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    It's really nice to know that my sweaters won't collect dust here. Being cozy is number one priority.
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    Today, like most of the days recently, had been relatively cool and it was a welcomed change. After spending most of the beginning part of the year sweating like an Ogre in a small room it was only to be welcomed that he could catch a proper breath of fresh air. This, however, also meant he had to carry Sapphire in a new way trying to protect the guitar from the much more harsher elements that often swung about within the brisker environment. As such he had been lugging around a sturdily made guitar case with a strong black leather. A bit heavier than he was used to but he had luckily been taking care of himself physically much more than in recent years, it was a boon, a sore boon. Often, he'd leave school early in the morning to head off to a secluded place and just play without worry of waking another student up or even just being a natural disturbance at a time when he just needed to forget the ways of the world for a quick moment. Returning back to Tallygarunga it wasn't hard to notice that a cab sped by him towards that direction and in that brief encounter he hadn't thought much of it. A few students and other personnel commuted to and from the school and some just preferred to conserve their energy for the day by taking a ride. Things started to make much more sense once he had finally arrived at the front of the Gawler Building where the driver had been sitting in his seat while what seemed to be a young boy was totting around his own baggage. Either the kid liked to handle stuff himself or that Driver didn't get the manual on being a courtesy sort, before Alexander could even offer a proper hand the bags were already out and within the grasp of its owner. A short shrug flowed from him at this point since at least things had been settled and handled before he could arrive which was a benefit in its own way. The boy was new, that much he was certain, the way he carried himself almost looked as if he were lost. What he didn't expect was being stopped and legitimately asked a question. He may as well have labeled himself the new-person greeting committee. "Ah, you're not interrupting anything, Little man. What's up?" He flashed his usual brief smile as he lowered his gaze to look towards him for a better evaluation. He seemed well, considering a first stay of school Alex surmised he was handling it better than most people. Then again he had been meeting very rare and interesting breed of people so that shock wasn't as impactful. "Sure! I can help you out a bit. Did you at least get your House assignment? That might help out a bit. Give us a bit of direction to start off in." Alex's hand extended out towards Brinley as he started to clear his throat. "The names Alexander, but everyone calls me Alex. Simpler, casual, and lets face it I send less like some old guy in his seventies."
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    When it came down to it, the obvious option was just so much clearer to him. Truthfully, he hadn't considered Flora mostly because he didn't expect she'd bother with him unless he was around the other family members. Of course, he had been surprised before by how things played out and understood nothing of the deeper and truer motivations of each probable person. Even with all of it in thought he at least gathered a surface understanding of each persons personality, how they reacted or didn't react, but more importantly the way that they carried themselves. Maybe that could be considered his prodigious talent, while it seemed the others held such a high and refined intellect and understanding his own seemed to be in a alternative direction. "Huh? Really?" Several times his eyes blinked in a bit of surprise and yet there was this severe admiration for the woman, as if it could get even more intense. He had taken a drank or two and maybe that was the major problem behind some of his more questionable actions of late. Which had been brought up and though it with subtle he still seen the disapproval scrawled on the elder woman's features. It was a larger sting than he had expected, like he had just disappointed his own mother. "Yea. . . It seems a lot of folks weren't on board with that one. Granted, at the time, the idea wasn't to get married then and there - Just an engagement. That Vegas atmosphere is so deadly with the inexperienced." That was a lack of his own awareness but he figured people in their youth are entitled to their own mess ups and discreations as long as it wasn't too destructive, as long as it was something learn from. "But we had the idea of including everyone in a much more, less crazy induced wedding - when it'd come eventually. Last thing I would ever want was to keep the people I care about the most to be left out of such an important life event." Though it wasn't exclusive, the feeling held more true towards Bethianna than most. A sign to himself of how attached he had grown in a short amount of time. It was a sweet, twisted, irony. Yet, even in his eyes and posture he showed that he understood that it was no excuse - that the action itself wasn't entirely a well thought out or fair one at that. "I should know why. . .?" An eyebrow arched upwards in curiosity as the look on his face grew entirely confused. It wasn't because he was hasty? Because he left others out in the heat of the moment? He hadn't blamed anyone for being mad about that, yet, it seemed there was something much more subtle that he couldn't fathom. "Why -is- she so peeved at me? If it isn't the more obvious answer then what your saying is there is something I couldn't know, if it's been kept from me."
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    Alic cradled his bleeding arm to his chest, wine-red eyes scanning the hospital wing. They soon caught on the blue ones of another man who stood slightly shorter than him. The man had dark hair, and a scruffy face. He recognized him vaguely as Viktor Valentin, Tallygarunga's Transfiguration Professor and one of the resident Healers. The Care of Magical Creatures teacher nodded as he was addressed, directed to sit on a bed. He did as he was told, saying "Alright,", his accent thicker than it normally was, feeling the adrenaline beginning to fade, the world blurring at his edges. He closed his eyes, taking deep breaths as Viktor began to seal the wounds, fighting a shudder at the odd feeling of skin stitching itself together. No matter how often he felt that, it never felt normal. In the moment, he didn't question how Viktor knew he'd been attacked by the Hippogriffs, he assumed the man had seen it, or the wounds were typical for it. He nodded, only to regret it as his head spun, color draining from his face. "They did. Some students thought it would be funny to cut their ropes and stampede them." he hissed, flinching as light was shone into his eyes. The Healer asked if he felt nauseous, and he paused for a moment, feeling his stomach roll. "Yes," he admitted reluctantly.
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    Weddings, These were often Derrick's specialty in crashing and yet here he was NOT crashing. Though suppose it doesn't count against him since it was a merry, very, unwedding. Upon being invited by Jez he found he was in a bit of a predicament on a few ideas but also on the fact he had actually be considering asking Arti if she wanted to go as his date. Something that he wasn't going to live down if Audrey saw and heard that, in fact, it was his idea for the particular outfit idea that had come to mind. Hercules and Deianira, A tragic tale to be sure considering the overall. He had already showed up at the woman's house in his usual flair of just showing up and popping in like it was no bodies business. Dawning a white toga that was fashioned in a more warriors appeal as he wore what seemed to be a oddly colored cape that hung around his neck to emphasize the poisonous cloak gifted. Hanging off of his hip would be an imitation short sword which really was just a handle super glued to a scabbard. He was freaking Hercules the sword was for imitation! After double checking that their outfits were properly accented to one another given the various possible details for the two mythological and short fairytale figures that they had chosen he coupled arms with Arti and gave a light trace of his fingers to apparate the both of them to the choice of venue, Victoria Reserve. Just as the two of them enter Derrick's eyes only stayed on the decorations and what had been placed out to make the area look fantastical because. . . He saw a kidnapped Belle being stolen away from her Beast in Gaston's arms. There was no chance of Derrick holding in his laughter as he started to burst out as if his gut was in a constant assault. "Oh! OH! This was so worth it! Oh man. . . Quick, Do you have a camera? We need this blackmail going on." A glance was shifted towards Arti as he grinned towards the woman. At least this way one the retort of their outfits came about along with the fact it was his choice to ask the question about it he'll have something to fall back on to defend himself. Everyone's dirty laundry was going to come out if his was!
