was a Ministry employee. After a few more moments, the door opened, and Zane came face to face with Thomas Sollozzo. Thomas stepped aside, and ushered Zane quickly into the home.
  3. Amea, I hope this letter reaches you well. I'm not sure what to really say, other than I feel as though you aren't coming back to me. I noticed that you took the cat. I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does. I feel so conflicted right now. I wish I knew what was going on. I wish I knew when, or if, you were coming home. I've gotten the entire place spotless. I miss you. I also need to tell you that I will be going out town for a few days, if you do decide to come home and I'm not there. I will return soon, but there is something that I need to take care of. There's something that I need to talk to you about too, face to face, and I hope that time comes. With love, Zane.
  4. Zane nodded. "Everything you say is fair." He said, and gave her a small smile. Zane thought in his mind he had won. Made her believe that he was caving in. He believed in his mind that he would be able to regain control. At least, he hoped. Zane went to their room, and waved his wand. Everything he owned was suddenly packed. He then made his way to the second bedroom, his study, and locked the door behind him. He then pulled out a piece of paper, and began scribbling a note. Thomas, I'm starting to lose control over Amea. I fear she will soon be regaining all of her strength. It may be about time to act. Be prepared. Don't act until I say anything. Make sure you stock up on polyjuice potion. -Zane Zane waved his wand, and the letter disappeared, It would find it's way shortly onto the desk of Thomas Sollozzo. He looked around, waved his wand, and his stuff was packed in this room. Within twenty minutes, everything Zane owned was packed, and ready to go. He found Amea, and put his hand on her shoulder softly. "I really do love you, my dearest Amea. You deserve better from me, and you will get it." He looked around the home. "You're decorating the new home. It needs your touch to feel like a home to you. Your family will not be harmed by me, I promise you. You have nothing to worry about from me. Let's just get us back on track, and do everything we set out to do with our lives. Together."
  5. Zane was losing control, he could feel it. He couldn't believe that she was actually standing up to him. She wiped blood across his face. She was getting braver. Stronger. He could almost see it in her. This was not good for him whatsoever. Everything he'd worked all these years for. She had finally reached her breaking point where she could not take it anymore. He could see that. He'd have to be smarter about this. He couldn't use force. He couldn't use threats. The threats against her family just brought the anger and the drive from her. "You're absolutely correct. I am a coward. It was fear of losing you. You must see that. When you left before, I was broken. You can not understand how I felt there. I was lost without you." He just stood there, looking at her. "I was wrong to threaten your family. I said those things out of anger. I would never harm your family. I know they mean very much to you. I know this hasn't been easy for you. I am appreciative of you, my love, I really am. I do not show it well. I may not be worthy of you, you're right. Still, you choose to stay. I will do as you want, just please, forgive me for my threats. They were not meant." Zane gave her a pleading look. "Dinner won't fix things, you're right. But, what if we moved? What if we moved back to Narragyambie? You could be closer to your family, to see them more. I believe our love is strong enough not to be broken by others opinions. We could even start a family of our own, and your family can be there for us for support and guidance."
  6. Zane stood there in disbelief. Amea was, well, standing up to him. He knew he had to be careful. He had broken her, yes, but she was more powerful than she pretended, and he knew that. All of that was apparent. She was literally royalty. With royalty came power. Powers that Zane could never imagine. Of course, he wasn't going to let that bother him too much. She was a shell of her former self. He had broken her down. He wouldn't pretend, however, that this sort of backlash didn't scare him, but he wouldn't show it. He just stared at her as she spoke, almost admiring the beauty of it. "So, you won't allow it, eh? Fine. You want me to give for you? Fine. You want to contact you family? Fine. I am telling you this, however, you will not leave me. You will not divorce me. We will be together until the end of days." He grabbed her hands. "Listen, Amea, I know that I am hard on you sometimes, but I do it because I love you. I want you to be the best for me. If you can't stop the contact, well, you can't help that, can you? I would prefer that you kept it minimum. I am afraid you will let your family influence you to leave me. I'm scared of losing you, Amea. I love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. I know they don't like me, and they want to do everything in their power to convince you to leave. I can't lose you." He put on a sad face for her, and forced a tear out to roll down his cheek. He conjured up a washcloth, and wiped her face. Zane then gave her a soft kiss. "Forgive me my love. Since dinner can't be cooked, let's go out. There's a little restaurant in town. How about you clean up, put on your nicest dress, I'll put on my nicest suit, and we will spend the evening together. You on my arm for the world to you see that you are mine. What do you say, my love?"
