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  1. Due to circumstances he was more. . . Partial towards book reading and piecing together theories and different ideas. Just something that seemed to come naturally towards him at this point without much forethought. Study was what he had to make as his bread and butter in order to gain passing marks so leaning into it a bit more seemed the better choice and option to get through the life of a student. Though that rhetorical question she had asked actually gave him a quiet countenance, something rare in the young man. What had been constraining him? Well, if he had to put a finger on it . . .So much more than he could ever know. Either by self ignorance or forced ignorance. The prospect that the runes could offer much more knowledge when strung together gave a few things in mind that he could use them for and that was the importance of this class. To further understand that very idea being explored and as he grasped the idea. Then the question followed through with what the intention of a blank rune with no 'meaning'. "Er.. . Does it really have no meaning? If thinking of it in the similar fashion of some unique tarot cards, the number 0, which could be considered blank is often the definition of everything and nothing. So. . I am guessing that's the same significance of the blank rune. That it could practically be anything in the application or things could be imprinted into it to make something." Maybe he spent way too much time with his tarot cards, that was just scary thoughts. As he searched through the basket on the table before him has hand reached through pulling out three and placing them first down onto the table before himself while staring at the clay imprints. What would be on the other side? He wasn't entirely sure.
  2. "Awesome!" He had dabbled a bit in classical instruments in terms of knowledge and how they'd play, some he had even used as part of his musical background along with the guitar. But the very idea of classical music in all of its entirety was a slight uniqueness to him and he couldn't help but be excited at the prospect of it all. To actually be able to witness an entirely different genre in terms of playing and be able to partake in it? That was just a thrill like no other for him but that often came when he wanted to experience something that had been music related or aligned. "I got a loads of them! I think one of my favorites to say is 'By Morgana's Black Goopy eyes!'. Much more of a mouthful but you will definitely catch people off guard so much that you'll get a nice kick." A grin formed on his face at a few times he had people double take on some of the ways he chose to express himself. He often tried to avoid literal curse words when he could, though sometimes, they were well deserved and slipped up faster than he could filter himself. An eyebrow raised up as she suddenly brought out a writing utensil and something to write within. A though pinged in his mind as he reminded himself that he needed to pick up a notebook and pen himself. "I need to start writing some stuff myself, carry a book with me everywhere I go. Maybe even build a small notebook folder right into Sapphire on the back, that'd be pretty awesome!" A crazy idea but one that could work! "Sweet! Do I get to visit it in style? I can get like a long bedazzled trench coat, sunglasses that literally read 'Don't Mess' on the glasses. I can get this really powdered smoldering expression going. Then start pronouncing my name as 'Ale-Zander'." He tried to straighten his posture a bit as if he were some major star getting ready for a studio audition or practicing for a platinum CD. An eyebrow arched upwards as he nodded towards her with a side smile. "Yea! I think I can get that to happen! I just have to you know. . . Meet the family first and see how everything manages. I was told she'd really like me so. . Here's to hoping!" His arms arched over to look at his watch a bit as he made a slightly stiff expression of 'Yikes'. "Wooooah! Have we been here that long. . .? Ah, Sugar Bumps. I need to head out. I promised my nephew I'd stop by and see him. Oh, hey, during lunch time we can work out a good time to start working in the studio! Get some good music time in. I have a few folks you might love to meet that are music inclined too. I'll tell you about them when we meet up next."
  3. When he wanted he could have quite the macabre humor, especially when it came to his own health. Not that he had intentionally designed to be so flippant about it but dwelling on it had always been one feeling, despair. Never, had it been a sign of hope and even in this moment where there had been a chance there was still so much more that was unknown for him other than needing to be selfish, as his Mother placed it. Her huffed expulsion didn't escape from him and his hand weaved through her hair lovingly as a smile pressed on his face still looking towards the ceiling. "Yea, I know, I mean. . . I had considered stopping the performance for a bit at least until I got settled into seeing just how intense all the learning would be. I'm hoping with a better health means that I actually will have time I can spend not laying down, or resting, or seeing a doctor. Doctors can be creepy, which I guess is why I'd fit as one. These eyes, creepy business!" He did really like his eyes though, not so much the person who gifted it to him but. . . They were beautiful and he had met some other extremely lovely people who had the same eyes. So, maybe not everyone was like his mother which gave him a lot more hope with connecting to everyone else. Granted, there were some he instantly just seemed to have connected to without much hesitation. "I need a plan, definitely, either way. I can't live like an orphan under you and your Aunt's good graces forever." Well, depending, he -could- technically. . . But that wasn't what he wanted. He knew he'd need to get out and on his feet, a place of his own. Then the smack came and he winced a bit. "Yeowch! Mad kitty!" That was an unimpressed Cass if he's ever seen one! "There's not much I can do on it yet, Cassy Cat! All that I can do, I have done for the moment. I need knowledge and it isn't something that will suddenly happen. It's. . . Going to be an arduous process and sure, I have theories to help with it but before I can start going through them I still need to see what I can get from the one who saved me." That's the best way he could explain it, he was in a waiting zone - Purgatory. His hand reached over to cup her cheek and his usual smile pierced through. "Now, did I ever insinuate that you -would- lose me? We need to have those five kids and a pet dog. " He needed to put a ring on that finger, though she didn't need to know that