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  1. There are a lot of tough things to do in the world. . . Didn't think that trying to find different ways for the same thing would be -this- hard.

  2. It had been quite sometime since he had graced the endearing Musiciary room, ever since things had started to spiral out of control between the suddenness of his relationship advancement - the other issue that came way before then that seemed to surround his family like a plague waiting to infect all that got within proximity enough. Truth be told, he hadn't been practicing music as often as he used to aside from the small meet ups he'd have with those that he had connected with on that kind of bond, a bond of music. A guitar case in hand to protect Sapphire from the elements, Alexander figured he may as well give the old gal a good session of play just in case he wouldn't be able to do so again. That had been the plan but like many plans that were devised there was a major change as the sound of strings from a piano being plucked by the mechanisms radiated from the room before he even had the chance to step through the entryway. It was only placed in second as a unique sound to his ears due to the lyrical notes of a foreign language following in unison with the notes that were being struck on the keys. With light foot steps he proceeded into the room trying his best not to make any sudden noises that would halt the process that had been flowing from the young man. After all, a musician who had sought to find the solace of silence to make joyful noise onto their own ears probably didn't have much of a chance to do so - that or needed the sound of music to think through the struggles that may be surmounting. Taking off the somewhat weighted jacket to protect him from the brisk evening outside he'd set it down over a small table that had been nearby a stool. Deftly as if it were second nature itself he'd press the guitar case on top of it to unlock it open and slowly pry it open to stare at the glossed cobalt hue of his guitar that nestled inside. His hands curled around the head of the neck to carefully lift it up and bring the strap over his shoulder while he turned to sit down on the stool that had only been a short walk. With his right leg lifted up the foot would plant itself against the second bar to the stool. Alexander just listened, the tempo that had been the strings to the keys, fingers first shadow followed on his own guitar mental checking and tuning it from memory and familiarity with his instrument. Without a word spoken he began to play following along as a background player, the tone similar and adjusting bit by bit until it had been as close to unison as possible - A complementation to the song being played on the piano.
  3. "Had a lot of time on your hands, eh?" A small smirk stretched along his face as he nodded gently, almost as if it were some form of sagely intuition. Of course, it all made sense, someone who had been tasked with being a guide of sorts to the quickening world around them most likely would have had to deal with many readings and ramblings. Things to help them understand their quarry better but also to get an idea of where the present world was at and its potential on where it could go. That kind of time he couldn't fathom, he spent most days trying to juggle school, relationships, and the ever so often jam-session. It is an ironic phrase, but only time could tell if that would change. "But isn't that the twisted beauty of it all?" His hands tugged at the gloves to tighten them further to block away that chill that threatened to break through the warming garments. "Mistakes and failures, because others don't live long it becomes more immediate to them to make up for it some how. Either with those that were effected most or those that could be effected by the same decision occurring again." That was something he noticed switched between good habits and bad habits, a person who had always been ridiculed would do their utmost to avoid making a decision to be in that place again. While a person who in the same position could be on the more volatile end in response and rationale. "It's why family is important, can take them less for granted when you know a time is up sooner than the blink of an eye. Sometimes way too soon. . ." Alexander's gaze dropped as the thought of his adoptive father pressed into mind, it was a night that wouldn't be forgotten and that would leave an impression within himself for many reasons. It was instantly snatched away, however, as Bethianna spoke of his chance. "The best kind of will. Slapped on with all the perfect reasons." This wasn't for others, this was purely because he wanted those he had made connections with to be in a life - an actual life. Eyelids fluttered as he felt the presence of her hand make an impression against his cheek, an odd sensation to be sure. Confusion, she had never been so physically adorning before and yet there was this sensation of longing. Even with what he knew, witnessed and saw, she still held the essence of a 'Motherly' figure to him. His hand rose up to gently touch hers curling the fingers around loosely. There was an actual loss of words for him unsure of how to respond or even if this would be the last time for such a presence but it was memorable and something he wouldn't regret if things had ever ended up back at this place once more.
