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  1. Alex refused to let the recent experiences and the knowledge that had been revealed to be the sole defining factor for the state of his mind. It was just one consideration amongst all the others. Much more weight, surely as expected but he wasn't going to change the way he saw things cognitively. The difficulties surmounted which often made it difficult to get through had always been the scars and at a certain point with longevity jaded became something else entirely that morphed the word and the world. Those with a truly finite life could appreciate the cycle of life and death by trying to leave something behind but he could understand others more long lived would have a much more 'I am sick of this' attitude if they weren't already distant from the start of it all from the knowledge of longevity. "The consequence of living too long, yea? I can understand why the choice to want to die and fade away is there for our people then." That sounded odd to say and then his head shook almost to clarify but more so for his own mind to comprehend better. "It's like a twisted balance, eventually the trials of the world will weigh on everyone and become too crushing the more people connect to multiple others in their lifetime from all the losses and separations. Hrm... But I guess the same can be stated of isolationists because everyone needs some kind of social activity. Get's boring being on your own." That last part was spoken more out of experience than theory. A shrug flowed through figuring that it wasn't the time of his life to be a scholar of philosophy of that level just yet. He started to wonder what wounds truly laid on Bethianna herself to be drastically different to his Mother. That was probably a thought he'd expect to get chided for as none of his business and so he sealed it up, for now. The quirk of her eyebrow after his words made his eyes squint in suspicion was he wrong. . .? At any rate there was just too much going on with him now to delve deeper into thought especially with this current revelation of the circumstances towards his birth and situation in life. He hadn't considered how vastly different he had been in comparison to everyone else when it came to the way that his personality reflect and perhaps that had to do with not being raised around the others. There was this odd coldness that resided in the family that much he knew but it wasn't a sense of malicious just more of a keeping people at bay, which wasn't his style at all. "Perhaps isn't a no. That means it's good probability." Gentle chuckling escaped from him. "Done?" He began to sigh gently a smile grew on his face that was more of one someone would see if a challenge was initiated by a willing person. "I'm only getting started. This world has no idea what kind of person it has unleashed on it but I plan to make it know one way or another."
  2. An eyebrow raised at the state she had made which wasn't too far from the truth. He, of course, had his juvenile moments more so when it came to pranks and purely in the light of lessening the tension of people at the school. Some tend to be very rigid and walk around with a stick of brood up their rear-end. But it had been the culmination of several things that seemed to put him in a more mature bracket. "Let's just say. . . I've dealt with a lot more than most other teens around the school have ever dealt with in their life. Something that's forced to stick with me to this day and unfortunately is the cause of a lot of issues in my life now." It wasn't without its merits, however, after all if not for what his body went through or rather the cause of it he wouldn't have connected with an entirely new host of family members. "Paint me? Sure! You know I've been trying to put up a bit of a. . . Show for artistic talents in the field. Ya' know, Music, Dance, Fashion and stuff like that. Would be pretty neat to get a painter on board with it." He wanted to expose as much culture to people that sought it or even were blind to it to open up their eyes on what the younger generation planned to push into the world - Creativity. "Surprisingly? Most Spencer's aren't loud most of us are just really super quirky in our own way! No other house can really boast that." He knew that they could but it just felt better to amp up the atmosphere of competition and challenge between the other three. It was healthy as long as people didn't become too obsessed about it and truthfully he felt it helped to prepare a person for the adult world where competition is all in how you sell yourself to survive, succeed, and thrive. A hand rubbed along his chin in consideration then his head shook. "Nope. I honestly didn't know much about Tally kind of walked in up in the air! Luckily I started to show up during the summer time to move in and get some of my student stuff sorted out." Mostly going through the method of 'What if's. . . ' if his magic shifted out of control. Both of his hands pressed into his pockets as the memories from Greyheme flooded back into his mind. Aside from it being a sausagefest it was a harsh time for him being most isolated due to his inability to be athletic as well as the fact he was often bullied or teased for not being an accurate sort with spells. "Yea, it's actually in Victoria like Tallygarunga is but it's a. . . Very high upscale school. A lot of money stuffed into it for the overly paid critical teachers and the rich boys who have more bills than talent in the craft." Whether he had talent himself wasn't an easy argument to make as it had been clouded with unstable magical blood. "This is my first year here at Tally transferred during the summer." To think it was only a few months ago but here he was at a new school having a massively different life than prior. "Ah, this Sapphire can be pretty annoying too. But she makes beautiful music and gotta' say I wouldn't be able to do the thing I love most without her. So a special place around my life for the wooden tramp."
