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  1. The girl watched him as she spoke, and it appeared that something she said had struck a chord, or at least allowed him to see the folly of what he was doing to himself. There was no way that he could continue on this path and for it to achieve an effective result. The girl knew that Lillian, and probably Flora too, would tell her that it's not worth meddling with. That she may as well leave the boy to learn in the long drawn-out and painful way that he was leading himself down. That there were bigger things she could always be concentrating on if she wanted to make differences. But she had also been raised by her parents that if she could help someone, then she should stop to help them. Especially if they were in pain. And Aiden's pain was written all over the boy, both within and on the outside. He was now falling in a way, and she shifted to her feet and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind in a gentle hold as he began to ramble. "Yes, I can guard your dreams..." The girl confirmed for him, listening as he spoke about his fear, about that terror which kept him awake at night, and filled his days with thoughts that he was not good enough, wasn't doing enough, that he was going to lose someone else important to him, and that it would be all his fault. It wasn't true, of course, but the girl understood that mortals often had difficulty seeing logic and reason through the chaos of their emotions. Not that she didn't have the occasional moment, but she'd also learned to better think through her emotional turmoil. "Then I will make it that you do not have to see it at night, I will call upon your happier memories, those which make you smile and feel at ease and when you have slept well and feel better, you will see what I do," It was almost with a mother's tenderness that Lei rested her head on Aiden's shoulder from behind as she hugged him gently, one hand lifting to comb his hair soothingly, "You are not at fault, and never were."
  2. The flipped book caused the girl to jolt in slight alarm, not having expected it, and she watched him with wide eyes that didn't understand why he was so angry when she was only trying to help him. She understood much better than he thought she did, and it made her sad to think that her efforts were not only not helping him to relax and think about this rationally, but to upset him even more. She looked toward the book, which was a small way down the aisle, and it lifted from the ground, hovering before then moving through the air to the girl's awaiting hands. She looked at the cover and then set it down neatly on a stack before bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them. "If you do not rest properly, then even if you come across answers, you will not see them through the haze of fatigue and undernourishment. You are only making your attempt more and more difficult," The girl murmured softly, concern laced in her words and voice, as well as apology for having upset him. She hadn't meant to do that, and unlike Lillian and Flora, Lorelei did care about the feelings of others and did tried her best not to cause upset when she could. She rested her chin upon her knees as she watched him with those blue eyes. The girl could see his fear, and his mention of being kept awake suddenly gave her a fresh idea. Perhaps there was something that she could do for him. She shook her head again at him lightly, but there was a gentle look upon her features, calm and caring. "I can help you to sleep. Would you like me to guard your dreams against the thoughts that haunt you?" Lorelei asked gently. As strange as she could appear, there was no question that she was not trying to upset him or make him feel worse, but was actually trying to help the boy in her own unusual way. "I can make sure that you will sleep peaceful and wake refreshed. And then you shall feel hungry and eat, and then will be able to read more books with greater clarity, yes?" She nodded, yes, that was a perfect idea. And something she could do easily as well! "As for how I can attempt to wake him..." Lorelei smiled softly, secretively, and lifted a finger to her lips, "That is a secret."
  3. "Do you truly believe all answers are found in a library?" The small girl canted her head in some curiosity, though her tone was almost admonishing the teen for his simple way of thinking. Of course libraries didn't hold all the answers. There were so many things out there in the world that people couldn't even comprehend let alone be able to have records on. The more she thought about it, the more she began to believe that he really was running a fool's errand. Wasting his time and his energy on something that he wasn't going to find in this place, no matter how hard he tried. "You are pale, you have deep rings beneath your eyes, and you do not appear as though you have eaten very well. That does not make one well, and if it is due to digging into tomes which may not even contain the answers that you seek, then you are harming yourself," The girl's response was so certain, she was much more sure of herself than any child her age, or perhaps even any teenager, should be about the subject. She was aware that she came across as unsettling to him... to many of the students that she came into contact with, but there in her features was also a deep concern for the teenager. She knew very well that Uncle Matt would be quite upset to know that he was not looking after his health at all. To her though, it seemed the boy was driving himself to madness. And perhaps if she could help somehow, then Lorelei might be able to rescue him from such a fate. She looked at the book that she was handed, however. It looked rather large, and she had a feeling there would be words contained that she would have difficulty reading. Besides, why did she need a book? "I cannot read this," Lorelei stated easily with a shake of her head, pushing it away, "And I do not require it. I did not say I would help, I said I would wake him. I will learn how in my own way. Though... I would like you to eat, and rest." The girl pouted at him and her gaze was genuine worry and innocence, "Please?" That word worked for people much of the time. Would it work for him too? She wasn't sure why, but it seemed to have some effect.
