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  1. "I'm not overly worried about dinner, love. I had the food you sent me with to work a little late, so I'm not hungry at the moment." He said with a small smile. At her question about work, he did frown a moment. "Okay, maybe not completely uninterrupted. I will still be kept in the loop with everything going on. Daily memos and maybe a phone call occasionally, but I won't be physically going into the office unless something major happens. In other words, I will be home, kept updated, and spending time with my family." Of course it would never be completely uninterrupted, but this was the closest he could get to that. Jason frowned. "Well, let's hope that it seems to be working. If worse comes to worse, I'll run out and get some muggle medicines." Jason put his hand on Doe's shoulder, and leaned in to kiss her forehead. "I'm going to get quick shower, and then if she's still awake, I can take her to give you a small break." Jason went and started running the shower water, getting it warm. After her got out of the shower, he found Doe and Persephone. "How is she doing?"
  2. Jason got of work, and he made the familiar commute to his house. Today was special though. He had been able to leave early, had a conference with the leadership inside of his department and with the Aurors, and had designated someone to be in charge. It was time for a vacation for him. He needed to be home more often, especially since Peresphone wasn't feeling the greatest, and had been keeping Doe awake more than she needed to be. He pulled into the drive, and got out of the car, making his way into the house. He hung up his suit jacket, and loosened the tie around his neck. As he came into the house, Eudoxia must have noticed because she had called out to him when he entered the bedroom. Whenever she asked him about work, he smiled at her as he began removing the button up to change into more comfortable clothes. "Work was very well, actually." He said, still smiling. "I actually have excellent news. Two weeks vacation. Just me, you, Silas, and Persephone here. No interruptions. No problems. Just the four of us." He looked at Persephone, and kissed the baby on the head. "How's she doing? How was your day?"
  3. Jason nodded. "I agree. It's best we all stay out of the hospital if we can avoid it." Of course, she was also right about one thing, if they absolutely needed him, he would never hesitate to go into Auror-mode. However, he would do his best not to. He patted Doe on the leg, and stood up from the bed. He bent down, and gave her a kiss on the lips, and when he pulled away he smiled. "You really do need to rest. You have bags under your eyes. You look like the walking dead, no offense. Just rest. I'm going to take Silas out, and we're going to play. I've missed the little munchkin." Jason kissed her again, and then turned and left the room. When he got to the door, though, he turned his head, and said, "I'm really lucky I have you. I love you."
  4. "I'm not going into the field, Doe. You know as well as anyone that my body probably would not be able to keep up. I'd be more of a liability." This was true, too. The curse he had taken the last time he'd gone out into the field, the very one that landed him in the hospital the time she was referring to, had ended any time he had left in the field. His field career was cut short in his prime. He'd been doing his physical therapy, and he'd been keeping up with his workout routine, but at the end of the day, he didn't want to risk it. He also didn't want to risk his children growing up without their father, and Doe having to lose her husband. He was not willing to sacrifice everything he had for a few moments of glory. "I'm better off behind the desk. I'm better off leading. It comes natural to me, and I have tons of experience and knowledge. I'm better suited doing what I'm doing. Leading and training." He kissed Doe on the cheek. "So, no need to worry about me."
  5. "Nothing has come up about your family, dear. I didn't think it would, if I'm being honest." He said, and even if it had, he was prepared for it. He even had a speech ready. "It has nothing to do with you, or me. My family has a dark past too. It happens. We can't be held accountable for people around us. Only our own actions." Whenever she stated she didn't want the public involved as they already were so much, and that she wanted to do family and close friends only, Jason nodded. "That's fair enough. Small will be nice. We will have too many public appearances at certain points anyway, I am sure." He said, frowning. "Not something I'm particularly excited for anyways. I hate having to do these press conferences and all that jazz. However, my assistant continually tells me that it looks better coming from the Head of the Department as opposed to the Head of the Auror division. I suppose she's right, but honestly, I hate it as it. Something I have to be used to." Jason looked down at the ground. "Honestly, I miss being out there in the field. Sollozzo is exactly the type of person I loved going after."
  6. "Yes, well, I suppose you're right on that. It probably wouldn't look good to the public if the Head of Magical Law Enforcement was renewing his vows while a dangerous criminal was at large." Jason sighed. "The public eye. We're in it now more than ever." It was the downfall of his campaign to become Minister. Before, he was sort of the man behind the scenes, helping keep the country running smooth and safely. Now, however, he was in both regards. "When we get through this, we shall have a ceremony. Something proper. It can be private, or open to guests. That is up to you." Jason wasn't sure how she would feel for a public ceremony, open to press. It was probable, though, given what position he could be in by the time it were to occur. Jason was impartial to it, though. As long as he had Doe and the children, he was content with whatever came his way.
  7. "I think the word you're really looking for is collided, my dear. Collided. Ran into implies you didn't cause me physical harm." He chuckled. "I think it left a scar." He joked, of course. However, had it not been for the series of events in which they seemed to just find eachother, then all of this wouldn't even be possible. Jason didn't know where he'd be right now. At the time, he was dealing with his own demons, and was at risk of losing who he was as a person. Doe had changed all of that, and turned his life around. He felt as though she had rescued him from himself. As she nuzzled into him, he pulled her in closer to where there wasn't a bit of space between the two of them, and he kissed the top of her head again. "We still have to renew our vows, you know."
  8. "Hell, I'd have to love you to have two children with you. I don't know who can be worse, to be honest. You or me." He said, laughing again. They'd both been good at fighting, and that could be trouble with both children. They were strong willed, but stubborn. "You realize that it's going to be harder to tell them no whenever they get older right? They are going to argue as to why they need whatever it is, and what the benefits will be. I just hope that they don't decide to throw punches. Between the two of us, if they gain our strength combined, we will be screwed during a tantrum." Jason snuggled her closer to him. "This is nice." He said. It had been a long time since they'd been able to really get a moment alone. Silas usually tried to get in between them, or now Persephone started crying at the most in-opportune times. It was a rarity that they even got time alone. He could see why she was having such trouble with it.
  9. Jason sighed. "And I'm sorry I told you to leave." He said, and this was true. He did not expect her to actually do it, and when she did, it broke him. The short time without her had been murder to his soul. He did not want to live through that again. "We will get through it all. We always have, and we always will. We can not be defeated." Jason laid back, and kissed Eudoxia. When he pulled away, he laid his head down beside her, and put his arm around her waist. "I love you, Doe. Always will. You know that right? There will never be another." She would be the only woman for him until he took his last breath. She was the one person who kept him going each and every day, outside of his children. She was his rock. He could never see anyone else, and never wanted to.
  10. Jason sighed. "I know you want your husband, but the fact of the matter is that even when all of this is said and done, and I'm retired and gone from the Ministry, I will still be your husband. You'll always have me. It's just the time. Like I said though, this will pass, and I'll be home so much that you'll be begging me to go to work." He smield at her. Jason grabbed Doe's hand, and rubbed it with his thumb. "I agree. We can't stop communicating like that. So, we're going to have to figure that part out. My assistant will know that you are to let into my office. No appointment necessary. You can bring the kiddos. We can have lunch together every day, if needed. Something until this phase is over with and I can be home more." Jason kissed the top of her head. "I just don't want to ever lose you because of this job. You are my rock."
  11. Jason leaned into the kiss, and smiled. It was nice. He didn't think she'd ever want to kiss him again, or have anything to do with him really. "I love you too, Doe. I know I haven't been home a lot recently, and I know it's been rough. When I moved into the department head spot, it had awarded us much more time together than when I was in the field. I know it's busy right now, with the transitions, and with everything going on with this Sollozzo character being in Australia. Extra security at the school. This will all blow over though, and I'll be back home more. So much more that you'll tell me to go to work just to get rid of me." He said, and chuckled. "But, seriously, it will get better. I'll be home more once this is all over. I know you all need me, but they need me there too. I'm just needed everywhere and there is not enough of me to go around. I wish I could be in two places at once more than anything. But, I can't." He rubbed her leg with his hand. "I've missed you too though. We will get through this."
  12. Somebody help me convince my cousin, Keith Anderson, that he needs to get a hair cut. Dude. You're in your forties. Time to get rid of the mullet.

