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  1. There had been many questions that popped up and it also seemed that not every student had a good grasp on what they wanted to set on fire. That was -perfectly- fine for Derrick as it meant he got all of the fun of choices and reactions. Some may enjoy the choice he offered to them and others? Well, not so much. Really, it all came down to if people were willing to just have a bit of fun with it and see it through regardless of what it may or may not look like. While the class was designed to be informative by experience and practical work it was intended to be a fun design so that they wouldn't be bogged down by the idea that they needed to do extra homework in comparison to the other much more intensive classes around the school. Especially with how the Term was coming faster to a close it meant that certain things had to take just a bit longer to set up and get the proper materials. Luckily, Audrey had been such a peach on acquiring everything he needed provided he made sure that 'No students were harmed in the process'. Such a silly rule, as if he could ever be held accountable for accidents! But he did promise and so it was due to heavy consideration that he managed to set up a class that would require students to be outside and well prepared with a hat and proper. There had been a bucket with iced water and several bottoms of water delved inside to keep them cool and refreshed. At the center of where Derrick stood had been a magic crafted stone flattened ground with elevation of steps that led down towards it about four feet deep just for safety reasons, it was easier to manage fire in such a condition and gave him ample enough time to act in most cases if people were aiming at their proper targets. The circular stone grounding had been wide, wide enough that it could facilitate the class to make sure no ones spell would accidentally back fire enough to harm another student, or, at least that would be the major hope of it all. Not everything was easy to consider in the long run with how unpredictable magic could get with even the slightest hint of difference in either tool or practice. Different parts of the area had Student's first names and materials just under them that they had either asked for, asked of him to choose for them, or just didn't decide themselves so he made the decision in their place. His arms opened up wide to face the approaching or present students alike as a wide grin formed on his face. "WELCOME! TO THE ARENA!" His voice was firm and held all the animation of an announcer at some form of competition. "This my dear Young Lads and Ladies, Is my very own well crafted Stone Flame Pit! This is where I expect you all to keep the blaze contained in while having all the fun of setting stuff on fire! Find your names, get your stuff ready and situation in a neat little space in the stone-made area and begin to start your day of fun!" Arms finally lowered while pressing the hands deep within the pants pockets. "This is a practical magic session, keeping that in mind, the main thing I want each of you to take care of understanding not just for your own objects but for the various different ones -How- they react to fire. The subtle or drastic changes, the way it burns or how fast it burns, the intensity or lack there of. More importantly is the resistance, fire is good, but not everything will take to the blaze so swimmingly. " Well, if anything was swimming it probably wouldn't be on fire unless an additional function had been set in place. "Enjoy yourselves! I KNOW I WILL!" He grabs up a foldable chair and unhinges it from itself and made his way up the stone steps and pressed it into the ground above. Then proceeded to sit down on it and cross his legs ready for the students to begin. Ah. . . This was going to be something! As relaxed as he may have seemed to be his wand was aptly held in the right hand as if expecting something to go wrong and placing himself in an armed enough situation and a wide enough view to identify and react swiftly.
  2. Derrick's eyes widened as if he had been caught within the act before shifting a gaze left and right and then honing back in on Artemisia while leaning inwards into a faux hushed whisper that was still on normal voice volume. "How did you know my secret!? It's a secret! You're not supposed to know!" His eyes started to roll around like he was some form of crazy miner that had been left in the gold absent caverns for a bit too long before leaning back into his seat with a grin. He snorted as she brought up it was his sisters way of showing she cares. "I bet she just wanted to make sure I didn't catch her in mid act of doing whatever with her fiancée. It also could be the fact she wanted me to meet the guy. . . I don't particularly care for him. But hey, he makes the squirt happy." A shrug flowed from his shoulders at the thought of it all. He'd have to actually wear a suit and NOT do something crazy. How could he be at a wedding and not do something crazy?! "Oho? Just for me? I didn't know you had such a soft spot already formed! Thanks to my good looks and amazing personality!" He started to weave his head left and right while straightening up his shoulders and gripping the collar of his shirt as if he had on a tuxedo coat. The often boast look someone would give of their attire and pompous air. Not that he had any of those. "Now, see, that's why -I- am the teacher and you're in the art business! We gotta' stick to our roles!" His hands fell away from his shirt as he laughed. "But, hey, you get an extra Fifteen points for having an alluring voice. That puts you on top!" Okay, maybe that was way too much of a flirty sounding line but he was just being himself. "Locked in with a boggart? I probably should have did that to Xavier! No. . . No, nothing so fanciful. Mostly just physical bruises everywhere. At least until I could get Janet into the school and plead to have at least her stay there for full Housing. It's the least I could have done for her." She didn't deserve to be tormented because of something that triggered in their blood. He didn't mind it so much he had releases but the kid sister was always off limits. He bowed towards her graciously. "I look forward to continuing the compliments!" There was a curiosity in himself on why she'd choose to stay in Australia as well after being a person who traveled but maybe it was more personal reasons like his own. Something he wouldn't prod too much into, not unless it came up and had been something she wanted to discuss more thoroughly. Seemed she was cementing her own roots back into an old homeland community. Then his grin formed into more of a devilish one as she mentioned not enjoying stuffing her mouth. "I can always just bit a bit inside." The naughty innuendos these two were shooting. "You ain't ready for this, Arti Bear." At least that's what he would have liked to believe before a clump of ice followed through and smacked him in the face and his body shifted side ways to offer up a better defense and knock the bits of grain away. This had been used against him as he could feel the presence of an orb shoved down his pants that mad his hips curl inwards at the sudden invasion. Well, then, if she wanted to go that route he had only respond in equal kindness! Once he stood up to remove the mayo covered meatball and fling it back at the woman's forehead as way to distract her as well, then, took some poor patrons nearby drink that had been finished before tipping a few bits of the frozen water into each sack of her bra, then straight down her back at the spine before he started to inbound backwards to distance from her. "Mwehehehe-" That didn't last long before a very huffed up and irritated man dressed shoulder to toe in formal ware. "EXCUSE ME! Ma'dam and Sir! You're disturbing our patrons and making a mess of our establishment! We're going to have to tell you to leave, and please, do -not- come back!" Derrick shifted his eyes left and right and raised up his hands. "Alriiight. We get the jist, Chives, no need to get at us." His head jousted towards the door as he waited for Arti to settle her self before taking her hand and trying to casually walk out of the restaurant with the most innocent look painted on his face.
