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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

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  1. Advert: January 2018 18 + | post-Potter | non-canon | set in australia There's nowhere quite like Australia. And there's nowhere quite like Tallygarunga, Australia's backwater wizarding school----the only one unfortunate enough to be wholly government owned. The Victorian Ministry of Magic has a bone to pick with the people of Tallygarunga. Things are about to get shook up, and whether you're a resident, student, staff, or Ministry... there's no way this is going to end well. Which side are you on? Tally? The Ministry? It's time to get off the fence. Welcome to TALLYGARUNGA GET STARTED | POSITIONS AVAILABLE | ADOPTABLES | CREATION GUIDE JCINK Code [align=center][font=Optima][url=http://www.tallygarunga.com][img=https://cdn.nickpic.host/images/ppFePn.png][/url] [b]18 + | post-Potter | non-canon | set in australia[/b][/font][/align] [list] [font=Optima]There's nowhere quite like Australia. And there's nowhere quite like Tallygarunga, Australia's backwater wizarding school----the only one [i]unfortunate enough[/i] to be wholly government owned. The Victorian Ministry of Magic has a bone to pick with the people of Tallygarunga. Things are about to get shook up, and whether you're a resident, student, staff, or Ministry... there's no way this is going to end well. [/list][/font] [align=center][font=Optima]Which side are you on? Tally? The Ministry? It's time to get off the fence. Welcome to [url="http://www.tallygarunga.com][size=14]TALLYGARUNGA[/size][/url][/font][/align] [align=center][font=Optima][url=http://www.tallygarunga.com/topic/18-how-to-apply/]GET STARTED[/url] | [url=http://www.tallygarunga.com/positions_available/]POSITIONS AVAILABLE[/url] | [url=http://www.tallygarunga.com/forum/13-adoption-centre/]ADOPTABLES[/url] | [url=http://www.tallygarunga.com/tallypedia/get-started/character-creation/creation-guide-r7/]CREATION GUIDE[/url][/font][/align]
  2. What a big week! It's time to introduce you all to some MORE FEATURES! Huzzah! Quoting Quoting on this software is glorious. At the bottom of each post, you should see this: If you hit the "Quote" text, it will automatically take you to a new post with that post quoted for you. Easy peasy! But wait---there's more! If you hit the + sign instead, this will appear in the bottom-right of your screen: This is the "multi-quote" feature. You can hit + on any posts you like, and it will count them up for you in this nifty button. When you've got all the posts added that you want, click that button that says "Quote X posts" and it will take you to the posting screen. From there, you can edit and change and add your own parts to the post. And yes---all the people who were quoted in that post will get a notification saying so. Cool, huh! Tags I'll be writing a better doc on this, but you may have noticed the tag system! This helps people find the content that they're looking for, and the content they are not looking for. Tags can be used to denote that a thread: is open to new characters entering (tag: Open) is not open to new characters entering (tag: Closed) is complete (tag: Complete) is active (tag: Active) is a class thread (tag: Class) is an event-style thread (tag: Event) contains particular characters (tag with character names) contains potential triggers (tag: tw:{triggername}) Once you have added tags, you can select one of the tags to be a prefix. Prefixes are a single tag that is listed before the thread name. Prefixes are ideally used to mark whether a thread is open, closed, or a class/event thread. You don't need to set a prefix if you don't want to, but we highly recommend adding any applicable tags to your threads. Following You know how you like to stalk threads you're not actually part of (cough @Shell cough). Now you can, and get notifications too! See that "Follow" button at the top of threads (or at the bottom for mobile view)? If you click that, it will "save" that thread to your watch list. Every time that thread is posted in, you'll get a notification. Following all of your IC threads from your Player account is a good way to keep up with what you owe! You can also follow particular players and other content types, like blogs and entries in new characters, house points and documentations! Activity Streams One of my favourite aspects of the new software is the Activity Streams. You might have come across the Active Content link I've got up the top there, but did you know you can create your own? There are also some default ones I've set up. You can access them by clicking the "What's New" menu tab in the header. All Activity: Is a complete listing of everything that has happened starting from most recent first. It's kind of like a Facebook feed, if Facebook ever actually obeyed chronological order. Open Threads: This is a list of any threads that have the "Open" tag. This list is set to display as oldest first so that older open threads have a higher chance of being picked up. This is why when creating an open thread, you should tag it--and remember to remove the tag when it's no longer open! Periodically, staff will swoop by and remove the tag from threads that have 5+ posts under the assumption that the thread is no longer accepting new characters. Active Classes: This stream lists all class threads that are currently in session, and is set to display any thread tagged as "Class". Content I Posted In: This stream is pretty simple, but very useful! It lists all content that has been posted in by the account you're logged in as. Content I Follow: This activity stream lists all the activity for content you've chosen to "follow". No more checking through everything to see if that thread you're stalking has new replies! Unread Content: This activity stream lists everything that has been updated since your last visit, across the board. Useful if you're looking