  4. The exposure of decay in the world wasn't massive for him, as perhaps, as it had been with Bethianna. A woman who perhaps saw much more since the dawn of man's growth in a matter of perspective. It wasn't even fair to liken the idea of a Baby chick to a seasoned Hen - no - it was more of the comparison between man and an existing wise dragon. Even then he felt his more optimistic view painted another side of the world that desired the hope in many people who wanted to grow beyond the corrosion that existence held. Between the story of Cass's background along with what chased Adele from her entanglement from the past it would be easy to see the true depravity. Hell, He was nearly murdered because of these very forces. That was still a small information he neglected to tell anyone if they hadn't caught on to that fact. Even then, his mind wandered towards the many young lives back at Tallygarunga whom had a rough life growing up, much harsher than himself in terms of relations or lack thereof. They reached and that was an important requirement, of course, he still didn't understand the full nuance's and hidden reasonings behind whatever lies and illusions have been painted amongst the people here. He couldn't be both, something had to be a choice. "That sounds like one of those 'We'll cross that bridge if it actually comes about' kind of bits, doesn't it? But what a choice... What kind of craziness have I walked into." A hand embraced the back of his neck as he rubbed it for a moment. "But~ It also sounds extremely complicated. Talk about a predicament of identity. As if I didn't have enough of those kind of crises, eh? Hah." It seemed he was born to face these form of challenges, to chose what and whom he wanted to be, what kind of mantle he desired to walk. The heavier portion of it all was the knowledge that it wasn't just himself that it would effect. Alexander took the moment to still himself in silence taking a glance about the area taking in the air softly, it was sharp and cold - enough to knock the wind out of a person if too much was taken in. A gentle current pulsed from his lips as a small smile curved upwards, he wanted to at least said he took a good part of his homeland within himself. The future he saw for himself didn't have him settled here it required too much contact with the outside world, a world that potentially need him much more than a world he could never truly get accustomed. "I didn't take you for the type that would be into philosophy! I'm pretty impressed." He held a personal love for modern philosophy, the way many of those before him had thought and perceived life. How would they think of their current moment? The struggles? The ups and downs that had either been conquered or have conquered them in one way or another? "I am satisfied, I don't walk towards my death but towards survival. I don't do it to satisfy the curse of choice that's been thrusted on me, not to say that I am 'entirely satisfied with life' - I am definitely happy about what I've accomplished so far. But I look forward to doing more, to impacting much more. So, much like a Soldier, I take to a battlefield that is about survival - to fight in order to return to a home victorious from a tough enemy." He chuckled briefly. "I managed to experience things I didn't think I ever would, even with the clock ticking against me. Even if many of those things may have been letdowns I wouldn't change those moments." Yes, meeting his mother was quite the punch in the jaw and yet even with all that he could confidently say that pain was something he wouldn't change. That moment was what fueled his own bond towards his Sister. His hand pushed through his hair for a moment as he took another peering look into the sky. "Yea, I need to tell everyone a proper goodbye. They don't need to know details but at least know that it should feel as if it's the last time. Luckily, I've learned to put up a front pretty well! Well, as long as people don't know my tells." He knew at least one person would, He'd need to pass Sapphire off to someone just in case. The ol' gal needed a proper home and the only person he found worthy of that had been Caleb. "Hey, don't worry so much, Auntie Bethianna. We kind of knew this was going to happen sooner or later. If not for you I don't think I would have had the true satisfaction I needed. I mean, I got to see the home of my father - even meet the man himself. You've done so much for me and I haven't truly done a thing but struggle and crawl about." The usual cheery expression that would dance on Alex's face had long receded to one of seriousness. Something that perhaps didn't fit him as a person even if the situation had been dire as it was now. "This time it's up to me to finally stand on my own two feet and push as far as I can go - Maybe even beyond that. Nothing in life that is worth it to obtain is easy, this I imagine goes doubly for life itself."
  5. Oh boy, that's always a hitter - believe you me! As someone who went into that situation (And did horrible, let me not even play that off!) I'd say be honest with yourself first. Who do you find interest in more? If you don't know the answer just try to find out more about them, while, of course, avoiding playing with their hearts or your own heart, you know? When you know for certain you'll have more courage to tell them. So, uh. . . Out of curiosity, asking for a friend, how do you tell loved ones 'Maybe bye' just before a major er . . Surgery? I've always wondered the right way to go about it.