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    Night had fallen and Morning arose as Marcus' eyes slightly shift open and his body slowly cuddled closer to Gemini who had laid next to him. He tried his best to avoid even the smallest speck of sunlight, while he was much stronger to deal with the sensitivity it still was far from present and could make an amazing night moving into the morning a grumpy experience for a Dhampir. He had spent the night over Gemini's house after visiting in the evening, mostly staying to continue with their bedroom gymnastics that had seemed to taken place in their new found 'Relationship', which ever one wished to call it or define it as. Ever since his mother had come into town he found that he not only had been letting go of his hurts bit by bit but that he had also been spending time with a particular single mother and her daughter much more often than he had anticipated himself to be. Not only to the point of the both of them clawing at one another in the bed with no real care for proper protection every now and then but also finding that he stayed much longer in the morning time with the two girls. The excuse wasn't even due to the sun but he just wanted to grow closer to them which was a confusing state of affairs. So much was uncertain about how things were progressing and yet they seemed to be growing in one particular direction without any actual say so or planning. Tips of his fingers pressed along the side of Gemini's neck as he felt the holes where his fangs had been pressed into her just a few hours ago, she had agreed to do this and even been the one to incite it more often than not. A reminder of how much the young woman trusted him or perhaps a mixture of trust and confidence in knowing she could stop him if his nature tried to take it a step too far. Either way, he was grateful to her for all that she had done for him and not just stopping there. It was because of her snooping and chaotic ways that he had managed to start on a rebuilding path with his mother even if he didn't want to do it so soon. As his eyes narrowed towards the dark haired beauty he pressed a tender kiss at the top of her forehead while keeping his sights trained on her. She'd become a staple in his life which caused him to be unable to see himself without her bouncy and mischievous nature around to cause some kind of trouble or poke fun at him for her own amusement and the amusement of others. "I guess I am pretty lucky. . ." He spoke towards himself trying to avoid disturbing her from her well deserved rest. Their nightly marathons always left a very numb feeling especially of late where he could have swore the passion had been growing even more intense.
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    Tyson had walked into the class and while most would take this studies as a secondary this was more of a primary focus for himself knowing a bit of the Muggle world and even having it engraved into his everyday life. As he took a seat he sat down and lowered the back from his shoulders to settle it right next to his legs then glanced over the paper that had been pointed out to the class by Professor Hughes. Eyes drifted from there and then back up to the instructor with several blinks of his eyes, this was it? Of course, considering it's probably a poll of knowledge it made sense. Figured he'd want to structure it around what the class a whole understood and expound on the things that slipped the grasp or hadn't been entirely mentioned. He rummaged through his back and started to pick out a pen and inscribed on the paper, filling in the blanks before handing it in to the Professor and then leaving right after. That meant he probably would need to start paying extreme attention into the lessons that would end up popping up.
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    "A nomadic life style." It was often the choice many Vampires live for several centuries moving from place to place, changing identities and altering a bit of information about themselves when they end up in repeat places that may have such information. Eventually she'd probably get so old that she'd cease to care or maybe she'd be so connected that hiding wouldn't mean as much to her as it did now. The roads and choices were endless and yet he knew he wouldn't live long enough to see the true outcome and impact of her path before it'd fully culminate into something. "That's an interesting choice but one that I had expected. Mostly because it makes sense. Are you prepared for the pain that will cause you?" It was a blunt question and one that he felt needed to be addressed sooner rather than later in a persons life. "You'll be going through the process of tearing your heart out over and over again, figuratively. Are you willing to endure that for the fleeting nature that comes with most other races?" Even he, due to his Human status, was fated to fade earlier in life. The body of Man mixed with Fae made the lifespan quicken towards death instead of being perpetually preserved. Something that he couldn't truly refute. What made the vulnerability of the emotions enticing had been the connection that could be wrought from them. Perhaps, even he too, had been compromised in that manner due to Mishima's influence and constant presence. His indigo gaze shifted away from the red-haired woman towards the waters in thought. Was that a strength or had the man who considered him a 'Best Friend' become a liability that he must guard? He wasn't used to liabilities and often they'd get cut short to limit the potential blast back against himself. Yet, he knew, that it was this that kept him from turning out too much like many of the others. "It worked more for your favor that way then. Instead of being left there to turn without the presence of people. You could ended up a feral predator that someone would have been forced to end." That was perhaps the sharpest way he could put such an unfortunate event. He held no ill will against Vampires no matter how much of a parasite in concept that they were. But some practices of the more detestable personalities ones made a lot of what he needed to do equally as difficult as anyone under his command causing trouble. Very few have the guts to stand in front of a vampire much like he was."You're still quite new to the fangs game then. " At least in comparison to most that had been running around in the area these days. Generosity, that was something he didn't think he held any of. Often he used the word and understood the term but it was always a false phrase and intention almost always an elusion towards a threat of sorts in his business. "Well, I can see that. Though I believe I did the manipulating of a drink. " A smirk pressed on his lips. But her next question caused him to raise both of his eyebrows upwards. "Is it important to me? In the sense that it's a necessity, yes. But it comes in various forms." The way of the world worked with whom held the most power. Either in ideals, men, fronts that gathered up money, connections, or actual raw potential that was hard to contest without coming out mortally wounded. "Being someone who loans out various enmities to different people a certain amount of power by influence is needed. To prove that I have what I can move and that it isn't something to contest." Her hand pressed against his chest as he stood there and allowed for her to feel the presence of his heart constantly beating. She was quite physical, more than he would have expected. "I am not like many people, this is true." In so many ways. Jonathan's eyes lowered to her hand. "You enjoy the feeling of someone against you. I can only imagine what my hand had done last night after catching you."
