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  1. Stella was keenly aware of the way his hands moved along her back… Stella was always keenly aware of the way someone touched her. The incidental brushes had been nice, the way Kelsey would embrace her… and now the way he moved his hands, as though means of distraction. It was working, though she was not as focused on him as she was his hands she had to pull herself from the feelings. Feelings were something that could easily lead to her putting herself in danger. Though she had not sensed that he was being deceptive, she still found herself listening to the sound of his pulse. She could easily get lost in sensing the way the blood flowed through someone. Though for now, she could sense he was calm… even with her pressed so close. It was strange to not be considered a friend…. Even Kelsey got nervous around her from time to time. ”So you do not fear anything?” She asked him, that too was a very interesting concept. Stella did not have much to fear, the sun maybe- starvation if she was not able to get out… but she was a predator, she was an apex predator… Or rather she should have been but Stella was not one to hunt man. She was happier with the bags of blood in the fridge… not to mention she was not looking to bring attention to herself, something that she had not done so well with this man… but she liked this attention. He did not seem to want to destroy her. That at least mitigated her only true fear… to end up on the wrong side of a wooden stake. Though she supposed it would help with the desire to be either dead, or alive. She looked at him and narrowed her eyes. ”I don’t know yet… but I will know it when I get there.” Stella had not been sure what her boundaries were now, she had changed a great deal in three years and things she had not thought she would do, she was doing. She had thought she would be completely different and here she was… she looked at him and smiled. ”I have not explored many things about my abilities...” Mortal or otherwise. ”You could have come to my home, but I did not wish to make you feel as though you were being lured to your death if you figured me out.” She said at the idea of meeting at midnight. She then looked at the ocean for a moment. ”Many reasons, I miss the beach, the way the sun warms your skin, the smell of the suntan lotion and the salty air… As a child when my family stayed in the beach towns I was always happier… I don’t know what it is about the ocean but I find great comfort in it’s vastness.” She said turning once more to look at him. ”That is a very romantic way to put something.” She teased him. She liked the way it sounded. ”Is that how you see me? As a survivor?”
  2. While Stella was intelligent, it was fairly obvious that the man in front of her was very intelligent. The way he spoke, as though his words were elaborate tapestries of the wisdom he carried in his brain. She would live centuries… but she did not think she would ever find wisdom like this. She let out a small sigh as she listened. It was the sort of language you could get lost in. Not just in how it was strung together, but in the way he spoke. Sometimes when he talked Stella could feel herself not understanding. She had found she felt marginalized because of her new status, but this marginalization had also bled into other parts of her life. She wanted to make herself small. Because of this small feeling she had developed she had also found she felt unworthy of some basic things. For one she did not think she would be worthy to stand here like this. Though the possibility was this man wanted a thrill, he wanted to say he had been this close to a vampire. Or perhaps he was angling for more than just feeling her softness. That idea seemed to ignite something inside of her. Stella had been a good girl, her mother had been rather insistent that she remain chaste… and she had, so he would have been a bit disappointed in her lack of skill… her lack of experience. It was also not something you simply shared with someone. ”you know what I am, but I have sensed no deception in your pulse, in your body language. I don’t have that gut feeling that comes with knowing danger.” She then looked up at him. ”And you interest me. You are not scared of me, you speak like a man with great wealth and power. You have ventured out past the boarders of Australia.” she said as she looked at him. ”Or maybe I am so starved for affection I have simply followed the rabbit into the den of a mongoose.” She had to admit they were not the pair of people most would root for. She was a vampire, she fed on humans and he was something she had not put her finger on, but she felt as though he was involved in shady things. ”I suppose it is only fitting that we meet on the beach like this. In the cover of night.” she was not sure if that answered his question but she felt like it must have. She sighed as she looked at the man in front of her. ”I don’t have much use for them anyway… I don’t think a man would like to be with a woman who was stronger than they are.” she said with a smile.
