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    The Wake Thief ☆
    Member ☆ Providence, Rhode Island ☆
    Thou art I. . .
    Member since: February 2018
    Last Active: 21 July 2018
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    Best Contact Method Private messenger here, Discord
    Plot Wants
    1. Awkward Stuffles
    2. Drama of well designed nature is always fun!
    3. Fun-Fun times, random jokes and pranks depending on character
    4. Serious moments, some characters are designed for the darker sides of things
    5. Friends-O's, I have characters that need more. Influences of both good and bad nature!
    6. Familial Drama, as if characters can't get nough' that!
    7. We can go on a feels-trip sometimes I don't mind!
    8. A bit of Action! Adventure, Mayhem, running into some bad goons or some really creepy Magical Creatures that want some nom's. 
    Triggers & Limits

    No real triggers or limits, just chat with me and I'll let ya' know. 

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