  3. "Aaaah! There we go!" He responded in a chuckle that followed afterwards with his arms wrapped around Lorelei. There clearly was the presence of her energy flowing into him as a small smile stretched along his face. "Dang it, I keep forgetting about that! Aaah, well, you have me thanking you again, Kiddo." He offered a small wink towards Lei as she pressed his body into a better state of comfort due to the offering. It did make him feel a bit bad that he had been siphoning like a leech in this manner even if it was of her free will to do it for him. But he had also kept in mind what Bethianna had told him about the state of existence of himself in comparison to everyone else. There was no getting around it and he'd need to suck it up. Suddenly another person that demanded his attention and affection came jettisoning and his arm instantly wrapped around Caleb as a wide smile formed. "Ah ha! March Hare! You nearly were late for tea!" Alex's eye shifted from left to right in a manner of forming up a conspiracy. "Cassy seems to be the sneaky sort, that Chesire cat and her puzzles!" He was glad the young boy had taken to Cass, even if it was because of her relation to himself it was a start. That meant he was willing to open up to people that he had a good vibe towards at least. He had been aware of how he felt about David's return but Alex was still on the fence about everything and that primarily had been due to the fact he didn't know the man from a hole in the wall. As he started to stand up his hand pressed along Caleb's head lightly not to disturb the ears that had been an illusion on top of the crown. That was until his eyes narrowed at the sudden presence of emotion that swarmed and caused his hand to gently caress the center of his forehead. Still, he had not been used to all of it, everything being so brand new and in such a compound with people connected all at once. Eyes scanned the area feeling the presence grow stronger in a direction that had his eyes spot a very familiar figure, a woman with a stern regal nature about her. Eyes laid on Bethianna as the smile on his face grew like a child who had spotted their favorite Aunt. But this sense of emotion dimmed his lips to a softer expression. "When it rains it pours. . ." He figured he'd may as well keep Caleb and Lei a bit busy until whatever was worked out. "Hey, how about we grab a seat and some food?! Because this Mad to the Hatter is hungry and thirsty."
  4. Superstitious would be one way to describe him though it had been less about the spiritual aspect as much as it had been about what he often tried to see. While others used divination and aimed at a 'Guess' he was still struggling dealing with the more 'Seer' aspect of his bloodline, at least, for the time being. Alexander's eyes shifted towards the memorial while letting his oddly blue eyes settle onto the words and names engraved into the stone in reverence and memory. A weak and saddened smile stretched over his face as he gave a half bow of his head towards it. 'Rest in peace, Lauren, sorry Uncle Alex didn't get the chance to really meet you. Chances are I'd love you like everyone else, Kiddo. Don't worry, I'll try to help out your Mommy. Some how.' "Yeap! Painful memories but the painful stuff should never be forgotten. As weird as many people may think of it. . . Letting it stay with you to remind you not of the hurt but what it's strength is for you is pretty important. Live on as a testament to a good memory, imparting a change in other people to make sure they will always have something in themselves to remember about you and teach them to leave good memories." The loss of his true Father had him speaking on a different front these days trying not to let the pain overwhelm him too much but using it as a stepping stone to grasp for something much better in himself and in his life. That was something he would have wanted for him after all. "Oh sweet! Another Spencer! We need more of those in the area. These days I feel I see more Red, Yellow, and Blue. Not enough green. Even though we're the -best- House, have the best alumni and no one can refute that fact!" It wasn't a lie either he one hundred percent believed it as a true fact. As she grasped his hand to shake it he gave a light motion of sealing the greeting. "Scarlett? Nice to meet you! Hogwarts, huh? My Girlfriend is actually from there before she moved here." His hand withdrew to settle in his pockets as he gave a light nod. "Probably better here anyways, less likely to get into crazy life or death situations in comparison to Hogwarts." He's heard bits and pieces of what had gone down there and often hot spots of evil in energy drew more of those types of things towards those areas. "You know. . .I was kind of like you in that front." Alexander took a bit to consider his own first arrival to Tallygarunga which had been under some pretty dire circumstances, something he almost tries to forget but the dreams still haunt him in their own special way. "I was sent here from another School, Greyheme, All boys school for Wizards and it wasn't the best... But the move here I figured I try to do something a bit different. Wasn't sure how it'd turnout or if it'd just end up being the same but it actually turned out a hell of a lot better than I could ever expect it to be." He gained friends like a whirlwind and it was primarily because they were just as weird and displaced as he had been in themselves in some weird way. "I say give it a try before judging it too badly. Sapphire agrees with that too." A hand ran along his cobalt blue guitar that hung at his back.
