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  1. I'm thinking Disneyland during the next school holidays. The girls deserve some fun.

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      Don't forget to snag Gabby. She'll love some time there. Will give me some time to catch up on some work.

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      Yep, really! We'll even be staying at the resort. And I know exactly why you'd suggest my taking Gabby, without even mentioning Gem, Marcus. But I'd planned on taking the little girl with us as well anyway. :P

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      amateur anal https://www.jamateur.tv/1/18611785/european_student_picked_up_in_forest/

  2. "And does it mean something less to not be Greek or have a Greek name?" There was amusement in Rosie's features as she watched the man explain what he had meant, though her question was clearly meant in a teasing manner. It was always interesting to see someone defend their heritage and culture, when much of the world was so mixed these days. But she supposed that was simply something in how a person was raised. There were few who could claim to be purely of one heritage nowadays. The woman herself, she could, but she was the product of some kind of magic that had created her. Something of the old world. Though she was hardly arguing with him, but making a gentle point about something she found odd about humans. Though the optimistic words of the man were at least a little appreciated as he speculated over the possibility of someone changing the views of many. It was a nice though, if somewhat improbable. To change a society on such a level took a great deal, and there were too many dangerous elements associated with those who were non-human, for people to ever truly begin to see them as beings much the same as themselves. Some good, some wicked. And even if she thought herself good, Rosie knew that she herself was quite dangerous. "Perhaps... my lifetime could be quite a long one, after all," Rosie smiled and allowed a soft chuckle to flow from her lips, before then nodding at the question from Atlas, "Yes, I am in contact with Ikedi of the Ministry. I assume he is who you are speaking of. Considering my status, I must be known to any who his position, if just so that I have someone to speak for me should I ever be accused of a wrong I did not commit. I have been managing a network of those who assist non-humans with integrating with the public for some time, myself. It is a difficult life, especially if one is alone. He is aware of this and we keep one another informed as to things that go on." She nodded gently once again at that, before taking another sip from her coffee, and taking a bite from her food.
  3. "Well, I've had the odd adoptive son here and there as well, who also caused me trouble," Rosmunda smiled slightly, but she offered a gentle nod. She had to agree that daughters could certainly cause some trouble. She was relatively lucky with Mairead and Siobhan, in comparison to Melanie. The seemed a bit calmer, more focused than their older sister had been. But it didn't mean they hadn't suffered due to events over the years, nor had their own moments. And adolescence was such a difficult time as well, she was waiting for them to begin truly showing their Veela heritage. "I'm not sure a nationality can really claim certain personality traits," Rosmunda chuckled, always having felt it was foolish to say that someone acted a certain way because they had a heritage that came from a specific country. Humans were the most varied species on earth. "They do..." Was the woman's response to Atlas' comment about children changing a person, and yet from all they'd spoken about, it sounded a lot like his changes had probably began to come along with the grandchildren, rather than his own. She didn't know enough about the man's situation though, to truly be able to judge or decide, but the woman knew enough from her years of life that some people's stripes did not change as much as they thought. "It is not entirely silly, when you think about it," Rosmunda murmured quietly as she sipped her coffee, and then glanced up to thank Phil when the food was delivered, before picking up her utensils, "Someone who does not age, who can do things that an average human cannot is always going to be considered a threat. It is the simple case of knowing when one is just a little higher on the food chain, while not knowing how they would use that status." The Veela gave a gentle nod and took a bite of her meal, a brow raising at the claim from the man sat across from her. "There are stories that go far back, indicating that those who were considered 'Gods' were likely just magical humans, witches and wizards perhaps, who were simply revered by humans. So who can really know if such a claim of ancestry is true or not?" The woman canted her head, but then offered a gentle shrug, "Evil is found everywhere, for certain, which is why I can understand a wariness of those who are more difficult to come against if one had to, but sadly there are groups who take that to an extreme, in trying to take the job of policing other species into their own hands, such as those who took my Melanie."