  4. Lorelei kicked the ground with one of her polished leather shoes, a little dirt kicking up into the air gently, as she placed her hands behind her back and nodded to the question from the other girl. She really did have that much energy, it was never-ending almost. Or at least, that's how it felt sometimes. It made sleeping very difficult, because she didn't really need to, and so she wandered sometimes at night, or stayed up talking to Flora. "Maybe... is it a game that has points?" Admittedly, Lei did like those games, like Cricket and Softball, when someone could hit or throw a ball and then run to a target to get points. Those were fun and competitive, and she always tried her best to get as many points as possible for her team. She was happy with the dog though, Blue seemed like she would be a wonderful friend to have, not to mention a fantastic guardian who would keep Amy safe. That was a good thing. "My Grandpa has a big dog, named Cecil, my brother and sisters and I like to play with him, he tries to round us up like sheep," Lei grinned a little with a soft giggle. That was also a fun game. "Alan is not my uncle, but his father is my, uhm... great great uncle? Alan is my cousin," The girl nodded firmly, that much she knew about the family, "Alex is my uncle though, he is my great uncle from Grandmiere's family!" The question of what she had said also reminded Lorelei that she wasn't speaking to someone from L'Arine, and she smiled and blushed slightly, before then speaking, "It means 'mother mine'. It is what I call my Mama. She did go to school at Tallygarunga. She was in Spencer House."
  5. Gets rid of energy... Oh, perhaps that was a good reason for the game itself, except that it wouldn't work for Lorelei. She always had energy, she got it from the world around her, and never ran out no matter how much she ran around or used her magic. She knew very well that she was different to most other children she knew, aside from those she was related to. She felt like her questions were confusing the other girl as well, and wondered if that was a bad thing. Cam and Hazel tended to accept that Lorelei was simply 'odd' and not like them, and were happy enough to have her around. She hadn't actively tried to make other friends... or more so, other children often avoided the strange girl. "I do not think the game would work for my energy, but not many things do," Lorelei offered a gentle shrug, though the smile still remained on her features. She giggled as the dog licked her hand, it was a child's giggle, full of innocent happiness, and she continued to pat Blue affectionately while she listened to the other girl's story. "I see, I am sorry for the loss of your parents. Cousin Alan is very good like that, he does love to take care of children and make sure they are all happy," Lei gave a nod, her statement was one of sheer fact. She knew what the man was like and smiled warmly at Amy, "It is a good thing that you come here then. You will never be lonely at this place. Mamiere went to school here, and she did make a lot of friends who helped her in her struggles. As did others that I know of. It is like... school family." Yes, that made some kind of sense, right?
  6. Lorelei hadn't been sure about this party thing. Certainly, she'd been to parties before, but this was apparently supposed to be quite a crowded one, if as many people turned up as were invited... which was pretty much the entire senior school. Honestly, she'd mostly wandered over from the Bilby school, because she knew it was being hosted by Alexander and Cassandra, two people that she had already taken quite a liking toward and enjoyed being around. And so, she had snuck inside, much like the other girl. But instead of hiding under a table, Lei took to the darkest corner so that she might go unnoticed for the most part. She fully intended on approaching Alex, but then other people started showing up and talking to him, so she became a little shy. It was almost like stagefright, having to go out there in front of others. But then she was called out and offered a small meek smile as she lifted her hand to give a small wave as well. However, when Alex crouched down and opened his arms up just for her, she couldn't stop her smile from becoming wide and bright. The girl then took off and ran straight into his arms, hugging him tightly. "It is good to see you, Uncle Xander!" Lorelei exclaimed brightly, not letting up on the hug. She enjoyed hugs from him, and it also gave her a chance to offer up a little energy and make him feel a bit better as well. "Will you be singing?" She then asked him, pulling back her head so that she could look up at the man with her wide innocent blue gaze. She would really like to see that. The girl let him go after a short time and then turned to also give Cassandra a hug, enjoying the tingly buzz that the redhead gave off, "And you as well? Will you sing Cassandra?" She asked Cass. She then looked at the other girls there and offered a polite smile and curtsyed. "Hello, I am Lorelei, I am Alexander's niece," The girl spoke politely as she introduced herself to Gerry and Amy.