  5. There wasn't much he could offer up in words and that much he already knew, someone could say something blue in the face but unless the receiver saw it in their own perception of being the case they wouldn't truly accept it. They may have an idea that is how he viewed it from the words but at the end of it all it would end up being judged more on his actions than anything else. The fact that she had opened up to him hadn't escaped him either which meant that things were being taken much more to heart than she probably had ever expected it to be let alone the intensity behind it. "Though. . . If it helps out a bit, in the future we probably will be working pretty closely together?" A small smile formed on his face along with a light shrug of his shoulders. "I'm not going to stop my music but. . . I'm thinking about a life in Medicine, A Doctor." Most likely a specialist in genetics and the effects of magic behind them. That may end up being knowledge that can be applied once enough was understood about himself, that had at least been his main idea. Genetics that caused an issue in the body. "Could always use a good friend whose really awesome in potion making." He playfully offered a wink to lessen the tension between the two of them, resolve had formed within him to survive. He never told people he was close to death with the idea that he had no intention to fight against, merely to inform them that it was there. If only he could tell her it wasn't as spectacular as it may have looked. At least from his perspective he found a loving family on one spectrum, but on the other, he had the knowledge of knowing that his mother wanted him dead. Maybe it was some maternal instinct of severity to lessen the pain he'd feel and as a result the pain he'd inflict on others from mere existence. In some strange way. . . She was taking responsibility but that didn't soothe the young man what so ever. His family was twisted, messed up, broken, and it meant that he was placed in a position to build, fix, nurture. He walked into more work than actual arms and it meant he still needed to stand up on his two feet and be strong even after survival. As the Nurse came by with a cup of water Alexander grasped it and kneeled slightly next to Frankie handing her the cup. "Take light sips, don't gorge yourself." He knew she was aware of this but sometimes actions beat you to an action before your mind had the chance to process. At least if he reminded her consciously of it perhaps subconsciously it'd follow right behind it. "Hey, I trust your fashion sense. Add a bit of the Frankie touch to them too. I like being a bit of a special snowflake I can go around slapping my shoes up on surfaces purposefully. 'Modded by Frankie!'." He nodded towards her and relaxed a hand on his own lap. "As long as you're sure. Just don't be afraid to ask me for something if you need help, yea? I'll try to do what I can." Certainty wasn't his entire friend in this particular thought, he wasn't aware if he could help given that they weren't in the same House some things probably wouldn't be allowed for him to assist in terms of Academics. But he had hoped there were other ways he could offer that helping hand the same she had given towards him when they first met. "Speaking of your Fashion talents! I managed to snag a good friend of mines to join in, Gerry, she's from Sturt too. You don't need to worry about stage and stuff in terms of costs I think I can get my Niece to get excited about it. She really likes stuff with arts and showing peoples talents more than I do I think." Alex hadn't spent much alone time with Jez but he already felt she was more similar to him than anyone else in their Family. "Now, I know, it may seem like a bit much but I don't do anything like this without putting every possible effort. "
  6. Can't believe I'll be hitting nineteen this year. One step longer than expected!

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  7. "The chaos! Ah. . .!" Alex's arm reached across himself to stare at a badly drawn on watch, purposefully, it was crooked and the hands looked like they weren't even pointing at accurate numbers or nodes that most numberless watches would hold. "It is clearly tea time! Not chaos time! But maybe I am not truly mad?! Or am I. . .?" A hand clasped a few fingers along his chin in consideration. This was his little 'bit' he had been doing losing sight of the trickster Cat, which, oddly enough? Was fitting for the woman and he wasn't entirely sure what she had been up to. Usually, it meant some kind of surprise. Blue eyes cascaded across the area until he found extremely blonde hair and a young girl waving her hand towards him. Waving?! Now, that just wouldn't do, oh no. That was a very unmerry kind of etiquette for Tea parties! He could slip out of character for a moment for one of the few favorite people around in his life! As he kneeled down he glanced around for a moment as if he were breaking some major rule in the Fantastical world before opening his arms up wide for the young girl. There wasn't a need for him to vocally speak the intention, there was just the way he had decided to greet her with open arms and a warmth only an Uncle could give! Or at least only an Alex can give. His eyes drifted to see his younger great nieces and nephew gathered over at Améa and though he gave the older woman a light wave of a greeting he didn't expect much back from her. He couldn't be a hit with every single person around, now could he? Regardless if Lei chose to run into his arms for a firm hug he'd speak out towards her. "Would you like a little more tea?" A small smirk formed on his face after his words.
