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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
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  1. Kay

    out of spoons

    Hey guys, Sorry i have been so absent lately. I have been feeling pretty sick and struggling with some pretty disappointing things medically. So i say all this to say, I have not ghosted, i just need to save some of my spoons. Work has also been a bit intense... However i am feeling better and will be around and more active this weekend <3
  2. Kay


  3. Kay

    --- Wolfe

    FIRST MIDDLE WOLFE Age: 16 Birthdate: September 3 Year level: Tally year 6 Play-by: Zendaya Coleman This is the the only daughter that Tony and his wife had before she died. Tony was an auror that specialized in cults and so he was often gone and worked long hours. The family lived and grew up in Asheville North Carolina in the united states. Little Wolfie was always the apple of her father's eye and he spent all the free time he had with his wife and daughter. tony often felt as thugh he had to make up for missing out on things. Once much of the mess in London died down tony was able to be home more. it was four years ago that Tony's wife died, she was in a car accident. it was absolutely devastating and the now single dad took a job with the MLE in Victoria consulting on a cult that was said to be in the area. Once the cell was eradicated the family stayed. his daughter had made friends and was happy at Tally. He was injured almost fatally prompting him to change his career, he was offered a teaching job at Tally. Little Wolfie, is much like father, determined and head strong. her mother was often fighting to shatter glass ceilings and make moves. She has very much embodied this spirit. her father is the professor and though it is a bit embarrassing sometimes they have a good relationship. She is a bit of a of wild one, if she is fired up about something she is going to go after it hard. She is also a very compassionate young woman. she was int he car accident with her mother and came out of it alive, this has caused her to feel rather guilty.
  4. Kay

    Where Was I?

    Open Threads Make the man- Eudoxia In a day- Atlas Along came a spider- Lazar Like you never had wings- Kevia Make the Apple Red- Anthony Pawn to D4- Kenna Far Far Away Frankie Drink Drank Drunk- Scarlett Back at it- Eudoxia wouldn't it be nice- Calixta all the pretty lights- Patrick god's away on business- Jackson
  5. Kay

    Where Was I?

    My Current Threads A Well Earned Thirst Elena and Torianna Boys will be Boys Daria and Keith A cold one Lux and Bryan I'm gonna be a supermodel Frankie and Cassandra Shadows have Eyes predators have teeth Stella and Jonathan i flex you flex we flex Violet and Tyson in with the breeze Boaz and Mary Three little kittens Frankie and Alex Sleep Deprivation Doe and Jason to eris, with love Atlas and Kiera Let's runaway Frankie and Orion In the hot hot sun Ikedi and Marcus
  6. Kay

    oh, hey!

    Heyyyy, I am Kay... I have been with tally since 2010, November i believe.... I have since managed to graduate and now have several fancy letters behind my name... I work in mental health with at risk kiddos. It can be a demanding job and so sometimes i can be pretty worn out. I am a mild mannered diet coke addict and the proud mother to three furrbabies, Monstercat, Peanutbutter and Sydney. I periodically drop in to the group chat... the best way to get a hold of me is to send me a message here or a direct message on discord. I also have skype if you would be interested. I am very easily distracted, and enjoy random bits of conversation. I have a large brood of characters, and i love the drama plots so please feel free to come to me with all the mess you can!
  7. Kay

    Callie's Chars

    Hello Thar! Maddie- i can actually see her getting along really well Kenna, she is in Spencer and a ray of sunshine for anyone. She works at the inn her mother and father own and so she spends a lot of time with adults. I think having a good friend at school would help her with some of her less sunny things she has in her head. Frankie can be prickly at times she is not mean, and she doesn't go out of her way to be a mean girl but she is about to have herself tied up in so drama.... she doesn't want to drag too many people into it. Sean- Yay for teammates for Scar! Im always up for a thread with her team! And i think he and Kevia can easily have seen one another somewhere out and about. she likes when other people have a passion for the out of doors!
  8. Oh helooo I had great plans last night to put up a plot interest check on building some kind of pack/support group.... we should chattt!
  9. Vampire Sire No suggested playby No suggested Member group Key Facts The vampire who turned Stella 3 years ago While they have not had contact they have kept tabs on her They feel some responsibility for Stella Stella HATES this vampire Appearance No suggested appearance Personality Non suggested Personality History/Plot Points For this ad i want to keep it pretty vague, this could be a character already in play or one you want to create. The basic idea behind this ad is that 3 year ago Stella was attacked and turned b this vampire. Because of this Stella was disowned by her family and struggled with school and making things work for her. Stella is not a fan of her newfound powers and will deny them as best she can. She does not like to feed on humans but she does so reluctantly. Basically i see this vamp getting mad she had more or less spit on the gift that was given. Stella in turn has a lot of animosity towards the unknown attacker. I wan to see lots of challenges and character development. Gender is also not an issue, male female what have you! Contact PM, Discord or reply here!
  10. Absolutely!!! Feel free to toss one up and i will throw Elena into it!
  11. Kay

    Flowers Made From Iron

    updated with new brats
  12. Kay

    Kora Karras

    Kora Karras Melbourne Suggested Play-by: Victoria Justice Key Facts Is 25 is between Eudoxia and Petros She moved to Melbourne 3 years ago but travels mother is a muggle Appearance tan, dark hair, dark eyes Connections Personality Lot Karras - Brother Eudoxia Miller - Sister Jason Miller - Brother in Law Orion Arua- Karras - Brother Atlas Karrasr - father Silas Karras- Cousin (NPC) Persephone Karras- cousin (NPC) She is much like the rest of the family, quick tempered, ambitious and gregarious History Kora's mother is from South America and is a muggle. After Kora was born they moved to England with the rest of the family. Kora went to Hogwarts and then after school was not sure where she would go or what she would do. her occupation is up to you... she moved to Melbourne 3 years ago to be near her siblings Plot Points Contact Dad has moved to Melbourne learning how to deal with Atlas Orion is the best kept secret and she now has another brother. contact me on dicord or via PM
  13. Petros Karras Narrie or Melbourne Suggested Play-by: Tyler Posey (not set in stone but preferred) Key Facts Is 21 When his mother died he was 16 and came to live with his sister Eudoxia and attended Tally Petros and his father DO NOT get along Was the youngest until the family was made aware of Orion. Has had the most trouble with adjusting to Atlas' newfound motivation to be a father Appearance tan,dark hair, dark eyes Connections Personality Lot Karras - Brother Eudoxia Miller - Sister Jason Miller - Brother in Law Orion Arua- Karras - Brother Atlas Karrasr - Father Silas Karras- Nephew (NPC) Persephone Karras- Niece (NPC) Lilah Karras- Niece (requested) Petros had always been a little more on the Surly side, as the youngest he often felt left out and like he doesn't fit in. He can be a bit stand offish and prickly but he is able to at least pretend to be sociable. With Atlas moving to Melbourne and the discovery of Orion it is safe to say that he has been a little surlier than usual. History Petros' mother was an american muggle who met Atlas while he was on the East Coast for work. Petros and hs mother moved to england to be closer to his siblings and his father. Petros felt left out due to his age and how he toddled after his siblings. Petros went to Hogwart up until his fifth year and then his mother died and he attended Tally. The rest is up to you. None of the siblings have the same mother and so their experiences growing up coudl easily differ. If you have questions let me know! Plot Points Contact adjusting to living with dad full time contact me on dicord or via PM