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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

House Points
Flinders: 10
Sturt: 10
Bourke: 10
Spencer: 5
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    What tag to use? You may have noticed that all IC threads on Tally have a set prefix. These are used to label threads of particular types, to indicate what threads are still accepting new participants, and to close off threads when they're complete. When you post a new topic, you'll have the ability to choose what prefix tag you want to use. The person who posted the thread may edit the tag at any time, should they decide that the status of the thread has changed. But what tag should you use, and what do they mean? Here's a guide! Participation markers Open A thread tagged with Open means that the player who started the thread is still accepting new participants. Any character that would reasonably be involved in the scenario contained in the thread is welcome to post in. Although there's no need to ask for permission to post into Open threads, if there have been a number of replies made, it's still polite to ask the players involved before jumping in. Invite A thread tagged with Invite has been created for a particular purpose, with a particular set of characters in mind. These threads are often not open to new participants, but if you feel your character would contribute something to the scene we encourage contacting the players OOC for permission to post in. Event A thread tagged with Event is designed to be a group thread. No matter how many participants are already involved, there is no need to ask permission before posting in. This tag is often used for threads that contain a high number of characters in a single area (such as a party, or sporting match). Class markers Class A thread tagged with Class is a class currently being roleplayed. Any character that is currently enrolled in that class is welcome to post in, up until the closure of the thread. Reading A thread tagged with Reading is a supplementary thread, providing additional information for a class. This tag is used by professor characters to post background information, list attendance, and any homework that will be assigned during the class thread. Specialty thread types Communication A thread tagged with Communication is a private thread that details letters or other communication sent between two or more characters. This is most often used in forums like The Post Office, but does appear available for use in other forums too. For instance, when writing a note to a Spencer student, you may use the Communication tag in the Spencer dorms, with the character's name as the thread title. Professors can also be reached using the Communication tag in their classrooms or offices. Notice A thread tagged with Notice is a public notice visible to characters that frequent that area. Think of signs posted on noticeboards, classroom doors, on shop fronts, or stapled to telegraph poles. Any character that would reasonably be in the area where the notice is posted is free to have seen/read the information. News A thread tagged with News is IC information published by an official news source. This includes Ministry departments, wizarding newspapers, and internal publications at Tallygarunga and VMU. The final tag Complete A thread tagged with Complete is finished, and therefore is not looking for any more participants. Threads will automatically be tagged with Complete after a certain time after the last activity, but can be un-tagged whenever necessary. The thread starter, or an admin, can fix that up if needed.
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    You never know what you have until you clean your room.
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    Cam spent this afternoon picking flowers for a girl in his class. Oh boy. Here we go.
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    Just why did I think that introducing my brother to the rest of the family would be easy?
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    Perhaps it is reason Mamiere not say truth of age because not wishing for people should know what number years and always make old mistakes still!!!!!!
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    Quidditch was not something Mary had ever particularly enjoyed. No, Mary could never relate to the thrill of speeding through the open skies on a broom so thin it felt like flying, while two evil black balls and seven probably lovely but momentarily misguided players seemed to desire nothing more than to see her fall. As a sport, Quidditch was dangerous and vile and thoroughly confusing, and something Mary had been suspicious of from day one. She still remembered it pretty well, finding out about Quidditch. The air of childish awe on fellow muggleborns, the careless excitement of the kids who were already familiar with it, and in Mary's mind only one very pressing question: How would anyone, ever, dare tell her mum she had tragically died after being forced on a flying broom. Mary didn't die, but her overall feeling towards the game remained the same. There was nothing that much fun about throwing balls around while trying not to die horribly, but there was something for sure exhilarating in watching someone else do it. One had just look at the dark room on the back of the Drunken Roo that evening. Mary wasn't the only one covered in Quidditch props, and while not everyone seemed to have gone as far as to turn their skins the color of their team, the whole place seemed pretty committed to what was about to happen. After all, even though the Thundelarra Thunders versus Woollongong Warriors was by this point pretty much an yearly classic, it was still as big an event as Australian-League Quidditch could get. And Mary, a sucker for the underdogs, (even incredibly powerful, multimillionaire teams underdogs), was a hardcore Thunder-fan. She made as much clear the moment she stepped into the room. Just in case her clothes, hat, and magically-decorated skin weren't enough to make it clear where she stood that evening, the first thing she did was to blow on her sports-whistle, which produced the thunderous boom of her team. Other booms followed from different corners of the bar, and Mary found herself beaming in the atmosphere. And so did everyone else, or so it seemed, as Mary made her way through the crowded room and towards the only empty stool in sight. She twirled around a couple of mates waving their beers around, ducked under a group hug and, just as she got to the chair, another bum sat on it. "No!" she exclaimed towards the stool thief with the overly dramatic tone of someone who had been mentally preparing to yell a lot, and then promptly blew on her whistle again. "One-zero and Mary's off to a bad start!" She smiled. "Can the Thunders recover from the morale-bust and make this their only lost tonight?"