  4. "I think it's a lovely name. I had been tempted to use something that sounded old and Romanian when I had my first daughter, but realised that she would probably end up being picked on for it, at least where she grew up anyway. And the name I did give her was lovely and suited her anyway," Rosmunda chuckled softly with a small smile. It was strange some of the things that had changed when Melanie had been born. Her life certainly hadn't been the same again, and she wouldn't trade any of it for the world either. She smirked a little when Atlas mentioned that his grandfather had been a believer of what she'd said about shipping certain kinds of items, "Yes, it's very important to have skilled individuals involved who can help keep some things stable, so that there are not any casualties. It's a rather large risk with shipping any magical items, really." She'd seen her share of errors people had made when it came to artifacts. It looked like Atlas had things under control. When she spoke about herself and her long life, however, Rosie saw the initial confusion, that was entirely expected. Rare was it that anyone wasn't surprised to learn that she wasn't simply another human like them. She did rather well for one of her kind, mostly because she had her natural allure under check most of the time. Certainly, she could still be distracting, but she refused to allow others to fall under her spell properly. One reason was because if they realised it then they would become defensive and accuse her of trying to inflict some kind of harm upon them. The other was that even though the feelings she invoked could be real, the attraction made people forget about her flaws, it didn't equal proper friendship or love in those cases. She preferred to know where she would stand if she were am ordinary person. The man seemed strangely accepting of her status as someone long-lived, though, and her own brows rose slightly, before she released a soft huff of amusement. "Eventful... perhaps, but many of my stories from my own misspent youth and the centuries that followed are not always the nicest. My life changed when I had my first daughter, having her opened my eyes to a lot of things. I'd loved before, certainly, but something about holding that baby girl in my hands, it changed who I was by a great deal," The woman trailed off a little as her gaze drifted down to her drink and she wished again that she didn't have a shift to get back to and could have some wine, but she took a sip of her coffee. "Thank you for not judging me on being a non-human. I find one has to be careful who knows certain information in this world," She offered a gentle nod and small appreciative smile to the man.
  5. "That's right, I thought I'd heard the name somewhere," Rosie knew the names of the Ministry Heads, both Federal and State, and Jason Miller's name was definitely recognizable, as well as his wife's. She had to smirk a little as Atlas pointed out her odd familiarity with his company, before chuckling softly. "I'm not just a pretty face who knows how to save lives. I'm also an investor, in a number of things. It's a more long-term career of sorts that I've had," If only he knew just how long she meant by 'long-term'. "And there's always a demand for shipping companies who are willing to move the rarer kinds of cargo," She offered a nod toward him, to acknowledge that his company was indeed one of those that did. It was definitely painful to watch children making mistakes and knowing that you could have told them that, but there was something to be said for experiencing such mistakes themselves. Often the lessons learned stuck a lot better than when they were told of someone else's life lesson.It was what made life interesting in the end, but didn't make it any easier for those who were parents or grandparents. "My daughter, Melanie was in her forties when she was killed," A saddened smile touched Rosmunda's features as she glanced toward her coffee again a moment with a small nod. "She had her own daughter, and granddaughter at the time. It was rather upsetting for us all. It was the work of someone who dislikes non-humans," A small half-chuckle was offered at the man's joke about her finding the fountain of youth. She knew she had looked even younger than Melanie when the other woman had died. It was something she was destined to live through, watching her children grow older and die while she remained the same, never aging. "Gabrielle is lovely, for certain. Believe me, it feels odd to think of her as my great granddaughter as well... though not too odd. As I said, I've been around for quite a long time."
  6. "Eudoxia? That name does ring a bell," Rosie offered a gently nod as her gaze became thoughtful, though she soon laughed softly at Atlas' realisation that she didn't really have any idea who he was aside from the first name that he'd given her. As he did give her his full name, however, the woman's brows rose and a recognition seemed to shine in her gaze for a brief moment. "Athena Worldwide, of course, I should have guessed with the name and running a shipping company." The woman nodded gently, but lightly waved off is explanation for forgetting his manners, "It's quite alright, it happens now and then. Quite often with me, actually." The woman chuckled softly and took a sip from her drink. It wasn't uncommon for her to be distracting for others, though she tried to tone down her effect as best she could. "I think it's the most difficult thing to ever have to do, sit back and watch, trust that your children can handle everything," Rosmunda sighed with a gentle nod of agreement with his sentiment. She had to smile at the man's enjoyment in being a grandparent, something she understood quite well, though still wasn't sure how much attention he'd been paying when Gabrielle had addressed her in Oliphant Lane. It wasn't that she had to hide all the time, she was registered and actually regarded rather highly by the Ministry for her contributions over the years. But one never could tell how a person would react to non-humans. Still, Rosie had her own grandchildren that she loved to gush about as well. "They sound like they keep everyone on their toes, as grandchildren should do," The blonde remarked with a warm smile, "I remember when my first granddaughter was born. She was the cutest little thing, and so spritely as she grew up as well. Gave her mother a hard time trying to keep a track of her," Rosie chuckled softly, her gaze shifting to the cup cradled in her hands, "Now her own daughter is almost a spitting image. But I think Gabby is perhaps a little more laid back than Gemini, I'm not sure anyone has the energy to keep up with Gabrielle's mother." A small shake of her head followed, however she also knew that she'd spoken about a grandchild and great-grandchild even though she only looked to be in her thirties at the most, so she decided she would offer the explanation so that the man didn't end up too confused. At least Phil would have her back if trouble occurred. "I'm a lot older than I appear, as you can probably guess by now," Rosie offered a small smile as her fingers played with the drink sat in front of her, "I'll understand if you're not comfortable around non-humans and wish to depart. Not everyone is comfortable with being around my kind."