  3. Balance was something that Stella had always found important, part of the issues she had with her family and how they made their living was that they didn’t have that balance, it was a mess in their home, in their household. It had bothered her that she had not been in balance there. She felt more balanced at school… then she lost the balance. She had not quite found it again. Not yet anyway. She was hoping that in some way, she could eventually find balance in the mess she had been dropped into. Letting out a small laugh she nodded. ”Balance is important in the universe, not just on the grand scale but the smaller internal ones as well.” It ws something she had noticed over time. That balance was not just cosmic but it occurred on the cellular level- but Stella was not in balance, she was the sort of thing that drove the universe out of balance. However, she existed, so there had to be some balance to be had. She shrugged at the idea there were worse evils than her. She was not sure if she believed it, or if she had seen herself as the true evil because of what she was. Stella had never met someone like her before. She had studied about them in school, but she had not actually spent time with one. She didn’t know what it really was like to be a vampire… the concept had been something she at least understood. ”So if they exist then, there should be others who balance them out...” To understand balance, you had to acknowledge both sides of the spectrum… Meaning there had to be good to balance out what she was. ”Me? I am not sure that I am soft any longer.” She said with a sigh. Though she was never that soft to begin with. Not when you traveled in the circles they traveled in. ”You have no idea what I was going to say.” She said with a small smile. ”I think you and I both know what happens when you trust the wrong person.” The wrong person would get you killed. ”Love all, trust few, do wrong to none…” She repeated a popular phrase from the bard himself. Stella had always loved Othello and As You Like it, she had been lucky enough to see Hamlet when she had snuck into the playhouse in Sydney. ”Do you trust me?” she questioned him as she looked at him… ”To allow me so near to you knowing what I am?” She made a loud pfft sound when he mentioned a sugar daddy. ”Hardly, no one has volunteered for the role.”[b/] It was not as though she had met any possible sugar daddy in all honesty, she wouldn’t know where to look. Though she did not really think that she would prosper in that relationship. Money was something people could use to control others and though the idea seamed nice- she didn’t think it would be for her. ”A proper damsel, I don’t think anyone would want to be that… it is much easier to save yourself instead of wait on some prince to stumble over and kiss you.”
  4. ”If I am such a romantic, you are the very antithesis of a romantic.” She wondered if that meant they would be at odds forever. Well, for his lifetime. If he stuck around past this evening. Stella had come to accept most of the people in her life as transient. Even by mortal standards. She looked at the man in front of her and she wondered if he had been hurt by someone or if this was from years of being hardened by others. She had met both on the other side of her bar, though the ones with the sob stories tended to stay around a little longer. Like her they wanted some kind of human interaction, something to validate how they felt. That was something she had not been sure she would find among the vampires or the mortals. It was a very strange place to be. ”Life I suppose is not made for the feint of heart.” Neither was death. It was messy, and painful and often times you were left with this empty feeling in your belly. She had come to know the empty feeling well. It was a bone deep sensation that you never really got over. It lingered in your mind, and if you let it win, it was easy to turn into a hardened version of yourself. She had not had that luck- she felt this would have been a better fate if Stella had allowed her heart to harden. Maybe this would be less of a painful transition. She wouldn’t have cared that her family and most of her friends had abandoned her. Looking at him she frowned a bit. ”you should at least indulge in something softer.” She said. ”Everything does not need to be so harsh all of the time. It is about knowing when.” Letting out a small breath as she thought about it. ”Or you just have to trust someone to show you.” She said… whoever he trusted. ”Though I think you would need someone who were not as sharp around the edges as your friend Mish, or yourself.” She made a show of placing her hand on his shoulder and then pulling back and shaking it as though she had cut herself. Stella didn’t know what his life was like, if he had someone to provide something gentler for him to rest in. She nodded. ”Only time will tell, I am hoping that it is at least successful enough to keep me employed and my part of the rent paid.” She said with a slight smile. She was relatively okay when it came to money and honestly her friend’s family had only taken portions of their rent and paid the rest. Neither of them made a lot of money. ”Now, that is a very romantic idea, where you knight in shining armor or perhaps the antihero black knight?’ She asked him as she looked at him. He was a strange occurrence in an already strange existence. it was not everyday someone saved you.
