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    Glorious Advertising Mod ☆ Professor of Finger Painting
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    But first, coffee.
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    Hey! I make art, I write, I sell coffee. 

    I like plots that feel comfortable, like your favorite sweater. Playing characters that have a history that can be made up as we play. :D

    Best Contact Method Discord
    Plot Wants

    Comfy plots that build character relationships. 

    Penny is in need of friends. Work friends, acquaintances and close friends. No romance int he cards for her unless it's with Kristen but thats a whole other thing. 

    Susan was adopted into the Burdett family, so anyone connected with them would be good. 

    Triggers & Limits

    I prefer not to be surprised by anything heavy, so please give a heads up for general themes of something. Any narcotic use should only have generalized terms as specific narcotic mentions have pushed me into panic attacks. 

    I'm also arachnophobic, but most times, just mentioning spiders in passing are okay, but details will start up the anxiety. 

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