tidbit just yet. . .That he had a surprise for when everything seemed right, proper. "No, people just give me the stink eye because I am with the sexiest woman walking this world." That was his honest opinion and he was sticking to it. He leaned inwards to press his lips firmly against Cassandra's letting the kiss linger before he dipped his teeth right at her low lip and pulled at it slightly before letting go. "Plus, I am trying to make sure it never has to come to that. It's also why . . . Part of me wants to work for the Ministry. I think I can really champion genuine efforts towards people that aren't Human's or are part-human. To have something so much less. . . Degrading used as a categorical generalization. People should be known as people and while heritage is important it shouldn't define how others look. I may not be able to change the world in a sweeping motion but I can help set up policies, programs, understanding." Humans, they were finite like many other races but in the end they held such numbers and strength of will that they conquered without care of others. Trampling on the lives, Elves, being the most recent example in history. Even then, they had recently been given the true worth of freedom and struggled. "It will take years, new generations, new mindsets. But I'd get there." "Hey, hey, That's my catch phrase! Get your own sexy red-head!" Alex playfully huffed at her as if he had been robbed of his usual's. Though hearing her say they'd have to get through her. . . That's what he was afraid of. "No, you weirdo. . . If anything would happen to you I don't know what I'd do. Don't go off trying to stop thieves." She was one of his treasures.
  4. Eyes fluttered several times as he stepped outside with a nice hay woven hate that extended out on his head. He made it work and it worked him, the sun wasn't touching this lovely face without a fight! As he approached the stone encirclement his eyebrows arched upwards at how it had been designed, did this guy make up in the morning thinking up the most unorthodox things in the world? Not that he minded it added more fun to the course but there had still been that lingering issue of practical magic which wasn't sitting well with him after each step taken closer to where the class would gather up in order to hear out the first bout of instructions. "Arena. . .?" He questioned while looking back at the various materials and how wide the circle had been. This was going to be a massive raging collection of fire, wasn't it? Alexander searched around the area until he made it to a massive sign that had his named scrawled on it - Was that a note. . .? He reached out to grasp it and an eyebrow arched upwards with a smirk that danced on his lips. "Ha! Yeah, sounds like something I would do and not really consider it, doesn't it?" Wool and waxed wood, what the hell was he thinking? Chances are, it was nothing, that day had been much more hollow feeling than he had wanted to admit due to the argument but time would heal the wounds and the tension would hopefully dissipate with it. He started to shift out the wood to design a makeshift teepee and the wool sprawled out on the ground away from the wood by a few centimeters. That way they wouldn't catch the other on fire and mess up the cohesion of studying it just a bit better. He removed his wand, or really, his loan-wand and pointed it towards the wool first and a sense of hesitation drew within him. What if this didn't work? What if someone got hurt from it all? Maybe instead of practicing like a wizard he should practice as something else and intended to invoke a forcible will that would be honed towards the target, or so he thought. "Incendio!" Instead of a fireball coming out from the tip of the wand the sign that had his name lit a blaze instantly with a roaring fire, a high level fire at that. "Why is ho-" His eyes averted towards the sudden heat that grazed in a warmth at his face. "CRAP, CRAP CRAP!" He kicked the sign down into the stone and started to stomp on it fiercely as if it that would pull it out. He glanced around for a moment to find the tub of water bottles and dashed over towards it, snatching a bottle, and jettisoning back opening up the plastic top and sprawling out the liquid across the flames until it had been low enough for him to stomp out fiercely. "Shit. . ."
  5. So many questions, so many answers and yet all of it meant that he needed the time to assimilate or even if they were truly relevant. Curiosity didn't always mean that it was a need to know simply that a desire for knowledge needed to be satiated. Knowledge, it was power and even with forgotten history there was a sense of power in knowing and understanding it. He just wasn't sure what the benefit currently would be other than understanding not only more of himself but the people that he came from, the people that he had been related towards if not in blood then by power. Bethianna had been more accommodating than she needed to be, considering that she had not been blood but she had bene a savior in the literal sense of the word. Maybe all of the past didn't need to be known now, in time, everything unraveled in time and there would come a moment where it'd be laid before him. But now wasn't even remotely the true concern and he had to slowly remind his mind of such a fact. As far as it went with Lillian and what she had done with Flora. . . He wasn't sure. She was certainly a protégé of his Mother in all of the cold and knowledgeable aspects. Part of him? A bit spiteful that she was so close to the woman and he'd never be able to get to that point and yet, the irony that Bethianna still had been of a 'Mother' still didn't escape him. The question had been answered and his eyes shifted towards Adele - how much did he really not know? A hand pressed against his forehead and rubbed as if a headache had started to form. "Yea, seems to be how everything is going these days." It laid square on Adele's shoulders to teach him and he wasn't sure why and that inquisitive curiosity started to burrow within his mind even further. Where were they from? Their mother? Some other country like France? The accent was certainly similar and yet there had been something slightly off? "I guess that isn't really an important question or concern for the time being. Focus on what's in front of me, conquer that trial. That's all I need to see ahead." He needed to do it all for himself it seemed at that. Teeth bit at the inside of his mouth "Step at a time, yea? Rushing most things is a sure way to mess up and we have larger concerns at the moment that require just a deft hand and determination." A smile graced his face. In a time like this. .. Self confidence was only a step but not the sole driving force that he'd need alone.