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    "For someone as sarcastic as you tend to be, it really flies over your head when someone else uses it," Elektra yawned loudly again, this time stretching her arms upward before snickering quietly with a small snort in between her giggling. The guy was strange, but she'd already decided that the day she met him and he went on about not being attracted to her sister, which she hadn't been sure what it had to do with her at the time. But then, Emeline had also been a little strange, or at least had grown somewhat strange over the years. Nevertheless, the woman had been a good mother, going by all accounts, despite being a criminal and then a black ops agent. The thought of her made Ella's lips purse a moment, wondering once again where the other woman had even gone. "Perdón?" The woman blinked up at Ash as he spoke about her having cobwebs, "What would you know about my pipes? Or how often they are cleaned out, hm?" The Spanish woman huffed softly. Implying that she was some kind of prude, why she'd had one hell of a sex life as a Quidditch player, and a year or so wasn't that long, was it? Mostly, she didn't like the idea of inviting strange men into her life now that she had her nieces in it basically full time. Perhaps that should include Ashkur, since he was so strange himself, but he'd been in Nina's life already for... well, almost her whole like. So it was a bit late now, that girl was likely to have already taken up some of his oddities. Poor kid. Finally, the weight moved off the woman's torso, however, and she rolled off the bed and reached over for her robe, not caring about her state of undress, even while he was still in the room. Wrapping the article around her and tightening the belt, she lifted a brow at him before stepping out toward the kitchen and blinking. "Wow. You did go all out," Ella had to admit, it did smell delicious... and he'd even included Spanish cuisine into the breakfast mix. Those churros in particular looked very tasty. It was then that she heard the rattling coming from where Elena was sitting in her high chair, before her eyes widened, "What the... don't give the baby a prescription jar!" The woman exclaimed, marching over to gently grab the pill bottle, before looking for something else. She picked up a large metal spoon and offered it to the one year old, before watching the girl laugh as she started hitting the counter with it.
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    Looking forward to school break, it's gonna be a riot!
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    roman candles are NOT candles
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    Hi everyone, I'm Ravioli and I'm a gif- aholic. I've been wanting to jump into HP roleplay again for ages, and can I just say how happy I am that Tallygarunga is back? 1, because discovering a new setting makes me feel like a little kid again, and 2, because I'm living in London and apparently I've decided 'write what you know' is not my motto. I'll do my best to not completely turn the setting upside down while writing what I don't know (unless it's a plot point!), and I'm very excited to write you all!
