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  1. Hey hey, and welcome back! Glad to see you're trying to give it another go and I really hope you get to feel comfortable and at ease here! That being said if you have any questions or just need a place to relax and feel free it will always be here. *nods*
  2. Do what you need to! You health first, if you ever need a bit of laughs and what not you know to always poke me. ^.^
  3. Hey again, Boli, and welcome! TO THE TALLY-ARENA! Glad to have you around and interested and can't wait to see the crazy shenanigan's that will occur. *nods* And don't worry, we have a lot of rough edged characters like that! He'll fit right in. Hahaha (LOOKING AT TALLY'S LIBRARIAN!)
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    Shio's Folks

    I'm up for it! Tyson needs to get out more, see the world that is called legitimate friends. Hahaha, I am not sure too much on a sign up sheet. But I do know if two players agree they can have their characters room together.
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    Shio's Folks

    *Waves* Hai-lou! I am you're friendly neighborhood Kai! At last, at last, a fairy graces us! Keeping in line with your desire for a more 'organic' flow, I will eschew the usual character to character link ups! Instead~, I'll point out a few players who have characters that can definitely help fill in the mold! For example~! @Cait Our awesome newly arrival, has been another to grace the scene of pickup an unlikely race in an Elf! The similar natures of these characters could spell some good-times fun times! There's also the Mamacat of Cats, @LilyCat whom not only holds two folks that are Half-Fae (All the fae love, I mean serious!), but is also another fairy enthusiast! (She's the mastermind behind the lovely NPC, Stardust!) @Mousie is a pretty crucial connection when it comes to all these newly arrived students! (Once you get in a room with Alan you'll never forget the experience, trust me~!) But there is also the Mean-Ol Librarian, plan on getting in some study time? Prolly will see her in action! Can't forget @Nikki who manages to run an inquisitive and new to Tallygarunga Centaur! And hey, happens to be a fellow Bourke too, which is always one of those 'will have a run in eventually!' As for myself I do have a Bourke who walks about and is majorly into and known for Quidditich through the school! Those Bourke's and their outside desiring natures! There is also the ever so vocal and social Spencer that walks about and just goes with the moment, finding the adventure! Upside is, depending on the class, there will be run ins anyways! So get to play with a bit of organic flow there and see if it develops outside of the classroom too!
  6. *Rolls in and Summosn his PERSONA OF PLOTTAGE, PLOT-KAGE!* Brinley and the ideas~ In my down time from the true society of the net I have had a bit of time to brainstorm about Brinley! Considering his talent with potions I imagine the firm yet aged guiding hand of @Vladimir Valentin II would be exceptional! (Whose also played by our awesome @SanctusX - AKA VLADDY!) Vladimir is our Alchemy Professor and while the Head of Flinders I think the years of experience and the knowledge he holds would definitely be a Mentorship in the adult sector plot worthy! Now for fellow Sturts? The head of Sturt House @Anthony Wolfe whose played by the adorbs @Kay, is someone who can always be that cool and suave hand of assistance. There are also a few students who with a rough past of violence @Geraldine Richter (Trust me, she's LOVELY! and played by our smooth @Shell ) Is someone who maybe able to relate to familial troubles. The elder @Holly Bennett portrayed by the ever kitty-like, @Poppy , is another whose been through the rough and tumble of things and plans to come out on top! Always that inspiration that could help out! Other fun-stuffles? There is a bit of a small population of male students in the school but you want someone studious? Someone that knows the ways of the study and managing life and what it throws at it you? @Aiden Longhurst is the cursed kid to get it to you! (I don't think he's really cursed!) He's manned by our very own spunktacular @Mousie. There is also @Alexander Winfield who seems to pretty much meet almost every new arrival to the school and connects with a lot of the younger students between Tallygarunga and Bilby a like. Fun and pushing people to the limits of being social he's the guy you hate to love and is played by yours truly! *Pulls suspenders!* Squiggy and THESE Ideas! - Squiggy is a marshmallow, like most Flinders, and the ones I instantly think of is probably the bubbly and perhaps first friendliest student in the school, @Iris Glauert . She's even got Alex beat (BELIEVE IT OR NOT!) she's puppeted by @Shell. Likewise, I think @Aiden Longhurst still fits here, if they need a tutor - what better way than our already known study-sport who gets good grades? Who says Elves and Human's can't be chill in a library!? (Just avoid the Fire Breathing Librarian~.) But we can't stop there, because our dear studious student @Siwan Llewellyn , is knowledgeable and experienced the world outside of Australia! She's handled by the ever so artistic @Chromatic. Aside from still connecting Squiggy to hir Head of House, @Vladimir Valentin II, there are few who understand the trials of being a Non-Human or even part Non-Human in a school of primarily Human than @Cassandra Sullivan (Our resident Fae-Bae!), Spunky and energetic she can practically break through the tension with her upbeat and understanding style! She's handled by the ever so Mama-Cat @LilyCat. There is also another new transfer student, who perhaps may understand Squiggy's issues better than most people - not every day you get the coolest Centaur lady around! @Evony Wynter who is handled by the ever so cool @Nikki. I didn't say 'Big and Small!' in my head like a comedy duo~. Need some more friends? That's good, because I have a few more! @Alexander Winfield is still in the running for it all! Especially those that feel they need a bit of guidance in the face of social distress but more importantly those that feel they need a bit of an picker-upper. He understandings being inept, understands how it feels to be stared out from a blunder or a mess up - he just pretends it doesn't bother him. Someone who can help Squiggy see the goal at the end of hir tunnel. There is also the very sporty, very Bourke, @Tyson McKennis whose also man-handled by me! While he's less known for being 'Friendly' he understands being determined and knows self-confidence is the path of success. A plot that could help Squiggy find that same kind of strength eventually!
  7. Welcome Cait, as well as congratulations! Always glad to have more people around since it equals extra fun! I completely get and understand the roleplaying long since I started at like. .. Nine years old and am 27 now. (Us 90's gotta stick together, am I right?!) Questions are fine I prefer people asking them anyways helps keep the mind sharp and clarification will always be needed one way or another in the future. People will need that stepping stone and it will help the more shy people that were too afraid or cautious to ask. Templates, semplates - I'm horrible at it myself. I say it proudly! I do enough to be readable and enough to catch an eye by scrolling. Toss in the pretty text colors!
  8. Hey there! And welcome! We're glad you have you here. *nods*
  9. Kaitore