    1. Keith Anderson

      Keith Anderson

      It's not a mullet!

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      I am working on it.  I promise 

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      Get. Rid. Of. It. - AD

  13. Jason nodded, and made his way to put Persephone down in her crib. He then went and told Silas he'd be going to talk to mommy for a bit, and then the two of them would go play later. Silas nodded in agreement, and returned to his toys. Jason told Doe's grandparents that Persephone was in her crib, and that he was going to go talk to Doe for a bit and made sure they'd be okay to keep an ear out for Persephone. They agreed, so Jason made his way upstairs to the room she'd been staying in. He saw her face first in the bed, and smiled. He closed the door behind him, and then took a seat on the edge of the bed. He placed his hand on her lower back, and rubbed it. "Are we okay, Doe?"
  14. "Oh, I'm sure he will, and then it will be your turn again to deflect." He said, laughing. Silas was one to not give up. He'd gotten than from both of them really. When their minds were set to something, there was hardly any changing them. Silas was no different. It would be great later on down the road. Not so much right now, and especially not while a puppy is on his mind. When she said that she was going to nap, Jason nodded. She'd been doing this on her own really for quite some time now, plus travelling. He was sure she was feeling it. He was off for a few days now though, so he could help her out. He would be able to watch the kids too while she continued to deal with this whole situation with Orion. "Well, Persephone is out of it." He said, looking down at the now sleeping baby in his arms. "Silas and I could always go for a walk. I can get him to burn away some of his energy. You deserve a nap."
  15. "Yes, well, we can't really have any more animals or surprises in our home. It's going to become too much. I believe that what we have is enough. A puppy may come later once Persephone is a little older. That way we can teach both of them responsibilities. Puppies are just a bit too hyper for a baby." Jason wasn't going to budge on it, and he was happy to hear that Eudoxia somewhat agreed when she told him he was better at saying no. "And I'll Just have to say no quite a bit to get through to them, I'm sure." He said as they stepped inside. Just then, Silas came running in as if he just knew his father was there. Jason quickly scooped him up into his arms, and held him in a tight embrace. "Hey there buddy." He said, and have Silas a kiss on the cheek. Jason greeted both of Doe's grandparents, and then put Silas down before taking Persephone in his arms. He gave her a soft kiss on her forehead, and began rocking her back and forth in his arms. Silas then began tugging at the bottom of Jason's shirt. "Daddy, I want another dog." The kid didn't waste any time, and he gave a sort of chuckle toward Eudoxia. "No, buddy. Not until your sister is a little older. We don't want to scare her with too many animals around." Silas looked defeated.