  6. What would she have thought of Lillian's choice to make use of a person with such a danger in such a way? Confliction, on one side there was this young girl, who apparently not only had been a mastermind but used the youthful expression as a way to penetrate and leave others without a proper shield of awareness - Making them underestimate her capabilities. "Ah. . Merlin's ale breath. . . Yea, I get what you mean, with that spirit in Lauren, er, Flora. It means she could potentially be as depraved maybe even more so with another persons own hatred fueling that kind of crusade." Was it even possible to reach to one side and strengthen it against the other in that duality? Or has it been far too late that the darkness already swallowed both up like a chain in a prison? "Shit, they won't be ready if it does turn out to be the worse scenario." He wasn't even ready himself to wield the news, fighting was beyond his capability and skills in that way. "I'll keep that in mind, even so, I want to at least see if I can connect to the part of her that is Lauren and not the Grey." Both of his hands pressed against his waist as a weak smirk pressed onto his face. "Maybe I just like doing hard things, maybe it's more of sentimental naivety. . But I want to at least give her the chance of having a support of strength." There was a sense of resolution within him and while he understood it was risky for him and in the long run those connected to him, could he in good conscious let another being fall without trying? "Someone once gave me the chance to live and effect the world through support. Even if there was a major plan behind it that doesn't omit the chance to grow as one of the reasons. Don't worry, I'll keep on my guard and cautious every bit of the way." Cautious, rarely was that his choice of approaching anything but life and death were in the balance in more ways than he could have considered if the worse were to pass as the truth. The fondness Alexander held towards Bethianna could perhaps be considered and oddity to those that would know the history of her and took a glance at the type of person he was. Truth of it had been he didn't see her as an entirely bad person, maybe questionable motives and reactions to things that appeared but he still felt there was someone good - someone worth understanding. She was, after all, like the 'Awesome Aunt' he never had. "Well we can scratch my charming good looks off the reason for survival." A small joke at his own expense, he had to light the way at the end of his tunnel even if others wouldn't get the reason for his morbid self-jabs. "I wouldn't want to be the only one and I definitely want to find out what that 'key' would be. I had considered what could happen if two of the same purity would end up starting a line. It may not take immediately but if in the long run it could cause a strengthening of against the leak that'd be a start. Yea, strengthening before a full repair should be the goal." At least in magic theory applied, if it could be made stronger than it potentially could be made 'whole' - but the why - that's what alluded them and it was the question to his problem. "Haha, I don't see myself staying here either. Nice place, I'll give you that and breath taking. . . But if the idea is true Balance then Adele needs to be here. Maybe if they ever truly need me I'll be here." This was a decision he had made thinking about his life on the other side, in the larger world. There were many friends and people he had met and instantly each one needed him in some way, not as a savior - a Counselor and mayhaps a healer of some sort. "Yea, I think it's her line that should be the heralds of this place. Whether it's as Monarchy, council, or ever watchful guides - They should be able to shape it." Speaking of shaping his eyes shift a bit downwards in thought - if energy and presence was important was it probable that his own essence with another like him could strengthen that 'valve that leaks' within? A dangerous thought and one that could only be explored if things turned down shaky-lane. "But I think. . . I am at the precipice of ready. To make that choice, a lot of the goals I need to start working on and focusing on depends on it. And I can say. . . I have no regrets for what I have walked." Well, almost no regrets, but that wasn't so much a regret as much as it was an unfortunate circumstance. "As for the right time, place and environment. . . I'll leave that to your guidance and knowledge. I mean I know absolutely nothing. Haha."
