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  1. Sammy

    A Night to Remember

    Teddy is stepping out of his comfort zone and trying to be one of the actively cool kids instead of just one of the students who waits for someone else to create the fun. So he's very secretly hosting what will likely end up being a boozy (or at the very least billywiggy) party to "start the new year with a bang." Only the coolest students (which really by Teddy's standards is really not strict at all I mean we're talking about one of the biggest nerds on campus, cool but still a nerd) are invited to the party and it's going to be a great time. There are currently two students helping with the planning, but there needs to be someone willing to get the bits to make the party more "fun" (even if its brought against some people's wishes, perhaps including Teddy) and someone who can take the fall if the party gets busted because Teddy is trying to keep his spotless record. If your student is good at keeping secrets, willing to have a good time, and can do so without attracting too much attention this party might be a good way to get them in on some fun and to get to know other students. Updates will be posted as needed. Updated as of 10 February 2018: The party will be taking place on 17 February 2018 (EST) (So the 18th in NZ and AU). (It will be post-dated because I have a lot going on right this weekend. -17 Feburary 2018) There will be the expectation that alcohol will not be brought to this shindig, but that won't stop an NPC from bringing some drinks and players doing what they want to anyway. (Plausible deniability is a good thing for everyone involved.) Perhaps people even brewed happiness potions? There will be billywigs, but anyone overdoing it will be dismissed from the party as the effects wear off. (Same with any indulgent substances.) There will be music. The beats will slap and the bodies will hit the floor. It may be taking place either in the Spencer CR or somewhere else in the Eureka Underground. Please post here if your character is bringing anyone so they can be added to the list. Thanksss. Some people who are confirmed to be coming as of current discussion: (organized alphabetically by surname) Clyde Atkyns Orion Arua-Karras Simon Bican Aiden Longhurst Frankie Oliver Geraldine Richter Cassandra Sullivan Mae Sutherland Alexander Winfield
  2. Hello all, As you may or may not know, I identify as genderqueer and genderfluid and as such, use a non-binary set of gender pronouns. The resources below can teach you a little more about my gender and my pronouns. Please try your best to use them correct me and ask me for help if you need it. I am providing this information to help people understand a little bit more about me and get to know a little bit more about common critiques and understandings of non-binary and trans* identities from resources provided by people in those communities. This is a very complex topic that many people feel close connections to including myself, so feel free to learn some more on your own outside of these resources. This is just a beginning of an understanding and there is so much for all of us to learn about this diverse world we live in. Here is a video of me explaining my gender identity and some very basic ideas about gender identity and how to respect persons (and characters) with diverse gender identities: Below is an image of a chart explaining the grammar and use of my pronouns: Here is a video of me explaining the grammar of my pronouns and giving you space to practice them: Although very basic, these videos do a great job sharing some non-binary terms as perceived by members of the non-binary and trans* community: This video critiques some of the shortcomings of the previous videos and resources provided (including my own) and shares some of the complexities of gender: Again, if you seek to learn more, please, please, please do more. There are so many great resources out there for you to learn from. Your non-binary and trans* friends will thank you. Sincerely, Sammy
  3. Sammy

    Notice Me Plz

    Theodore James Spellman 16, Flinders Seventh Year, single, he pronouns, Shawn Mendes Teddy is a happy-go-lucky and adventurous student who is not very good at doing anything in a timely manner. He is highly involved on campus, loves to sing and play guitar, and absolutely hates being alone. (He gets panic attacks sometimes but that's a big, dirty secret. Shhh!) So, he does as much as he can whenever he can, frequenting the gym to blow off steam, exploring the grounds with friends, and forming study groups. He is very opinionated and will share what he believes with people. He is extremely loyal to those who stick with him and his anxiety-ridden existence. Sometimes he will even write his closest friends songs. He has written a few songs about unnamed guys he has had crushes on and performed them at mic night in Narragyambie, but no one has given him the opportunity to try out something serious yet. Maybe that's because he is always doing something, but maybe the right person can get him to slow down or can join him? Kasey James Reginald Garrett Wilmington 23, Wandless Magic Professor, single, he/she/they pronouns, Willy Cartier Kasey is the energetic, excitable, and motivated professor of Wandless Magic at Tallygarunga. As a professor, Kasey is rather stern and expects the best from their students. They regularly encourage the best out of their students and help the youngsters to approach new levels of mastery in their magic. Not exactly the most traditional professor, Kasey enjoys taking advantage of practical settings, using social learning, and incorporating the building of knowledge as a means of improving one's practical performance instead of the other way around. Kasey is known as a challenging professor and this combined with a challenging subject makes Kasey fortunate enough to have small classes that give them the opportunity to help students grow to their furthest potential in secondary education and further their skills. Outside of the classroom, Kasey is known to be heavily involved on campus. She mentors students who identify as gender and sexual minorities works on developmental and practical materials with her peers in order to help improve the reputation of Tallygarunga and advises student organizations on campus. Yet, Kasey maintains a life outside of her work. She is involved in socially progressive activism and enjoys secretly writing romance stories online under a pen name (but shhh!!! no one knows about that) She is friendly with her peers and attempts to have friends in Narragyambie. She has been seen out at the pubs and in the nightlife when she is able to get away from the grounds and has been known to occasionally participate in mic nights in town. She loves a good butterbeer with friends.