  3. A firm grunt escaped from him once her elbow narrowed into his ribs with a grin painted on his face still. "Testy, testy!" He shook his head and gently tapped his finger on her nose like she was a feline. He enjoyed poking the danger zone but he knew he couldn't keep it up or it will just end up with everything mess after they had just cleaned up. "Oh, I never said you -weren't- fabulous." He kept his sights focused on her even as her eyebrow arched and he already knew. . . She was probably thinking 'Who said you weren't crazy'? Chances are he was more of a harmless crazy unless he had a reason to actually set something on fire. "I will only agree to slight zany like Bugs Bunny." He enjoyed the various antics that happened through out the cartoon. His arms lowered to wrap around her midsection just a bit and linked his own fingers together giving her just a bit more comfort. She was right, he never met Zander or he probably would have picked up the creeptastic vibe that people seemed to miss apparently. He heard enough about what he had done and what had been sent down Lucy's throat as 'home cuisine' enough for him to need a shower for an entire year. There was just a level of disgusting that came about doing something so depraved and inhuman. "Yea, just ask him out make sure you have a plan. If he says yes then you're already on a pretty good start." It had been sometime since he had dated, truly dated. He wasn't entirely a stranger from the occasional nightly wrestling but once you lose someone after so many promises, after trying to build a life and losing a person through violence and hate. . . It somewhat stunts the desire to want to grow that close to anyone without putting up shields like he was on the Enterprise. "Hey, I can only be blamed for the stuff I'm allowed to -ACTUALLY- be around you know!" He prodded a finger into the side of her stomach to tickle her a bit after his words. Audacity! To even consider to maybe, perhaps, blame him! "If you want me to be around you gotta' be opened with me. Er. . . As long as it doesn't violate your relationship too much. Certain things I don't need to know but other things I'd like to think you'd just tell me." Due to how little in connection he had with family members he had learned to find similar strength in friendships that were long-lasting and healthy. Lucy had been one of his healthy ones that he kept around. "That way you can come to me one day and say 'You're going to be an Uncle Sparky!'. And then I can start fake crying and throwing myself on the floor in happiness." He wanted to see the woman build a life, after all she had endured she deserved that much. Especially in her career where death was a much higher percentage.
  4. Bending his arm just slightly more inwards and around her as she curled around him while relaxing his posture just a bit more to give her a comfortable presence in himself. The moment's where he could just relax with his arm around her had been one of the few moments where he found an actual moment in time to not always feel like he's always moving. As if the inside of himself that demanded that he always be doing something active or crazy could chill out and find another time to show its ugly head. His fingers gently curled through her brunette locks as he smirked at her. "Barely cute. You're like that one annoying cat that keeps rubbing its head right into your face. 'Pet me, pet me!'. " A light mocking voice escaped from him as he started to chuckle. It was her grumbling after his inquiry that made his expression shift to more of an inquisitive gaze. Was it really something that was so heard to talk about? With him of all people? The more likely scenario probably had been uncertainty in herself or the choice of her heart which only seemed to ring more true as she started to talk about the situation with the 'Other Man'. "Hey, not all the people in your life is as crazy as that situation, you know. I'm -not-." Then again he was never in the position where the two of them had actually considered dating in general. The kind of luck the woman had was, surprisingly, pretty bad in a few cases and at times he thought she cracked a magical mirror or pissed off a good luck unicorn or something. "Quidditich player? Haha, still dating those meat heads are ya'? I'm telling you, you need more Sparky's in your life." Derrick shot up a joke for her to help her feel just a bit more at ease. He knew how harsh relationships had been, how wounding they could leave a persons heart and fear that lingered afterwards to try and avoid the loss or avoid the pain of betrayal due to your own choice in ignoring character flaws. "A guy that really likes you? Tends to find ways to stick around even when he shouldn't or doesn't need to, ya know? We're pretty base creatures even crazy nutwads. The way you really separate if a person is crazy or not is just keep your eyes opened. " He pressed a friendly kiss at the top of her forehead and gently laid his chin on the top of her head. "Sometimes you need to take that chance. Relationships are always a chance. . . But you don't want to miss out on something that could make a good impact on you. We don't live for long in comparison to some people so you have to take the chances sometimes with it. Grab the bull by the third horn and just tug." His tongue stuck out a bit at his poorly designed dirty joke. "Just make sure that you keep me up to date, you hear? I'll always protect and watch out for you. Haven't let you down yet, have I?"
