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  1. Keith nodded, taking a seat next to Daria. He could see the defeat in the children's faces as he told them it wouldn't be appropriate for them to call her mum. However, as much as it pained them, it was the truth. Their real mother would never be around, and this was a painful fact that they had to deal with. But, she had been more of a free soul, not one for settling in. "Boys, I am serious about the grounding. This won't go unpunished." He felt he needed to reiterate this. They tended to try their luck at times. "Sorry, Dad."[/b] Chris said, frowning. "It won't happen again." "What he said." Zanthe said. Keith just chuckled, shaking his head. Iris, however, set up straighter. "I'm the good one." Keith laughed out loud. "You're no angel, baby, but at least you don't have a broken arm." Iris stuck her tongue out at the boys. "Iris...." She looked down. "Just having fun." Keith looked over at Daria. "Well, the teaching thing went well today. Nobody blew anything up. Which is better than I can say for when it was Tally students I was teaching. How was your day, other than the two wrestling superstars over there?"
  2. Keith didn't speak, he just watched. She had seemed to have handled it well, but he still didn't have the heart to really tell them about their mother. How she had abandoned them. In reality, he hadn't fully disclosed this information to Daria, either. She just knew the mother was not in the picture. The triplets had been just infants when Pandora had just vanished. She had come back, attempted to get them back into her life, but Keith had won that battle. Iris looked up at Daria, and went over to her, hugging her leg. "Does that mean it's okay to call you that?" Chris spoke up too. He had always been a bit more observational and logical than the other two. "You pretty much are." Keith took a few steps forward, and spoke to the three children. "Kids.... I think it's beautiful that you think of Daria this way, but I just don't think it would be appropriate."
  3. Keith nodded at her, "Boys will be boys." He said, and just shook his head in their direction. "You two are lucky that this is all that happened to you." The boys looked down at the floor, ashamed in themselves. "Sorry" They said in unison again. "It isn't me you need to be apologizing to." He said, very sternly. "You need to tell Daria you're sorry." Keith was very serious in his tone toward the boys. "You've put a very unnecessary stress upon her." The boys sat there, in silence, still looking down. That's when Keith raised his voice slightly. "I said apologize." Sorry..." They said in unison, however, while they were still speaking in unison, Chris said, "Daria." and Zanthe said, "Mum." Keith heard it, and really was not sure how to react to it. It could have just been a slip-up. Daria had been in their lives for so long. Were the confused? Keith was not exactly sure what to say. He wanted to correct him, but at the same time, he didn't know how to. Perhaps Daria would know what to say to it, and he looked over at her.
  4. "Of course they did." Keith said, sighing. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. He looked over at the boys, and shook his head. They began to try to start talking again, but he quickly held up his hand once more. "No. I don't want to hear your excuses, boys. You are both in heaps of trouble. You both will be healed up in no time, however, I believe that grounding you will do the trick." "Dad!" They both said in unison, but Keith held up his hand again. "No buts. This is not up for discussion. You two will have everything taken from you for a week. Plain and simple. There will be no argument." He said, and then he turned to Daria. "Where were you when this happened?"
  5. Keith had been at the university whenever he had gotten the call that the boys had gotten hurt. Luckily for him, he had already finished up his class for the day, and was just doing some paperwork. He made his way back to Narragyambie General, and when he got there they had already been moved to a room. Keith made his way back to the room. He wasn't overly worried, really. They were in good hands, and the way she spoke, they were fine, just a potential broken bone. He'd had his fair share growing up. When he reached the room, he looked at the boys, and then to Daria. Iris gave him a hug, and he returned it. "What happened?" He asked, and then Chris began to speak, but Keith held up his hand. "I'm not asking you, boys. I'm asking Daria. You two will probably try to cover up what you really did." Which was true. If it had been fighting, or whatever, they'd probably lie and say they were doing something else. Chances were, they weren't supposed to be doing what caused them to get hurt in the first place.