for something new to read! Is there more? Of course there's more! On most activity streams, you'll see this bar. Once you've changed any of those parameters it will show those links at the bottom -- allowing you to save streams of content that are tailored to you. If there's a particular stream that you feel should be in the list of default streams, let me know! Search So already you can see that the board is just dying to make our lives easier. It's already automatically tracking the posts you make and putting them into a nifty little list for you. Yes, you read that right! On each account profile (which you can get to as normal by clicking the username, or to the profile you're logged into by dropping down the user menu in the top-right), you'll see this button: When you click that, it will list all of the content that account has been part of. On the left, you can see a list of ways to narrow that information down. If you only want to see the topics, hit "Topics" and it will bring that into a neat little list for you. You can also save that link in the address bar if you happen to need it. The general search feature is also incredibly robust. If you click the "search bar" in the header and select "Advanced Search" from the drop-down, you'll see there are plenty of ways to get to the exact type of content you need. Any search result you get, you can save the link in the address bar to quickly share your search results with others. Nifty! Links & Images in posts Adding images in posts is perhaps not as intuitive with IPS as it was with BB Code. That's because it's actually easier! All you need to do is copy and paste the link into the editor box and hit "enter". Once the board determines it's a link to an image, it will ask if you want to display the image or just the link. No fuffing around with code! This also works with other content like Youtube links. Once it detects it's a Youtube video, it will display the video with a play button. So easy! And adding text links? Well that's as simple as how you'd do it in Word. Just highlight the text, and hit the chain-link button in the editor bar. It'll ask where you want it to go, and boom! Done!
  3. Uniform Policy Like most Australian schools, Tallygarunga has a set uniform. Students are expected to be in full uniform, neat and tidy, for all classes, exams, and school events. There is no division between "winter" and "summer" uniforms. Nor is there division by "female" and "male" uniforms. As long as students are appropriately clothed and presentable in items from the set uniform list, they are free to choose whichever uniform items they feel represent their identity. Depending on the particular class, long sleeved uniform may be required for practical work. Hat rules: During Term One and Term Four, all students must wear a hat during outdoor activities. As there is no official uniform hat, students may choose their own. However, it must have a broad brim that shades all sides of the head. Students who do not have an appropriate hat will be confined indoors or required to wear a hat from a dusty box of discarded hats (known to the students as "scab hats"). This document comes with much love to @Chromatic for her gorgeous illustrations. Tallygarunga uniform Uniform items: Shirt: Long or short sleeve in light beige Trousers or shorts: Light olive Tallygarunga school kilt: Pleated wrap-around style, olive tartan Dress: Light olive/beige/brown check Socks: Olive drab, banded at the top in house colour. Shoes: Black leather, lace-up. Must fully cover feet to be worn in practical classes. Accessories: Sweater: Olive drab, woolen long sleeve, banded around collar and wrists in house color. Vest: Olive drab, woolen, no sleeves. Bounded around collar in house color. Tie: Olive drab, striped in house color. Cloak: Olive drab, woollen. Available but not common due to weather. Blazer: Olive drab. Worn only by school and house captains, and usually only for special events. Whitlam Bilby uniform Uniform items Shirt: Short or long sleeve in butter yellow Shorts: Dark turquoise Trousers: Dark grey Dress: Pinafore style over uniform shirt, in dark turquoise Socks: Dark turquoise Shoes: Black leather lace up, or Mary Jane style. Accessories Sweater: Woolen long-sleeve in dark turquoise Vest: Woolen no-sleeve in dark turquoise
  4. Posting Gossip Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. Be careful what you do in public---it will be across town before you know it! Most gossip is passed through Narrie's retired postal worker Madge Kennerley. She's an old woman, but her sharp mind knows the names and faces of everyone... and their business. There's nothing she loves more than sharing the stories of those around her to... basically anyone who will listen. How gossip works Information here is free to be known by any character that would reasonably have heard this along the grapevine, or who would be likely to seek out information. Tags are used to help identify the scope of the gossip. Narrie Gossip - likely to reach Narrie residents Tally Gossip - likely to reach Tally staff and students Tally Student Gossip - likely to reach Tally students, but not necessarily staff And so on... Writing gossip When writing gossip posts, you can word them how you like. It doesn't have to be how your character would represent the event. Think about how the information might be received and/or twisted by others and play on that. And if you want to put yourself in the mindset of a 103-year-old former postal worker (our dear Madge), you're more than willing to write from her point of view too. Just don't forget to add in juicy details---Madge loves juicy details. How to post gossip Simply start a new topic in this forum! Use the title to give your gossip a catchy headline, add tags that define the scope of the gossip (see above) and then put your details in the body of the post. Hit submit, and you're done! Congrats, Narrie knows your character's sordid secrets now!
