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  1. Liam actually had to stifle his laugh a bit as he listened to Lucy's crazy antics. It was one of his favorite things to do with her after all- listen to her stories. "I really want to sit in on that sometime. Seeing their faces would be hilarious" he told her, and he meant it. He always wanted to just pop on over to her and watch, but he didn't really feel like getting her in trouble or walking away with some crazy monkey arms or something. Before he could even explain the Keeper situation a couple of his Quidditch teammates walked over to their table. "Hey mate! Having a good dinner?" one asked, looking over at Lucy curiously. "Yeah it's pretty good so far. What are you lunatics up to?" Liam looked over at Lucy and smiled, wondering if it seemed like a date...was it a date? Did he want it to be a date?.... Yeah, he did actually. "The waves are perfect, you two should totally join us" Another teammate told them, which actually would have intrigued Liam. In all honesty he would have loved to jump up and join them in the water, but he didn't want to. He was absolutely perfect sitting with Lucy and going to some movie that he didn't even care to see. If he had the opportunity to be with her, he would take it. "Nah, I'm good here. Thanks though, mate" he told them and they slapped his back. "Alright then. You two lovebirds have fun". Blushing a bit, he dug back into his food and hoped that she wouldn't see. "Let's dig in, shall we?"
  2. Yeah, the newbies better "get it" as Scar had said, mostly because if they didn't they wouldn't make it very far without getting kicked to the curb. You had to hold your own in this career, and Liam put in his work just as they would have to... but even he had started out in a better state than they did. "Yeah, I'm probably just being all nitpicky. Ask me in a couple of weeks and we'll see if my answer has changed" he told her, carefully pulling out of the parking lot and making his way to his favorite place. The beach was absolutely perfect and part of that was because it wasn't so crowded. Having already changed into his surfing attire, all Liam had to do was pull out his board and bring it out to the beach. "The waves look good. Want to do a couple of dry runs before you jump in the water?" he asked her as he worked to put on the top coat of wax onto his board.
  3. Popcorn and an appetizer? Liam completely understood but he couldn't stop himself from playfully rolling his as at her, before smiling for good measure. When the waiter came her ordered what he wanted, along with a couple of items he said he'd take to go when they were done. As he handed back the menus he just shrugged at her question, not knowing what to say. Practice was practice, and though it was fun it was just far too hot for that intense amount of exercise. "Blech. It was way too hot, plus the reserve Keeper really needed some guidance. Like, I don't know how he got on the team type guidance" Liam told Lucy honestly, though truth be told he was sort of crabby when hungry...and hot. Lucky for everyone he was both. "What about you? Torment any trainees today?"
  4. Liam couldn't help but let out a laugh after being called a "brick wall". It wasn't the first time he'd been called that and most likely it wouldn't be the last. He swung a friendly arm around Scar's shoulder and pulled her in for a sideways hug. "Well maybe you'll think next time before you fly head on to a brick wall" he joked, but then found himself looking at her face to see if there were any other bruises. Walking out to Liam's station wagon, he realized that there was a decent bruise on her arm and frowned, stopping to take a better look at it. "Shit.. I'm sorry" he told her honestly. "I could heal that if you want." Letting her think on it, he threw both of their bags into the back, underneath his board, and got in gesturing for her to join him. The least he could do after nearly pummeling her would be to drive. The new kids on the team. Boy was that a fun discussion to potentially have. Liam sort of let his idea of them known the moment she asked by chortling quite loudly. He coughed a bit at some weak ass attempt of covering it up. "Yeeeeahh... They need work. What do you think?"
  5. Yeeahhh... Telling someone "Don't worry I won't stab you" as you take out a knife isn't a good way to make someone feel comfortable...

    1. Sean Rhodes

      Sean Rhodes

      What? I don't even....WHAT? Why would someone even do that?

    2. Liam Somersfield

      Liam Somersfield

      Seriously! He was just opening a box! Why do you need to say things like that, sir?!

    3. Sean Rhodes

      Sean Rhodes

      Sounds like a grade A creeper.. If you see him again, run.

  6. As Liam stood up once more he nodded his head. "I think you are, and I'm bloody terrified you'll end up better than me", he joked with her, trying to keep her spirits up. Then again, while he was a decently good surfer he was by no means the best. He knew how to surf and sometimes taught others to as well, but that was about the extent of it. As Liam grabbed his surfing bag and throws it over his shoulder, looking at Scar. "I heard that the waves at the beach I took you to last time are great. Not too incredibly high*. He had this spot that the always frequented, mostly because it kept away from the tourists and paparazzi most of the time.
  7. If you think that Liam would not flex his bicep after seeing most of Lucy's stomach, you would be sorely mistaken. He made it look effortless of course, and if she asked he would just brush it off as a muscle spasm or something. He looked at her face as she healed him, falling into those beautiful brown eyes of hers. "Thanks" he told her with a bright smile before standing up. "Let's head to my place first for my wallet and a t-shirt". Holding Lucy's arm with a stupid smile, Liam apparated back to his place where he did just as he said he would. This time they left through the front door, holding onto her arm so that they wouldn't lose each other in the crowd. He walked her to the restaurant she had mentioned and sat down, looking over the menu. "Hmm... Want to get an appetizer to sneak into the movie?"
  8. Liam's laugh turned into a wince the moment she touched his bruise, but thankfully Lucy stopped. The last thing a guy ever wanted was to look weak in front of the woman he liked. "Hey! You didn't heal me!" he called out as she stood up and grabbed her purse, acting as if he was angry with her. He began to cross his arms but "decided" not to after the bruise began hurting from the movement. As for food, well Liam was actually starving, so anything sounded good to him. "Yeah, whatever you want!" he told her nonchalantly. "I'm buying". He held his arm out to her, looking up at her from under his eyelashes, not knowing what they did to her, and giving her a puppy dog look to heal him. Honestly though, he wanted to feel her touch once more, feel her finger slide down his bicep..
  9. Practice was absolutely grueling, but Liam wasn't letting that get him down. He knew that every missed block he would have more to practice with, but it was getting extremely hot and all he wanted to do was switch his broomstick out for a surf board and spend some time in the ocean. As that thought crossed his mind, a Bludger came right at his head, dodging it at the last moment. "Keep your head in the game!" the captain yelled at him, but you didn't have to tell him twice. He blocked the next attempted goal, running into Scarlett as she attempted the score on him. With one last whistle blow practice was over and off to the locker room he went. "Hey Van Acker, want to actually go hit up some waves?" he asked, throwing his sweaty clothes into his laundry bag and tightening it up. "You're definitely ready for some actual waves this time". Walking over to her, Liam sat down on the bench and smiled, slipping on his shoes as he awaited her reply.
  10. What's worse than a Quaffal sized bruise on your arm? @Lucille Fischer poking said bruise. 