  7. "A lost line. . . At least he tried to live it the way he did. Most people don't really get it, when you're knocking on death's door due to something out of your control your perception on how you approach things changes." That was something he not only understood but lived, he wasn't sure how this man of the Violet was but something told him had they met, they probably would have gotten along well with that commonality. As if on cue the weighted change in the woman's voice caught his ear, a sign that the previous topic had been much heavier than he could have potentially anticipated. Alex chose to respect that not pushing the note further, after all, he had a general grasp of the importance of the person and even that he was a trigger towards Bethinna's focus towards the males that were born and managed to survive to fight. "Ha! That is a pretty interesting balance, a Warrior and a Teacher." The irony wasn't lost on him even more so when he considered his name sake. "I gotta admit, that's a bit of a punch to the face. But that's something I get, with how you explained their connection between the two out of balance. It'd be natural, expected, that such a connection would happen. Even more so if the person was more prone to feeling adoration for someone, more than what others could have expected." He couldn't imagine his mother giving anything 'of her heart' genuinely, but maybe that had just been one of many reasons for the way that she was? "Something tells me she'd -really- disapprove of me then, haha. Guess Mother must miss her presence, even if she doesn't say it." What would it even be like? To see the two of them interact? That was a curiosity that would have to be sidelined. Alexander nodded slowly "A new name, something that could distance and cut the ties and yet at the same time identify with the 'Her' she is now, being not fully whom she was." That must be chaotic even in the certainty and devilish schemes that laid awake in the young girls mind. It explained her mannerisms and distance, even the hate that she spewed about being left by her own maternal figure. "And in doing so. . Mother created a girl who is a completed wild card and enigma in the mind, am I right? What ever plan and desires she has is completely alien I imagine." He was stuck in this rut of how to feel towards her, pity wasn't something that could be a proper definition. Sorrow, he felt sorrowful that this situation had occurred and that the chances of reconciliation were nil. ". . . I sure hope she wasn't spying on me visiting that Memorial at Tally everyday. Bet she'd probably mock me for it." A hand shifted through his hair in frustration that he had even learned all this knowledge. Knowledge, is was power equally as much as it could be a venom. "Well, either way, sounds like I need to apologize to her for being such a crude Uncle. Even if she doesn't accept it I'd know I at least reached my hand out in understanding and acknowledgement of my own wrongs." Taking responsibility for his actions or inactions, even without knowing them from the time - This had been one of his many ideals and beliefs. "Okay, last resort, because that would literally change who I am. Well, an upside is, if it does come to that and I do manage to survive the Violet would have a second chance to create a line." Hopefully, anyways, if he would remain majority of himself but who knew what it could do for an already well into early adulthood person? "Anyways, my view of you hasn't changed. I got a better understanding of you, even if only a little yet personal." There was so much information now threading through his mind and most of it had to be kept locked up deep inside, his mind left to contemplate and wield these bits and pieces closely - Guardedly. It was a new concept for him and he knew he would have to steel himself in that endeavor. "Out of curiosity. . . I imagine I'd find out when that time comes. But, what is your plan if I do manage to survive the Acceptance?"
  8. How deep did this 'game of manipulation' extend? At one point in the revelation of everything he had already been more thankful that he wasn't a 'piece on the chess board' and at the time it seemed it was to be so. Yet, as time grew on and the situation of his unchosen state and potential future stirred on it made him realize he was more of a piece than he had given credit towards. On one persons view a possibility for something but it was what that something was that eluded him even in this moment, even as the questions came to mind he wasn't sure how to ask them. Listening to the re-established summary of the various entities of their race the pieces began to light up in his mind to make sense of it all. They were the very firsts of their kind, the progenitor's. "I. .. That's inconceivable. . ." How often did one get to meet the beginning of the entire line? Not, with how many years have passed and what seemed to be the various troubles and deaths that scrawled out in their history he had been lucky strength was still within the few that existed and chose to 'spread' even if accidentally. "I get it. . . Maybe not by blood but the bond of soul and heart, you're closer even more so than traditional twins that Human's and other races may know of them." The feeling of loss that had occurred wouldn't even be fathomable in his mind but he could imagine it being like a blackened abyss, an emptiness where once things were full. "You all were learning then. . . Is that why you and Mother tend to keep your distance? To avoid the potential break and what other stuff could occur being guides?" Could it be something relative to that idea? His and Adele's mother, after all, had been considered 'too feeling' from what he had remembered being told. Elscia's own goose egg of a knowledge drop along with the relation between the Green and Violet gave him a good enough picture of Bethianna's own stance and potential wound. "I'm sorry, about your brother. I know it was eons before I was even a drop of a thought in fates weave. That's the kind of a pain I wouldn't wish on any person." Alexander's head lowered slightly in respect for a moment then proceeded to lift back up. "Millea? That's a pretty name. Sounds almost Matron like, something you'd read in a tale like King Arthur." Really, he expected her capacity as a 'Mother' had been equal to Bethianna's and Lillians, which wasn't much. They certainly weren't going for the 'Mother of the Centuries' awards anytime soon. "Then is what she said, Elscia, true? That you had some kind of intention to try and infuse me with the 'Violet', your brother? Like. . . Mother did with Lauren?" That was the elephant in the room in any other moment except now, it held relevance. Even as the words left his lips it felt unreal to the point he wasn't sure how to truly feel other than being exceedingly confused. "And don't worry I don't plan to tell anyone. . . THAT bit. That. .. That is too heavy of a weight for others." Alex considered that he was a safer bet, while he connected with his family easily personally he never had the chance to meet or experience the young girl before her original demise. The others, they were still heavily effected to this day by it and needless to say that was not a burden of guilt and regret he wanted to heap on anyone.