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    House Heads! We've looked through the current Professors and allocated four to be the Heads of each House. This is based part on experience in teaching, experience being at Tally in general, and who would best support and/or handle the general traits of those students who are assigned to each House based on the Professor's own personality and how they do things. This year, there are three new Heads, which shall be interesting for them and their charges! And our lovely nominated parties are... Professor Vladimir Valentin II (Alchemy) for Flinders: Big V has been teaching at the school for literally years, and has been the Head of Flinders for almost a decade. His calm demeanour helps maintain the calm with the Flinders students and he is quite skilled at confidence boosting the friendly over-thinking kiddos, not to mention he can answer all the questions they seem to come out with. Professor Anthony Wolf (Magical Law & Government) for Sturt: sometimes the hard headed Sturts need someone who knows how to deal with those hard heads and give them the raw logical facts and not be afraid of their occasional fierce moments. Anthony's dealt with rough Aurors, and had been with the school for a few years as well. Maybe he's just what Sturt needs to rally them and to be blunt with them when needed. Professor Flick Petrovna (Potions) for Bourke: though she is new to teaching at Tally, she did spend a couple of years as a student here, and has also gained a great deal of experience in working with students from all sorts of places and backgrounds. Her resilient and hard-working nature, as well as friendly and positive gusto, should allow her to connect with Bourke students as an effectve mentor to assist them. Professor Derrick Ackers (Elemental Magic) for Spencer: let's face it, when it comes to this House, they require a special kind of patience. Though young and recently returned from a break, he has intimate experience with Tally and Spencer House, as both a student and then student teacher while he was still in VMU, and is one of the very few who would likely actually be able to keep up with the Spencer students and hopefully influence them in a positive way. What does this mean? Basically, these four Professors will still mostly just be doing their jobs, as Professors, but there can also be times where a student may seek one out to discuss a problem they are having in their House. Or they may be sought out themselves if they have been disruptive or are causing their House to lose points because of their actions. They monitor the students in their assigned House, but unless the players want to do a thread about such things, there's not a big difference between playing a Head of House and a normal Professor. BUT, if one of the assigned people doesn't wish to have the role, please message me. We can find a replacement. What next? Who knows!! There are a lot of things that we had on the old version of Tally, and they will hopefully be re-introduced as Tally V.2 grows and prospers, and as we gain more students and teachers, including things like House Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl, and possibly even School Quidditch Matches! (For now, we can assume there is at least a school Quidditch Team, which I will be putting sign-ups for, along with the House Team positions, so keep an eye out for that!)
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    Welcome Ravioli! The place is great and the people are great, and I'm already sure you're great! You can catch me in the discord over-using memes and gifs, as well as sharing cute animal videos and art? Dont mind me.
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    Welcome! Is that an HP pastry in your profile pic? Also omg, I love that gif of Maggie Smith!
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    Every year, I say I want something quiet, just with the family, and suddenly its two days later, and the details of my birthday are still fuzzy. I hope everyone had fun. I definitely did!
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    She'd never admit it, but he was homesick. Samhain frowned, leaving the main building. She wasn't very hungry, and the majority of the students were at lunch. So she allowed herself to walk, one hand reaching into her bag to pet Bumble's head. She didn't know why she felt homesick. After all, life at home was hell on earth. But at least there, she knew what to expect. Do something wrong, put a toe out of line, get punished. If dad got drunk, you get punished. But here, she didn't have that. Kids seemed to attack her out of random, and nothing made sense anymore. She seldom get peace, so this was her first chance to breathe in a good while. Without thinking, she began to hum, walking down towards the Courtyard. For Australia, it was actually a pretty nice day. Not nearly as blistering hot as it got some days, and the cooling charms she'd applied to her clothes definitely helped. "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high," she crooned, approaching one of the benches. Think she was alone, she allowed her eyes to close, head leaning back against the bench. "And the dreams that you dreamed of Once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow Blue birds fly," It was nice, she thought, being able to sing without being mocked. She never bragged, and never thought so, but she had a rather nice voice. In her mind it was horrid, but it wasn't terrible in the least.