  6. "Kind of difficult for me to say anything before someone else decides it for me, especially when I'm still trying to collect what to say in general." It took time, in the midst of the troubles words weren't always so easy and finding them so that you could find strength in yourself could be. . . Difficult. What was he supposed to go around explaining? That his father had died due to his own existence? That it actually didn't need to happen in such a way? It was a miracle that he had decided to stand even amongst all the weight, that he decided to head back to school the day after giving to break or window for true grief. Well, at least someone wasn't taking something out on his girlfriend. That was a plus so far. "If I was sending signals it wasn't to give the idea that I didn't want people around." Why did everything have to be so complicated in explanation. He was pissed off, angry, not at anyone except his Mother. Day by day it seemed some kind of new revelation had been revealed about her or by her and it gnawed at him to no end. His odd blue hues narrowed away from Frankie in consideration. At this point they would just be talking around in circles, it was a street that they both could claim and neither would be in the right. Both would be in the wrong and he knew this which caused a huffed sigh and he shook his head. "Yea, you're right. . ." It was something he'll need to get used to. The blame, the focus that he'd be the main problem. His hand weaved through his hair due to internal frustration and to keep himself from dwelling too much on this tension that had formed. These rings he stepped into with those he considered a friend often pulled out like a beating match, him being the dummy that people tended to beat on. "I'm sorry about it, alright?" Internally, he could hear someone's face probably yelling at him for apologizing. Though he shoved that deep inside, as deep as possible for the time being. Everything would be dealt in its own time and he'll find a way, his way, to deal with it all. There was just too much that he couldn't tell, there was no true loop simply something that was never his choice in every aspect. Even more so that now it didn't hinge on him alone but others whose livelihoods could be shifted in ways that he couldn't risk, not to the family that had been struggling with so much of their own problems. Importantly enough, he was trying to keep his emotions contained, not willing to risk just how much could happen if he let them run wild. As she tensed up his hand retracted away, he made her uncomfortable which was to expected he supposed and just pressed a hand back on his knee. "Lying isn't cool." He tilted his head and leaned back into the chair with his leg raised up on the other. "It's alright if you're not okay, just take it easy, pace yourself. Don't push too much or it will just get worse, bit by bit." He kept his case focused in on her, almost watching to see of any signs that maybe a tell of the indication of any true issues. Though it seemed she was still able to sit up enough and not drop back onto the bed, at least, she had some capability to stand and function of her motor skills for the most part. "Well, I don't think we ever truly know what's wrong with us, am I right?" Even he, with all of this influx of knowledge about himself, still knew diddly-squat. "We can always just head to the Hospital, get you checked out and all. I do have the card of this one doctor, really cool lady."