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    He didn't blame him for the way she looked at on at him, is disbelief, one could easily tell an altercation popped up for some reason involving the woman. Harder to explain the why or more along the lines that there were things about what he had to do that refrained from him revealing that kind of information. Humming resonated from his throat as he continued to stare down Stella until she had made the claim that she was a bartender. "Well, of course you are, but for how long?" His lips turned upwards as he continued on with a more scholarly approach. "What do you plan to do once the time winds around you and people begin to notice that you are the only constant in the change?" He wasn't trying to make her feel bad one way or another. Jon was more interested in how she'd respond and what her long term plan had been or if she would simply live in the moment and work her way depending on that. Jonathan's eyes blinked at her in confusion at the idea that she has propositioned. That being vulnerable could be a strength and not a weakness, not something he would have expected from someone that was a vampire. But he also wasn't sure how many centuries she had walked the Earth experiencing different things, people, encounters - maybe she was new and had taken to that in order to keep herself strong? "Weakness can be a strength in some worlds, some ways of life. Maybe even necessary to clamp tightly onto the idea of being humane or apart of humanity." It hadn't escaped his own thoughts that maybe he wasn't entirely linked to Humanity some day's, a Part human who seemed to be slipping from that aspect with each atrocity committed. "Other places it's more likely to get you killed than actually be a savior, something to be exploited." He wasn't unnecessarily violent, he let that kind of position fall to the true muscles and raging beasts within the Family. His hand formed more around her neck with the fingers perched at the back and the thumb casually stroking at the side in warm brushed motions. He could even feel the presence of her lip against his hand which caused his head to tilt slightly curious on how much interaction she had missed. "You must have been quickly isolated from people once your condition had been made known to others." "You don't see the point because your mind has yet to be controlled fully by the darkness of temptation." That was something he could pick up from her answer. Most Vampires didn't worry about whether it benefitted them in any other way beyond having control and command. "The point is the power and knowing one can exert that power. A thrall, puppet even." The reason he had to be careful was because of the talents he held could be used in ways that would benefit most of the night kin."Many reasons I do not fear. First being that I don't know it. It isn't to be cocky. I just don't." Experiences shape a person and his situation was no different traumatic at first there was a need to discard certain emotions entirely and only certain ones in specific situations. His hand shifted from side to side in thought. "Perhaps I am curious. You're an. . . Enigma for one of your kind." Why settle in a bar? Why do the utmost to contain ones own abilities or control the sway that she could have? Why have such a reserved nature and consider oneself a Monster? He knew why he saw himself as well since it had been more true to what he'd do and not feel bad about it. "What am I. . . Quite the question. I am neither truly Human, not by their standards, nor am I a wolf." What should he say? How much had she encountered in life? "As you can feel by my warmth I am no Vampire. Of course, Something tells me you're more willing to explore that warmth I give regardless of what I may or may not be. My treat, however, you must figure out in due time. It's more fun that way, don't you think?"
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    The worst versions. . . It was an appealing idea that there could be other ways to see people but his own perception had been jaded and warped. Where most would see friends he often saw enemies and those that had managed to break the threshold of 'Friends' were often those he viewed as trying to strike at the first sign of weakness. The only one to ever show their loyalty to him had been Mishima and primarily because it was a life debt. For some reason, some believed he had a future as a more charismatic leader yet he'd dare not openly move against his own father. "Some people have only one side, others struggle trying to find which side is their true face." An internal battle he knew well enough, intimately so. It was true, Jonathan was teasing her and while it had been at her expense for his amusement it also provided him a way to see just the kind of person she was or at least showed. She was quick and not easily goaded. Which were good signs in his mind. "Bartender's can be mysterious in various ways." For starters, whom or what they are but that was rarely a question a person would ask unless they were apart of the Wizarding world or had been privy to it. "I must admit your attention is pretty good." He never saw it as a bad thing to be appreciate by a pretty woman, they were usually the ones to watch out for in how they operated. "Dodging is one of my specialties, fast talking to get to another angle of a matter. It's work related hard to shake it off when you wake up and all there is as far as the eye can see is more work." Really, he dodged the questions for security reasons. "Ladies night? I'll remind Mishima to avoid coming around that time then. The last thing you need is for a man to be slapped around because he believes he has a chance to seal the deal." As much as he admired the more gruff ally of his and the antics that he tended to get himself into the last thing he truly needed was to drag the guy out because he got cut. That would just bring more issues to the club and his business trades. "Uncertainty. . .Must be pretty new for you then to draw your attention to someone that isn't a regular." It must have been his eyes or perhaps even the touch he had offered her that night. It at least got him a chance to feel her curves and not be a creep about it. Jon hummed weakly as he considered further what her true vice had been while even being accolade for aiming at being a good guess. Which meant hers was something she didn't truly wish to discuss either. The intrigue only grew for him on why she guarded such a secret other than one feeling shame for it, of course. "And if I am? What's your answer?"
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    "A connection of defense." It was a mob mentality response in a sense, after a while, patrons that are more regular will feel more at home like it was a family away from the ones that pissed them off. Those that would accept them as some kind of misfits to society or those that lacked any form of friends or allies in general. Perhaps that's why most of his type stayed in these places as groups, to avoid being to familiar with others by keeping to familiar personalities. It was a consideration at best. "Can only imagine the damage that would be done if you did overserve. People that are drunk out of their mind are the most unpredictable when it comes to motivations. Such a drop with inhibitions that they no longer resemble themselves. At least, not the ones they show." It was enough to draw a smirk and an amused grunt from him. It all held its place in the ironic circle of things. "Being hard to read is a good defense mechanism. It also has its places in other ways, everyone likes to unhinge a good mystery." His eyebrow arched upwards as she asked about his own and a grin formed on his face. "Already trying to piece me together, Hm?" He leaned inwards close considering if he truly wanted to impart some knowledge or make her come for the chase. Being chased had its merits and giving up such a detail easily wouldn't make it fun for either of them he figured. Something that would make her poke. "Well I can't very well give those kinds of secrets up in the open, Miss. King. There still has to be some kind of mystery left to others." The walls had ears and admitting a vice often meant that was a weapon someone could use against you in the future. "Unless you wanted to tell me yours as well? But you seem equally a secretive and mysterious person as I." The dark desires that laid in his heart were plentiful but mixed in with pure and honest desires that were often easily corruptible. "How often do you actually have a low ebb of service? Or is that primarily on the weekdays? People come in with the I hate Mondays and as the week goes in it slims until Friday swerves around?" While he could help her in the cash depart his 'Loans' weren't for people that wanted to keep their limbs and lively hood. That and people often came and sought them out when moving in the right channels. "Am I now?" While it was a compliment it also meant he had to tread carefully in how noticeable he could be in the future. "What do you plan to do about that inability to ignore me? For curiosities sake." He brought the glass of his Hot Sake to his lips and sipped from it while continuing to decipher her, watching every action and response. "A much more accurate statement than most would ever consider." Jon had saw some of the most petite women in the world rip into a person with ease and still be the most dangerous being standing in the room. Those were the types of dangers he often tried to lean towards because of the chance of excitement even if it meant a much harsher chance of his own injury. Not that he couldn't defend himself or find a way out but it made the thrill seeking like a drunk of hard liquor. "I think we all enjoy having that light on when we get home as opposed to it being shut off." He hummed gently thinking on the event in question. "Less of a confrontation. You don't confront your elders, not in Japan." There was always hell to pay with his particular 'Elders'. That was a cause for a finger removal or an ear. "Sounds like your vice is you want to travel by how solemn you sound. " His eyes lowered slightly towards the glass he thought of his next words. The woman's talk of monsters even calling herself one piqued enough of his curiosity. As he lifted a gaze to the woman he examined her eyes. "Maybe when there is actual chance to sit and chat with you I can tell you my own vice."