  8. "Nah, never that, Frankie. I don't really know how to cut people out of my life." A gentle laugh was offered towards the woman, though it was a truth. How could he ever consider doing something like that when he had such little experience with friends that managed to stay around let alone having friends at all? The introduction he had to Tallygarunga shook up a lot of what he had expected from people and it didn't help that his lack of capability shook things up even further. But everything was a learning experience and he couldn't become disheartened due to things not turning out as he had expected or hoped it would. "I tell you things." There we just a few things that he couldn't and it was often harder to get anyone to truly understand that he just. .. Couldn't. There was just way too much, a lot of things he didn't know or understand - the true depth of the rules and the dangers that were incorporated from them. "You just have to understand there are just things I can't tell. It isn't a reflection on anyone or anything other than the fact I . . Just can't." A hand weaved through his raven locks sighing and shaking his head. He was starting to sound like a broken record at this point it seemed. "I'm not asking you to always be stalwart. I understand everyone is different in how they process and deal with things. The only thing I ever expect is that understanding will eventually come. " He was trying to be fair, there was more than just here to consider. There was everyone else that him saying something could effect, that it could cause much larger issues in the future. "Aaah, It's fine. . . I'll deal with it later, more important things to worry about than my shoes." He could always just buy some later, hopefully, anyways. Maybe request some as a birthday present. "Eh? Are you sure. . .? I mean I can always just scrub them really well. Some say manual labor is good for cardio." The fact he could even consider that manual labor was laughable in his mind but still a true scenario. That'd have him tired and sleeping for a few moments afterwards. As he settled her on the bed he started to sit down taking a glance at the 'damage' done to his footwear. Yea, he'll definitely need to get some sooner than he had expected. "Trust me, I am the last person who would be looking at anyone in a bad light." There had been a lot that tore his mind asunder in that kind of thinking forcing his mental vision to be a lot more opened to understanding or at least piecing together the puzzle that had pieces forgotten. This had been on top of the fact that both he and his girlfriend were in a situation where they could be viewed as less than 'Human', no matter how true it was to the fact. "Do you need me to stop by your classes and pick up your work and stuff?"
  9. "No, you're right that is how one deal's with it." That had not been the impression he received. In truth it felt more as if the blame was being pressed at his feet for something out of his entire control. "I am just letting you know it hasn't escaped my notice that yes, it is something hard." At one point he didn't really expect people to be 'Okay' but rather supportive. It wasn't that he didn't want her help but rather he understood the extent and effort was going to be meaningless, he wanted her to devote that attention towards something that was beneficial. Yet. . . He couldn't come out and say the whys or how's and no matter what it'd sound as if he were trying to ditch the concern and care both she and her parents have placed into it. "It isn't that I don't want it, Frankie. That is far from it. . . It's that it won't help. Those resources? The effort you're putting in? If you truly have that passion the thing you can do for me that'd make the most of it? Is follow it to help others." That's what he wanted the most, while he may have been a driving force there was no point in pushing the resources towards him if it held no effect but there also had been the underlying factor of not wanting her hard work to be brushed aside. "Me being busy isn't entirely untrue." Alex responded with a slight dip of his head before it straightened back into place. "But not all the time. The last few weeks were a bit more heavy than usual but I felt more as if you simply decided you didn't want to be bothered anymore." He wasn't in the business of forcing people around if they didn't want to be around. "Whether this situation was handled well or not isn't part of the factor now, it's been acknowledged on both ends that it's been shaky." He hadn't tried to absolve himself, not at first. He stood on the grounds two people made poor choices and learning and understanding from them meant they could build. That hadn't been the same case overall it had seemed - This wasn't a black or white scenario to him. "I'm not saying ignore it, Merlin's stringy hat, that'd just be silly. But choosing to deal with the problem in grace sets a better pace. " There had been a new spark within him of late on how he viewed his particular situation and it had been due to Bethianna in this particular case. "What I need most is the support of connections, friends. That will help me much more, I assure you. I know it doesn't make much sense but I'm asking you to trust and believe me on this." The help he wanted from her wasn't on anything so fanciful or requiring any dedication other than honest friendship. "Don't apologize, this isn't a scenario like that. We're both at a crossroad of wrong and I'm not going to put all of the issues squarely on your shoulders. We both had our part in how we chose to not react or not engage." His hand rose up lightly. "Woah, I never said I didn't get it. I'm not expecting everyone to just stand up and take it as if it were just a simple pie in the face." Maybe he had held people at too high of an expectations, Cass had set that tone by being someone who stood as a pillar of support when he had told her. To expect the same from others was foolish of him. "No, you're right I shouldn't have expected people would handle the news with a certain resolve, that was my mistake. I've long decided that is the information I am