  7. "Please, I'm not some kind of musical dictator that sits on a throne of notes and wears a melodic cape that whistles in the wind!" A sharp intake of air through his nostrils just before it exhales forms before he gave a gentle laughter. "I'm a fan of requests, it has a multiple effects. The first is that it often teaches me how to adapt and play certain chords from muscle memory alone, to not struggle to jump right into it. The other is that it gives me the understanding that people have things they want me to sing, widens my repertoire." Then she had stated she was joking and a concerned look flashed over his face. So, she was accustomed to keeping people away? Or more directly not getting in the moment to connect and make those friends. "You don't need to joke about it, it's possible~. Though even with that serious face of yours I can see what the problem is. . . You totally need to smile more! More smiles!" A gentle and playful nudge pressed at her shoulder before he sighed a bit with a smile pressed on his lips. "Look, I'm not saying you have to jump into any of that so quickly. I get it, sometimes it takes a bit to get to know a person and it's a risk and a chance to open yourself up a bit. To let another really see parts of you." He couldn't see how a life without his friends around would be any benefit to him, They were all great in their special way and though they didn't see it themselves he could see it as plain as day. "Hey, when it's Gerry's time on the field? That's your time! I can put music down long enough to send you the best cheers around." Which was a truth, he loved music, but it wouldn't be at the cost of everything else. He'd find a way to make it work just would need time to understand true balance in that manner. Making an actual schedule that didn't hinge one 'In the moment' feelings at certain points or even just stick to writing down ideas within a notebook, actually, that would fit more of his style now that he thought in depth about the whole idea. "I plan to support the people important to me at what their passionate about. I can't be so tunnel vision on only what I want, ya know? What you enjoy is important to me too." That's what it meant when one was a friend, right? Music was his thing and those that he had connected to inspired and pushed him to follow, he had to do the same thing. "I haven't? That's. . . Good." Narrow gaze turned towards Gerry as she took the pizza from him and he gave a soft smile. "You haven't disappointed me either." Which was true, hurtful things had been said today. But that didn't mean everything would suddenly stop or have a major rock jammed into the gears. People argued and getting to the point that they could get over it showed a testament to their friendship. A shoulder bump is made into her gently while he let his smile grow. "We're stuck in one another's life. We may as well get comfortable!" Eyebrow arched upwards a bit surprised that she chose that specific song. It was catchy and definitely not one he had said he actually played but he could remember the upbeat and high form of the rhythm. "Alright. .. Check it out!" He pushed his own plate off of him by setting it on the pizza box and glanced around to find two firm twigs. As he stood up he picked them up within his hand and walked over towards the waste bin that stayed next to the bench nearby. First he started to bang the lower part of it with the inner crease of his foot to create a strong bass then started to drum at the edge of the bin's rim with the twig to add a more high pitched makeshift symbols pitch. He needed a base to start from before he started to grasp up Sapphire tightly in his hand and positioned his fingers and pressed his fingers along the strings and proceeded to play, Can't Stop the Feeling. "I got this feeling, in my bones. It goes electric wavy when I turn it on! All through my city, all through my home. We flying up, no ceiling, when we in our zone." There had bene a sway within his form even to the point of his feet moving in a dancing momentum.
  8. "The point is it does go both ways, You know." That was the whole thing with him using his phone, that there were ways to contact him. If not a phone checking by the Common room everyone practically knew him there. "Yea, I get that, but these are things I am trying to come to grips with and trying to manage myself. And you act as if I didn't tell you that Adele was my sister." That had bene one of the first things he did tell her along with the fact he had met his mother, who was, but all definitions, An Ice Queen. An eyebrow raised up and he sighed rubbing the side of his temple. He knew Cass was only trying to help him out and keep people off of his back, though no one could have expected this kind of reaction an outcome. "She was probably trying to let you know I am not suddenly ignoring people and cutting them out. A lot of stuff is just happening to be abnormally quicker than I would like. I am still trying to wrap my head around things." The look on her face started to draw the young man back from his 'defense' of himself. One thing he always hated to see was another person hurt unless they needed to give a quick slug. He had to remember not every person was an adamant raging bull that needed to be swatted on the nose to chill out and back off while he spoke his piece. "I didn't drop you Frankie. . . Never that. " He leaned forward the moment she started to coil herself up into a ball, his hands reached out to rest on her shoulder lightly. "I didn't forget about you nor did I forget that you are a friend to me, alright?" He wasn't the kind of person to just up and leave someone regardless of how they were or how they reacted to the different things. Everything had been new to him and he had just been trying to find a new way to adjust, to just find the balance or even develop a balance some how. "That's fair, I guess.. . " Maybe he was asking too much of people in general. Hoping that they'd get a better look or understanding of things? Then she went and twisted what he had been saying and he shook his head. "I'm not saying you're a bad friend, Frankie, I'm just saying it's a two way street. One person can't be accused of dropping someone if both didn't make an effort to do something before hand. That's all." It was a common sense thought to him, something he learned to grasp in the fast approaching world that ate people alive. Getting upset or angered about something never would fit in everyday wizarding life without major consequences and he had decided years ago that he'd rather just understand what people are saying rather than letting his emotions over take him. Recent events have disturbed that nature in him but not enough that he couldn't see what was before himself. His hand retracted away from her as he pressed them onto his knees. "I mean, I'm staying anyways." He wasn't too sure that she was doing well enough and he figured he could at least let the time pass until she would feel better. There had to be a length of how much he was able to give in forms of comfort, a line of respect to his relationships both intimacy and friendship wise. Keeping this in mind he reached his hand out and gently rubbed her back as she had been turned away from him. "Hey, we're all learning a bit of something when it comes to life. No one has all the answers. It's just about finding the bumps and dealing with them the best you can. Giving up? Isn't the right answer." That's how it felt, as if she were giving up the friendship suddenly. He had done his best to make sure she didn't need to see a reason for there to be a separation of them being friends, of being people who care about one another's well being. "We had a hiccup, stuff happens. We deal with it together, make sure everything is patched up and that we both have what we need to say to one another out. Then from there we can begin finding out ways to strengthen our friendship. I'm not leaving and I am certainly not going out of your life." Alexander stood up to walk over to a table with tissues and took a few bits of the lean paper and walked back to Frankie and hold it out towards her as she started to sit back down. "Regardless, through everything, you're still one of my closest friends to me."