  5. A smile perched on his lips as he nodded in defeat. "Alright, alright! You win this one! I'll save a few of them for you to just randomly snag when you wanted." He wasn't one to try and muscle in on someone else's chance. Not that he expected much would go further than sexual contact between the two of them and that had only been under the circumstances that the two of them weren't actually seeing or interested in another person. She'd been one of his best friends around and someone he always felt comfortable hanging with not willing to risk the kind of friendship they have. What they did it was out of affection towards one another just of a different kind entirely. As she shuffled into the room by him he smirked at her from her defiant nature that she had caused it. "I don't know what you're talking about Luc. You enjoy when my white stuff comes along." He rolled his eyes teasingly. He caught the towel a fraction after it had hit his face and a fit of laughter ensued afterwards. "Impatient!? I'll have you know I'm the most patient person around! Sort of." It was conditional and circumstantial and he left it that entirely with the most innocent look on his face that he could muster up. Derrick assisted Lucy with cleaning up the area at an expedited pace with a bit of magic here and there to wash down the fabric and floor to the best of its capabilities and then he started to adjust the table and chairs to make sure it didn't look so obvious that some kind of war occurred. Once everything had been set in order he sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder relaxing into the cushions of the couch. "Hahaha, Okay, but you're now the one that's being impatient!" He hadn't poked around her romantic life of late and he knew that under most circumstances the both of them would have taken the chance given to them. "So what's his name~. How does he treat you~? Do I have to set his dresser on fire or put itching powder in his underwear drawer? More importantly! Does he treat you right?" Her happiness and safety were important to him, as important as any of his friends and loved ones would be. He just couldn't help not being in big brother mode when it came to many of these things.
  6. Wriggled eyebrows had been her reward for the laughter offered up. One didn't need to be interested in dating in order to have such a filth addled mind. But he was lucky that Arti hadn't taken it in an offended way. Some people couldn't handle the intensity that followed behind it at least without thinking that he had been looking to only get in their pants with such words. Really, it was just part of one of his many styles, something that he got used to even more when hanging around Audrey. Which, in most cases, they were potty mouths. Sailor's would cover their ears from the kind of stuff they'd just casually say in one another's presence. He also couldn't forget the way he had been with Lucy more times than he could count, that was a trip to innuendo city left and right. "Some truths are timeless, like that one. It's like a well aged wine of a good design. Never gets old, always gets better and more succulent on the lips." The tip of his tongue swept along the lower rip of his upper lip. He had never been the type to boast about 'the size' he left that to the men that needed to prove that they could stuff themselves and it'd automatically mean it was good. He did what he did and it was pretty much as simple as that. "Ah, yes, I'm a sage in the making. I'm waiting for the 'Old Fogey's' department in the Ministry to ship me my license's, fake beard, and pointy starred heart." A grin started to form as he gave a light shrug at the idea of himself wearing a long white fake beard. Slowly he inhaled and nodded before exhaling. "Sometimes literally a fiery wrath." Perhaps one of the few people he had met that seemed to have a talent with fire themselves. Even beyond his own skills and capabilities, the only other had been Eleza and that was because she was a Veela. He figured Jez was just an insane prodigy in hiding. "Still pales in comparison to how Janet reacted. Stared at me with a very pissed off look then punched be straight in the gut yelling. 'You IDIOT! You should have told me you were in town! Not wait A MONTH!'. She didn't like being second to know and Auds being first. That sisterly competitive nature. " Janet still didn't know what prompted his return to finish University and then leave again. She had no clue about Eleza and he had wanted it to stay that way, protecting her had always been his job and position as her older brother. "Oho! Play to win do you? You have no idea what you're walking into then with then." His lips pursed together which had been followed by a click of his tongue. One just never knew what could happen around Sparky and even more so when he had been this comfortable with a person. A connection hadn't happened so fast since Audrey and Lucy back in his more juvenile days. This meant there was only more antics on the horizon and people would once again taste the name of 'Sparky' on their lips once more in either admiration or rage. Sometimes both at the same time. "Snerk. . . That was such a bad joke." Derrick grinned at her as he stared at her in faux judgement. "Negative Five points to Arti House. Five Points to Sparky House for enduring it and surviving." His tongue stuck out at her mockingly with a wink that followed. "Stubborn can be good, never giving up better. Some people don't know what it means to stand back up after being knocked down again and again. I was beat like a punching bag daily by my brother just so Janet wouldn't take a fist or worse. Oh, boy, you could only imagine how difficult it was to avoid telling people why I had injuries over breaks." His eyes widened and he exhaled air out from his lips. "You've got skill. I may not have the acuity to give it all the credit it's due but I know when someone puts their heart into something." "Well if that's the case you can tongue me anywhere you want. I promise other places are much cleaner." He smiled widely as if he didn't say what he just said. Even to the point of having an innocent look on his face. It didn't last long as a clump of rice smacked him right in the face and fell down onto the table. Oh. Yeah. They were about to get kicked out of her in a second as he took up the bowl of tapioca balls and vaulted it forward only to release the plethora of the blackened orbs at Arti's head. "I do declare a food fight! You've been challenged by Sparks State! THIS IS WAR!"