    hello ♡

    Hey there, Honey and welcome! Nice to have you here!
  10. Hahaha, welcome to Tally, Jinn! If you ever have questions or ideas the community is more than willing to answer and assist! Hope you enjoy your time here and all the fun plots.
  11. Kaitore


    Hey Nikki, nice to meet you and welcome! I didn't get MUCH chance to do the 'Hi's and heys' on discord earlier since that was preeetty much around my bed time of haze! But glad to have you around and enjoyed reading the centaur idea! And don't worry about the intro bit, my own Achilles heel there. Haha
  12. @Poppy Holly-Tyson: Ha! I can see that, a literal list of whose in the high running and what the next big conquer is for each of them. Points pushed out based on how important it is in the grand scheme, I can dig this route! Holly-Alex: Yesh! Only way to know is to toss the ingredients in and see what stew boils, in a matter of speaking! Sturn-Derrick: Sounds about right~. I imagine he is the type that ends up grating on the nerves, then once you get to used to the crazy you find you're going just a bit crazy. Unless you're -already- crazy then it's just a rollercoaster ride form the start! A pop in reunion would be smashing, especially since this is the first time he's taken a stable job inside good ol' Home country and Tally at that. I imagine with the low profile it'd make keeping in touch harder, so that's another upside plus to a reunion. Sturn-Marcus: All the issues for the half-breeds! Especially since he's very friendly with a Half-Veela as well as a Full one whose helped him out. He knows exactly the kind of craziness it will entail! Plus, her radio show would be something he'd want in the paper too. Bringing awareness on the air and in ink! Sturn-Jonathan: LOL! I wouldn't be against it, I enjoy surprises I think that's when I get the most amazing parts of my characters stories and helps to define them a lot more because of it. He was also Sturt! Sturn-Alex: He's a natural when it comes to personality so she can expect the professionalism of a musician with the playfulness of a proper Spencer! No jokes, very quirky and comical though! He'll even insist footage, at least, vocally play on the air so he can make side comments about himself. Gotta learn to laugh at your own situations in his mind. Hahaha, It's the Dhampir thing, it's alluring!
  13. We'll definitely be here, Depsy! (As one of the Newbies around! Hahaha) I understand the rollercoaster that is adulting and life, talk about no one preparing us for the true meaning of it back in school, amIright? Do what you need to do for your own health and life needs which definitely comes first! Luckily there is always discord as a group too so you can always stay connected regardless. ^.^
  14. Kaitore


    Welcome to Tally! Glad you have you around and can't wait!
  15. Hahaha, yeah I don't think Stu would want that happening! But nature culture pieces are pretty important too, things such as what would be Salt's favorite animal to take care of and maybe a bit of how that occurs. What she might believe the importance of the reserve is as 'Personal notes' in the article.