  7. Lorelei watched as the ball was bounced in the girl's hands a little, listening, but not really receiving much in the way of information that seemed to help her understand. She pursed her lips a little. She'd seen people play this game before, but there was much about it that she didn't really get about and and the perplexed look on her features probably hinted as much. "I see that. But... why? What does the tossing and catching back and forth accomplish?" It was a curious question, and spoken with an innocence of someone who truly didn't understand the meaning behind doing something so repetitive. This was one of those moments where she knew her mother would wonder how it was she seemed so mature and yet childlike at the same time. At least she seemed to have drawn a smile from the other girl, and she offered a bright smile in return before carefully patting the dig as well. "Hello Miss Blue, it is a wonderful pleasure to meet you as well," Lorelei spoke to the pit bull with a smile, before then straightening to regard the other girl again for a moment. "I was wondering... I see that you stay at the school. May I ask why?" Again, there was that innocent curiosity as she asked her question of the girl. She liked having answers to her wonderings.
  8. Lorelei hadn't meant to frighten the other girl, but she was also used to the reaction. It was apparently not normal for children her age to be able to simply appear and disappear, but it was an efficient method of transport so she wasn't going to stop doing it just because no one else did. That seemed too much like she had to hide, and that sounded rather lonely, and like she would be lying to others too much. She liked being herself, and if others didn't like her... then boo for them. "What is it that you play?" The girl in the tree asked softly, her head tilting as she looked between the other girl and her dog. Once again, she seemed to shimmer into nothing, before another shimmer appeared at the base of the tree trunk, turning into the shape of Lorelei once again. She blinked at the dog, it had barked at her because she had frightened it's child, but she usually got along fine with animals. She crouched down in front of the canine and offered her hand out for it to smell and decide whether it liked her or not. "You have a beautiful dog. What is her name?"
  9. Lorelei simply nodded at the question of 'he', as though Aiden should have known who she was talking about. Surely, he knew that Matt would not approve of this, that he should be taking better care of himself rather than cause more concern for his family. They were already trying to continue coping with the fact that his brother was still here and not here at the same time, surely the added worry about Aiden on top of that would be even more stressful. She'd seen how families could be when someone was in danger or harmed, her own dealt with their own share of strife. "Is it a project for school?" It hardly seemed like something that Adam should have confiscated if it was, but she had to ask anyway. If it was something required for Aiden's grades, then she could offer to go get it back for him. However, as he continued onward, the girl's gaze became puzzled and her head tilted as she looked to the books again. Whatever answer he was looking for, she had a feeling that he wasn't going to find it, and was only going to end up in hospital with his brother. "I think you are looking in the wrong place," The girl spoke quietly, but confidently, reaching a hand forward to place on top of his. It was an attempt to be a comfort of sorts, despite her words. She didn't want to see him working himself to death for something that he may not be able to find. That would not be good at all. "You are not to blame for what happened either. And harming yourself is not going to make anyone feel any better, it will only make them sad. As I said, Uncle Matt would not wish you to be doing this and missing your sleep. It would made him feel bad to see you in hospital with him..." The girl pursed her lips a little, she could see the determination in the boy. "I understand. Sometimes I do wish I could do something more to heal my loved ones who are in pain as well," Lorelei nodded gently, though she bit her lip as she thought, "What if I promised to find a way to wake him?" She asked very quietly, watching him again. "It is quite possible, I could you know."