  9. Eyelids fluttered in a constant blink and slowly a morphed expression formed on his face between confusion and hurt. Well, that was a knife in the heart amongst all things. He fished through his pocket and checked his phone and started to scroll through the list of missed calls. "I'm. . . Sorry? I don't see you actually reaching out to me?" What was with everyone around this School? Was he the only one who had the ability to reach out? The times he did it often seemed like things suddenly stopped and changed. His hand weaved through his hair as he turned a gaze away from Frankie while biting the inside of his lips. He still trying to come down from the Spite railroad after dealing with his mother which caused his head to shake in minor frustration. "I can say the same about you, Frankie. All of a sudden you're upset and mad at me, for Merlin knows what. But I'm supposed to somehow know when it's good to approach? When you're done just being upset? You never poked at me to let me know it was alright." Fingers pressed against the center of his forehead. Everything did seem to weigh on him actually being the one to do everything it seemed. "Hey, that isn't it, okay?" A defensive response at the idea that he wanted to spend more time with Cass over others. That was the second time he's had to hear it from someone, but he didn't blame them, certain details people just couldn't know. "It's not my fault people run their mouths about stuff while I'm still trying to figure everything out myself. It doesn't make others less important and she isn't the one 'taking up all my time' regardless of what others might think. I have a lot more on my plate." Like worrying about NOT dying, the small factor most seemed to forget he had been afflicted with in a lot of respects. There had also been a whole cadre of family that appeared in his life that he still needed to get a lay of the land about, to understand them better. On top of the death of his Father it seemed as if he was seeing the intensity of the 'Blame game' going on when it came to his relationships. "We are friends and yea, it's something that goes both ways. But I've just been trying to deal with things that are hitting me constantly. Though at this point I'm getting the idea no one really cares about that about me." No, It's always been people tugging at him, 'Me, me, Me'. And he often gave it, their focus. The concern and attention and yet. . . "That isn't fair, at all. Did you forget? I came looking for -you- at the Apothecary. No one ever really visits me." Which wasn't a lie, no, not once had anyone ever truly went to see him just to check on how he was doing or talk about themselves. It was either to burst in and start yelling at him or to play the fact that he hadn't been around, as if they sought him out. As if they contacted him and he responded with a 'I'll check you later!'. Even now, he came to her, to check up on her. "And I think about our meeting all the time. Hell, I've even been reaching out to people I know to help start your guerrilla fashion show. Even to the point that I actually know a few people who could fund it no problem so that you have the best materials and setup." He knew his Niece was as much fan of the Arts as he was and would jump at the idea in a heart beat. Probably would hop on stage herself. Alexander started to wad up a small paper form the nearby table into a ball and flung it towards Frankie's head. "You're fooling yourself if you think that. It's as if you stopped caring to even know who I am, stopped even really thinking about me. Just pushed me to the side. I -do- care about you, a lot. I'm sitting here in the one place I would hate the most right now in my life. Checking up on you. Why don't you do the math on that one?" The last thing, literally, the last thing, he ever wanted to be in at the moment was here. Even the empty cots gave him nothing but memories of watching his father pass away right before his eyes. "You're one of my dearest friends, I don't forget those people. Not the ones who stood by me and tried to help me out."
  10. His eyes seemed to avert towards the ceiling as if to study it for a secret manuscript. Like it would give some profound answer or understanding that he could impart on to the woman but it wasn't so simple for him. "Much, much more." Was there anyway for him to even emphasis it? To give it an idea behind it all? "Day by day it's getting slightly more worse. Enough that's its becoming halting some days. More blood." As much as the medicine he had received from Frankie's parents had helped reduce the pain it didn't fully dull it and he had an idea that it wasn't so much halting the pain as much as it was just numbing his ability to even receive it. Meaning his body still was going through with it entirely. "It's why I'm scrambling for information as much as I can. Not sure when the ticking will start to grow even slower." Sometimes it felt like there was a massive clock within his body and he could hear the hand grind against the gears obnoxiously. A gaze shifted towards her as he raised an eyebrow, had he never really told her? Awkward. . . "Ah, well. . . I had put in some thought on becoming a Doctor. I'd be less sick and able to actually handle the studies and pass. I don't think I'm really fit for something in Government way too defiant." He grinned towards her to add a bit of a joke to lesson the inevitable tension that'd follow after him speaking about how much pain he had been. "Though I guess I could see myself as some kind of Minister, at least, for a little while. Who better to champion for other races than someone in a position to see the stigma? The hurt and fear that'd follow? Plus I'm really good with people so I think I'd need to get into something that involved connecting with them." Some just seemed to gravitate towards him even willing to hear him out once in a while. He never degraded someone and made sure never to bring them out to the light and beat them with it. Most importantly, he understood there were different personalities and he had an enduring one, much more than most people he had been acquaintance to. A slight snort took notice as he shook his head lightly. "I get they care but. . . Hrm. . . Never mind." He didn't want to make it seem as if all their work was for naught or pointless or that their care hadn't been wanted. He was touched, truly, by the length many of them had went for his comfort. Yet, it was fleeting, in a few days it pushed out because of the constant warring. "I'm just hoping that Adele's Step mother has some answers for me, something, anything. Even just a