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    This was ridiculous. Alic Eron, Care of Magical Creatures Professor, bit down on his lip, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. He'd planned to spend his day without classes relaxing. Enjoying his nice, cool rooms and reading a book. Maybe work on lesson plans if he absolutely had to. But this? This was absolutely not what he'd planned. But he was a teacher. And a soft touch. And the student had been a First Year, a worried little eleven year old lad with tears in his eyes. And Al had crumbled like a mountain made of sugar-blocks. And that's how he found himself climbing a tree in the Centre Courtyard. He'd sent the lad back up to his Dorm, not wanting to have to deal with the kid staring holes in him. The man hadn't dared using a levitation spell on the cat, and the kid had begged him not to. Apparently he was afraid it would backfire and injure the cat. So he found himself, struggling up the tree, chasing the cat. He knew the cat would get down fine. You never saw cat skeletons in trees, did you? But the cat had been up there all day, and the kid was worried. So he'd agreed to get the cat. But now he was heavily regretting it. The tree was starting to seem rather tall, and he was several body lengths off the ground. The cat had run out of branches to escape to, and was standing desperately just out of reach of his fingertips. He stretched... The cat leaped. It bounced off of his chest, before ping-ponging down from branch to branch, hitting the ground and rocketing towards the school. Alic whirled, desperately trying to get his grip, only to be knocked clear out of the tree. The fall seemed both impossibly fast and molasses slow, and then he was impacting with the ground. The impact knocked the breath out of him, and he gasped without drawing breath, desperately trying to get his wind back. He laid sprawled out on the ground, trying to reorient himself.
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    @Amiradysébelle Blair Guess whose in town for good~! Or, at least for a bit longer than usual.
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    -Grew up on the beaches of Torquay where his family's business revolved around the tourism industry -When they received the letter of invitation for his 11th birthday, it was a surprise as much as it was an eye-opener for the strange occurrences, but ultimately they used the opportunity to find Stanley a home tutor to give him some control over his gifts. As this halved his time on the beach and doubled the aspect of schooling in his life, Stanley was never a fan and dug his heels in regarding both muggle and wizard education. -The 'Schoolies' influence in his hometown led to a fairly irresponsible and party-driven adolescence, Stanley's parents finally cracked it and sent him off to Tallygarunga for his final highschool years to pull him away from the looming trouble of drinking, drugs and underage magic.
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    Seeing Alic's reaction was extremely priceless, especially when he realized that Cal was also a professor at the school. He offered out a hand to help him up, though honestly he wasn't sure if he would accept it or not. "Now, you do realize that there are easier ways of getting a cat out of a tree, right?" he asked him, raising an eyebrow in mild judgement. "And for the record, I've been in Australia for years now. I couldn't give two shits what you've been up to... until now". Shoving his hands into his front pants pockets, Cal shook his head and looked around to see if anyone else had seen the brilliance that was Alic's life, and to make sure that he hadn't just sworn in front of ickle students. Seeing that the coast was relatively clear, he looked back at him. "On a serious note, you alright? That was one hell of a fall. Quite impressive actually." He raised an eyebrow as he looked him over, never really realizing how cute he was.. No. No. NO. Those thoughts were NOT allowed inside of his head. Not even a little bit! It was Alic Eron, the kid who made school dreadful at times. He could absolutely NOT find that dimple on his chin adorable.. SHIT! "I think you lucked out that it was only me that saw you. Guaranteed everyone would have known my supper".
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    It was another hip-hoppin' day for the girl in her mid-teens with the jet black hair, weird blue eyes, and a constant bounce in her step and song in her heart. Jezebel Blair was also considering what kind of mischief she could concoct for her next special prank, and whether or not she should get the triplets and Stewie in on it. Having all the Blair children finally at Tally was awesome, even if it was probably a headache for the majority of the staff. As the ring-leader, it was only natural to assume that Jez was going to teach them everything she knew, from how to make every class interesting in very unique ways, to the locations of all the secret entrances to the various buildings and dormitories. How did she know? The knowledge had been passed down of course. The girl was the daughter of alumni, and cousin of the Headmaster, both former Spencers. As she hummed a small tune to herself, despite trying to push her next gig to the back of her mind, as well as next week's filming schedule, the teenager was passing by outside the Kookynie Halls, when she noticed someone sitting in a small hidden alcove. She paused in her steps. Who would be alone here? Was something wrong? She turned on her heel and made her way over. "Hey there! Everything alright... oh hey Sean!" The other teen was only a year above her own, and they'd known each other since mid her first year, when she'd moved from Penrose to Tally. She bounced closer, a little surprised he hadn't greeted her in return, though she'd noticed a change in him over time more recently. Of course, being the stubborn girl that she was, she had never let his attempts to isolate himself push her away and insisted on spending time with him anyway. It looked like this was going to be one of those times... except. He wasn't even moving. Didn't even look up to say hello. Her head tilted and she leaned closer. "Sean... hey, are you asleep?" Jezebel asked, and then glanced at his hand where there was an empty vial. Leaning over, she picked it up and read the label, before her eyes widened and she grabbed him to try and pick him up, giving her friend a shake. "Hey! Wake up! Help!" She called out, and then she began to half-carry, half drag him out into the open before yelling at a nearby person to grab the nurse. This was not good. The next day, the teenager peeked her head into the ward where Sean had been set up. They'd managed to clear him of the poison, but there was still some left over effect from his attempt to end his own life. She'd been allowed to visit now that he was just resting, and she stepped over to sit down on a chair in his room quietly, not really wanting to wake him up. There, she just waited.