  9. "Well, you have me there." Alex admitted honestly and with no hint of shame what-so-ever, he didn't find a need to be ashamed of ignorance if one was seeking to correct it after all. "I don't know and though you aren't like the eternal people, the slight experiences I do have with those relative regardless have me more in thought on figuring each person out." Even now he hadn't fully judged Elscia, she was creepy for sure, but there was some form of damage on the inside that he very well couldn't weigh entirely on her. All that she'd ever want? It sounded like complacency but perhaps it was more so because it felt more like a choice 'already chosen'. A kind of life he couldn't fathom not being able to make the choice even more so knowing that there were infinite possibilities to anything. The subtilty that is choice. Just then, as the expression changed on her face a pang of remorse rang within himself. Maybe he was too soft? Too good hearted? But it was something that caused him to gain a better understanding regardless. But her outburst came quick and hard, not enough time for him to collect his thoughts and what he would have wanted to say before she had already quickly left the scene. "I'm not sure if she 'deserves better', but. . . Her pain definitely eats away at her." His eyes drifted skyward in thought then nodded almost as if he made a self-decision, he wasn't one easily 'polluted' by the words of people. First and foremost knowledge and understanding had been his friend since being brought into this crazy world of Sorcerer's. "Not sure what to even do with that, haha..." The laughter was weak as contemplation attempted to set in before the more pertinent questions and thoughts came into mind, barrel rolling. The softness in Bethianna's voice tempered him, this much was too, perhaps it was more of a sign not of just the truth of the matter but that there had been potentially 'more'. "I have been wondering the 'why' for a while. But you're not one to give answers unless necessary." Or forced, this was the latter, a forced admission. Would she have told him eventually or would he have stumbled over it? "Something also tells me there is a big story behind it all, so I'll start with what happened with your brother? Er. .. If it isn't too much to ask, of course. I'm not the type that'd one to pull open a wound but it'd help me understand more. At least better to know the position and reason." Alexander turned his full attention towards the red-haired woman before adding in. "Now that I think about it. . . She said 'Violet'? Which I guess you can see my confusion there. You being of the Green and all."
  10. Both of Alexander's hands rose up as if he were surrendering instantly, he wasn't a fighter that was for sure and he had no intention of 'ratting her out' so to speak. "Is that what you think fashion is? Girly?" His hands shift through the raven locks on the top of his hair, everyone had their own perspective he supposed but that hadn't been his take what so ever. "And are you always this nice?" A light joke but he was used to the very abrasive nature of Sturts one way or another, she seemed much more similar to Gerry that it was like looking at a younger version of the young teen. "Anything creative is worth exploring, it isn't a matter of gender to me. Can't speak for others but I'm a kind of guy that supports the arts in every form." Painting, Music, pottery, Fashion - These were thing that he found important to a culture, that it not only built it up but helped to define the purpose behind the person. A story, as Frankie had told him before about her own passion for fashion. As for Teddy's past he didn't know much of it, not the type to take in idle gossiping or even imply about it to another person. Unlike others he was too social to not hear it directly from the horses mouth, someone should always be given the preference of telling what they wanted to tell and how much of it to someone. If others tell your tale before you do then it often lessened the weight it could come off as in terms of meaning, after all. "I never said you were going to pay for it. Hey, beating the statistic sometimes means getting into the frivolity. I offered because of the fact I like seeing the talent in people, like to see what they're going to do with and express themselves with it." He pulled the guitar from his shoulder and settled it down next to him as he started to sit and relax. Something he had found it harder and harder to do most days, if he were being honest. "So, putting yourself through college, have a view years to plan that. What have you gotten so far? Might be able to help out? A couple of ideas here and there."