  7. "She sounds like a remarkable woman," Rosmunda chuckled softly with a gentle nod. Some men were simply drawn to strong women, whether it be family or otherwise. Considering what she'd been told so far, it seemed that Atlas' children were all rather strong, which meant their mothers probably were as well. It was an interesting thing when someone had a pattern and probably didn't realise it. "What's her name? You know, I don't think you ever gave me your surname either, it's entirely possible that I may have run into any of your children, if they're local." A high possibility, since she was a fairly popular doctor. "A parent will never stop worrying for their children, even when said children have their own children... and grandchildren even," Rosie chuckled softly with a small shake of her head, "But you're right. No one ever wants the people they care about to suffer. There's always that desire to do something to try and make things better for them." A gentle sigh left her lips as she leaned an elbow on the table and propped her chin on her hand, turning her gaze to the window to glance outside for a moment. "Oh, it never really gets easier on the heart, even if it becomes easier to manage mentally. At the end of the day, I still have to switch off from my work side, and then deal with everything that's happened," The blonde smiled softly, though there was a sadness to the expression. "Working at a hospital is definitely not for everyone. The heartache can ruin some people. But most people who work there find a way to cope with it."
  8. "You must be rather proud of the people they've become," Rosmunda smiled as Atlas spoke about his children and how they had developed in their lives. His daughter seemed like one that he especially admired, and it sounded like there were good reasons why, though it was sad to hear that she was having trouble with her marriage. "Well, it's not uncommon for marriages to fall upon rocky times now and then, but if she and her husband truly love one another, then they'll find a way through it. Sometimes, especially once they're adults, the best thing you can do it not interfere with their private problems. She'll come to you if or when she feels that she needs your comfort." It had been difficult for Rosmunda to watch Melanie struggle when her eldest had first moved out on her own, and refused any financial assistance from her mother. Even more so when Mel had become pregnant to a man who had another family already. Having to respect her daughter's wishes had made Rosie feel useless, but eventually she'd understood, and saw what a strong woman her daughter had developed into. "It's definitely interesting. The research tends to send me all around the world, since there are some things that need my expertise to treat in some places, and in others people learn something new and want me to check it out and see if there's even more to it," Rosie chuckled softly. The mention of her friend and their condition, however, caused her to sigh softly. "I do keep my personal feelings about it pushed to the side when I'm working. There's always the chance that one day they may just go, and I can't let thoughts of that interfere with what I'm trying to do," The blonde nodded gently, "It wasn't easy at first, whenever someone I cared about was in hospital or something. But you do learn to separate yourself from your emotions when it's required eventually. Allowing oneself to be overwhelmed can become a detriment in some cases, it causes too much wavering in focus."