bit more knowledge is a step forward. " Eyelids slowly slid closed and he took in a sharp course of air into his nostrils. "Hahaha, It takes a certain kind of person to deal with that attitude of yours and enjoy every bit of it. Just be lucky I'm just that awesome and people love me for it." One of his eyelids slid open to glance towards Cassandra with a smirk that twitched. A grunt followed through with a shrug. "Nuh uh. Besides, it isn't like I can deal with it right this moment yet. While her problem is here and tangible! Means she takes priority until otherwise stated! Sorry, you've been vetoed here, Lover." His hand reached around to playfully smack her rear while he looked over to watch it jiggle. Ah, yes, that's the stuff. "Well, at least not the modern wizarding world I guess? The issue with every race, civilization, hidden or not. . . There is always a remnant around that could lead to them. Something we learn in historical classes. How scarce it is? That's the major difference even as years span on and on, less evidence, more forgotten information. At least by those that have lost the means to investigate." He certainly didn't know much of it and he didn't expect many others did unless they were perhaps as old as his own Mother. "Hahaha, yea, we get the lucky break there don't we. . .? Yet we get the curse of even more living the second life, a lie. Never able to truly being honest or close with people, not truly close anyways. There will always be that wall knowing that a person could never truly know you or that you know yourself as a liar and a fraud." A fraud, on so many levels. "I suppose it's one reason why you and I work so well together, huh? Haha. You understand a bit, albeit, you're REALLY bad at not showing people your kitty paws!" A finger poked at her bare stomach but slowly he started to trace along it circling her belly button tenderly. "No one will understand me in the ways of secrecy like you do. . ." "You know what they say! Get yours, get what you want!" He smiled widely but then shook his head lightly. "You have no idea if there is a ring or not. Maybe there is? Maybe there isn't? Unlucky for you, you can't check my mind! Bwahahahaha." He hadn't, not like he had the time at the moment to do so. But if he did he knew exactly how he'd have it designed. Though he also never had considered that such an idea would be so appealing to him. Never having dating had been a factor in this but there had also been the whole thought and mindset that at moment he could drop dead and now that he knew that a slim chance was around. . . He found he wanted so much more that the world had to offer him. That he wanted to grasp for it and take it all for himself and keep it in the thimble box that was his life. "If I were using the cards alone yea, but I used them as a deep medium. The other way that comes to me is prophecy by dreams but they're a bit vague and often distorted because of my blood. There is one that haunts me of late, shadows constantly moving - I know they took something yet know not what. All I know is that they're thieves of the most grievous nature." There were hazed figures and never apparent even their faces were distorted beyond a degree he could never penetrate. What they took is never certain aside form its preciousness. A treasure? An artifact? "The strands of fate, however, are always changing. Never constant and the slightest change in how people walk changes the perception that can appear before me. "
  11. Alexander offered a soft chuckle at her insistence of it not being a formal setting or environment. "Hey, you never know, sometimes it's good to just keep up certain pretenses!" A sly wink was shot her way while he pressed his hands into the pocket of his pants to keep them contained along with it being just a comfortable action to do for him. "Oh. . . Hehe, they're two of the most awesome people around, honestly! I'm touched that they have me in their thoughts, I do need to stop by. I can't be a stranger's face to you all." Everything had gotten extremely complicated lately between finding an entire brood of family while also dealing with the situation of his Mother and Bethianna, it was all just very mind cluttering and a lot to piece together. If only she understood how important she had been to him and to have her distance herself away as she did. . . Perhaps it was he who did the distancing? Either way, he felt as he lost a good friend or lessened the link that the two held. In a place where one didn't have that many friends a single lost was a severe hit in staying connected to everything that had been happening, a connection to a less chaotic world. Though it had been the cost of telling people a partial truth about himself, that he was in a state of dying and nothing involving traditional medicine held a chance of working. He held her as a dear friend even when things didn't seem to be as intense as one might expect. He was new to it all, how was he supposed to deal or approach someone that had been upset at him? The only exposure he had gain of that magnitude had been Gerry and that one was like stepping on shallow ice waiting for everything to crack and unfold on top of it like a devouring and suffocating chilling wave of rage. "Some more rest? What? Pulling all night study sessions? You need to do better with that. I know you want to be the next big thing since potions! But a step a time you, know!" Alex offered a joke filled tone while he started to fix his posture while sitting in the chair. "Seriously, don't push yourself too much, alright, Frankie? It can be much more costly to you." Said the pot to the kettle, though this wasn't about how stubborn he could be in certain instances. What brought him there? An expression of confusion and bewilderment formed on his face. Was. . . He not supposed to check up on a friend? "I . . Was coming to see how my friend was doing? You looked as if you were going through a pretty rough situation and wanted to make sure I caught you after I finished up some of my coursework stuff. Just to see how you were doing and if you needed anything." If anything he had learned over the last few weeks about interacting with people it was often better to be more opened and honest than wait for the final moment to bring something up. Deal with the wrath now, miss the huge brunt of a build up later. At least that only applied to certain things within life. "Unless you don't want me here. . .? I mean, I understand, we haven't really been in contact with one another both ways and a lot probably has happened between the two of us since the last time we talked."