  6. Keith listened as she told him about it, and he nodded his head. He was a bit surprised about it, but it did not matter to him. It was the past, and he had his own past demons too that he had to deal with. Hell, his children were the result of a drunken night. Then there was the Adele fiasco. "Well, shit happens. I'm glad you did leave. Things happen, and bring you to the right place at the right time." Keith grinned at her, and ran his hand along her leg. "Mmmm. That you are, dear. That you are." (Keith)
  7. Keith looked at her, and smiled. "You know, you never did get into full details about this trouble that you were in before. I have always been curious, I just never really asked. But, seeing as we're more than just a business relationship....I figure maybe I have earned the right to ask." He chuckled. "Only if you wish to share, of course." Keith laughed out loud. "A MILF? Er, I suppose so. Although, you're not really...yet." He said, laughing still. "I mean, we aren't like...married. So, not exactly a mother, but....the rest is most definitely true." (Keith)
  8. "You most definitely look better in my shirt." Keith said, chuckling. He sat up, and got out of the bed. He put on a pair of pajama pants, and made his way into the kitchen after telling her that he'd be back soon. He then made them each a bowl of ice cream, and brought it back into the bedroom. He sat down next to her, and handed her the bowl he made for her. He took a small bite of his, and once he swallowed, he looked over to Daria. "I never in a million years thought that this would happen." He said, and had a smile on his face. "I'm glad it did though. You've been amazing to me and my family these past years. We're all indebted to you." Keith took another bite of his ice cream. "The kids adore you, you know. They've never had a steady motherly figure in their life. I'm glad we have you." (Keith)
  9. Keith smiled down at Daria. "We do have all night, don't we?" Keith ran his hand along her body, grinning from ear to ear. "That just means that we have time to try newer things." He smirked, and removed Daria's jeans. He kissed down to her thighs, and then back up to her lips. Keith then pulled the covers over top of them. --- Keith rolled over onto his side, and smiled. "Well, that was better than the time before that." He said, laughing now. "If it keeps getting better with every moment, I think my mind will end up exploding." Keith sat up. "Would you like some ice cream? I want some ice cream." (Keith)
  10. Keith grinned as Daria pulled him towards the bed. "I see something a lot more interesting than any movie could offer me." He said as he pressed her back against the bed, and began kissing her neck. He looked down at Daria, and smiled again. He ran his hands along her body. "I think the movies can wait. We have all night, and I don't think I can help myself anymore. Ever since you sat on my lap in the restaurant, I couldn't wait to get you back home." The moments here with Daria were moments he'd craved for so very long. He'd not had these feelings in such a long time. He didn't really believe he deserved any of this, but here he was. Keith pressed himself against Daria, kissing her passionately again. When he pulled away, he smiled. "I don't want this night to end." (Keith)
  11. Keith smiled at her as she removed the jacket and walked backward away from him. She was so seductive. He couldn't figure for the life of him how he'd gotten this lucky. She was most definitely out of his league. As she went into the house, he quickly threw the cover over the bike, and made his way in. He went toward the bedroom, and just stared at her whenever he got to the door way. He took a few strides toward her, and pulled her close into his arms. He put his lips against hers, and his hands slowly made their way down her back. He lifted the shirt off over her head, and began kissing her neck. When he pulled away, he looked at her, and grinned. "We're not going to get very many movies watched, I believe." (Keith)
  12. The moment she said ready, Keith took off. He rode, just as he always had, without a care in the world. He just let the motorcycle take over. The freedom of it all was always exhilarating, and now he was sharing that with Daria. After about a half of an hour of riding around the surrounding area, and down close toward Tallygarunga, Keith had turned the bike around, and made his way back to the house. Once they got there, Keith shut the engine off, and placed his hand on Daria's leg that was next to his. He rubbed it, smiling. "I think we should go to the bedroom. Perhaps never leave the bed tonight. What do you think?" Keith asked, and he laughed. "You know, to watch several movies." (Keith)
  13. When she stepped out, Keith gave a little whistle toward her. "It most definitely does pass the test." Keith smiled at her, and walked over giving her another soft kiss on her lips. "You look ravishing." He led her outside, and he pulled the cover off of the motorcycle. He went over a few safety tips with her about riding, and how to maneuver when they took turns. He also handed her a helmet before putting his on. He also gave her an earpiece to be used to talk on over the roar of the engine. Keith stepped over onto the bike, and started it up. The engine started right up, and he grinned at the sound. He revved it up a few times. He missed being able to ride. He hadn't done it much lately Keith looked at Daria, and smiled. "Ready when you are." (Keith)
  14. Keith kept running his hands along her, even as she cautioned him. He enjoyed the feel of her curves in his hands. "Mmmm. I'm not too sure that I mind." He said, kissing her again, and this time when his lips left hers, they trailed down her cheek and onto her neck. His hands continues to explore her body as he kissed her. When he finally pulled away though, he grinned, and moved back a few steps. He was going to have fun with this. It had been too long since he'd been able to have any kind of real fun with somebody. "But, plans are plans. Go get dressed." He said, smirking. (Keith)
  15. "Mmm. Both. At the right time." Keith said, laughing as he walked her out to the car, opening the door for her. He got into the drive seat, started it up, and began the drive back to Narrie. It was an uneventful drive, and they had made it back with no issue. He pulled into the driveway of the home, and put it in park. He got out, and led Daria into the home. WHen he closed the door, he spun her around, planting a passionate kiss on her, backing her against the wall. He pulled his lips back, and smiled. "I've been waiting to do that since you sat in my lap in the restaurant." He said, running his hands up and down her waistline. (Keith)