  9. "Quidditch tends to be quite good for teenagers who want to get their frustrations out, I've seen and heard," Rosmunda chuckled quietly, but she remembered Gemini's more troubled years after the girl realised her heritage, that rage which she needed to keep under control or else she might accidentally hurt someone. Melanie had been easier, since Rosie's eldest daughter had always seemed to be a calm type. Probably her father's influence. Thinking of them brought a pang to the Veela's chest, before she smiled gently at Atlas. "It's good that he's made some friends, and that your children are all very close. That can certainly help, and being an active parent does take it's own kind of practise, a lot of trial and error," Things that the woman had known herself and experienced. Her eldest daughter was probably the one responsible for Rosmunda's more human emotions. Certainly she'd loved over the centuries, but the love of a child did something, it turned someone's world upside down. It was one of many thoughts that swam through the blonde's mind, due to the conversation about families and children. How many times had she wondered if she could have saved Melanie's life? If she'd just been a little faster getting to her, if she'd picked up on the danger that lurked after her daughter? Her expression had gone blank as she thought about it, taking a sip of her coffee and wishing she'd ordered wine instead - except she had to go back to the hospital after this. The apology seemed to wake her from her thoughts and she shook her head with a gentle smile. "You have nothing to apologise for. I've outlived a lot of loved ones over the years... but, Melanie, she changed me, the kind of woman I was. That's what children do, they turn your life inside out, and nothing is ever the same again," There was a fond smile on her lips, and yet her eyes held a sadness that held more years in them than what she appeared to be, "No parent should have to outlive their own children." There was a cruelty in still being around when one's child was not,knowing they had so many years ahead of them that they would never experience. "I mostly research rare and unexplained medical conditions and phenomena. There's one in particular that I've been trying to find more answers for the past few years, because of a friend of mine. Sometimes I think I've found something, and then it doesn't work. It leaves me at a bit of a loss sometimes."
  10. "I can only imagine she had her reasons, people seldom make such large decisions without something driving them," Not that Rosie was going to try to delve into what those reasons may have been. It was not her business in the end, and it seemed that Atlas was determined to be a part of the boy's life at least. Perhaps if the man spent a great deal of time around his son, then he would learn a lot more about him, as well as about being an involved parent. Everything she'd heard so far seemed to indicate that this was not exactly familiar territory for Atlas. "I suppose, so long as you allow him visits to see his mother, then that would at least ease the suddenness of being uprooted and forced to move to a new place and meet people he's never even known about. This would be rather stressful on him, so I hope you keep that in mind," There was concern in the woman's features, as much as she didn't want to feel like she was trying to give parenting advice, it seemed that his son had been simply plucked from the only life he'd known and dropped somewhere foreign. Stubbornness or not, there needed to be some give and take if the relationship between the father and son was going to improve at all. And sometimes stubborn people were more lenient when they had an example to follow. "I'd be rather surprised if you didn't like seafood," Rosie chuckled softly, someone with a shipping company and who spent a lot of time by the sea would no doubt be used to it. She nodded gently, "The girls have always been reasonably happy... or well, at least we've always been able to get through things in life together, without being torn up. They lost their father when they were seven, but I suppose it brought us closer, though occasionally it is difficult raising two teenage daughters who don't have a father figure to look up to." A small wince pinched at Rosmunda's features briefly, before she raised her brows at the question of more children. "Other... well, I did have another daughter. She died a few years or so ago, murdered," The woman's voice had grown quiet and sombre as she glanced downward at her hands slightly, before returning her gaze to Atlas, "It's not something I really talk about very easily, sorry." She cleared her throat a little and then considered his other questions, "I've kept well, however. Generally busy most of the time, when I'm not working at one of the hospitals, then I'm usually researching or spending time with my family
  11. "Kept him a secret? Any particular reason as to why?" It always made Rosmunda curious as to peoples' reasons for doing such things like hiding a child from one of their parents and whatnot. Was he such a bad person that the mother hadn't wanted him involved? Or was it purely personal and they had been like ships passing in the night, and she hadn't seen any point in telling him, figuring she wouldn't ever hear from him again anyway? The Veela had heard all kinds of stories during her long life, but she didn't know Atlas very well, and so could not make an assessment as to why a child would have grown up without his knowledge. The woman listened, at least, while Atlas spoke about this son whose life he had only just become involved in. She didn't know the situation, nor the boy himself, so she couldn't really speak one way or the other, but it did sound like the man was trying. "Well, I imagine the move would have got under his skin as well, especially in such a precarious point in his life. Teenage years are full of important schooling, hormonal ups and downs, and generally just trying to find one's way and place in the world as they get closer to adulthood," Rosie didn't imagine it was terribly easy for the boy to adjust to a new home and school, it would take some time. "Oh, my girls were fine. They've been looking forward to school starting up for the year again, I think they were getting bored over the summer break," The Veela chuckled softly as her gaze swept over the menu while she decided what she might like to eat. "If you enjoy fish, he makes some wonderful dishes with fresh fillets they get in regularly from the city. Actually, I might have the grilled barramundi with salad and some of his home-made tartare sauce." just thinking about it made her feel hungry as she set the menu down. "I know the chicken parm is popular here, and he can cook steak exactly to a customer's preference. He makes a lot of the sauces and toppings himself too."