  7. When she came charging in, he stood up quickly, and looked at her. Did she really have the nerve to tell him, her husband, what would be allowed? She had the audacity? He had to admit, this side of her was attractive, when she was standing up to him, but he did not accept insubordination from his wife. She had to know her place. He held his hand up, telling her that her time to speak was over. "You insolent bitch. You won't allow it? You are not in a position to tell me what you will not allow. You have simple tasks. Have the house clean, have food on the table whenever I get home. Be a good wife. you fail me time after time. Now, I will say you've been doing better lately, but your family....your family makes you lose focus on what is important." He stepped forward to her. "If you want them in your life, then you need to realize something. If they become too meddlesome, or try to pull you away from me, I will act." He then slapped her across the face. "And you will never backtalk me again."
  8. Zane listened to everything she had to say, and he took it in. He was not sure what to believe from her. She swore she'd leave her family behind to be with him, yet here they were, getting into their business. Trying to manipulate her with photo albums. It was unacceptable. This connection was troublesome. Her family was troublesome. As she finished up, he just stood there, still inches from her, and looked into her eyes. "Or their lives." He said with a sinister smile on his face. "Do not put me in that situation where I have to act." Zane lifted his hand up, and and rubbed her cheek. He then kissed her softly on the lips. "I do not expect to be disappointed by you anymore. It hurts me when you act like this. You're being selfish, and not thinking of my feelings." He looked around at the mess. "Clean this up." He said, and then went to the living room, having a seat on the couch.
  9. "You're tired of fighting them?!" He screamed, pushing their hands even harder together against the wall. "I'm sick and damn tired of fighting you, Amea! You need to learn your place in this household! My word is law." Zane withdrew his hand from hers, the piece of glass fell to the floor. He then slapped her across the face. "I love you, Amea. Don't you see that? All of this?" He looked around at their home. "Us coming out here? That was for us to be able to be away from everyone else so that we could focus on each other. Are you losing focus on us?" He asked, and then something dawned on him. "I know why you're wanting to get out and see them. I know why you're always ready for me to come to work, and scared if I come home early." He took his hand, and placed it upon her throat, pushing her up against the wall, applying just enough pressure to cause discomfort but not enough to cause choking. "Who is he? You're cheating on me, aren't you? After everything I do for you, you're cheating on me."
  10. he got down, yet she didn't eat as he commanded. Instead, she continued with her pathetic pleading. Her words were infuriating him the more she spoke. She was his, and his alone. Nobody else mattered. She needed to see that. "Bound? You are bound? What about your bond to me? We are MARRIED. I am the only one bound to you that needs to even remotely matter!" He kicked the dish across the floor, and it exploded into shards, meat flying everywhere. He stared at the shards of glass, and back at her. "You want to talk about blood?" he asked, and picked up the largest of the broken pieces. He grabbed her by the arm, and yanked her up off the floor, then pushed her up against the yard. He held the piece of glass up, and cut his own hand open. He then smeared it across her face. "The only blood around here that matters is mine." He took the glass in his hand, and then took hers, pressing their hands together with pressure. "You know what I think? I think you're trying to escape. You're reaching out to your family to leave me. Is that what it is?"
  11. Post Warning: Strong language and domestic violence Zane just watched at her feeble attempts to get things going for dinner. First, the stove would not light, then she knocked the bowl of meat to the floor. His pale skin became red with anger, and she just continued to speak of her family, and not apologizing for ruining his dinner. Not apologizing for failing him. "There you stand, speaking of people who mean nothing. I am your family now. Me. You need to stop being so pathetic, and so selfish!" He took large steps toward her, and grabbed her arms, and pushed her up against the counter. His nose was level with hers, and he stared into her eyes with a piercing gaze. "You disappoint me." He said softly. He did not raise his voice. The anger was evident though. The displeasure with her was growing with each passing second. "Food is on the floor. You did not clean it up. You just stand there, speaking of Jezebel like I give a damn. You know why we moved out here. To remove ourselves from meddlesome fools. I would have figured you would have figured out that I didn't need anyone in our business when I handled the situation with my mother. I actually liked her. I don't like Jezebel." He let go of her arms, and gave her a small kiss. "I do love you, my dear Amea. This won't go unnoticed though." He removed his wand, and pointed it at the meat. Almost instantly the meat was cooked, and back in the bowl which was now repaired. However, it remained on the floor. "Get on your hands and knees, and eat it like the bitch you are."