  11. The Garden had typically been his haunt, since the start of his year in Tallygarunga and yet the reason behind it had always changed. Before a sense of serenity and respect, to respect and a slight case of sorrow, and now? Now, he was on the precipice of sorrow and disbelief, partial bit of personal lamentation and even a seething annoyance towards his mother. As if she didn't already hold an abundant amount of it coming from his direction. He had arrived earlier in the day and mostly just sat quietly even with his well known guitar, 'Sapphire', sitting upon his lap draped across. He wore a jean jacket that held fur-padding on the inside of it which kept him stylish yet warm. A style that he thought befitting of him and his usually 'cool and collective' countenance. Alexander, however, was never a person to shy away from the prickly sort and in rare occasions seemed to understand them more than those that constantly were on the more bubbly or optimistic side. An irony, really, since he understood he held a sense of optimism about himself as well - for reasons, of course. It was due to the generally quiet atmosphere that he could hear the sound of foot steps along the withering grass, and had that been some kind of page being turned? This was a odd place to study wasn't it? As he started to stand up he followed the sound of the noise, like a cat curious on what the new object in the area would be. To his surprise, it had been the overtly vocal 'Teddy'. It seemed she even had a bit of interest in fashion which it was good for him that he had a bit of understanding and breakdown from a friend who shared the similar passion. "Secretly a fashionista, huh? Scandalous." His voice smoothed out in a light manner, his arm looped through the strap of his guitar while only giving a light glance at the work she had been penning. He respected the arts and creativity and often knew many creators didn't want their works of art to be laid out so soon on a rough draft, before its time. "You know, if you need some good fabrics and stuff, I know a few people that can probably get it." And then some, he had been fortunate enough in life to make the kinds of connections he had simply from relations - And his own inquisitive nature.
  12. "Mm, This is true! The basics are always important. Many times when people hit some kind of pinnacle they end up messing up all due to missing the basics." Alex gave a gentle nod towards Brinley, in agreement, before adding on. "But with experimentation, at least in most cases, they rely on the basics. Just in the way of understanding it to its fullest." This wasn't always the case, that much he knew, more than enough potion makers accidentally tossed themselves up in a liquid bomb because of being too cocky to the point of ignorance. He rubbed the base of his chin with a growing smile that donned on his face. "Of course! Though I only use a smaller pinch than what most would usually use. The tough bit that most tend to gloss over is the consideration for naturally weaker immune systems. Rare, but a slight consideration that I've had to make." Even more so recently, it was subtle but he could feel the heaviness of his old conditions trying to peek through. At the rate he was going he'd probably end up tapping into one of his people, preferably, the woman whom had been a caretaker for him. "Hmm. . . Belladonna. . . With a fierce venom - snakes or spiders - that probably could have been a major inspiration. The quick active effect along with the impact of venom on the system definitely would give legitimacy to that claim." The shift in expression, that was something he didn't expect, yet the irony didn't leave him either. The Sturts he met tended to be interested or some form of connection to potions, they also, tended to have this odd passion for it beyond the need for necessity. For him, his inspiration came for the need and want for survival. "I do, but I also have. . . Unique view on it for many reasons." He glanced back towards him with a smile. It wasn't an attempt to be vague but there were many, many reasons on why he was led towards it. It was other than the fact he could somewhat 'see' the strands of fate, albeit, it was always incomplete - Imperfect. "But whether if guided by talent or by innate ability, you're right it is imprecise. I think the idea of it has always been to be able to see your own future and take the steps towards it - never to be defined by it but choosing to define it. If that makes sense?" He scratched the back of his head a bit almost as if he could have confused himself in the word-scuffle. "Some take it too lightly or too seriously, the main important impact to take from it is that there are many paths - choices. Up to the person to see them and grab them, some paths kind of seem the only way at times. But I can tell you more often than not? That isn't the case."