  5. ”Nomads are Nomads.” She said with a shrug. ”I find that nomads often know the value of things, they know what to take with them and what to leave” It was something she had learned, she had been able to choose those things and then by extension, those people who mattered the most to her. It was not as though she went through life cutthroat, but she didn’t keep the things that would weigh her down. ”Romantic? Yes.” She said. ”It is not gentle to have your heart broken.” She pointed out. It was actually one of the worst things. Her heart had not been broken by a man, but by her family. They had turned their backs on her so quickly. ”Love may seem romantic but it is not for the faint of heart.” That was true be it romantic love, or otherwise. It was painful to love someone… it was painful to give so much of yourself to a relationship only to have it crumble before your eyes. The truth was, she was a very disliked species. That she didn’t blame anyone for, she drank blood, she moved quickly, she was driven by her basic instincts to be a predator… that was something that not too many people would want to be faced with. She wouldn’t have chosen this for herself. the trouble with being on the road so much was that there was a romantic nature to it, her father fancied himself some kind of knight… in rusted armor. They had busted steed and she was hardly a princess, but the romantic view of the world came with the territory. ”Sometimes the world looks great with rose colored glasses.” She said with a smile. ”The key is to take them off.” She said. The world was Harsh, but there were things in it that were not so harsh. ”have you let yourself think about the world with softness?” She asked him. ”I don’t see you as the warm fuzzy sort.” She figured, based on the company he kept the air he walked with, that he had more nefarious things in his life. ”Oh well, I do have a certain number of drinks I am allowed to comp… don’t tell anyone… my boss likes the clientele to feel good about things… I cant just comp a bottle of champagne- but my boss is from Las Vegas… he was some kind of bigwig… he runs the place with that mentality. I just felt you would be the right patron to use this on.” She said with a smile. It was not like she went crazy with it, she even comped Bryce a beer or two… ”I find I respond well to those who make themselves well known.” She said with a shrug. The next movement surprised her as she felt the hand at her lower back and she was pressed against him. She closed her eyes for a moment. It was an embrace. Her hand on his chest remained between their bodies and she looked up at him once again. ”No.” She said honestly. She imagined they must look crazy standing on the beach like this hugging, or maybe they looked like lovers sharing a moonlit walk on the beach. Either way, she didn’t actually care what others might think. ”Do you often go around holding the vampires you meet?” She asked him with a playful smirk. Though he was full of surprises- she wouldn’t have been surprised.
  6. ”It was all I knew for a long time. My family traveled quite a bit.” She said, which was understatement. They never stayed in the same place for more than a month. When the money ran dry they had to move. Or when someone figured out her father had run a con… they had to go. It was a strange life, but it had felt so normal to her. ”Life is suffering.” She said, paraphrasing a noble truth. It seemed rather true. ”It is a condition all creatures know in way or another. What is a little suffering when you can love?” She said with a small sigh. ”I know that my friend will live a short life compared to me, I don’t want to give up the friendship because it will hurt later.” Stella was young, not just a young vampire, but young for a human as well, the idea of someone dying was so far removed, and it would never be them… they were invincible. The cruelty of the world had forced a bit of maturity on her, but she still had that teenage rationality… not me. Kelsey would be gone eventually but she was not about to abandon her because she didn’t want to get hurt, not after all Kelsey had done for her. She nodded. ”Either way there are those who wish to end me, at least this way, I am not so visible. Working among the muggles is safer, they don’t think things like witches and vampires exist.” She said as she looked at the man in front of her. She watched him study the ocean. She wanted to know what he was thinking. ”yes, and still impulsive…” she knew she was, she took the edge off with things but not everything helped… well very little helped actually, aside from blood… ”I did my job.” She said to the smirk. ”There was no manipulation to get me to do that for you…” He had also tipped nicely… if anyone had been guilty of manipulation it was her. However she had not put on her flirty smile, or her charming wit to get a good tip. She had simply been curious about the man who had so swiftly caught her. The sensations that had gone through her at the touch. It was strong, something she was not used to. The sensations were not human. That was all she knew. She would have to find the meaning of the eyes. ”It is very odd, to live life without the internal metronome.” she said as she looked up from him. ”There is a hollow and empty feeling that makes you feel- off balance in the beginning.” She said as she felt the steady beat. ”I miss the warmth of the sun, this is as close as I come.” She said. It was true that she was a physical person. She always had been. ”Does it bother you?” She asked him. Though given his proximity she was not sure he minded.