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    The way his mind often worked had been different and not often for the better it had just been something he grew used to. It was conditioned and while it served a purpose it wasn't something he had been keen on changing anytime soon. A way to know people, a way to exploit them, that is what seemed to be the natural course of any being in existence. A supplement of their own desires. Crude but a truth that he chose not to ignore. "I believe I get the gist of it in a sense." His fingers gently tapped on the counter for a moment in consideration. "Similar to how a barber would know their customer, the regulars tend to always be around. They cause the business to have stability which is necessary in a fluctuating place. Clubs even more so since one day it can be good and the next well . . . People could be out of the job. " A more scholarly approach to the idea but he felt it settled that he understood even if a bit dethatched Jon smirked at her response. "Fighting isn't for everyone. It's an art all on its own and very rarely is one that most can adeptly use and acclimate towards." At least not those that started late in their lives. He grew up around had been taught it, knew how to handle himself well enough due to the various individuals he had to encounter. It wasn't a fully made day until someone though his more lean looking stature meant he was an easy mark. Those were when it made everything all the more interesting. "I can understand. Enjoyment in something that could be consider. . . Confusing to other people. We all have our vices but that is what makes it exciting to delve into them." His vice had been danger, in danger he could feel the rush of the moment he could forget that there had always been danger. With it literally nipping at his heels he felt a sensation of being alive. "If it's a rumor it's probably true." That was a fact he learned early. Rumors were just grains of truth and something that was so mundane as being connected to unscrupulous sorts almost always turned towards the fact pile. This club hadn't been on any of the Corporation's radar so chances were that another group laid claim and a 'truce' was made in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. "I have a hard time believing that you ever lack tips." If they came for the pretty boy then this woman had more than her share of suitors, much like Bryce, perhaps more insistent than him as well. He eyed her shifted stance, she had been relaxed and comfortable. That was a good sign. Noble cause. . . A soft laughter to himself. Some in the Yakuza would want it to seem noble but it was anything so fanciful. "People like to do business with those that know how to up hold themselves a bit. It's like the reverse of a hobo. People avoid even ignore them because of the drab outfits and crazed look, a perfect way to hide. But when someone is well dressed they're noticed when they want to be noticed. Hard to miss, hard to ignore." His eyes raised to settle on the plump red lips that she held. They were interesting almost hypnotic. "There are many kinds of monsters in the dark. Not all are the ones people may assume." One would never look at him and consider him a 'Monster' except for those that had to meet him face to face for 'Business' purposes. He was a monster that by theory had no reason to be, the worse kind. Noticing his eyes caught her attention and her words of remembering him a brief smirk tallied. "Like what you see?" It was a soft taunt, a challenge if one would consider it. He leaned against the bar in a more relaxed expression as he started to examine the woman from top to waist since that had been the cut off point of the table. There was an oddity that surrounded her and he been trying to pick it apart piece by piece. "I've been a few times when I was younger. My Father wanted to introduce me to some of the Elder's in the family. In Japan they're much more critical, precise about how a person stands, responds, and carries themselves. So the once was all I needed to get my act together." A gentle joke at himself. "We couldn't have that then, that'd ruin the tips that you enjoy." And such an eye catching face at that. Once his hand had been taken his thumb gently swept over hers, he could see now that his senses hadn't been playing tricks on him. He could pull no shadow from her because there was no shadow to begin with. Things had just gotten interesting and dangerously so. . . "Stella King. Sounds European, almost high class. Makes me curious on why you're working here. A bit of a rebellious streak?"
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    "Yeah, a style of Martial Arts. It revolves around strikes with the hands and feet but really takes it a step further with clinches. Grappling an opponent and keeping them locked into your grip kind of deal. When someone is immobile you can do damage to all of their exposed areas." It was a way to make them defenseless but on your terms. He often considered it similar to how a Croc could catch its prey in its jaws and proceeded to death roll about until it had drowned or utterly crushed what it had wanted for a meal. His fingers started to curl under the tape that wrapped around the opposites wrists and forearm trying to peel and unwind it off of his skin as the sound of it being strapped resonated in the air. "Heh, I get you on that. I had been on crutches a few times when I first started out. Wobbling around smacking into everything. The door and windows were my best friend for half a month. Knocked into an old lady one time too she didn't think it was as funny as I did at the time." At that time he was a smaller child in both physique and height and couldn't knock the woman over even if he wanted to do so. He let Stanley draw closer finding no reason to push the guy away since he wasn't in any immediate range to get hurt from a misfired blow. That had been the more accurate reason why he wouldn't want anyone stepping to closely taking a well precise hit especially a heel of someone's foot could be painful and catastrophic. "On a log the pegs are kind of like obstacles. You weave your arms and hands around them to strike against the log's base. It's to work on reflexes but also get some muscle memory on reacting when something might look like a hit is coming your way." He smirked as he watched the guy poke at the dummy. "Yeah, I know, that think bobbles like a wacky inflatable arm flailing tubeman. But has all the resistance of a punching back. Great for travelling but I can't go ham on it." He shrugged sometimes you just had to make due with what you had and use them sparingly. "Aight, I can go with Pike. Quick and to the point." It was more for his personal ease since Stanley was a pretty common name, at least if he said 'Pike' he'd know he was addressing him. "Nah, no bother. It's an opened place even if a bit hidden so someone was bound to bop around. But it's cool I needed a break anyways. The tape that had been wrapped on both arms were fully removed and crumpled up to be tossed into the nearby bag where he then started to sit down and unwind the tape that clung at his foot and ankles. "No competitions yet, maybe when the school starts to chill out. It's going to be a rough ride for me." Seventh year wasn't going to a breeze in the park. "I actually work as an assistant to a Dojo out in the city. The instructor has an advanced class I'm apart of and still train with but the little kids aren't that far ahead. Since I already know what they know I help out there."
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    Tyson had been bouncing on the balls of his feet in gentle hops in a left to right sway rhythm with his body to keep the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing without too much of a pause or an ebb in the flow. "Huh?" He didn't expect anyone to roll up on him but it wasn't something that was completely out of the question. He bobbed his head towards the male who had approached. "Yo'. Heh, Karate kid? Nah, man. Muay Thai." He was used to the mix up especially when it came down to people who had been amazed by the martial arts. Then again not having a proper opponent to practice his clenches and grapples did make it seem more Karate focused form a distance. Smell of smoke filled in his nostrils but hadn't him too harshly in his head used to the smell of it from a few people that had often visited the dojo that he had assisted with for younger children. His body started to slow down in its bouncing motion until he was flat footed onto the ground with each leg lifting up in a tempo to stretch his joints and better cool down his body instead of stopping suddenly, that's often how one gained gramps or tightness faster in the joints. A smirk played to his lips as he laughed a bit and raised a hand up to wave dismissively. "Same as anyone else in something they really get into, man. Gotta' focus in on what you're doing and just let it take you into the moment." That was often his own personal motto amongst others. Focus on the job you need to do and get it done, the only thing that mattered in the moment was everything that pertained to doing that job. He watched as Stanley started to mimic a few of his moves which caused Tyson to bust out laughing with his head shaking. "You're gonna end messing up your leg and ankle a bit if you keep that up. It's cool though I've my share of sprains." He glanced over towards the blow-up gear he had brought along. "More room than I'd like but it's pretty good to keep around when I can't get to the dojo in city. If you think that's crazy you should see the training log that they have there. I ain't fast enough to move around the pegs but the Master of the Dojo is insane with it. That's the kind of level I need to get on." Tyson didn't mind too much about the comments it was pretty smooth considering in most cases he's too zoned out to even notice other people. Socializing wasn't too bad when it could help pass the time or just give him a break from the training he did on a daily basis. He snorted a bit as he watched the young man start to flex in emphasis at his own physique. "Being on a broom is always a thrill, especially in game where everything is happening so fast. But sometimes I gotta' get to my roots and remember that the Muggle world has its own arts and stuff. Keeping myself in shape both ways helps." Being able to have the strength to clutch onto his broom and keep it steady was a benefit, being able to toss the Quaffle into the goal had been one too. The accuracy of it all did help in his training to better predict where his arm movements and strikes would be better placed and how to take advantage of an opportunity the moment he saw it. "Oh, right, names Tyson McKennis. Keep up my manners and all sometimes I forget about them when I'm practicing."