  12. Zane looked at her, the corner of his mouth twitching at her stammering. He was angered. He wasn't sure what made him more angry though. Was it the fact that she had failed him with her wifely duties? Or the fact that she betrayed him by having contact with her family? Sharing memories behind his back? What else was she doing behind his back? He held his hand up, his palm facing her, indicating that it was time for her to hush. He'd had enough of her excuses. He shut the album hard, and clutched it in his hand at his side. He looked her up and down, then lifted the album up , about to hit her across the face with it, but then put it back at his side. He looked at her with disgust, and then in one swift motion threw the photo album into the fireplace, and it immediately ignited. "Get my dinner ready." His calm demeanor clearly stated that the real fire had not yet ignited. He'd had enough disobedience today, and was not about to accept it from his wife.
  13. Life with Amea had been going fairly well thus far. They had escaped all of their troubles back home in Victoria, and were now settled in their own little cozy home in Western Australia. The past few years had been tough for Amea, being away from her family. He knew this, but it was for her own good. They were nothing but meddlesome fools, just like his mother had been. Last year, in July of 2016, Zane had fixed his mother's meddlesome ways once and for all. She would no longer be of trouble to him. It hadn't been hard for him to do. What was difficult was convincing his uncle that it had been necessary. After all, she was the only person in his family that he had spared himself. In the end though, he agreed it was best, and the deed had been completed. Zane was sure, somehow, that Amea's family was keeping tabs on her, and somewhat keeping in touch, though he couldn't prove it. If he could, then it would be dealt with accordingly. Adele, however, had kept her word after saving Amea that fateful night years ago. She had allowed Amea to return to him, and for that she was awarded with knowing that his uncle would not bother her. She kept her word, and he kept his. Today had been a busy day for him. His job in town wasn't a hard one for him, but it took a lot of his charisma to accomplish. Zane, though not the most pleasant person, had a way of charming most around him. He had a gift with people. Always had. He typically got his way, one way or another. Today, the charm wasn't all he had to use. The person he was in contact with had been a little difficult, but they had come around eventually. It just took a little extra convincing. He was looking forward to his usual hot meal. Amea had become an excellent cook lately. He could tell she was really putting forth effort in her job as his wife. He appreciated the small things that she did, and he'd let her know when she was doing a good job. He hoped today she had fixed one of his favorite meals, as he had hinted at it before leaving the house earlier in the morning. Zane checked the mail before making his way to the front door. Nothing. She had already checked the mail. That's one good thing for the praise box towards her. As he neared the door, the usual smells of food hadn't hit his nose as they usually do. Zane stepped through the front door, and into the living area. Amea was asleep. Something on her chest. He quietly made his way toward her. There was no meal waiting on him. Something would be done about this, but for now he wanted to see what it was she had been looking at. It was new. Nothing she had owned. He knew everything she had in his home. He slipped it off of her, trying not to wake her, and when he saw what he was looking at, he became infuriated. A family album. They left for a reason. He was the only family that she needed. He stared down at her, his cold eyes surveying her. Then, he cleared his throat loudly, the album still in his hand.
  14. My dearest Améa, It is killing me not hearing from you. When will you be returning home? I miss you. It's so lonely in this empty home. Please come back as soon as you can. Love always, Zane.
  15. "I do hope you're right on that one. That nothing will stop us. Or nobody." That was the part he was truly concerned with. Her meddlesome family. However, with Thomas back in Australia, it was possible that he could keep an eye on them while he focused on keeping Améa under control. He could only hope, of course. Zane smiled down at her, and kissed the top of her head. With another soft hug, he said, And I love you, my beautiful wife." He pulled his arm away, and stretched a moment. "It's been a long day, and journey. We should rest some, yes? I can get a start on more cleaning in the morning whenever I get up. You can sleep in. I'll even attempt to make you some breakfast."