  13. Granted, every house held its 'weirdness', so far he found that the most intriguing of all of them had been Flinder's and their increasing brightness and optimism. Well, at least some of those within that particular house. He hadn't forgotten the way the one called Aiden looked when Lorelei had fallen into a coma, maybe he should check up on him? At any rate his head lightly shook with a small smile still at the forefront of his expression. "It all sounds a bit crazy, I admit, but as things get working in the greased wheel it will all make sense and become second nature." Unless, of course, one fought against the change itself. He had no idea if Brinley was the sort for that but that what being a watchful mentor of sorts was intended to be, wasn't it? "I honestly only knew of about one-hundred. - The experimental stuff is more up my alley for one reason or another." Ever since the massive changes within his life he had been developing towards the medical field and while it meant a bit more of a push in his studies of potions, alchemy, and ingredients that are complimentary, those that are a waste or worse together. It had been all to the ends of first treating the pain before being able to treat a symptom of his current state of being that he wasn't sure how to even go about towards managing it. "Actually, make a few of my own pain relief stuff. Chronic pains that have a range of intensity. Sometimes its lessens it, other times dulls it. I tend to use the shells for a casing and the bodies various bits for more thickness." As long as he went about it without the 'Wizards touch' he wouldn't get hit with the backdraft of 'ouch'. There seemed to be an odd silence that it was enough to catch Alexander's attention as his oddly cobalt eyes narrowed towards Brinley. What was his story? There seemed to be a heaviness there and it was something that he hadn't been able to fully been able to unhinge. He was certainly pent up, that much he noticed seemed to be a trait of many Sturt's, oddly enough. But so was this heavy ever foreboding pain that often never left their lips unless pushed, angered, or genuine trust had been developed. There was a time and place, time in this case, was necessary for the newly arrived young man to get an idea and comfortability. "I imagine, some do. Everyone has a fate that they must walk and sometimes other people and the weight and force of what society presses down obliterates that very fate." There was nothing worse than missing the proper course, that ones fate was altered or changed from the larger design and purpose they could have had. The impact that could have set the world in a productive course, alas, not every fate is 'Light' or 'Good' evil and darkness, these things needed to exist. "Now? They're free to make their choices, set their feet where their heart leads them. They have this ability to now experience a life they'd never know other wise, a chance to -truly- decide. But, you know, some might not do it out of fear or even just because they still know nothing else." He rubbed the back of his neck as they made their way into the Great Hall and he rubbed the back of his neck as if the very thought of people not being able to grasp outwards in courage was heavy on his shoulders. "That's what kind of makes Tallygarunga an amazing school, choice and chance. Some people here maybe on their last chance, no fault of their own, just. . .The way life lines up sometimes. But one thing I have been able to suss out a bit is that everyone who ends up here, is intended to be here for one reason or another." They weren't out of their fate, not yet, this was just a proving grounds.
  14. "Oh, Family is one thing." Snakes trying to inject venom into the veins? That was something entirely different and he personally wasn't on board the train Elscia was driving, looked as if it could crash at any moment with her at the helm. It did make sense to him why Bethianna would potentially force the woman to choose her wizarding side, after all, was this the kind person that needed access to longevity? The havoc she could wreck now could last a long time, but in never seeing an end it could last for eternity. "Ah, but what am I saying, I'm sure you know how crazy women can be about stuff." Mostly because -she- was a crazy woman, but he wasn't about to poke the bear on THAT one. If it hadn't been for Elscia's own open admittance of her choice of being a Wizard, Alexander wouldn't have even noticed the difference with the way she chose to use her words and knowledge as a form of weapon. Albeit, it seemed more like a blunted blade in the presence of Bethianna, yet not so much for himself. Yes, he was sure, while it was to annoy the woman he could consider a caretaker it was more intender to shove a blade deep within himself. She was a cold and cruel individual and it seemed he was stuck holding this bag of a secret. Something he knew his Mother wouldn't be too keen on having him, of all people, know. As he looked towards Bethianna at the final words a slight rub of the back of his neck formed, he hadn't considered that Caleb could have potentially been within his own shoes. But it made sense, the way she asked of him to watch over the young wizard, trapped in a family where he is the one forced to age. It was a weight he would ask of no person to wield and a softer sigh escaped. "Well, it's lucky he didn't need to. He didn't need the years on top of years of pain that culminated with it. While the larger pain is at the end of life I would rather he enjoy and make the most of it without worrying if it would truly be his last." His words were spoken with a form of care and yet protection of the choices made, he wouldn't change the course of them. Did he want to be in pain himself? No, he wasn't that kind of a masochist. But he was a protector and if he was the one that needed to endure that pain if only to save his family from it, if only to save Caleb from it? He would. Yet, what followed, was his usual bright smile. That one some could consider a 'Rockstar' or 'Popstar's' grin that bore on his face as he gave a side-glance towards Bethianna then back towards Elscia. It seemed like she didn't hadn't caught on to the small nuggets he had gifted to her graciously, more so than what he would have wanted and so he kept any enlightenment on it to himself. He was intended to be incognito and that was how it had to be, he could break the surprise to her if he managed to crawl out of the ditch. "Oh, you're right, there is a lot I'd like to know. Secrets, hidden knowledge, all the related jazz? Not my kind of thing. Funny how the perception of family can be so much different based on culture, necessity and expectancy. . ." His dulled eyes shifted towards the grandeur that had been L'Arindelle. "And maybe you would be more agreeable but at what cost? To what true end are your motives?" Alexander's head shook denying this chance of enticement, this temptation, while curiosity had always been a major part of him - Inquisitiveness in trying to find out the truth of the world around him even as it tried to develop too quickly for him to catch on. He had always learned to prize his relationships above that which would grant him momentary satisfaction, that brief nugget of knowledge was a well of decay. Especially from this particular source. "My sister may hide stuff from me but it is never with the true intention behind it like our Mother, nor, is it like Aunty Bethianna's." Though, there had been odd similarities behind it to the latter. He wasn't going to tell Adele that she'd probably cringe more than when he said 'I love you'. "But I know I'll be told in time, when it matters when it comes to my Elder's who chose to involve me in their lives. I have no doubt your Mother will tell me what her reasons are eventually." When? He would never know, it could be well after his Acceptance, it could be right before when the uncertainty of it would prompt for one final understanding piece of the woman.