keeping to myself from now on." Two out of Three times it blew up in his face like a sausage left in the microwave too long. This wasn't a matter of good friend or bad friend to him - it was a matter of simply correcting an issue. His head shook and a soft sigh escaped form him. "Friends aren't an easy topic, I don't think there is one person in the school that could really give us a proper manual on how it all works." A shrug formed from him as he smiled lightly at the blonde. "Like life you just move through the obstacles, when it's something too difficult you take a moment to regroup and figure things out. Giving up, walking away, choosing to back down? These are how you lose the battles in life that cost you more." He planned to go fighting in every aspect of what he walked and that didn't stop at trying to claim his life. "I'm not looking at you any less - I still have a high opinion and view of you. I am not mad at you being upset either, that isn't what it's about. I am mad at the fact you implied I didn't want to be friends with you." What he did or didn't say was never entirely a reflection on their friendship but a reflection on if he could handle the truth of it. No one knew of his father's deeper condition, not even Cass, and that had been because of the shame he felt on being the cause. The reason. Then. . . His shoes got a helping of galosh paint from her heaving. His head sharply jabbed. "Oh man. . ." He would need to clean these in bleach for a bit to make sure it didn't stain. "Nurse! Can we get some water please!" He called out before looking towards Frankie pressing a hand to the top of her forehead. "Hey, don't push yourself. You're going to end up making the bug worse. Why not take the day to rest here for a bit? yea, yea, I know, you want out. But you'll need your strength if you keep throwing up." Even with his shoes a mess he started to loop his arm around Frankie's back and holding her arm gently to lift her up. "Come on, let's get you back to the bed."
  10. Without his hard-headed optimism and perhaps even more foolhardy belief that things could potentially changed he'd have been in a larger rut than now. Perhaps even worse than the choices Adele and Améa had made whatever those may have been. One fact did remain within him though and that was every being held the potential of change and though it depended on the degrees person to person it meant that it was still possible even if slim. What he had not expected had been Bethianna's much more detailed intimacy of what Lillian had gone through, another part of her that he had already knew the woman wouldn't divulge. It was enough to make his teeth nip at his lower lip. What did she have to go and tell him that? No, he knew, her intention so far had always been in his minds best interest to make the most informed decision. It was almost as if she didn't like the idea of an unknown black screen when a person needed to make a defining choice within themselves, that they needed to understand the whole picture and not one that they were forced to see either by themselves or by others. "I expected but . . ." A hand weaved through his hair trying to find the right words and his right state of mind to approach it all. "Scars, they never heal. But even with them on her there is always the chance she can get strength versus ignoring it as if it doesn't exist." The way of ignoring things never worked for anyone, it festered, eventually? It'd eat at Lillian. As much as he had grown to dislike her treatment, as much as he disliked the way she chose to operate. . . He would not want that kind of infestation to be inflicted on even his worse enemy let alone his own mother. The truth had been? He didn't wish her harm. "Because she isn't human. . . Loss won't process for her as it is supposed to for us, will it?" Loss, it happened in life of mortals. It was intended and not just because time had been up and a new cycle needed to begin to keep a balance but also because others needed to learn to garner strength and move on. Loss was a fear that was meant to let people know to have strength and push on without those people but honoring them. The irony hadn't escaped him that Lillian's family wanted her around in their own way, if she'd change her view or even be more accepting that they would show her love and care even in the midst of the pain that'd follow from the potential losses. That was what family had been for. "I don't excuse her or forgive her for the choice she's made involving myself and definitely not for how she treats Caleb. But understanding her reason a bit better. . . Maybe I can help her out a bit too." That was the nature of Alex, the nature to help others - maybe much more of a healer than he would have ever considered and yet here he was. "Haha, yea, Cassy is a bit of an exciting fireball too." Bethianna? Not so much. It was like literal night and day. It was enough to make him chuckle a bit in amusement. "Eh? Well I mean I've never met a Fae just someone who has some blood. Not sure how much. . ." Had he? Now that he thought about it Cass never really did go into much detail on how much of a Fae she had been but he had no reason to believe she was more than what they expected. "It seems like I have -a lot- of traits from him and I haven't even met the man. Haha, I guess it's true what they say? Sometimes you get a bit more of your parents than you believe even without them around." A slight shrug formed afterwards from him not displeased by it. Another question beckoned in his mind and to be honest this was much more personal perhaps even selfish on some level. "So, I'll end up seeing you again more often, right?" It was like he had been a child reverted to looking forward to that 'Special Aunt' that would show up. "I mean I know you said the rest of you all believed a fondness for mortals is a weakness and all but. . . I gotta say I'm pretty fond of you!" He was more of an open book than most people and found no reason to hide most things about himself. Least of all how he felt about things. "I mean after the whole Acceptance too, if it all pans out on the positive side."