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    The reactions, oh, they were glorious! Too bad Audrey had to miss out on it but he could always give her a little peep hole in the next class. As he crossed his arms he listened to each students preferred element, which often stated a lot about them as well as their reasoning for admiring the particular force of nature. A few fires were in the house so he felt a big smug and happy about that, but those pesky waters! It seemed that a student had lingered into the class a bit late and while he often would draw attention to such a fact she seemed to also have her hand wrapped up in a bandage. He'll let it pass this time and proceeded to walk in the center of the circle to get a closer look at his 'wards'. They all seemed to be from various houses which sparked an interest. One answer that caused his lips to tug had been the choice of 'All elements'. There always was one student which wasn't a negative thing, it often was a sign of someone who was easily content and found it difficult to make a choice when everything had been in equal measure of importance. "Awesome, gives me a good glimpse at how everyone is as a person and helps me to better assist each one individually if necessary." The Sturt who had just walked in was a clear fire lover in his mind that or Earth given her heavy appeal. "Since we have a bit more time today we'll bounce a couple ideas off focusing on the Term One element, Fire." Maybe this was a better way to get the students minds working on ideas they'd end up practicing on. "Fire - One can say it embodies passion, carelessness, spontaneous natures, and destruction. Truthfully, it is also the element that allows for creation and rebirth in some environments." How it clears away spots of old woods and trees in some parts of the world in order for new acorns to fall and give new life to the soil had been the first thing that came into mind. "In magic, it has various applications beyond this - forms and shapes. As a start I want each of you to think carefully, thoughtfully, and give an example of a spell that has a component of fire and the shape it takes and the intention behind the spell. What is it trying to accomplish? Keep in mind, fire isn't just suited for its raw potential of being a blaze." There were a few spells that could in theory be considered 'Fire' based and not hold the typical properties one would expect of a burning flame. Considering how limited the list maybe even with potential ideas for special creations he nodded. "For those that are less inclined about spells or would like to take a different route - Natural occurrences in the environment that hold the affinity for fire is also acceptable or objects used that have a necessity for fire. The main purpose is just to make sure everyone gets an idea of not only how it reacts and is incorporated magically but the various effects it could have across the board." "Afterwards, I want each of you to write down two objects you would want to actively test against. Yes, yes, I know - Sounds pretty awesome. When you write it down just hand it to me and then you can pretty much leave this session. Next session, make sure you bring your wands - make sure that they're well managed because it can get dicey if you aren't keeping up with it. " He was interested in how creative everyone would be not only on their choice of object, but choice of spells they would use to test the hypothesis of finding out 'What is the reaction?' to it. Maybe even a surprise object on his end for each students.
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    "One can be surprised of those kind of connections, at least from my own experiences of just meeting people in general. There is often this form of clicking that sets into place." Perhaps that wasn't the best way to explain it but how else could one describe something that held no physical proof and merely hinged on Human whimsical nature? Even to such a degree he understood it from personal experience. It was on a whim alone that he had reacted as he did all those years back after all. "Those whom have it rough are rarely out of the woods in their youth. It would be good for you to reach out, even if not on a counselor level, as an Aunt. That maybe a better angle to approach him as considering the situation." No one really wanted to say their aunt had 'Shrinked' their boyfriend. But a considered guardian was something else entirely and fully in their right, a bit underhanded to some degree, but sometimes those kind of movements were necessary. "Don't ask me I have about one friend. I ended up meeting her from a dire circumstance at that, I'd never advise that manner." Dylan offered up a playful smile towards her direction. "Well you've already made on here." How he managed to say that with such a straight face not even a Seer could inform a person. Dylan's head shook as if to dismiss the idea that it had been any form of responsibility, any form of obligation. Maybe a few years ago even a few days ago that would have been the case. But the time he had spent coming in contact with the woman along with his constant talks with Eudoxia, it had allowed for certain perspectives to be seen and a change within how he saw himself. Understanding the difference between what he -needed- to do and what he -wanted- to do. Which at times could be easily interchanged. "I want to do this for you both, not because it is my responsibility or because I have to. This is a matter of belief and I believe you two deserve that more than anyone I have ever met or known." Which was saying a lot, they weren't the first stories of tragedy he had met - maybe one of many he had caused but even the ones who had not been undone by his hand found their way already. The Sullivan's needed someone much like the others have had to help stand with them even if they were stubborn to think it was done for other reasons. "Consider it a step in me proving that I am doing so purely because of goodwill and nothing more." Well, there had been more, emotions. Again. . . This -Attraction-. "I've tried - for a bit my mindset had been a bit. . . Twisted, distorted even going into my adulthood. Because of my crimes I had always thought a light of criminal activity was my only recourse. When you've been trained to know only one kind of way your actual talents seem somewhat. . . Condensed when you aren't looking fully at the glass." The fact remained he could have contributed his knowledge towards other places, he could have been an instructor against Dark Arts and Curses, how to defend against the urges of the Impure. Instead. . . He chose to work under a well-known criminal in the underworld. "But it's true, My Parents had an ideal, a goal. It seemed to be common for many of those of that Order. They enlisted their children, creating a cycle of heritage that would be bound." Even to this day he held his mask in his home and yet had yet to understand why he had kept it all these years, why he couldn't let it go. "It's a special look, not something you should get used to but definitely something that should be offered to someone you find special enough." A smile breeched his usually stern features as he started to lightly titter. "Whichever man manages to win your affection will have found him a woman of beauty and brains." Another one of his quick compliments that had been stated so bluntly. These weren't just random musings, these were his actual thoughts about who she was as a person, Woman of beauty, brains, and determination - To be admired and awed. As she complimented him he gave a sincere bow. "Haha, Thank you, I do try to keep my appearance as immaculate as possible. But I do wear suits more often than I can even count. At times I do want to break out but when I do I often feel out of my skin. A lot of my business deals required me to look a bit better, to be presentable."