  7. ”For as long as it suits me.” It was as simple and as complicated as that. She knew that staying here forever was not going to happen. No matter how much she may want to stay forever. There would be peopled who noticed that it was not just good genes that kept her from aging. She could claim she was into voodoo. Though that would only get you so far with non-believers. ”I plan on moving on to someplace else. I’ll stay as long as I can and then when it gets to the point I can no longer claim to be twenty something… I’ll move on. It is not an unfamiliar life for me. Moving.” Her family did it often but only because her father was a con man… a snake oil salesman. He had taught her how to live without roots, and given the only roots she had sprouted tied her to her best friend- the only connection she had to humanity at this point. Stella would protect her, and then she would protect the family that came after. Stella shrugged. She felt there some positive things to being vulnerable. ”It allows for real connection.” How could you truly trust, and love someone without those vulnerabilities. Though, she also knew that many had fallen at the feet of true connections. She supposed that was the point of connection. To care about someone and their interests above your own. She had not known what that felt like as a child. Her parents were rather selfish. Then when it came to what she was, they were quick to turn their backs on her and cast her out. ”I was 17.” She said answering the question and then pulling away. ”I was left for dead, and it did not take long for St. Ringos to realize what had bitten me. I was in my last year of school. There were too many eyes on me to hide.” That was the truth… there had been no where to hide. She neglected the fact she had not been accepted by her family and had lived with mortals who were not afraid of her… but they did not embrace her either. She had also not been very busy before that either. She had not trusted a boy enough for intimacy, physical or otherwise. Power had not interested her. It never had honestly. Stella had been more interested in being able to fight for the underdogs in life, now that meant for those like her. Though she wondered how she would fare arguing in any court that had daylight hours. There had to be a way around the daylight thing… long sleeves… floppy hats? It was an issue she would have to deal with if and when it came up. ”I would also you rather show up, or buy a drink… or leave a good tip because you wanted to- there is no pride in knowing I manipulated your generosity.” She felt it more important that someone want to do something, to want to spend time with her. She felt it would feel empty knowing she had made someone do something. But then she also did not want to rule the world. She would settle for some small bit of meaning. ”Is power important to you?” she wondered buy the way he spoke about it. He seemed to know what it meant to use someone as a puppet. It seemed to come from a place of experience, so then maybe that was the pull? Maybe the darkness in her found his darkness comforting. You did not become a vampire without some darkness. She still stood in front of him and she placed her hand on his chest, over his heart. ”you have a pulse and your heart still beats I knew right away you were not like me.” Her fingers moved lightly as she could imagine the way the heard beat in his cavity. It took some getting used to… not having the internal metronome to set a pace, she had felt so clumsy and lost in the those first few months. She was not… regulated.
  8. She eyed him as though she had not believed him. In the bar she was fairly sure Mish had been thrown by her willingness to stare him down. She wouldn’t push the issue tonight, maybe she never would. It was possible that she had caught him on a rough night and he had merely been worried that the petite bartender had somehow damaged his friend. She wondered what sort of man had that sort of loyalty from someone else. The eyes were always a giveaway if you knew to look for it. His had an inhumane quality she had only seen in a few places. She looked him over. ”I am a bartender.” it was not a role she played, she was a bartender. The role was pretending to be a human- when she was not. ”One of the things I remember from my transition- was that someone told me that weakness is strength.” She countered. ”Sometimes vulnerability is okay.” She had been told it was a human thing, the truth was she had allowed herself to be vulnerable her with him. His hand on her neck. The loose hold she had on his wrist remained relaxed. In a move that told how lonely she had been she moved her head, her lower lip brushed his hand for a moment as she leaned into the touch. The simply enjoyment of it. He could easily rip her head from her body, drive a stake through her heart. However she allowed him this close. She showed him a momentary weakness. Not the first, that meant he did travel in these circles, and was not some obsessed muggle. ”Why would I want to manipulate you?” She had thought he was different. The idea of manipulation made her uncomfortable. ”I don’t see the point in it.” she said honestly she had not been one to use those particular skills unless she needed to. She looked at him. He had done a decent job of enticing her that was true, but she didn’t think it was just her who has been curious about things. ”I am curious, as to why you aren’t scared, why you are so self-assured.” She wanted to know what he was. She let out a small breath. ”I don’t think I am the only curious one.” She said looking up at him through her lashes. ”I think you were just as curious about me.” She pointed out before she looked him over. ”What are you? Humans would be scared, some wolves… What treat do you have?” She asked him She found him interesting.