  12. Dealing with anything Hospital connected had been a rough sell for him on the inside even if it was just the Hospital wing at the school. He had spent most of the day keeping his mind focused on other activities that needed to be handled. Things like homework needing to be recorded, stuff that he had to catch up on due to being absent for a good chunk of time, even messing around with Sapphire to keep her well tuned in case he needed to put her through the proper paces. Making sure he at least shot a text here and there to some of his relatives just to build up some form of rapport with them that wouldn't be so. . . Awkward. Which always was but that was another situation all of its own that he'd have to deal with eventually. Alexander moved through the halls and all of its twist and curves, the staircases that felt like someone had wanted to torture every single toe and foot that existed and went through the school. "Who in the world decided it was a good idea to have stairs EVERYWHERE!? Wizards are always so dang crazy. . . 'Yes! Lets make everything longer! BIGGER! OBNOXIOUS!" He huffed to himself as he pushed down the corridor. Until he finally made it to one of the rooms that were set aside for those with some form of illness or wanted to escape classes for their 'Sickness'. Frankie had been pestered by himself and Cass on making sure she took care of himself and earlier in the Hall he'd noticed she wasn't looking too hot. The symptoms were highly odd even by his own standards but he figured it could have been soem kind of bug that she caught considering that her parents ran a shop intended to heal the sick and nurture them. He'd been standing in the door way a bit with his arms crossed waiting for the A-Okay from the staff to proceed on in, once that had been dealt with he moved further into the room where Frankie had been there to greet him. It'd been. . . A while, since he had seen Frankie and he wasn't sure exactly how their next meeting would have been. Wasn't sure if she was still upset at him. "Hey there yourself Ma'dam Sick" Lightly he joked while his smile pressed upwards and he pulled a chair over to sit down a bit in front of her as she had been positioned on a cot. "I actually have been feeling a lot better, your Dad's medicine has been working wonders for me." It was a white lie, while it had reduced the pain it didn't clear up the problem. No, that could only be done by one of his relatives and they seemed to enjoy just running up to him and making sure he knew that they were going to keep doing it. Snickering emitted from him as he leaned back in the chair and crossed his legs over one another. "Oh, everyone knows now. But I wouldn't worry about them too much, the eggs are abysmal. I swore I saw an eggshell in all of that yoke on mines. Even had a bit of a crunch to it! I mean I like resistant food as much as the next person but that isn't the kind of kick I wanted to expect." His shoulders shrugged comedically before he fixed his posture to plant both feet back on the floor and leaned in to inspect Frankie's face and make sure she was actually feeling better before asking. "Now how are you -really- feeling, Frankie? Throwing up at the sudden notice of food? That's a bit abnormal isn't it? You don't have some kind of stomach bug do you? Or did your parents take in anyone with those symptoms?"
  13. Alexander snickered at her as he shook his head. "I know, I know. " Even if they were by law adults it wasn't something that meant automatic maturity or even the best of choices. Then again, Adults had made some of the worse choices he'd ever known so at least he wasn't at that level yet. Bright side! He didn't see this as a right or wrong thing, however, his view had been life occurred and things happen. You deal with them grow and take care of ones responsibilities and he had always been about making sure he did what ever was necessary for what he had caused or been apart of creating. If this meant a baby formed. ..? Then he'd know to get a job, to provide, while still trying to follow a dream and career. It would be difficult but no more difficult than what he had already been dealing with. "It's painful as hell is what it is but I've always just figured if I manage to get this far I can keep going far. It hasn't changed, not even a bit. Well, except the pain, that is much more intense." Meant his time to decide was going to be forced one way or another. "I'd be more proud to be able to actually do more stuff to be proud of, that's the honest truth. " All he could do is play music all he could ever do was the minimum because of his possible flare ups and health reasons. "Sooner than I might think depending. I know enough that I have about maximum this full year, if I don't, the choice will be made for me." His understanding had been if he didn't choose both would fight and it would be infinitely much worse, THAT, instance he knew he wouldn't survive no matter how much he wanted to do so. It'd be a literal war raging about like a torrent. Death would be soon after that which made the Acceptance the only true option and possibility of success. "Sweet? Haha, I guess it is, yea... Lei made it possible for me to play at my best at the Party, and Jez pretty much forced it on me too back at the Dinner." It was more accurate to say it wasn't much of a choice on both ends. "Cocky red-heads! This is what this household breeds!? I'm considered for my safety living here!" That was still a shock to him on a different level. He felt he shouldn't have been intruding, that he should be elsewhere onw here he stayed. But the spunky woman had convinced him otherwise. "Not true! It's fully my business! Yea, she's an adult and all that and has to make her choices. . . But she's still my sister. I missed out on years making sure she was alright, not making bad choices." Merlin knows she made