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    A smirk pressed across his lips as he laughed at the reaction of Roe, he seemed to have a large amount of energy though he supposed it was expected considering that he had been the one to get the young girl around when she needed it. "Yea, you got it right." He nodded towards her to confirm that she had gotten his name correct but then pulled out her own probing question. He grunted with a smile and nodded towards her. "Hehe, right, you got me there." Then his head shook lightly right after. "I usually skip dinner with everyone else. After exercising I tend to just grab a quick snack up when I have the munches. " He shrugged it away casually as if it weren't that big of a deal, there came a sense of being used to the habit that he had often pressed his body through. "Plus, I back a bunch of stuff back in my room that I just use a bit of magic to help whip up." That had to be one of his favorite application since he had entered the full understanding of what the Wizarding world had to offer. Creating things had not only been so much easier but just much more practical to get a bunch of things going all at once. Not like any one really notice if he were out of the way anyways, he was known as just a constant worker. "I gotta admit. . . That sounds pretty boring. But I get it, keep your skills sharp, repetition isn't always supposed to be fun. Just practical." That much he knew and it was how he often kept himself motivated when going through his Muay Thai regiment. "And whose this little guy? Don't think I've caught his name."
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    Tyson had nearly forgotten class was supposed to occur today due to his extremely light course schedule. It was easy to fall into the habit of actively trying to remember versus the few Sixth and Seventh years that took up a full workload. A bag was strapped around his shoulder while he pushed his way into class not being entirely the first student in the area but thankfully he wasn't the last. He couldn't take certain hits on his records if he wanted to make sure he got a good slot in any choice of University on top of that he was typically punctual, no reason to mess that up unless something happened that stalled him from getting to the classroom. His eyes peered over the desks that had been placed in a circular position and his head cocked to the side. "Yo' seriously. . .? Aight, whatever, I can roll with this." He gave a casual shrug at the idea of it before picking a seat that is more towards the center of the formation. Then proceeded to place his backpack down after he had glanced over the syllabus that had been grabbed on entry. What. Even. Was. This? A gaze shot towards the Professor who seemed to have been grinning the entire time as if he expected people to have some kind of reaction to his written 'masterpiece.'. 'They really just let ANY person be a Teacher, don't they?' He questioned towards himself while reading over the paper in its entirety. Good thing he didn't start to take out his books because it seemed like they'll have very little use inside of the classroom. He hadn't seen anyone he knew yet so he mostly just kept silent giving a quick high-five handshake to his fellow Bourke Housemates that entered the room. School did have its perks. When the question came around he glanced about a bit and then stood up. "Yea, I'm Tyson McKennis and I guess my favorite Element is Earth. Dunno about enjoy but I like that it's pretty resilient in most cases and when it isn't, it just adapts and shapes to fit in its environment." He shrugged a bit and sat back down.
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    "At least now, she is facing it. Sometimes it takes people to the point of their death bed to even get to that point. It sounds as if she's found her strength and her help in the young man." From the small details that have been given anyways, it seemed to be the easiest conclusion to draw towards the situation. Dylan leaned into the table with the base of his arms resting on the edge of the table. It seemed all that was left had been for Cate, herself, to find some measure of happiness but the question always is how does one define let alone produce it? "It sounds like it is about time for you to start on your own path towards a form of happiness. Throwing yourself into work and activity must be exhausting, obligations on top of obligations with barely any wiggle room." Something that he could understand and relate towards with small tidbits of his past. His past. . . That was something he had been surprised she didn't probe at yet. "Heartbreak is terrible. . . At least I would imagine it is. Truthfully, I've never been in a situation where the loss of others struck my heart. My family wasn't he most loving." Emotions, these were looked at as a form of weakness towards his parents. If only they could see him now. "I think stepping out here, tonight, shows that part of you is at least ready to try and connect with people socially again." He's followed enough of their life to know that moving was always burdensome especially to Australia where all they had definitely was one another to support in the times of need. What the two Sullivan girls needed was grounding, a place that they could truly consider home and not run from for their lives. "I promise you, I'll do whatever is in my ability to make sure that you both don't have to move again. That you can settle and start your roots here." That was the least he could do, he still owed them a great debt. "I don't mind the blushing too much. Adds a refined cuteness towards you, especially when you were caught off guard by it or even naturally flattered." A blunt remark, to be sure, but that was how he viewed the circumstance. To flush in embarrassment wasn't always a bad thing, at times, it just showed how taken by the compliment one had given. "Often to fight ones nature is seldom as stoic as most would hope it would be. Survival, self-preservation, Self-Interest. Though I guess as words and ideas they aren't inherently bad until a reason is applied behind them. But. . . That's also more of a philosophical debate than actual fact." He brought the glass of wine up to press against his lips as he sipped it in thought. "What kind of man I'll be. . . I think that's something I will be trying to discover until I pass on. It's one of those things where you never know until the end, where you can reflect on your life. Then decide then and there if you were a man worthy in your eyes or not." This was something he had seen a bit during the war, those that didn't make it for those that he tried to assist. They were proud of what they had tried to do even if it their lives were snuffed out before they could truly experience the way of the world. It wasn't until her cheeks glowed as brightly as her hair had been. A chuckle eases out of him as he shook his head and reached out for his hand to gently touch her glass holding hand. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I can see why she'd put you in it, sometimes a woman's natural beauty and curves need to be shown. Not for the world, that's secondary, but for herself. Confidence." At a certain point one understands dressing up is more so to appease your own ideal of how you look versus what others desire to see. Of course, in this case. .. She looked as if she were ready for at least a one night stand. Especially with how the men at the nearby Bachelor's party seemed to constantly glance over every now and then to check the woman out. "I'd call it daring and equal parts stunning on you. If I may have the honor of saying." There was a sense of a gentleman about Dylan simply the way he had been raised in high society.