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    This teacher was pissing her off. She wished the last one hadn't quit and she hoped to high hell that this one would quit by the end of the year. She couldn't handle two years of this crap if this was how classes were going to be. She might have to up her Quidditch game because it looked like her back up plan was starting to fall out. The way she dropped fairies into the same category yas any other creature by associating Eron with it was downright insulting, and wrong. She might have had the odd opinion out on the matter, but it didn't matter to her. And then the teacher not only carried on about it, but kept discussing fairies as if they were actually in some sort of comc class. She'd had enough. "Excuse you, have you not heard of the Sentient Species Act? Stop talking as if they're little more than a garden gnome. Learn some respect, or get off that podium lady." She folded her arms and glared at her. "Besides, this is herbology. If you want to teach," and she pulled out some air quotes before refolding her arms, " 'fae ethics and manners', then boot yourself over to a law class, or take over the creature one yourself since you seem so intent on dragging them down." But it seeme dobvious very quickly the entire lesson, and homeowrk, was going to be talking to these stupid thigns to learn how to 'speak' to fairies. She was done for today. She rolled her eyes and knocked the nearest items off the table that she could, grabbed her bag, and left class. This was bullshit.
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    "Oh somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly, And the dreams that you dare to, ohy why, oh why can't I? Someday I'll wish upon a star," Samhain crooned, paying no attention to the world around her. After all, everyone should be at lunch. The only things that could hear her were Bumble, and whatever animals were fool enough to walk around on the campus. She was deep into her own world, focusing on the lyrics and little else. Which was the excuse she'd gave when she nearly had a heart attack at a sudden sound. "Somewhever over the rain-!" She jolted up, breaking off in the middle of a verse, eyes wide. Her voice rose an octave, and she stared at the girl playing the... was that a ukelele? opposite her. "Uh... hi." she finally managed, face going bright red as she realized the girl had heard her singing. Had heard enough of it, in fact, to play along.
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    Hine slowly walked back up towards the main building, chewing on a cheesy roll that would likely be a replacement for her lunch... again. The school was too much, the course load more overwhelming than she could have ever imagined. Then she heard the voice. Samhain's voice had an earnestness and honesty that drew her in, even as the song began. But unaccompanied? That couldn't be allowed. A very quiet muttered "accio ukulele" had the instrument in her hand before the first verse could finish, landing as the islander girl sat on the bench opposite. The black wood of the instrument her father had taught her shone in the warm sun, as she began to accompany Samhain, not singing, just playing.
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    Last year at Uni. It's happening, and I'm so happy that I made it.
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    That feel when I wonder if I'd be better off making friends with the staff instead of other students. I don't even have to do anything for people to hate me, it seems.
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    Hey @Callie ! Maddie - Tyson: Haha, I don't mind that! Seems like it'd be a pretty cute interaction! Janet: As for as Janet goes I had planned to keep her as an NPC for the time being. I hadn't yet gotten into too much depth on how involved I'd like her to be yet and had considered seeing how Derrick played out and seeing the potential interaction and growth the NPC had besides being a background influence every now and then.