  7. Derrick's eyebrow furrowed as she tossed one of his own t-shirts and shorts back at him to get dressed up in. "You -took- my stuff? Ha! I'm not sure if that's hot or creepy." It wasn't a bad thing either way. Wouldn't be the first time she had been wearing one of his things considering he had often stopped by in the past for more nightly extra curricular activities. Especially when her last relationship had been rolling down a pretty dangerous hill whatever it entailed. He never pushed for the information just merely made sure he was there to support - in a few ways. "We're gonna have to talk about your love for robbing me of all my good clothes - especially once a boyfriend steps in the picture for you." His finger wagged at her lightly. "Sounds like she's either getting drunk like a skunk or getting more booty than a pirate." He grinned lightly which he wasn't a stranger to a crazy night or five during his college years. Once he had went through the shower and pulled the shirt and khaki's over himself he'd put his sneakers back on, at least they were black and didn't clash at all. Then again he was only a hop, skip, and a jump away from his home anyways. When she called into the room his eyes rolled lightly. "As if we hadn't already seen what one another's got. Just come on in and get your staff you weirdo." He laced up his footwear tightly and started to stand up a bit and brushed his clothing down and started to head towards the doorway to exit the bedroom. "Don't you worry, I'm not jumping your bones this time. For starters we already have way too much work even with magic to clean all this mess you made up." He shook his head playfully as he placed the blame on her shoulders. Eyes glanced a bit at her as the towel had been wrapped around her - he nearly forgot that she kept well in shape for her job. "That and we have a really crappy movie to finish. If we don't see how badly the movie ends I'm going to hold you responsible."
  8. Derrick snorted-giggled at her as she smacked him in the chest. "You weren't saying that before either!" He grinned and gently nudged her shoulder with the palm of his hand. Not that he thought anything would go from there. Things were slightly different for them now especially the experiences they had gone through which would have made things either awkward or intensely hot, which, he wasn't sure about. He tossed his own empty carton of ice cream into the waste bin as well and started to lean against the wall listening to the suggestion of using her shower. "You do know I have -no- clean clothes about right? I'd have to walk around stark naked and I don't think your housemate is ready for that kind of surprise." Not that he had a bad physical setup going around but as she stated a weird man around especially in the nude drew more questions than anything else. His hand stretched out to grasp hold of the towel feeling only a smidge bad that there had been a cleanup job left over. Just a smidge, that didn't last long either since he had fun with it all. "Bossy, bossy. You know I love a woman strong and in charge." His eyebrows wriggled with a grin as he started to head through Lucy's room towards her personal shower. "That's pretty risky~. You know I like to pop in at random." He knew she'd let him know when it was okay or not okay most days but he'd need to be extra careful if that was the case. Once he removed his clothing he started to take a shower taking careful to wash off all the sticky residue from his face and really scrub his hair and beard as deeply as possible. Ugh, all this sugar in the whisker, like it was some tasty wizard's treat. Once he was finished up he stepped out of the shower and dried himself off well before using a spell to quick dry the towel and then wrap it around himself and picking up his clothes. This wasn't the idea he had planned but sudden plans have risks of this level.
  9. "I'll be more likely to do more with my mouth than my eye in that kind of situation." Derrick offered a cheeky smile towards her. When he had gotten comfortable enough with someone things were more gutter thought provoked than most would think. He wasn't just 'Sparky' for the literal fire but the pervasive end of it too. He wouldn't want to embarrass the woman for full nudity but one had to be prepared when it came to his antics, it'd be on her to prepared accordingly! "Well. . . I mean there are a couple of activities that kind of come in mind that a short person could do much, -much- better than a taller one." His eyes rolled a bit playfully as he grinned towards her and turned his gaze away slightly. Tables were around for reasons and a lot of things could happen under them in the most interesting of ways. Derrick knew his chances and Alan had often been much less scary than Audrey had been in many situations. Putting Arti in that position wasn't fair and at least he knew that Audrey knew one-hundred percent his stance on her which should make it even more fun. It looked like he had just found another partner in crime in the short-stack. A course of 'Oooh's' pressed from him as he laughed at her change about the Chocolate sauce. "No, we just do it a lot better than anyone else. " While it hadn't been a staple in his diet, it had been in a few of his sexual 'conquests'. Really, it had been fun turned into something different but why would any proper man who hadn't gone through any romantic trials turn down the fun that came along with it? Now, he had to coerce himself more not to react on his usual instincts which had often been hard. His eyebrows wriggled at what seemed to be a curiosity in her eyes. "It isn't about the size but the confidence in knowing that you know how to use it. I've never had a complaint." The best compliments had always ended with a very excited 'Oh,Wow!' afterwards. He could be a savant when he wanted to be and all it took was the know how that it was about the other person and not himself. "I'm lucky, just not in that regard. Aaah, hopefully she'll understand I've just been pretty busy." Wasn't a lie either, he had to actually get a place and settle up communications with Janet all over again. Manage his teaching license to make sure it was still valid with his degree, then connect and suddenly surprise Audrey who had ended up vouching for him. Most importantly had been devising a lesson plan or at least a mental one at least. A hand rubbed at the back of his neck as he shrugged lightly. "Either way I'll need to face the wrath