  9. He was surprised at her confidence… that was something she wondered was more his heritage than anything else. Stella was demure to a degree but not enough to be fearful. It was more a rouse than how she was. True she had been withdrawn and more likely to be on the edges of the gathering than she was to be in the middle of it. Stella had always liked to get a lay of the land over anything else. ”I am beginning to wonder about you and your friend Mish…” She said as she looked at him. ”You both seem to be a little thrown by a woman who is not a timid flower.” he considered the interaction of the night before and the surprise at her assurance in herself. ”Risk is relative.” And it truly was. This situation was not risky to her but for others he could see the risk. To meet a stranger at night. As a woman especially meeting a stranger at night… She looked at the man and smiled. She had taken a risk in meeting sure, but she didn’t think it would be one that ended with her head on a spike. At least not tonight. ’None? There is nothing that scares you?” Everyone was supposed to be scared of something. Fear was healthy so long as you didn’t let it get to you. It was how you stayed alive. If she was a little more fearful she would have not gone down that alley. Maybe anyway. It was possible she would have ended up a vampire regardless, or maybe she would have simply died. At least then she would not have the horrible existence she was living now. The only thing she wanted was to be able to sit on the beach in the sunlight. She tracked him with her eyes as he circled her. His fingers danced across her shoulders and she nearly flinched, still not used to being touched so willingly. She however controlled the impulse. The fingers moved along to her neck where they stopped. It seemed she had been figured out. When someone knew what they were looking for, it as easy to find. However, his heart did not race at the realization of what he was… so maybe he was not scared of her. So he was either very foolish- or encountered a vampire before. She swallowed, feeling the way the fingers moved as she did. Her hand wrapped around his wrist lightly his pulse thrummed under her fingers, but she didn’t pull away. ”So you managed to figure me out so quickly.” she said as she looked back up at him. He was closer than anyone had come in a very long time and she didn’t want to step away. She missed being close. ”So maybe you can explain why I don’t scare you like I should?” She said her finger tapping his pulse.
  10. I t was not often that Stella took a patron up on their offer to meet up later. Mostly because that could lead to some interesting drama and she had not really wanted to brand her workplace with drama. A patron gets too grabby, too flirtatious. Though what had happened the previous night had not been flirting, it was more like two predators circling one another deciding who was higher on the food chain. It had bred curiosity. He was not like most of the men she had encountered at the club. Though why that was she couldn’t put a finger on it. Rather than fight the curiosity she had decided to give in. To follow this white rabbit down whatever rabbit hole he was leading her down. Stella did not think she would have trouble getting herself back out again. Unlike Alice she came equipped some rather helpful skills. She was not scared of him, not really. She worried about what others would do if they knew the extent of the danger she brought to them. It had been a while since she had walked the beach, she had worked most of the past few months. It kept her busy. She missed the peace she found. The way the water looked bathed in moonlight, it glittered in an ethereal way. At least Stella had always thought so. She often thought of the poem The Lady Of Shallott. Or when the moon was overhead, came two you8ng lovers lately wed; I am half sick of shadows said the lady of Shallott She often thought she identified with her far more now than she had before. A Long drawn carol, mournful holy, she chanted loudly, chanted lowly, till her eyes were darkened wholly and her smooth face sharpened slowly. A pale pale corpse she floated by, dead cold, between the houses high dead into towered Camelot.” For whatever the reason she felt haunted by the poem. She found herself reading things with a new perspective since her transformation, things had made a new impression on her. Things like this poem which she felt a little differently than before. She let out a small sigh as she walked through the sand. She had taken her shoes off and they dangled in her hand as she walked. She was not surprised to see him. Though he seemed to think he may have scared her away. There was not much that she was scared of aside from maybe herself. And those who would want her dead. The idea of her head on a spike was one she liked to shy away from. ”Are you really so surprised?” She asked him as he came into view. That feeling in her stomach returned. ”I think you may have been hoping I wouldn’t show up.” She said with an accusing but teasing tone. ”It would give you an excuse to not decide what it is about me that scares you a bit.” She was not sure if scare was the right word. However she recognized the curiosity in him. It was only because she had also reflected that curiosity.