  10. Lorelei had seen this girl around a fair bit, and come to learn that she was actually living on the school grounds, which was unusual for one of the junior school students. She'd also apparently formed some kind of bond with the blue-eyed girl's uncle 'Xander', as noticed at the party they'd both snuck into, and as such had piqued her curiosity a little. There was also the fact that she had a pet dog on school grounds as well... also unusual for a junior student. So it was that Lei had spotted her today, and decided to follow her a little to see where they were going. She'd hidden in a tree to watch their game, a small smile on her face. And then the ball ended up in another tree, and it looked rather clear that the other child didn't know how to get it out of there. So Lorelei vanished from where she was already hiding, and reappeared in the branches of the one that held the ball away from the girl and dog. Leaning over, she gently touched the ball, pushing it from the branches so that it would drop down and the other girl could get to it, before offering a small smile. "The trees sometimes wish to play as well," Came a cryptic statement from the mysterious girl as she sat on the branch still, swinging her legs lightly. "But I can fetch the ball if they catch it again."
  11. The young girl with jet black hair and intense blue eyes tended to go wherever she wanted a lot of the time. When she had to be in class, she went to class, but the rest of the time there was really no point trying to keep her to the Bilby school or even on school grounds at all if she fancied a visit to somewhere else. It was something that had been a big debate between her parents and the teachers when she first began, and she had felt bad that she'd caused trouble. But what was the point in staying somewhere she wasn't needed and that held little interest to her? Like today, her friends had wanted to play a chasing game, which had been fun for a short time, but it was a game that went in circles and felt repetitive after a short time, and so Lorelei had wandered off. She'd decided to see whether her Grandmiere was doing anything interesting, but it looked like she was busy making a few students feel very awkward, and so Lei left her be for the moment. She would have gone to say hello to Caleb, but he was busy practising playing guitar, and as it was something that made him happy, she decided she would leave him to that as well and not bother him, except to listen for a small time. He really appeared to be placing effort into it. And then Lorelei came across an odd sight indeed, a boy who was hiding in the darker corner of the library shelves, scribbling almost desperately, as though his life depended on it. Well... maybe not his life. Lorelei knew Aiden, she remembered him from when she was an infant and he still lived with Uncle Matt and Aunt Kate. And then Matt had been hit by the tram and stopped walking the corporeal world, instead walking the non-corporeal while his body remained motionless, almost like in a cursed sleep of sorts. But that wasn't all she noticed about the familiar boy. He was worn out, to the point of looking rather unhealthy, the rings under his eyes told of many sleepless nights. "You are going to make yourself sick, and then he will be most upset," The soft voice spoke from the shadows, before the girl stepped from them, only to crouch down onto her knees in front of Aiden. She looked at the books that he was studying, and her brows furrowed slightly. For all the language she'd learned on L'Arine, with Flora and Lilllian, Lorelei hadn't bothered much with learning English. She could certainly read and spell at her year level easily, but she already knew there were words in the book Aiden was reading that she would have to get help with. "What is it that you are searching for, to be making yourself unwell?" Bright blue eyes gazed up from the book to the teenager as she studied him, curious of why he'd risk his own mortal health for what these books could apparently tell him.
  12. Lorelei was conceived during her mother's final year of school, while her parents were still in London for a month or so after her father's heart surgery. She became aware fairly early on, and when she realised that her mother was in danger from a stalker that had kidnapped Jezebel, she called out for whoever might be listening, which happened to be her great grandmother Lillian. While the Sorceress was able to make sure that Jez didn't die in the house that had burned and fallen around her, Jez wouldn't have the energy to both heal and continue carrying her child, and so Lorelei was transferred to the womb of a woman who lived on Isle du L'Arine. There, she was born, and though loved by her 'parents', she felt no connection to them and had no desire to remain, despite the visits and lessons from Lillian. The people who believed they were her parents were not of her blood, and Lorelei had already chosen her path, and thus she ended up eventually leaving them with the assistance of Flora, who brought Lorelei to Tallygarunga one day, when the great pygmy puff prank was occurring. Lei found her way to her grandmother and, via Adele (once she was told of their relation), to her mother and father. Reunited once again, she felt content once more. From there, the girl lived a relatively normal live for one such as she, who had a famous mother and an intelligent father. She was thrilled when she received siblings, and was continued to be visited by Flora - who she considered to be her best friend - as well as Lillian, who continued to impart knowledge and lessons upon the young girl. She became interested in non-humans and magical beasts from a very young age, and has spent a great deal of time learning more about them, while also keeping a cautious eye out for anything that she believes may be a threat to her family.