of her punishment." A small smile formed on his face even knowing that it was to come though it was also to her response about the chocolate sauce. "I like to leave things up to chance and see what happens. But, I mean, if you're afraid of it leading that possibility I understand." A challenged tone laced in his voice. Derrick sat there silently listening to her speak about the situation with her father as well as the opportunity that had been given to her. The engagement and then it breaking apart due to the situation which perhaps was more harsh on Arti considering it seemed she grew up with no true freedom. The move, for her, had been a freedom and he could see the merits of wanting to take it as a sign that she was taking control back in his life. "Well, you are bad, but in the good way that I am bad." He gave a coy wink towards the woman to help sweep away the darker feelings that may have welled inside of her from the story. She didn't need to say it or go on but it did help him to understand her trauma and her desire for travelling and perhaps even using her talent to weave the beautiful art that she did. A hand reached out to gently grasp her hand firmly in a comforting manner. "For all of your trials you survived and managed to cut a piece of life and goodness. No one should fault you for that, not many get to make it this far but you proved you could with the right influences in your life." Perhaps that had been his own saving grace. There had been only so many times he could lie to Jez back in the day on 'How he got that black eye' over the break or 'Why is your lip busted?!'. "I'm glad that you managed to get out and see the world and explore your art. It helped to inspire someone important to me. Got me a chance to even be in the presence of such an amazing skill that is long forgotten in this age." No one truly appreciated the arts anymore and that was something he had hoped to change one day for many. A softened look settled on her as she continued on about the way her ex-fiancée had treated her, like a pariah. All that care and change to be tossed away must not have been easy. "Eh, his loss my gain." Not that he meant that in an entirely relationship manner but if she had still been with him they wouldn't even be going as far with these taunts as they were and he knew it. "Then you need to make some love to my ears after we get that sauce." The food had started to arrive for the both of them and while he had thought of tossing that clump of fish at her he needed to wait until just the right moment, she had opened up. That deserved a respect and focus. "You'd be surprised what people would admire if it touched their heart. For example. . . One could never understand the work it took into preparing the fish! Slicing and making sure it cooked properly." He started to pick it up with chopsticks that had been nearby and he examined it. Time had passed, it was now, as he started to fling it right at the woman with a grin on his face. "Oh! I'm -so- sorry. My hand slipped."
  10. @Amiradysébelle Blair Guess whose in town for good~! Or, at least for a bit longer than usual.

    1. Amiradysébelle Blair

      Amiradysébelle Blair

      Oh... I heard. And you are in so much trouble, mister! Been waiting to hear from you. Now, we have to talk punishment!

    2. Derrick Ackers

      Derrick Ackers

      Oh, come on! Not punishment! . .. It was good ol' Arti who ratted me out, wasn't it?

  11. An unclothed Arti. . . He had to admit the thought had its own appeal even as his eyebrow arched in consideration and just shrugged. "Just means that when I grab you during the colder months you'll be showing a lovely set of points." He had no problem pointing out that fact. Whether she slept clothed or unclothed it was going to happen, as long as she wasn't unclothed and meeting someone else in the sack. That was something he wouldn't interrupt unless he found it hilarious enough to do so maybe even unload a bunch of sticky caramel on them. Whatever they chose to do after that would be their own business! The pout she offered was a cute one in a caused him to grin deeply towards her until she made an addendum to his words. "Well if you wanted me to carry you around the world in my arms I guess I can do that too. You can sit right on my lap, your personal seatbelt. " His fist raised up in the air as she talked about being proud of her nerdhood. Then in mid transit he was smacked in the chest and cheek by the two tapioca balls that he had just launched at the woman. Oh, she was a retaliator was she!? This was going to be much more fun than he could have anticipated and it meant that the escalation would be met in the same manner. Oh, the possibilities. "Oh, I could only imagine~. But luckily enough I know Addy a bit better than I do Alan so I could play that to the possibility. Nothing more threatening than a man who knows the woman you're secretly into in a special way. Jealousy at a -true- prospect sends a man into something he wouldn't believe." A mischievous smile curled at his lips, he knew exactly what he meant by that too. Not that there would ever be anything between him and Auds, they were incompatible on that level. The moment she brought up chocolate sauce he instantly started to snicker. There were very few times when it was used that he didn't end up doing -something- else. "Arti, Chocolate Sauce is like the Spencer excuse to 'Lets have sex'. But hey, if that's what you want okay. " He offered a casual shrug not expecting her to take that too seriously. "You're telling me! I could have sworn I heard Addy scream out 'I'M BLIND!' after seeing it while wavering her arms around. But she also probably had been drunk by then too." When the woman was drunk -nothing- was off the table. "Naked with brain showing in all of its extended glory. The husband wasn't impressed but his new bride sure was!" His fingers danced along the edges of his forehead confidently. "Something along those lines. I vaguely remember but I do remember looking around as if someone was missing then saying 'Wait, your husband wasn't supposed to be here. That's an extra five-hundred for the First Time Brides long D special." Of course, when he was drunk it was practically exactly the same if not worse. Which was one of the reasons he had to regulate himself when he was alone. "Oh~ Yes. She didn't let me the half of it when I had -already- been out of the country and told her I was travelling. I'll bring her some cookies