  11. ”Is that not where your monsters stay, or do they have their own rooms?” She questioned with a tilted head. She had not thought too much about where the monsters hid in the homes of others. She was the monster in those cases. The things that little children dreamed about and fretted about. She let out a soft sigh as she shrugged. ”There are not many who can handle some of the monsters that people bring. Sometimes those monsters have become your friends.” She had made friends with her monsters, she had to or she would lose her humanity. It was the one thing she attempted to hang onto. She didn’t want to lose the fact she cared so deeply about her loved ones. Loyalty was important to Stella, she had found that like other things, her loyaty had become more intense as well. Stella had broken the arm of someone who had come at her roommate, she had done it without thinking and had Kelsey not stopped her, she would have killed that boy. Stella wanted her to be safe and she went to great lengths to make sure she was. Kelsey still took care of Stella, she still loved her like she always had. That was a loyalty earned. The family had then opened up its doors and allowed a baby vampire to live with them. Of course he had been a ministry man. She had been introduced to the head of the department who had questioned her about the attack. Mr. Azikiwe had been kind and he had told her about the things to expect. He promised to help her. They both had helped her. She owed them a great deal. ”Mish will be my loyal friend will he? Or maybe you are concerned for my safety and are assigning me a bodyguard?” she teased him. He did seem a bit concerned about her, about her mental health, what she may encounter on her way home. ”I am flattered.” She said with a smile. She was simply teasing him. ”I have never been worried about what may snatch me in the night.” She would simply have a snack. ”I have no fear about the risks. When I have been afraid, or needed to be fearful… that happened in the daylight.” ”Danger is your ethos.” she decided as he agreed with it. She shrugged. ”Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world you walked into mine.” Her response. She was a little bit of a romantic, but she had come to love the water. The way it called to you. The vastness of it. She liked to feel like a speck when she stood next to it. ”I will be careful- but I feel as though I may have some extra eyes to watch out for me tonight.”
  12. The question was one people did not ask of her. She was not supposed to need the services of a bartender, it made them unburdening themselves to her a strange dynamic. No one liked to think of those in the service industry as anything other than flat. She didn’t mind it. It meant they only tried to get to know her if they wanted to take her home and very few actually got past her defenses like Mr. Azai had. She very rarely offered up so much in formation but there had been a few who had seemed worthy of a conversation and had been a rather interesting conversation. The Darker things Stella now gravitated towards. ”Sometimes it can be lonely, even the monster under my bed takes a night or two off.” ”I suppose, that no one has listened aside from y best friend.” The one person who knew her better than she knew herself. The heart that still beat inside of her body had been nearly identical to Stella’s they had been much alike and yet where her roommate was outgoing, Stella was shy. It created a balance however and Stella had become more outgoing and able to navigate social situations on her own. It had taken time, and she had a setback when she was forced to seek the shadows or die. Things were looking up however she seemed to be doing better with all of it. At least for now. ”You have to be sure when you put yourself in these situations, especially when you are a girl walking home at night.” Or a female in general sometimes. She looked like an easy target with her slight build. She had known this at an early age. Her parents had not been the most upstanding citizens but she had not really learned much from them either way. She was never sure what she would be… if she was a flower, the Venus Fly Trap seemed to be the most applicable. She lured you in and then she clamped down on your neck. So far she had not killed anyone… but she was not sure how long it would last. ”A gamble with your life? Should I guess that your vice is danger… or maybe that is your Ethos and not a vice at all?” She wondered. She could see danger being his Ethos. It seemed to fit him, like a well tailored suit jacket. Maybe he would be able to deal with the danger she provided better than most? Or maybe he was in for a rude awaking. ”then maybe tomorrow night, at the beach?” She suggested.
  13. Letting out a wearied sigh she understood what he meant. It was quite a bit of breaking down that people did across the bar from her. She also watched as they hunted one another, looking for someone to take their burdens from them. It was not always easy but Stella never brought their burdens home with her. She dropped their problems the moment she stepped onto the street. ”I don’t hang on to their weights.”[/b[ She assured him. ”I don’t find that their burdens would be useful to me… not when I am at home and in my own bed. They just need someone to listen.” She said with a shrug. She offered them no council or advice she sim ply just listened and poured. She did engage in conversation. ”I am capable of handling myself.” Any of the humans who came at her would be very surprised when they ran into her with the intent of getting rid of a witness. She was not someone who needed too much to keep herself safe… the strength and the speed that had come with her ability to hear people walk up behind her. It was bad for any who might call themselves a predator against her. She had not opened up about what she was much… she had once and it had not gone over well… she had since stopped trying to make friends. He sounded like a rather bored and annoyed older brother. Sher had plenty of those sit at her bar as well she smiled. She wondered if he did this often for his friend. She looked at him for a moment and then nodded. ”That is the law that nature seems to follow, the pretty flower before the trap closes around the bug, the colors that attract the predators, the fish who dangled that little light in front of the fish… I suppose they do that to make you feel more at ease” Because what damage could something so beautiful cause? Stella had not been too worried about any of it honestly. ”Its now my turn to tell you to be careful.” Women likely eyed him because of his dress… those looking for a man with money. ”I am the snake that finds the rabbit hole.” She said as she looked at him leaning in as if this was a secret of sorts. It sort of was, she was the snake, but she was much less serpentine than a snake. Though she supposed they both had fangs. ”So you my white rabbit, are the one in danger.” She finished the Metaphor. He was the one who needed too look out. ”but I don’t think that you are the sort to worry…” she said. She then looked at him. ”I tend to keep late hours.” she wondered if that would be alright with him .
