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  1. Derrick stood outside of the main building of the school in an opened space waiting for the students to arrive, each one given prior notice that the Term three and Four classes would have cause to be more 'exploratory' due to their potential volatile nature even compared to fire which could be contained. The element of Air was a wild horse of sorts - a mare that couldn't be so easily tamed and thus often always wrecked havoc when things were let loose. Something that he had been dealing with on some students, some more prominent in the 'screwed up AGAIN' category more than others. Due to the colder weather he found himself a bit bundled up in a jean jacket with fur stitched on the inside, both of his hands within his pocket while standing within a withered field with his eyes looking about the area for a moment. A nod followed through with a positive assessed grunt "This looks as good a place as any! Hopefully no one will conjurer up a house from the wind to drop on some wicked witch - Naaah - no one will have that kind of freak accident happening." Though other things could be much more likely with the things that had planned and managed to set up. This run there were two types of 'Dummies', targets, that he had in place for each student, the first had been a well-stabilized make-shift windmill. Each was constructed with strong materials to keep it in place in the ground but to also have a durable windmill attached onto it in hopes that it'd be able to withstand against the potential throttling air-spells that could be produced from just about any kind of talented individual. The second target was much more dangerous to the point he had to bury part of its stand deeper into the ground than he had expected using an Earth spell. It was in the shape and make of an Archery target except made fully of durable metal that were known to be conductive to electricity - A dangerous effort for sure but he had promised a full scope and understanding of the Elements in all of its terrible glory. Informed students were better equipped to handle their magic rather than avoiding the elephant in the room after all. As he turned around to give a usual greeting to the students that would start to arrive, his hand rose up lightly with a light. "Hey there folks! Glad to see you this lovely and cold day! Hope you're ready to get your adrenaline pumping because this lesson will be much more active than the last two we were messing around with - We're travelling into some intense territory with Air magic today."
  2. "Big mouth is a part of it but my crazy antics are on a whole different level!" Derrick gave a fond sigh as if he were remembering some of his greatest 'achievements' as a troublemaker. At the end of the day he was still his House sake even as an adult, still a Spencer, which was perhaps ironic given the other teaching staff that wore the color green. It took the unpredictable sort to contend with the unreadable nature of youth growing in this day and age. "Besides, people with the largest mouths tend to let certain feelings well known without any hesitation." Like wise, they often kept tight-lipped about the things that ate at their very core. He didn't notice her slipping the marshmallow, though, he also wouldn't have stopped her. People did what they needed to insure their own survival, after all. A grin twisted on to the man face almost as if he now held Teddy's 'card' of sorts. "Oho~? Did I hit the nail on the head a bit too well? Honestly, no, it has nothing to do with your gender that I said it. If you must know anything about me is that I don't conform to any norm, any thought that people find is a 'proper' course in society or life." The tip of his fingers press through his hair for a moment as he took a brief moment before responding again. "Taking the moment to laugh helps to ease the build up of tension and the oppression of life's trials. Consider it more of a mmm. . . A Type of medicine, if you will!" There was a method to his madness and while in many cases people considered it 'over the top', he wielded a heavy weight that was beyond the ordinary and constantly in an attempt to take a bite at him. "And if you -really- believed It was no ones business, then you wouldn't go through the troubles of purposefully wearing it." He taps his chin for a moment as he nods. "I'd say you do it as a way of protection for other folks as well as yourself." There rarely had been things that would cause him to 'halt', Feminism or the idea of it, hadn't been one of them. "That's certainly one way to view, but take it into the perspective - It wasn't so much about disobedience that led to it but youthful discretion. As a young person you're expected to do things. Every choice is designed by the younger generation for their own steps not only in life but what they will choose to impact or do." He nodded in agreement to her understanding of 'Not stupid enough to be killed'. "Many deaths can happen without being stupid though, wrong place, wrong time. In Romeo and Juliet's case, maybe it was lust? Maybe it was love at first sight? A person is too complicated and complex to make that kind of defined assertation alone. But one thing that is constant is that had they been able to see further ahead, they could have found another way out. " A slight shrug followed through but he decided to agree fully. "But you're right, that young, they wouldn't have a concept of 'Love' not to the full degree without being all out of whack." Derrick chuckled lightly as he shook his head after their words had echoed one another, he knew being predictable was often a sore point for anyone. No one wanted to be easily 'readable'. "Friendship may have led to it, but they had a choice. Even if it ended up in a bad way I imagine they were happy enough to be there in a persons time of need. But Romeo and Juliet is also intended to be a massive dramatization." He pointed out, it could be a good reference for philosophical thinking after striking down the loud overtones that struck through the literature. "But disappointments come in life, it's just a matter of dealing with it and know that not every disappointment is an intentional slight. Sometimes? They just happen and other times you can be more surprised about the outcome." "And yea, all of mines are - but are some of the coolest people around. This one Auror friend I have? Lucy? Gal likes a good ice cream fight. And Audrey that assist the Headmaster? The nutty woman enjoys paper ball fights and other antics. But she's sneaky, have to watch out for her pranks."