  11. Alex shook his head lightly, what did people want from him? Damned if he didn't tell him damned if he did. "Yea, next time I'll keep that kind of info to myself then." The last thing he wanted had been people to use that against them as a means to be upset. "You do realize. . . I am the one actually living the experience of dying, right? Yea, it effects others that hasn't escaped me. But what seems to be escape everyone else is the fact I am the only one -feeling- it." He snorted as he stood up with his arms crossed against his chest. "But I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm not looking for help in that way - not anymore." He had his answer and the only way he knew to truly survive was to conquer to devour the obstacle that stood before himself. "Life. . . It's full of pains. Yes, upsetting news, but the cards were dealt long before I had a say in that matter." He dealing with it all in grace and strength unbound. "No, I get that you're hurt. But there's a difference between dealing with and lashing out." Maybe he was just in a different mindset it wasn't so much the fact he had only been a few years older because he had still been quite a teenager when he wanted to be. But facing various grim realities again and again had shaped him in a different way that formed him to be more mature than one would expect, wiser to deal with his issues. "Expecting people to deal with it as I do is silly. They haven't lived with it and they don't face that truth. Not like I do." Hearing it, thinking you know the woes paled in comparison to the reality of standing against it. "As I tried to tell you before you don't need to have you or your fathers work on this. Follow your dreams regardless, Frankie. Don't follow something if you don't feel you have the heart for it." He was not going to be used a scapegoat to why someone else felt miserable, tied, because of something that wasn't in their control to halt by normal means. "Not saying that you aren't but don't think that it's my -only- problem in life that I am trying to juggle and find out how to manage." A short huff exhausted from him. There was so much more that he still needed to combat and come to gripes with and he wasn't even sure on what footing that would be possible. "How hard would it have been to say 'I'm doing being upset and can talk to you now'?" It was bitten back retort as if to question her on the same level she had been questioning him. All the effort she had been putting in to studying for him caused an eyebrow to arch. She'd been doing that much for his life? How cruel would it be of him to tell her that it wasn't going to solve the problem? A hand rubbed along his face as he gazed away. "How was I supposed to take you being upset and avoiding me, Frankie? You held out your own aura as well. " A huff exhausted once more as he shook his head. "No, I don't think you're horrible. I'm just trying to figure everything out. As much as people may think it's easy for me? It isn't. Nothing in my life is easy." That was a fact, not in comparison to others. Those that had a better life because of their situations - because of their health. Because they didn't have to live with the confirmed idea their own parent wanted them dead to avoid the pain of suffering. "But I push on because I desire to push on. There is no other option. Look, Frankie, the way I've been is no reflection of wanting to be left alone. I'm always opened to having my friends around, but they have to understand things around me at the moment are chaotic and uncertain. I can't guarantee I can always tell everything because of circumstances and I can't guarantee people will always know when they -want- to know. But they will eventually know." At least the things that were pertinent to know. "It's not going to be an easy ride with me. For anyone." Not for Frankie, Not Cass or Gerry, not even for Adele, Caleb and Lei. Knowing never truly prepared. Though some understand the darker secret of what he would have to endure if he wanted to truly live. "I'm not going to force you to stay around, either, not if you're in too much pain. That was never my intention by telling you. I told you because I thought we were at a place where we could be honest and work through it even in its tension. I don't think less of anyone that would choose not to be associated with me because of the fact of my health, because of the pain it can bring." He chose to use can rather than will - he was not signing his death warrant.