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    "There's only so much a person can do, especially a relative, with the kinds of wounds that develop over the heart and mind." Not the most comforting words or thought but he continued to follow it up with a gentle nugget. "Sometimes it takes the most unorthodox people to shatter the walls enough to start the repairs. Scar's won't always heal but at least with a bit of treatment they can be less restrictive." Unfortunately, Cass will have to still live with the pain and by extension so would Cate as they had both lost the same people. But to have a person there to lessen that ache often took someone that was high abnormal in either background or viewpoint, perhaps even both. "One never truly knows the struggles a teen goes through. At the very least if they've found one another it means they're willing to work with whatever issues that come their way, hopefully, anyways. Pranks and all." The drawn silence was cue enough that he had struck a chord, whether right or wrong remained to be seen. "Where to begin. . . You know, I've often wondered that thought to myself more often these days than any other. How does one start to let someone in or even where could a person start at which offered the best environment to control it in, without needing to always be guarded. Something that it could happen bit by bit." The idea struck around in his mind for a moment but he nodded in belief that Cate actually had struck gold in the idea of working with her co-workers first. "Yes, I can see how that would be easier. It's a place with an expected atmosphere about it, a common goal and view for the most part. That helps to build up some kind of trust and in certain environments that trust is actually paramount. " A hum resonated from the Irishman as he smiled softly and chuckled. "Thinking on it, I do trust my employer a bit more than I would have ever expected. Stardust adds a sense of calm in her antics and fascination with various creatures." "I would make a horrible conman in every sense of the word. Absolutely no people skills, smooth talking? That'd be dreadful. " His hand rubbed at the side of his temple actually imagining himself going through the works of some slick and greasy corner rat just trying to get over on someone by fast-talking. "I am pretty sure I don't need to say it but if I am making you uncomfortable with it. . . I can try to think before I speak. Not so much repress the honesty but work around your comfort, really. " He noticed the tinge in her cheeks once more and a smile grew to a genuine level. He could -actually- smile, imagine that? Even if her words did offer a bit more of a sting than she might have realized. He was one of those people that turned to crime from guilt, self hatred or maybe more accurately, self-pity. "That makes you stronger than most. It's easy, very, easy - to think that crime is a good way to strike back through pain. But, all in all, it's the cowards way no matter how many people try to spin it otherwise." It took a coward to give in, a coward to conform to the demands and means to hurt another to further their own ambitions or ideologies alone. A severe assessment but one he labeled himself with enough to understand the scope of it all. "Mhm. Being adrift as I was, while giving me an interesting view of the world was never satisfying. It isn't a life any being should live, that much I can say." The talk of scars had been brought up once more and his eyes closed gently in thought of the word and how it applied to himself. "I don't know if I'll ever truly heal, if I can get it out of my head. But I think attempting to try and at least move passed it is the step I need to take. " Dylan's eyes opened up slightly to stare into Caitlin's eyes without breaking the contact on his end. "I do know you were right, back at the pub. That I needed to break out of the confinement I have set myself in from the past. As much as I never should forget it and what it caused I also shouldn't let myself be defined only by it." A lingering thought did come to mind and yet it was way off the topic at hand. His eyes followed the dress that clung to her body and he could only cough slightly. "Are you er. . . Comfortable, in that dress? I know you said Cass kind of forced you into going but I hadn't expected you to wear such a. . . Eye catching and risqué dress."
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    Maybe he was a bit too blunt and opened about the question but the lack of a filter at least meant he was more honest versus evasive or worse, lying. Being in a situation and environment he hadn't considered in the past made choosing the proper words and thoughts that much more difficult to try and get out or impress onto the woman. Part of him had expected her to ask a question that may have lingered inside, after all, it was a chance for her to probe all she wanted and not worry about some kind of repercussion that would be reaped if any. Along with the wine that had arrived two of the menus for choosing an entrée had as well as he gently took one and settled it in front of Cate in a gentleman's motion before taking the final one for himself. "It's always something to be concerned about when that happens. Keeping people from being let in anyways, some managed to make the threshold but barely still held on the outside." Dylan spoke from a measure of experience finding it increasingly difficult to let anyone in unless they had truly proven themselves. A mentality that only became more severe after he had left Hogwarts and went on his own way in life. "Oh, those are the best kind. You get to laugh a bit while they try to explain how they were out for a 'Little stroll'." He smiled briefly as a question pursed through his mind that perhaps had a more personal reach. "What about yourself? Have you found it difficult to let people in too? I'm sorry that. . . Must be very personal. Being blunt and to the point is all I know. Hard to shake it to be. . . More considerate." He didn't want her to feel awkward about who he was as a person too much. Somethings about him he couldn't change and most people he met opted to remark they prefer he didn't change in that regard anyways. The man gave an awkward snicker as he shook his head and gave the woman a gentle bow of his head. "I can assure you, I'm not the level of a psychopath. Maybe just a creepy guy who works on wands. I would have chosen a boat but I don't like water all too much." He tried to offer up a charming smile behind the joke he pushed back towards her. He hadn't expected the pink hues on her cheeks, however, was she embarrassed a the honesty of his attraction? It was at least a good sign but he knew that also meant that an awkward confliction was only just behind that if things had started to be returned in the same manner. "Haha, I'm sorry about that, truly. I've always been labeled as 'Severe and honest'. Some would say honest to a fault. " His hand wrapped around the bottle of wine and started to pour it into the glass in front of himself. He had already decided what kind of meal he wanted the moment he glanced at the menu and would wait for Cate before calling over the waiter. "That is more than I could have expected, that much I know. Harming you isn't something I could ever do." That much he had hoped she'd seen and remembered. Not just from the years of knowing he had watched her from the shadow but the simple fact that even when he only had attraction to cling towards, he still couldn't finish the job on her or her niece. "I also know the bit of knowing I am. . . Attracted could be much. But it's genuinely a refreshed or renewed one. You're nothing like you were back then." Reasonably so, so he decided to expand on that. "Strong and willful, determined - no longer just a cute young woman but a beautiful woman with dignity and grace. It's impressive to me, enough for me to consider that I want to know more about you as a person. It does also help that I have been considering just settling into a different kind of life and lifestyle these days."
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    "Wouldn't you like to know!" An elusive answer but what else was going to come from him? Well, maybe a bit more bluntness since it seemed she still wasn't picking up what he had been putting down. Did he need to go out and say? A gentle touch to spark some kind of adrenaline in their chemistry? He didn't want to have to resort to some supernatural use, just wanted to get out his interest in some way. "Kind of what I am hope you'll do." But even then he knew that was just too broad to even be caught as a sigh escaped his lips. "Well you just seemed so adamant about testing it for poison! What better way than to have you at my side watching my every move?" Marcus seemed to shrug at the thought of it all, he could of had it all prepared, could have had it all done by now. But he figured he'd try to make it all just a bit romantic or at least suggestively romantic as possible. A snicker escaped from him as she some what teased him. "It's because I like you, Gemini. As in -interested- in you?" He finally spoke up and shook his head. "I wanted to work along side you because I dunno, maybe a bit of flirt touching? Getting to know you personally?" A hand reached out to gently touch the edge of her arm. "I thought the fact I wanted you to help me would be a bit more obvious but. . . Seems I need to be -literally- blunt when it comes to you. Marcus' head turned slightly away from her as he kept what she said about the vegetables in mind first taking a few and placing them on to the cutting board and began to chop them up versus dicing, at least to give them volume. Then proceeded to put them in a bowl with a few diced herbs and stirring them about to let them. As he let the herbs and vegetables settle with one another he began to peel the potatoes first. "I'll put my best work into making her ice cream. I did promise her after all." He kept his gaze down towards the board and the vegetables he had been tending towards. "My bad, I probably made things a bit awkward now, eh? The whole 'I like you and am interested in you romantically', kind of bit"
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    "Enjoyable, huh? I can think of a few things that could spice up the evening a bit more. " The thoughts didn't come to mind so quickly as he'd hoped in this regard. It had been a while since he had been in a situation where the fun of a good time with a partner hinged on making the evening engaging but he at least understood Gem well enough to know that fun was part of her favored pass time. His tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth, this wasn't a bad way for an evening to change by any means. "Using Gabby as a shield? Tsk, tsk." He scolded her much like she had him as a smile stretched. "It's time to be a big adult once in a while, Gem, so says the guy who is utterly hopeless as you imply!" He shrugged casually but kept his gaze on her. "Honestly I didn't start since you said you were coming by early." He knew sometimes certain kinds of intentions could fly over her head so he followed it up with a more blunt admittance. "I wanted to prep with you, Gem. If the, you know, hint wasn't there and all." As she looked over the books he stood behind her just a tad to peer over her shoulder. The presence of his chest just gently leaned against the top of her shoulder blade as they gazed into the various books. "Sounds fair enough, don't want different pants cooking ahead of the others and then getting too cold or not coming out on time." That was a common sensual thing but sometimes common sense isn't so much forgotten as it is lost in all the preliminary things that mind wove together. Finally, Marcus moved away from her only to start pulling out a few of the instruments that they'd need to start managing the ingredients. Chopping board with preparation mats, sharp dicing knife, a lengthy oven pan, and a deep pot for the veggies. "Yea, I think we can go with those two options. Luckily for you I am pretty snobbish so we're working with fresh veggies not that frozen sin. A bit more work but. . . Current company is due such effort."