as a peace offering just in case. " His head tilted realizing now that Arti enjoyed the idea of chocolate, perhaps from her own endeavors. "Hahaha, Oh I get the hint. Okay after this we'll go stop by a store and get so much chocolate syrup, we'll see how it ends up." He wasn't sure how it would end, honestly, he wasn't the same at all as he was back then. Would there be hesitation? A challenge that pushes that hesitation away? He was fiery, spontaneous and that often bred for a person to easily toss away certain precepts when the conditions were met. "What he did to you?" That was an echo response and his hand gently rose up and he shot a soft smile which had perhaps been a massive difference to the usual joking smirk. "You don't need to actually answer that, but as long as he can't hurt you anymore that is what's pretty important. Good people don't deserve the crap they go through. But. . . At least you came out of it as a pretty awesome person." He could understand the idea of a family member hurting someone he still had been on the outs with Xaiver and as long as the older brother had never laid a hand on Janet than he was glad to be the punching bag himself. "I don't get anything to that severity but I had been beaten down plenty of times but a relative. When you're one of two really special siblings the other one left out tends to enjoy a. . . Release. I volunteered. " It was much more severe than he made it sound but they didn't need to expound on something painful enough to bring it to Arti's memory. Wounds, never heal as adequately as many believe. "Eleza died herself but. . . Not because she did anything wrong by me. " His hand rose up to grasp the necklace that dangled at his neck. A tomoe shaped volcanic glass and it was if the memory was refreshed in his mind enough to cause him to bite his cheek. "She saved my life - Hers for mines." Love, it made a person reckless when they wanted to betterment of the other beyond themselves. "I can get on that train! It was the reason for the fires later in life. Part of the reason I enjoyed hanging around all the people I did back in Spencer. Of course, bullies were something I always personally to make sure I pissed off. They hate when you attack their stuff and not them, it was great. Having to make a bully repay for all of their books again week after week. " Charred pages were the best of the best, that much he could say. "To be able to connect with someone without words. . . That is a talent and a gift at the same time. I mean connecting someone with practical jokes and pranks is different, most times it isn't intimate on that level. Well unless it's chocolate sauce." He snickered and shook his head, his Dorm room back in Tally was never the same after those moments. "Ha! If -I- can be a teacher? ANYONE can be a teacher. It's only about what you want to reach to the next generation kind of thing. Find your passion, teach them that passion, then teach them it's okay to have a position and constructive passion. They'll learn better that way."
  12. "Well if I told you -EVERY- plan then you'd be prepared. I don't want you to be prepared. While you're sleeping in your small clothes I want to be able to pop in, pick you up, and run right out of the house." That wasn't beyond him to do either. Only thing that kept him from doing that with some people had been to avoid seeing someone in the heat of the moment. But something told him that Arti was as likely to be found in bed with someone as he was but most likely for largely different reasons than his own. Once his tapioca balls arrived his fingers reached for the spheres and just rolled the tips of them around for the time being. "It's such an exclusive list it gets updated and changed by the second. So exclusive there isn't even a paper copy!" He smirked towards the woman while a finger curled a single ball around it and pushed it into his palm to feel its squishy nature. "Hmm. . . What do I have in mind. . ." There were several things that could be offered and each of them had either been some form of challenge or utterly shameful in one way or another. "Dunno, since you're the person I'd be paying, I figured you would have something in mind. Oh! I know. You'll get a free pass to take me anywhere in the world you want." He knew a few things he didn't want to experience again if the song were to write something that would touch a persons inner heart from the interpretation. But he also wasn't going to tell her not to show him his gift because of a small possibility, after all, what were the chances it'd actually be harmful? "Then I'll be looking forward to it, that is, if you don't back out from doing it." He grinned at her before taking the tapioca ball and tossing it straight towards her forehead while he poked his tongue out at her. He was being a bit juvenile but it was all in good fun. "Nerd. But that's cool, nerds can be endearing too! I don't hold your talent against you!" Both of his hands raised up in a semi defensive manner playfully as he cocked his head towards the side to grab up another tapioca ball and fling it at her shoulder. This at least meant he felt comfortable enough to toss food at her, comfortable enough to get tossed out of an establishment entirely if it really came down to it. He had experienced time with the Headmaster a bit himself and while he respected the talent of the man for being a Spencer, he had always found him even more of a goofball than himself! Which was rare, not at all bad, just meant he had someone to try and outdo in the future. "Well. . . Since Addy clearly pulled this on us purposefully, it seems only fair that we help her out. I think I may have just the idea too but we have to take care of some of the essentials. .. School work, work load off her shoulders, the kids needing a minder. Take away everything she could use as an excuse as we kick her and the headmaster into a setup! Though they may need a third person to 'inspire' them." Out of the two of them it probably would be him to be the 'inspiration'. At least for the kind of throttle he had in mind. "What do you say? There's ice cream and probably a nice party and future wedding in it for you." His hand weaved through his hair as he snickered. "Alright, alright. See, there was this one time that we crashed a wedding - it was awful in colors. The women wore turquoise dresses and the men this very vibrant purple. My eyes bled for the whole ceremony. Managed to get one of the best men and bridesmaids drunk which, of course, meant Addy and I had to join in! Got a secret game of spin the bottle and truth or dare going. Let's just say, someone dared me to streak through the -entire- wedding party and sit in the limo naked." Derrick's hand rose up as if to say 'Honest', there were some stories you just couldn't make up about yourself. A snicker followed after her comment on Jez and he nodded. "Oh, yeah, one of the best power plants around. I haven't. . . Really told her I am around again but that's mostly because I've been busy with settling back into everything. " They melded extremely well as friends, but as lovers? That didn't pan out because of the similarities which could be awkward but when both are just too crazy for their own good it can be a bit much on both ends. "It was the twinkle in your eyes! It just whispered in a sultry low tone. 