  12. What was his morning surprise? Well he knew it wasn't pain or blood, but it was a bit of a bunny rabbit. It had been given to him by Cass and while it had bene a LONG while since he ever had an Easter of chocolates like that he decided it was fit to pull a rendition of 'I'M EAT YOU OM NOM NOM' In his melodic voice in the morning. The most important thing had been it was -their- Easter morning with one another, which was the first of many to come. As the two of them prepped their outfits they made sure the other looked pristine as possible, after all they were going to a wedding and needed to look their best! That and the two of them couldn't go looking like a rag-tag link up. Alexander had gone with the 'Mad Hatter' as his persona this day finding no other fitting individual to portray considering his usual tendencies. He tried for a complimenting color with his date who had chosen to be the lovely Chesire cat, or how he called her, his 'Naughty Cheshire Cat'. The woman was a walking seduction or him with such a tight ensemble. The coat that hung off of his shoulders had been a dimmed brown with a purple dress shirt under with a complimenting darker purple vest and bowtie to allow for the shirt to pop out further. The purple shirt had been done in a diamond-esque fashion to make a more 'Crazier' look. After all, he was supposed to be Mad as in crazy. A large top hat stationed on his head with a well crafter paper-card that had been stuffed on the right side reading in black bold ink '10/6' - It had been as purple as the shirt with the ribbon that held it giving off a very nicely done brown. The slacks were a dark purple as well as the shoes to give off this very, very, Mad man. Hung along his back had not been Sapphire, no, the guitar had been set aside to make way for this stark white beauty that nestled on him. Golden strings were aligned along it along with the golden pegs that danced at the tail of it. The decal that had been on the guitar's base back was a very well painted scenery of the Mad Hatter in his particular colors with a March Hare dressed in Brown and Dark brown with a Red-Coat on it sipping Tea in a Garden with Alice. The leaves and foliage curled over towards the front just before reaching where the strings connected to the board at the lower portion of the guitar. After a series of pictures that were slipped online, never leaked! They went on their way to the wedding with his Kitty leading in tow. The flaps of his split blazer followed while he danced in a bit of a crazed swagger. "Sweeeeeet~!" His response to seeing everything so well designed and the effort that had been into this unwedding. It was staggering and amazing and he knew that he was going to really get into the atmosphere when it was time to show his stuff. His eyes spotted Alan and Audrey which the rumors had been 'They were romping it like a bunch of rabbits!'. Then Stuart who seemed to snatch the woman away as a hefty chuckle bellowed from himself. "Remember, tea time is the time for tea! Never late for the occasion!" Just as he said that he noticed the Small teacup to be Tavi as he grinned giving the young girl a light tap of her head. "It seems teacups walk to me now! Perfect! I can have tea on the go! Say no more! But you must remember the best ways to travel is by Hat! Walking just won't do my dear Teacup! " A gentle wink is offered to the young girl. "Stay tuned you'll see the Mad Hatter being crazier!"
  13. "Go big or go home, tossing it all into the chipper! No relaxation!" Alexander proclaimed! Before starting to cough a bit and narrowing his eyes away in a comedic fashion. "Okay, so maybe I should. . . You know. . . Take my time with it." Light laughter resounded from him as he trained his sights back on the red-head. Though it also was much more than simply being unable to do so, most who worked out weren't bedridden at random moments and the coughing of blood could still be considered much more hazardous from even just a few minutes work out if he pushed too hard. "One giant leap for Alex-Kind." Eyebrow wriggled at the woman as he pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "You don't know if I have proof or not, I could be reading your mind~. Who knows what other gifts I may have!" Which was true he wasn't even sure what else could occur and it also seemed that information wasn't something that he had thought to ask due to everything that seemed to happen of late with the Family. Even with the pink cheeks that stained her face a hand stroked against them. "Yes, yes tons of them! But I am your perv, all yours. Which means all my dirty fantasies are going to be with you~." Lewd. "Okay, maybe not a Quittich team but what about a stadium worth? No? Well, I tried." A casual shrug formed as he laughed it off. He wasn't sure how many he actually wanted but it was also one of those things that came with life and time, now wasn't the moment for them to build a family but maybe it had been right for them to become family? The idea was definitely playing within his mind and maybe it was the vulnerability of the day but it seemed appealing, worth it all - Destined. "Your country girl is showing, Cass. I hadn't expected you to be the type that would have ever wanted a ranch! But we can start planning you know, after we get settled into a career. I think Stu could help us out with finding a pretty good plot by that time, yea? Might even teach us how to care for animals better than what we'd learn at school." To have that kind of a side life with just the two of them? Something normal, something that wasn't touched or messed with by his family drama? That. . . Would be just be great to have. "Well, look at this way! If we had that team less work for us in the future!" He nodded towards her with a light nudge of his hips. "You'd be a slamming and hot teacher. Besides I'd get to say 'Yea I'm bending the teacher over her desk.' With such a confident focus. Mmm.. You could try Piano? I have been