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    It wasn't that long of a walk from his own residence to the place he needed to meet up at, however, it was the fact that Marcus needed to stop at a few stalls to check out various cooking recipe books. Meanwhile, a phone was pressed to his ear that was made with technology to manage the flow of magic in the area, this way it wouldn't be trashed while he handled minor business. Whether it was actually for work or personal, in this case it was extremely personal. "Yea, well . . . I figured I needed to stop being a jerk. Come on, stop all that crying it doesn't sit well with me. " A sigh escaped his own lips as he shook his head while looking over a small stall that had several books lined up along its wooden frame. A section specifically for cooking and various recipes that would be good to impress the family as the stall owner claimed. "Okay, sure, you can stop on by just don't go making a crying scene. People may get the wrong idea, okay? Alright later, Mother." As he closed the phone he pressed the device into his pocket and began to pull out his wallet to pay for a few books and have it pressed into a bag for him. Study material in hand he started on his journey once more towards his destination while feeling a complexion of emotions within himself about the conversation he had just held. Calling his Mother was a big step and trying to get over the hurt inside of himself was an even larger one. This sun wasn't doing much for his personal mood with how it grated against his skin but the shade from the various umbrella's, trees, and awnings did him some justice. Enough to get to the establishment without too much discomfort. Marcus inhaled sharply to take in the scent in the air and enjoyed the freshness that it provided. Perhaps even the safety from the sun that it seemed to offer as his eyes dragged along the environment to see if he could catch sight of someone overly familiar. It was then that he spotted the muscle bound Karras, Lot. He plied a smirk onto his face as he drew closer towards the man who stuck to the shadows and even greeted him upon approach in his usual surly manner while he extended his hand out towards him as well for a firm handshake. "The difference is they let me in because I look good, they let you in because you look extremely intimidating." Lot, was by no means a small man even compared to himself. Then again he was a man who had been through a lot and one who couldn't risk looking anything less than intimidating. As he gripped the edge of a nearby chair he started to sit down and settle in while placing the bag next him. "What's your order? I figure I'll take up the bill this time." He was in a pretty charitable mood today but it was also because he owed Lot quite a lot, as much as he owed Rosie. "How's it been settling in to the 'Family life'? Got yourself a suit a tie ready? Maybe even going out to carnivals and laughing like a good ol' father figure?" As much as the Dhampir was poking a bit of fun he was also extremely serious about these questions. He was concerned about how rough of a change everything was for him, especially considering there was much more in his life now other than a Kid these days. "Don't tell me something new popped up with the family?"
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    Dylan snickered at her as he shrugged briefly. "I can agree it's good company. But just because you know doesn't mean you can prove it." He started to bring the glass of wine to his lips. "Yet." A smirk stretched and soon there was a gentle tip of the glass to let the liquid of the wind flow down his throat. It was one of the good batch too, the old man new how to make a situation just a bit better when it needed it to be. "Very well, just remember you denied the chance to have tough steak, burned macaroni cheese, and overly crisp biscuits." Mmm. . . Appetizing, not really but that was his way of identifying that his own cooking was dreadful. Especially in comparison to Doe's. "My winning good looks and my eyes weren't enough? If I have to show skin I may as well sign myself up under the magical pole dancers society. At least get myself some actual benefit from doing it. A single bottle of wine just isn't worth it even if it is the Old Man's." His head nodded into a bow towards her and then lifted back up. "It sounded dire enough that I needed to get only the best. I didn't bring any ice cream or chocolate so. . . The really good wine had to suffice or it just wouldn't do at all." That was also part of his prim-proper habit that he had still a hard time breaking away from, he couldn't handle cheap wine with his refined taste buds. Then her next words hit him hard - mostly because he knew how hard such words would hit her. While a strong woman she was still a person, a being with emotions. Some one who had clawed her way to grab her happiness only to, what it seems, have it snatched away. Without making a sound or even an attempt to interrupt her. Perhaps the words hit harder since he knew how difficult it could be when someone gives up on you or at least manages to threaten it enough. "That is a lot. . . To happen all at once. " That was just something that the Karras' tended to do at least from the bit he had remembered over the years. Their family was important to them primarily because of how Atlas often acted as an irresponsible parent, though it also seemed like he was trying to do better. Failing, but trying. "You did nothing wrong." He stated bluntly. Sure, one could take a negative spin on it though he also knew Doe well enough. "Your children, your family - is important to you. Wanting to learn about your own brother, those children's Uncle, that is a right owed by all of you. It wasn't the young man's fault that he was put in that situation nor was it any of yours. It just sounds like you were trying to settle him in, help him make the best out of a suddenly changed situation." He lowered his eyes to stare into the glass as he started to swirl the liquid around. The. . . Pep talk bit he wasn't really good at, he never had been. This was all from his perspective as someone whose looking into a scenario with a practical mind. "If he was quick to misunderstand the situation than he has a lot to be questioned on himself. I will not call into question his own judgement, his views or what not. I don't know the man from a hole in the wall. " This also put him out of his depth since he had never been in an actual relationship let alone a marriage. Whether they were done or whether they just needed time was something he couldn't truly comment upon. Not without actual knowledge. "Ones past isn't something that should easily be tossed. There are wounds in that box that should never be opened, regardless of the fight." That was the best he could summarize up. Dylan then was prompted to stand up as he slid the chair into the table and started to head over towards a door that seemed to sit at the center of the room against an indented wall. The rattle of chains and a lock clicking open resonated in the home as he pushed the door up and flicked a switch to turn on lights. It looked as if it would descend. "Come." It wasn't a request, it was him telling her to follow along. As he stepped down each step it'd descend deeper into the houses bowels until it opened out to a basement. The basement itself was outfitted much like a training ground for magic - Wards in place to contain volatile spells -dummies in place designed to be durable and take up massive impact constantly. He had always needed to keep his skills sharp but it also made a personal ground to test out wands.