  5. until
    Holiday period between Term One and Term Two.
  6. until
    The first teaching term at Tallygarunga.
  7. I have had such a big day today coding, my brain feels like it's slowly melting out of my ears! Following up today with a few feature announcements... aka: cool stuff on the new software. Linked Accounts These work now! If you've not yet linked your accounts, click the "chain link" icon that appears on the top bar. If you're on mobile, this can be accessed by opening the side menu, and going to Account --> Account Settings --> Linked Accounts. Enter in the names and passwords of any accounts you want to link. Best practice is work from your player account, and link all of your IC accounts. That way, you can switch easily while remaining under your one player account. Once your accounts are linked, just click the chain link icon again to select the user you want to sign in as. The username in the top left should change from "Your Name" to "Your name as Your Character". This means it's working! Now you can update statuses, reply to status updates, post, post blogs, and everything using your character account. Post As If you just want to make forum posts, you can use the "Post As" feature instead of doing a switch. The "post as" option appears when making a post, and allows you to choose the name of any account you have linked to the account you're currently logged in as. If you choose the wrong one, don't stress! Just re-post with the right one, and tag a staff member to delete the whoopsie. Reputation I've had a few people ask what "reputation" means. Basically it's single value that shows how many times your posts have been reacted to (see the previous post about the reactions system). Currently, for every reaction you get +1 points to your reputation. Why does anyone care about this number? Well. There's also this. The Leaderboard Because you want things to brag about, right? The Leaderboard will give you just that. This application keeps a nice little track of who is scoring reputation points across the board. If you look at "past leaders", you'll see the winners of each day. You can also see when your account last "won" the day displayed on your account profile. It's a silly bit of competition, but of course, also "supr srs". I'm coming for you @Kaitore! House Points Professors, rejoice! No more manually adding up house points at the end of term. The new House Point Adjustment system (found under "Character Resource" in the header menu) now does all that horrible math for us. Simply add a new record in the corresponding house category when you want to award/remove points. The fields are fairly straight forward, let me know if you have any issues! Once the record is submitted, the house points displays on the adjustment page and in the board header will update. Magic! Avatars & Profile Images You may have noticed that there are a few different profile images available to use. They are: Profile Avatar: This is a field we added, and is your forum avatar displayed next to your posts. We've set this at 250px x 400px. User Photo: This is that circle picture that seems to follow you everywhere! You can change it by visiting your profile page, clicking the circular picture, and uploading a new one. The system will give you options to crop it, much like a Facebook photo. We recommend square-ish images above 300px x 300px. Cover Photo: Also similar to Facebook is the ability to add a cover photo. That's the big banner-style one that tops your user profile. You edit it in much the same way as the User Photo, just click the edit box and upload a new one. The size appears to be roughly 1080px x 500px. Who Posted Today Due to the way the Linked Accounts mod works, it doesn't record who was online as accurately as we would like. Instead, I've switched this out for Who Posted Today, which displays a list of every account that has posted something in the last 24 hours. This includes: forum posts, status updates and replies, blogs and database records. Our challenge to you is to try and post a piece of content, however small, with each of your characters as often as you can. Let's keep that Who Posted list bright and beautiful! And that's all I've got time for today my awesome nerds, even though there's still SO MUCH MORE to show you. Keep exploring, keep trying to break things, and if you've got a little time --- go back and react to your favourite posts! Love always, Your Mousie.
  8. Testing a status update thing.

  9. "...The other part owner is basically dead, and his wife is a swamp donkey. She let the place go and refused to do anything to save it, so Stuart stepped in." @Adele DeVylissea tells @Alexander Winfield all about @Katherine Belmont the swamp donkey.
  10. Hey guys, and welcome to the first of your tours on the new board! Today's feature: Reactions! At the bottom of each post, you'll see this button. Hover over that, and you'll see the full list of available reactions. Every time you give a reaction, the post-maker gets a +1 to their reputation. It's a great way to let people know that their post moved you. So how can you react? Check out this list of awesome: So go on, go mad! REACT AWAY AND REGRET NOTHING! Love always, Your Mousie.
  11. Enjoy my sexy sexy menus.

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