picking up learning it of late and would be a really good addition to the shows I put on. . .I already have someone who will be rocking Violin." His hand pressed through her hair while she decided to leave it up to seeing how things go. "Regardless of what you choose, as long as you love it and it's a productive thing to your heart and mind I support you, Cass. You'll -always- have me by your side." Yes, he planned to beat this case of the death one way or another to build that life with her . "Preeeaching! To the choir! It's very weird and unexpected and while somethings you do regret there are some things that end up being. . . The best parts of your life." She had been one of the best parts of it all, something strong and consistent for him to hold to. There had never been a judging gaze from her, never something that stared downward at him for how he chose to approach things. She understood, comprehended why he tried to do what he did and while it often had been detrimental to himself she understood his care had always been to spare others and never himself. "No, I get what you mean I. . . Wasn't sure how this move to Tallygarunga would go for me either. Between the way school had been before with me and my perchance for setting stuff suddenly on fire? Well. . ." A hand uncoupled from around her to rub the back of his neck as he offered a gentle sigh. "You've given me strength in the way of connecting to other people. I didn't think I'd ever truly be accepted and even afterwards I didn't think there would be people who would ever truly understand me. Not in what I am since I didn't know it then but just. . .My motivations and why I do what I do. "
  14. That made an odd kind of sense - it seemed logical almost too logical now that he thought about it. Did it mean that at some point he'd get 'Sick of it'? At what point would he decide that it was 'Long enough' for him that he'd need to retreat and guide the world in a different manner? These were all pertinent questions and yet none of them were the time for him to truly consider them. In time he knew that they would be answered and the truth of them would only be revealed to him by himself at least that had been the general idea that he gained from Bethianna. "I get you. . . It's two lives that people like us live. The start of it where we can experience what the world can give us and then if we managed to push through we then experience what we can then give the world." Her path had been difficult? It seemed Adele and Améa have had choices that were harshly made in their lives, something that by the tone still stuck with them as a consequence for such actions. "I can't imagine the kind of stuff they've chosen to go through in their life but. . . I guess knowing isn't entirely up to me to decide." No, those hurts and the pains they needed to be revealed by those that carried them. That can be the only way he can truly help them, if that on some level subconsciously they wanted that kind of help. Patching up the scars wouldn't keep them from hurting but being able to deal with it in grace was preferred Alex imagined. He had to learn from these choices as well as to not repeat them but also not to let -them- repeat those very choices. But he had been caught off guard by the way she brought up Lillian - was she. . . Defending the woman? The expression of being caught off guard by it had been written on his face. What had been stated about Lillian never being what he dreamed he knew - that was something that shattered a while ago and he had no hope of seeing that and even the idea that she could be 'changed' had been wavering of late. Bethianna's words only cemented that it was more than a simple mountainous task. "Never human? Hrm. . ." The edges of his fingers rubbed at his forehead as he processed the information. The headache came in when his mind had started to think maybe he had been unjustly treating the woman in too much of a wrong way? Is it her fault she was born as she was? Developed with intention in mind and not truly affection? Then again it'd also explain Bethianna's own stance a bit more which meant she was of the same situation. "That must be hurtful on its own level to him. At least if he truly loves her. Even with her stance on that emotion being. . . Much less than favorable." Arms crossed against his chest trying to find how he needed to truly react towards her now, there had needed to be a reevaluation but he knew one thing and it was that he shouldn't let her off the hook for being a poor mother. Being unable to act as such didn't deem it a proper excuse when she had time to learn, to understand, to take advantage in the hopes of building and not the hope of controlling. "I don't even know if I want to connect with her these days and yet. . . In light of all this I am not even sure what my answer or personal response to her should be. It isn't something I will decide in the moment - Time. Time will need to be decider." He knew enough about Lillian, at least what she had revealed back at the hospital room that there had been a sense of affection-like that existed in the woman. But it didn't truly 'rule' her as it did for himself, Adele and the others. "But I understand. . . Not every endeavor is simple yet I also wasn't born under the simplest of circumstances what so ever. If I do find that connecting with her is worth it then I will do it with the same intention of conquering as I do to satisfy the need and want to live. But I also didn't expect her to change. I don't even expect her to be a mother to me, not any more." Then something caught his mind in remembering his Mother and it was a small brief incident but something that looking at Bethianna begged a question. "I have been wondering in the back of my mind. . . Mother was surprised that someone with some Fae nature in them came to my assistance when my Father passed away. Why? Is it something strange or is it just because it's a piece she hadn't intended to show up?"