  14. Stella understood the internal battle. This was something she had been in the middle of. She wanted to know who had attacked her. She wanted to know why he had left her for dead without making sure she was in fact dead. Or did he want her to live this horrible undead life like him? Stella had thought about walking out into the sun more than once. The few times she had, someone had been there to stop her without knowing they had stopped her. This was hardly a life. Which was why you couldn’t call it a life. ”I think we all have many sides… its just how we choose to show them, how they choose to manifest. Some are more accepting of their flaws than others are. There is a reason that people say ‘in vino veritas’” She said as she looked at him with a shrug. ”I know more about people’s lives than they would tell anyone otherwise.” But she was a neutral stranger. She was safe in that way. A very strange way. She looked at him. ”I am only the observer here. Not quite passive, there is interaction, but I am to be a blank slate for someone. To listen as they talk about their worries and to provide them the warmth that only alcohol can provide.” It was warmth that came from the constriction of the blood vessels and not real warmth but it made them feel better and it relaxed them enough to talk about whatever it was that had bothered them. Her patron his evening didn’t seem to be bothered by anything tonight. ”I have learned many things in this job, for one, attention is attention.” It had come form another Japanese patron who explained the character to her he had drawn on a napkin. ”Oh I am sure he would find someone to go home with- his poor attitude and all.” she watched them leave in couples on those nights, that had been the purpose of the evening. Stella had to step in a few times on those evenings to help a woman who did not feel safe find a way out of the conversation. Cops or not, she did want them to feel safe in the club. Once you had a bad ladies night you couldn’t really recover from it. She looked at him for a moment and shrugged. ”I don’t know if it is new, or the idea I could break up the boredom I feel.” She said honestly. Stella kept many secrets, the things she didn’t have to lie about she didn’t lie about. ”I have to admit that it is a different sort of draw that you provide…” One that interested her. She was not surprised however… he had been kind, he had kept her from falling, he had touched her something that had not happened in a very long time. What was her answer? She looked at him. She provided a far more dangerous opportunity than he did for her. What did she have to lose at this point? ”I would say yes.”
  15. It would be dangerous and not to mention there had been a few cases made against bars that had served a customer too much and they went off and died, or killed someone else. That would bankrupt the club and then she would have to find another place to work. This one was understanding of some of her odder habits. ”We see the worst versions of people sometimes.” Then again so many saw that these days. People were less likely to hide their true entitled nature now. Something about the changing of the times. Stella knew that she had some horrible things to hide herself. she planned on hiding them however. It was not something she wished to show someone. She could easily lose the existence she had now. Her eyes narrowed. ”Is that why you plan on dodging my question?” She asked him. He had turned the question back on her and she looked at him. ”I am only curious as to what things you enjoy. You may not be one of my regulars but you have my attentions.” Something that was hard to grasp and then keep. :I am hardly mysterious. I am just a bartender.” Stella said as though this were actually the case. Stella was a very private person and so she supposed mysterious but she had not always been that way, before she had just been shy. Now it was to keep her alive. She had leaned in only to lean back out. He was teasing her. She took a moment to get a drink for another patron before she returned to him. ”It does ebb on the weekdays, Monday is always a slow night. Wednesday too. We have Two times Tuesday and Ladies night is Thursday.” she hated both days, Tuesday was two of the same drink for one, and ladies night was always full of gross cocktails. They were all sugar and the women tended to be absolutely horrible. However that happened at the club. It was a big mating dance. Sometimes it was rather interesting to watch. ”how? I have no idea just yet.” She said honestly. She was not sure what she intended to do about it. It was a rather interesting thing. The crowd was thinning, it was getting later it was getting closer and closer to the end of the night. She had to agree however the idea of going home to something would make it seem a little less lonely. ”No? I suppose not?” She had no idea. She was not the most cultured human in the world, though she did try to study to be less obnoxious when she met other cultures. Though it had not really come in handy. ”Travel in not my vice.” She said with a smile. ”That is a good guess however.” She said with a smile as she looked at him. ”Are you asking me out?” She asked him. It was not the first time it had happened. It was however the first time she had considered it.