bad choices! "I know the two of them could work it out but even so I think they compliment each other. But you're right her and Caleb would be safer there, I'd worry less. I'm not too concerned about myself. I'm an unknown factor so I am still relatively safe." He wasn't going to bring up how he'd protect himself once ousted, however, he didn't want to bring that to Cass and Cate's door and the thought of it caused his eyes to narrow slightly. "Though I will do what I need to do always for my family." That had still expanded to Cassandra and Caitlin. "You taste like it a bit too." His eyebrows wagged. Him and his suggestive dirty considerations. His arms continued to envelope her, he'd always knew that there was a safety within his presence both physical and atmosphere connected when it came to her comfort. At least, ever since they had been within the Memorial Garden and the following day of valentines where he had held her and made her feel safer. To see her shift to a defensive state made a pang of guilt hit him. "No, I didn't mean to. . . It isn't just that. It's because I don't know what Mother would do. She's too much of an enigma for me to pick apart." Which was saying a lot, one of Alex's talents had been to easily decipher a person without much effort. "I know I am... I'm sorry about that. It isn't my style, who I am, yet I have to. It's hard and difficult and having to consciously mind everything can be mentally exhausting. " Chuckling formed from him as well as he raised an eyebrow towards Cass. "Already on the we're getting married train now too, huh?" The joke may have appeared from his lips but a flutter took place in his chest at the prospect. To marry this woman. . . He wouldn't be against it. "Then we'll just have to plan the best wedding ever." The punch came and slight yelp formed as he grinned and laughed at her more. "I'm sorry but that look, it was goooold. " He grinned at her as he started to move closer once more. "You can never throw the cards away! Bwahahaha!" His armed flexed a bit but then shook his head lightly. "Well~ I could always do a reading to actually see it, or attempt to see it. Though now I wonder. . . If my Seer as abilities come from my Father or not. . . If so then I'll lose them forever." Which meant people would need to get the best out of them that they could even with the limited ability.
  14. Alex glanced over towards Gerry with a small smile as he waved. "Hey there, Gerry, glad to see you up and about." He'd then been poked by Cassandra as his head leaned back far enough to look at his girlfriends face. The mouthed words formed as he sighed briefly and shook his head it wasn't so simple since he knew this was another practical magic course on an intensive level. There was no guarantee of safety his own or anyone else's and the stress of knowing he had to be exceedingly more aware as well as expectant that anything or nothing can occur weighed heavily inside of him. Then he started to fix his posture and stare at Caitlin after everyone's introductions had filed on through. The Dark Arts. . . It seemed anything can morph the purpose of a spell by simply adding the intention behind it. Not that he didn't know that but hearing it spoken in such a severe tone did bring it a bit further into perspective. Consideration came more from the difference in continent and experience that the Professor had to under go in order to became so iron clad about its usages. Even to the point of focusing on the deadliness of one unforgivable curse and how it held no good purpose to be used beyond what it was truly capable of managing. It sent a brief shiver down his spine and his head shook lightly. Love was a strength? He did his utmost not to look back at Cass like some kind of smitten goober but it was a reaction that was hard to keep from occurring. At least, until the Professor asked if anyone had actually performed a Patronus before and then his gaze shifted away entirely, Cast it? He could barely cast a Patro-Lift-Us charm without catching something on fire. A hand pressed against his face as he rubbed at his cheek gaining more cautious at the mere thought that now he had to practice it. This wasn't going to be good, not at all.
  15. That was a fair assessment towards his question! While he wasn't ignorant of a few things here and there some stuff did manage to slip under the radar or even not come across his perusal. Too many things that could effect a few people that he had considered friends most likely due to how everything seemed to shift in recognizing certain races over the other or more importantly the different things being done by the government to better offer up protections. He listened to the other questions brought up and the connected answer by the Professor. So they're going as far as world events as well? That seemed interesting though not unexpected, other places had different views about how things should be ran and approached after all. "Project, huh?" Choosing a subject piece wasn't too hard as long as he knew where to look for the information he needed. Alex considered he'd need to put some heavy thought into it when he got the chance back at his dorm. At least there he could concentrate a bit better while on a beanbag. Then the question of 'What is Government' rolled along and his head tilted. It was a common question he'd expect to be inquired but it hadn't been lost on him the importance of such an inquiry. "Government, It's a guiding body of a nation or people that decides not only its laws, regulations, and policies but also is tasked with defending those people and their interests. It's also an ambassador from its own people to others in an effort to cultivate diplomacy on their behalf but also to ensure that there is connection. A... Bit of a broad slap together, but how it's carried out is different based on the type of Government."