  15. "Ha! Yea, I guess it does at that!" Alexander held an amused smirk which only dimmed once Elscia had stepped onto the scene. There was something off about it all and he had to attribute it potentially to the same reason why he and his own biological mother were 'Strained'. Even to the way that Bethianna's frown formed from which he witnessed from the peripheral version which gave an impression of the true connection of this mother-daughter pair. "You have. . .?" As the woman continued his face shifted into one of partial annoyance as well as curiosity. This sudden biting feeling in his mind wasn't due to Elscia, though she could be the type to rub other the wrong way intentionally. It had been the simple fact that Lillian even talked about him, even brought him up as some kind of subject, yet, for what reason? "Really? Mother told you all of that about me? Gotta' say, I'm touched, deeply. " A hint of sarcasm in his words towards the end while he wrapped his mind behind reasons that he couldn't fathom. "Eyes. . .? What's wr-" He nearly forgot about the contacts and instantly shut his mouth, letting her droll on. Even without him commenting on whether he made a 'choice' he knew that if she was as sharp as all the others she'd potentially catch on, he hadn't made a choice yet. "I wouldn't really say we're the same. I'm too social and the whole cloak and dagger bit that others like to play just isn't my kind of style!" The level of creepiness she had been exuding was amped up in his mind, there were various levels and he had just placed her below the twins from 'The Shining' book. "The others aren't so bad though, everyone has their quirks and issues but they're good people - Been good to me and I'm practically a stranger." She may have known them longer but he understood his family deep enough to know they all had their troubles but Eternity focus wasn't one of their flaws. Maybe, eventually, but not yet. "Not so bad. Aunty Bethianna is pretty cool and hey, sometimes being a project helps to see some neat things." He knew he was more than just a 'Simple project', even if it had been a reason he didn't mind for the previous reason but also because there needed to be someone to understand and find a way for the Males to survive better. Even if the chance wasn't certain bettering the chances, bettering the need to be independent rather than dependent was a necessary thing. Alexander, personally, hated being so dependent on the others. He felt like a burden, perhaps a reason why he has been so focused on being helpful to Adele when he could - to be something other than weight. An eyebrow arched upwards - how much did Elscia know? The name at first spoken was foreign to him. But unfortunately, the lid was spoken and he had already been prithee to enough small details that small gears in his mind began to connect the pieces. 'Lauren' - As in the child of Adele and Alan but he didn't understand. Infusion? His mind skipped back to the discussion he had with Bethianna before, about Lillian's choice to use 'The Brown' and it all started to make more sense. 'Merlin's Freaking Toadstools. . .!?' His hand rubbed at the temple of his head being hit with another bit of information he didn't need to know, that he didn't want to know - because he understood now he couldn't open his mouth. It needed to stay locked deep inside a knowledge never fettered towards one of the few people he had grown to trust. If this was what it was like to keep something crucially important for someone for their own sake? He no longer found fault in Adele's decision involving the deeper understanding of their shared heritage. Alexander hadn't moved as Elscia squeezed his shoulder. He let out a slight smile as friendly as it may have seemed it was more of one that held a sort of roguishness to it. "I think many people are secretive regardless. But. . . Sorry~ To say two things, first being, I don't think my gal would enjoy such a touch! Boundaries and all." He gently took Elscia's hand and lifted it from his shoulder to settle it down at her side. "And second, You're kind of assuming a lot, aren't you?" He left it at that for her to figure out more.