'Gimme the Sauce, I need it in Soy'. " Actual interest was far from his mind, she was fun and exciting - reminded him a lot of Audrey in some ways but there had been other ways that made her vastly different as well. Such as the weight she carried on her own shoulders that he could easily see, much like he expected she saw his own weight. The past and what it had left in terms of scars, he had no problem admitting she was a beautiful young woman but pain often made it difficult to step beyond those borders. "Imagine if he found out you're sitting here eating with one!" Derrick offered a feigned shiver, mostly? The man knew not fear of any other than that of the heart and its emotions with love. "I get that though, I've met more than my sure of purists after travelling the world. I highly support the Non-Human rights because well. . ." There had been a stall within him and his fingers grabbed another tapioca ball but instead of throwing it at Arti for a third attempt he just stared at it intently. She had been honest enough with something he didn't know about herself so he could offer up a bit more. "Actually, I dated a non-human, a Veela woman. Near. . . Ooomph. . . She was at least Three Hundred years old. Saw and been through a lot before good ol' Sparky swept in and showed her life can still be spontaneous!" It wasn't the act of doing the same things over again that made life dull, but the operation on how you get there and who with. He could have hundred whip cream balloon fights with Audrey and it'd never get old for him. "Spent a lot of our time in Europe and Japan but those places are high in the ideals of purism, nobility. Not the most welcoming of time but she still loved the sights and the talents of people." Thinking of Eleza only reminded him of the promise he failed to keep to her, the promise of coming back home - Meeting Janet, Audrey, maybe even Jez - the two were pretty similar in their snark. "I like to offer people a chance, a new route and possibility. Part of that is the reason I became a Teacher. "
  13. "I find that tonight has been pretty lucky so far anyways, I'll take it as a massive boon there." Time was subjective, while he did have less time in the world than her the moments he made with them were intended to outlast him. Something that may not be written in history books but in the history of a persons mind and what they intended to pass on and do when they connected to others. Interaction, was merely an infectious exchange between two people that shaped them both either positively or negatively in most cases. "I'm going to make sure that you have as much fun as possible. Minus the fire bit, I know that isn't a vampiric favorite." Neither was garlic or any kind of food for that matter which meant a lot of his usual's wouldn't work too well. . . . Fire also wasn't out of the question entirely as long as it ended with 'Works' and aimed towards the sky. "And even luckier for you, magic exists so that I wouldn't waste too much time in transit!" Apparating was one of his favorite spells and perhaps another specialty of his if only to surprise some of his friends. His head cocked to the side at the clear sarcasm which caused him to walk up and tap the center of her forehead gently. "Don't get me wrong here, Stell, I'm not saying you can't be dangerous yourself and I am not saying you shouldn't be too cautious about your own battle on the inside." There had been a greater reason why he wanted to see her safe and the irony being it linked to her own dream career. "You have to start thinking about yourself as a person whose worth being guarded and protected not just by the law but by the precepts that make any person a humane person in how they interact with folks. If you can't believe you are worth it how can anyone believe the stance you're going to take in the future that your kind is worth it?" A small little professor nugget. "Your friend believes you and in time other people will too, they're relying on their instincts that you'll believe in yourself." Derrick's kindness did come with something that he wanted, something that he sought within Stella. It just wasn't something anyone would expect of any rational person, anyone who had a lick of common sense. But it was something that others could spot within Derrick if they knew him well enough or picked up the type of personality that he tried to often exude out in a welcoming touching. He just wanted more friends and it didn't matter what their blood come from or in this particular case, if they drank blood in general. There was nothing else that need to be provided and it wouldn't be one-sided, after all, he was willing to put enough faith in her to be comfortable within her presence, he was offering his friendship. "Can you see me with a chainsaw? Heck, can you even see me with a chain? I'd look way too goofy than usual. No one would take me serious." Not that many took him serious now until he was pushed to the moment or it was just too intense of a topic to warrant most of his gumption. As the TV flicked on his eyes watched the infomercials and to be quite frank they were always interesting due to the poor acting. It was its own B-Rated situation and those always gave him a massive kick in the pants with giggles. "Ooooh, the Munsters. You're a classics kind of gal, I can respect that!" His own shoes were kicked off as he showed he had no issues getting extremely comfortable and stretching out his legs to cross over one another. "So let me guess. . . Classic shows, acute shyness. . . Intelligence but not severe. . . You were a Tallygarunga Flinder's House weren't you?"