  12. Rosmunda had made sure that her twins were both well prepared and had everything that they needed before they'd gone to school, and sighed when they took off toward their dorms once she'd dropped them off. The house was going to be quiet during the weeks again, she supposed she was going to have to go visit Gemini and Gabrielle more often, or have them come out to visit her. She'd grown used to having a lively household, and the quiet bothered her, especially when she was there on her own. As she arrived at the Roo, however, the woman spotted Atlas easily and offered a warm smile as he greeted her. She hadn't really expected the correspondence from him, but it was welcome nonetheless. Rosie was always happy to make a new friend, and the fact that he was more mature than most people who saw the young-looking woman and wanted to befriend her was also a bonus. "Hello to you as well. How did you go dropping your boy off then?" Rosie knew that Atlas was trying to connect with the teenager, it seemed he was trying to reconnect with a few of his children, and she had guessed that it was because he'd spent much of their lives focused on work. It was a mistake made by many people, one that they often didn't realise until their children were all grown up and didn't want or need them anymore. It seemed he was hoping to really try now though. Stepping up to the pub, the woman easily led the way in and toward the bar as she offered a nod and smile to Phil. "Can I get a coffee, please, Phil? We'll be going through to the bistro," The woman spoke lightly, before glancing toward Atlas, "Want to order a drink on our way through?" She asked, the woman was actually looking forward to eating some of Phil's food. The man knew how to cook, that was for sure.
  13. "My eldest was stubborn and hard-headed, refused to let me support her while she studied or when she had her baby," Rosmunda mused softly with a mixture of sadness and nostalgia. She continued to stroke at Gabrielle's hair, the girl seemingly content to sit with the woman quietly while the adults spoke. "A paddle boat, yes, that's probably what I'm trying to think of," Rosie smiled softly with a small nod as she pulled Gabby in to lean against her side. "Seems rather pointless to have a boat shipped here when you could sail it, besides it sounds like it would be a nice voyage to go on," The woman nodded and then lifted her brows as she listened to the man's beliefs. There was merit to his words, that was for certain, and Rosmunda could agree with a lot of it, however, she'd seen many things that happened without cause or explanation. And people who were simply destined for a certain role, whether they wanted it or not. Sometimes there was less say in what occurred in life than what people thought. "I think it's a bit of a balance. Choices certainly affect outcomes, and talent and niche does play a part, but sometimes some things are simply destined to occur as well. I've seen enough in my life and line of work not to believe that sometimes no matter how much one diverts from a path, they still end up back on it," The woman chuckled quietly, and with a nudge from Gabrielle, she shifted to stand, followed by the child. "We should probably continue on though, Gabrielle's mother is probably almost done so we should meet with her. Thank you again for the ice cream, Atlas," Rosmunda offered a gentle polite nod of her head, while Gabby waved to the man. "Thank you!" The young girl echoed brightly to him.
  14. "Grandchildren are a lot easier to spoil than your own children, since their parents are the ones who have to deal with them afterward," Rosie chuckled quietly as her hand petted lightly at Gabrielle's hair. It reminded her of when Gemini was young and visited her, and how much she would spoil the girl before letting Melanie have her back. The memories brought a mixture of feelings with them, which she pushed aside for the now, at the mention of a boat as a present. "I do believe four is perhaps a little young for a boat. But perhaps one of those foot pedal boats, I forget what they're called. The ones that take two people, and you use the pedals to move, and have a steering handle,"Those were always rather fun, especially out on a lake, though four was probably still a little young to be able to use pedals, but he could sit in the middle and steer. Rosmunda's brows rose at the mention of unstable cargo though, the woman thinking over what kinds of things one would transport long distances that would be considered unstable. But then, in the world of magic, there were many possible things, and it was none of her business, she supposed. "You're a believer in destiny then? That there is meaning behind everything, and people are meant for specific roles?" The woman's lips twitched into a small smirk as she regarded the man. He had seemed a little more practical than the kind who believed in that, but then everyone had their own thoughts on how the world worked. Rosmunda had witnessed too much in her life to really know what side of belief she fell on, but she did know that sometimes, a person was just meant to be where they ended up. "Travel is good though, I find it helps clear my mind when I get away for a short bit."