  3. In a short span of seconds what looked to be a chaotic class of fire versus water, caused a different kind of blaze than he had expected. On one hand, Alexander, yet again, set something on fire. This far into the year he was so used to it that he had expected almost every single time if it wasn't a complete fizzle afterwards. Some of the students seemed to the succeed, others held a grandstanding miss of their own, and some decided to get more fed up than anything else. A light chuckle escaped from him as scratched at his beard for a few moments before he pushed off of the desk he had been leaning on. A light wink was given towards Evony as she arrived. "Oho! The new blood arrives! Hey, it's no biggie, your first time in this school you're bound to get a mix up. I'm not holding it against you or your House." Luckily for these students? He wasn't the Librarian, the woman wielded a scary whip of reprisal that even he jumped out of the way when it went a swaying to slaying. He gave a clapping ovation and slight nod. "Okay, so some of you. . . Good work, others, we'll work on it don't worry. The objective wasn't entirely to be 'perfect' but rather know that you understood the motions, the intention of the spell, and its potential. If you got that down even just theory? That's one step ahead than you probably would expect it to be." Teaching method, unorthodox? To the furthest star from Earth, but he found that the students learned from it and responded better to it. More importantly? HE responded better to it which placed him in his natural habitat to connect. His hand rose up and pointed towards Teddy with a slight grin on his face. "You're right, in most cases? Sand would work perfectly! However, Water is a fitting point in many ways. Aside from this being the Water segment of 'Elemental Magic', the purpose was to understand the adversarial compound of Water and Fire - In some ways their cooperative aspects too." Both of his hands pressed into his pocket as he took a stride along the dummies that were still let a blaze with a single wand withdrawn soon after. "You may come across a moment where it's cursed fire and only Water could work, maybe you come across a situation where there is a roaring blaze in a building, room, somewhere that Sand just wouldn't be a viable spell of use when Water itself as the jettison power to meet the fire faster." He waved his hand casually. "A lot of 'What if' scenarios, most of you may never find yourselves in these kind of predicaments. But the point is, to be prepared and to know that you have the knowledge to use the arsenal if needed." Taking a cursory glance along the classroom his hands leaned against his waist. "Questions? Concerns?"
  4. "Aaah, with magic, nearly anything is possible! For all you know maybe once in my life when I was a little bit, I could have had a small muncher!" Derrick tapped the edges of his mouth with the tip of both of his index fingers on each side, attempting to shrink it down my pushing in a comedic fashion. His hands descended back onto his lap as he crossed his legs, leaning his back fully against the wall while his eyes lifted up towards the sky in thought. Personally, he held no issues with any of his students or any of the teacher's for that matter. Life held too many surprises and many of those he watched held heavier burdens than they showed and in most cases, than they truly thought. Something that he could understand and relate towards due towards his own background and yet it was that odd held back connection that kept much of the student body distant from one another. Reasonably so, no one wanted to seem weak or unable to fight for what they needed to do. Vulnerability - A Hard shield to wield. His eyes never left from the marshmallow as Teddy tossed it towards the air and caught them with a showboating personality. That was something he could get behind, nothing wrong with giving a bit of a show! Both of his hands collided together in an applause that held an approving nod that accompanied along with his own show. "Yes, yes, bravo!" A hand breaks away from clapping and circles about in a showman's way. "You have some talent, may have a career in this marsh-ket league. Of course, not many play. . . And really. . . It's not a recognized sport yet. . . But I'll get it there!" Derrick snicker while shifting his position to lean his shoulder against the wall. "It might be due to that grumpy look you sport sometimes. But something tells me some days you intentionally rock that expression." He wasn't one to slap down how people protected themselves, there were reasons, but it was part of his job and desire to see the Students grow beyond that and know when it's fine and when it's shields-up time. "Ha! Yea, well, Romeo and Juliet was to be a warning of where youthful transgressions can lead. Sure, a little love story, but I think it's pointing towards almost anything that someone young and brash can get into." Romance, it was just easier to understand that more lives were destroyed when done so carelessly, so self serving. "But, ya know, you can stand to start making some more friends. I know, I know, 'I don't need them.'. But they can be pretty good to have! Be surprised on the kinds of friends you'd end up getting. Almost all of mines are odd ba- Okay, no, scratch. -ALL- of them are oddballs but in their own unique way."