  14. "Haha, while this is true - sometimes the speaking is wanted. " There was a fine line between them based on the fact that while both were incredibly dangerous the Vampire held the apex predator mark over the Veela regardless. It was their need and desire to hunt and take down something worthy enough to satisfy the urges and feed themselves, a natural order in an unnatural death sort of deal. While Veela's were more dangerous because of the natural allure that came from them that could enamor a man within seconds of just flipping their hair. More seasoned ones could control those wild presences and luckily for him, Eleza never chose to snag him, it was something that just happened and click. "Sometimes it's just cool to take a break and see what's going on with other people. Keep up with current flow of events around myself kind of thing." "That is a fair request. Stability will help a lot and keeping under the radar, while it might suck, is a good way to just make sure you can keep yourself safer." Her, safer, in most considerations one might jump to keeping everyone else safe from her. But that wasn't how he was wired because he knew while strong and powerful they were still beings subject to a final death if someone truly wanted to do some damage they'd plan ahead for it. Being under the radar meant she wouldn't need to worry about that too much and by extension he wouldn't have to worry about losing a potentially good friend. "You're right, things are forced on us and we're only given the hand we're dealt and roll with it. Well, you have my support. If I can make your time studying easier and if it helps to connect with some more people to see that dream of yours then I'll find a way. I'm good like that." Kindness, everyone deserved it and just because he was a prankster and a guy that ran away from a lot in his past doesn't mean he shouldn't extend common humanity and courtesy. Derrick smiled wide towards her and nodded a few times. "Silver lining. You may be changed and have lost a lot but now you're in a position to meet -truly- good people. It's easy to pretend to be good when someone isn't different or dangerous. But you tend to see the true worth of being a person when someone accepts you as a person when others say that you aren't." While he had never been on the receiving end of that he had been called a 'Non-Human lover' by many purebloods in other countries that have long standing nobility. He snickered a bit and offered a small shrug. "Okay, that's a fair point, but I think I am taking the cake on that one tonight!" He didn't feel as threatened as he should by her and understood fully why he came to her home like this. Concern. "Nope!" A grin smeared across his face. "I've never been an up-close and upfront fighter even when I met bullies in school. I'm the subtle type, poke at the things around to tear down. Besides, I don't see any monsters around here." He started to walk over towards the couch and gently sat down on it. "I'm always going into real trouble. Just my thing. Of course, Bruce Campbell is the one in more danger than I in Evil Dead."
  15. The reactions, oh, they were glorious! Too bad Audrey had to miss out on it but he could always give her a little peep hole in the next class. As he crossed his arms he listened to each students preferred element, which often stated a lot about them as well as their reasoning for admiring the particular force of nature. A few fires were in the house so he felt a big smug and happy about that, but those pesky waters! It seemed that a student had lingered into the class a bit late and while he often would draw attention to such a fact she seemed to also have her hand wrapped up in a bandage. He'll let it pass this time and proceeded to walk in the center of the circle to get a closer look at his 'wards'. They all seemed to be from various houses which sparked an interest. One answer that caused his lips to tug had been the choice of 'All elements'. There always was one student which wasn't a negative thing, it often was a sign of someone who was easily content and found it difficult to make a choice when everything had been in equal measure of importance. "Awesome, gives me a good glimpse at how everyone is as a person and helps me to better assist each one individually if necessary." The Sturt who had just walked in was a clear fire lover in his mind that or Earth given her heavy appeal. "Since we have a bit more time today we'll bounce a couple ideas off focusing on the Term One element, Fire." Maybe this was a better way to get the students minds working on ideas they'd end up practicing on. "Fire - One can say it embodies passion, carelessness, spontaneous natures, and destruction. Truthfully, it is also the element that allows for creation and rebirth in some environments." How it clears away spots of old woods and trees in some parts of the world in order for new acorns to fall and give new life to the soil had been the first thing that came into mind. "In magic, it has various applications beyond this - forms and shapes. As a start I want each of you to think carefully, thoughtfully, and give an example of a spell that has a component of fire and the shape it takes and the intention behind the spell. What is it trying to accomplish? Keep in mind, fire isn't just suited for its raw potential of being a blaze." There were a few spells that could in theory be considered 'Fire' based and not hold the typical properties one would expect of a burning flame. Considering how limited the list maybe even with potential ideas for special creations he nodded. "For those that are less inclined about spells or would like to take a different route - Natural occurrences in the environment that hold the affinity for fire is also acceptable or objects used that have a necessity for fire. The main purpose is just to make sure everyone gets an idea of not only how it reacts and is incorporated magically but the various effects it could have across the board." "Afterwards, I want each of you to write down two objects you would want to actively test against. Yes, yes, I know - Sounds pretty awesome. When you write it down just hand it to me and then you can pretty much leave this session. Next session, make sure you bring your wands - make sure that they're well managed because it can get dicey if you aren't keeping up with it. " He was interested in how creative everyone would be not only on their choice of object, but choice of spells they would use to test the hypothesis of finding out 'What is the reaction?' to it. Maybe even a surprise object on his end for each students.