    1. Lucille Fischer

      Lucille Fischer

      Hey now, you offered.

    2. Liam Somersfield

      Liam Somersfield

      That's because you're eyes were begging me to!

  11. "Yeah! That sounds perfect" Liam told her about the movie, feeling around his pants and realizing that he didn't have his wallet on him. He was about to tell her that he'd be back when Lucy took a hold of his arm and noticed the bruise. "It's okay, not too painful. You can heal it if you want" he said to her, but quickly realized a look in her eye. There were plenty of times when he watched in near horror as she poked her own bruises. That same look was on her face right then, which only made him chuckle. "Would you like to poke it? Would that make you happy?" he asked, almost jokingly, though he honestly knew better. Liam sat down on the bed so that Lucy could see the bruise a lot better. Sometimes being super tall was nice, particularly when you're guarding a post, but standing near a five foot short woman was not one of those "nice" moments. "Just don't poke hard, okay. I could probably accidentally kick you through that window".
  12. Liam knew that some many women found him attractive and sometimes he would use it for his advantage, but that was rare. Around Lucy he never really thought about it, knowing that he could be a complete goofball or look like shit and she wouldn't seem to mind it. Laying next to her was a common occurrence, but that didn't make the desire to kiss her any less of a desire. He wanted to hold her, protect her, and run his hands over that perfect- Woah, Liam was losing his train of thought and with the position they were in it probably would have been noticeable if he didn't think about something else. So he watched Lucy type on her phone and raised an eyebrow when she suggested a movie. "That sounds great!" he told her, sitting up but wincing as the bruise on the arm he leaned on got squished on the bed. It was a decently sized bruise, the size of a Quaffal, and it was quickly turning darker over the day. "What movie were you thinking?"
  13. Seeing Lucy in basically nothing and laying on her bed made Liam do a double take. It was very obvious that she was NOT in trouble, made even more obvious by the smirk on her face. It was moments like that when Liam's feelings for the woman kind of showed, but he was hopefully able to hide it a bit behind his confused demeanor. "I...picture?" he asked, taking out his phone and seeing that there was indeed a picture sent to him. Biting his lip nervously, he looked up at her, then back at the photo, and then laughed looking at her again. "Thats, uh- that's funny". The feelings that Liam had for Lucy ran a few years deep, not that he ever tried anything with her. She was in a relationship before that ended pretty horribly, but mostly he was terrified of ruining their friendship. She was his best friend and ruining that for the potential of a romantic relationship just didn't seem worth the risk. Besides, she could do much better than him. Sitting down on the bed, Liam shook his head with a big, awkward grin. "So... you're not dying or being mauled by a koala or anything?" he asked her, joking of course. He took the shirt from his back pocket and put it on before laying back on the bed next to her.
  14. Quidditch was kind of rough sometimes but at least he had a nice hot shower to run to once practice was over. It felt absolutely perfect, the feeling of sweat and dirt running off of him and down the drain with the water. He had an afternoon filled with relaxing and icing his now bruised arm where he had gotten hit with the Quaffal. He barely even had his sweats on, no underwear at home, when he received a text saying "Help!" from his best friend. Without a second thought Liam grabbed his wand, shoved her T-shirt in his back pocket, and apparated to her apartment. "Lucy?" Liam yelled, running through her apartment until he found her in her bedroom. "Lucy! What's wrong?" He asked her hurriedly, looking at her. He wasn't even thinking about the fact that he was standing there, somewhat wet and shirtless.
  15. Open Name Open job position, but it could be fun if they worked at the Quidditch stadium or something. Suggested Play-by: Open. Male or Female. Key Facts Stalks Liam Hates Lucy (Liam's girlfriend) Age: Around 27 +/- a year Melbourne Likes photography? Or at least pretends to. Appearance No requests for appearance. Connections Personality Liam Somersfield - Stalkee. Desires being with him. Lucille Fischer - Liam's girlfriend. Hates her The character is really up to the player. Guy, girl, doesn't matter as long as they are deeply "in love" with Liam, insanely jealous ((emphasis on "insane")) of Lucy and wants her out of the picture. History Outside of what is listed above, I have nothing for history. This is entirely up to the player! Plot Points Contact We would really love to go all out with this; Kidnapping, possibly drugging, we're really up for anything but of course big plans would need to be approved by everybody. The only things set in stone is how they feel for Liam and Lucy. The rest is really open. Callie Discord is best so that we can link with Heather Or reply here.