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    Hello Thar! Maddie- i can actually see her getting along really well Kenna, she is in Spencer and a ray of sunshine for anyone. She works at the inn her mother and father own and so she spends a lot of time with adults. I think having a good friend at school would help her with some of her less sunny things she has in her head. Frankie can be prickly at times she is not mean, and she doesn't go out of her way to be a mean girl but she is about to have herself tied up in so drama.... she doesn't want to drag too many people into it. Sean- Yay for teammates for Scar! Im always up for a thread with her team! And i think he and Kevia can easily have seen one another somewhere out and about. she likes when other people have a passion for the out of doors!
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    Yeeahhh... Telling someone "Don't worry I won't stab you" as you take out a knife isn't a good way to make someone feel comfortable...
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    I don't think I will ever get this sugar out of my hair. Looking at you, @Derrick Ackers
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    The moments you're wondering 'How did I get myself in this situation and like it?!'.
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    My name is spelled Samhain, but it sounds like 'Saw-when'. Like "You saw her? When?"
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    I live in RVA now, but I'm from Jackson originally, just up I-40 a piece from you. If you haven't yet, Gus' in Mason is divine and worth making the trip for. =)
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    I need to get a book from the library but I can't reach it... anyone wanna help me?
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    Can't remember the last time I had so many people at the house for a barbecue. Though, with the commotion, I'm expected Mum to show up any moment... the more the merrier? Yeah? ... I better prep more burgers and put more wine in the fridge.
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    What's worse than a Quaffal sized bruise on your arm? @Lucille Fischer poking said bruise.
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    Welcome! I just got back from two years abroad in Canada, but I'm an Aussie born and bred! It's lovely to have you on board!
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    Hi Callie, I'm from England
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    Ha, in the main continuity, there are four male Robins. Dick was the first and then becomes Nightwing, then takes over for Batman when they think Bruce is dead, and then goes back to Nightwing. Then he's dead and comes back as Agent 37 for the Grayson comics (God bless Mikel Janin's hands). It's basically confirmed that he's Robin in the TV show Teen Titans but in the new 52 Teen Titans comics, it's Tim Drake or Red Robin that leads the team (he was the third one)
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    Hello! I'm Heather and I'm new. I'm 25, I live in Fargo, North Dakota (it's very cold), and I work at a non-profit after-school program doing payroll, grant financial reports, and curriculum tracking (among other miscellaneous things). I am also in school online for my teaching degree. Also, I'm a huge DC nerd. Love me some Grayson.
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    Of course the silence was awkward. To make it less so, she sipped at the latte that she really didn't want any more while they walked outside. Through the window, she could see people gathering together now, even a couple people were stopped for a moment. They came in, and stayed away from the two people sitting awkwardly with a stroller between them. "Yeah. After my gran. She uh... Well I mean, everyone was crying, But she and mum cried even more when I named her."It was far easier to avoid talking about her own feelings. And even ore so to talk to a child who had no clue what was going on, but was just so pleased to get the attention. Damn it was just too hard to not smile, even know Alexandria was a name that was passed between them for a couple months. "You're having a donut for breakfast Ally?" She nodded emphatically. "Is it good? You think you can share with me? We can trade" She held up the picked at croissant. Not as good an offer as a donut maybe, but it was worth a shot. She sighed and quite suddenly sat up. "You know you really hurt us, right?" With that out in the open, she felt a little better. Just the simple acknowledgment that it happened made her feel lighter. "And.. I can understand that you were probably freaked out."
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    He paused at her words, wondering if she meant it. Though, if she was anything like she used to be, he knew she didn’t say things she didn’t mean. He studied her face, considering exactly how much she meant the words; there was saying them because it was expected, of course. Then there was saying them because she actually meant them, though the why behind that could be no less complicated. Michael sighed softly, and handed Ally her sippy cup when the little girl asked for it. “Okay.” He wasn’t sure if he was answering Penny or the women who had spoken as she herded everyone else out the door. Silence seemed to stretch forever, and at the same time, not be there nearly long enough. Michael’s eyebrows arched at the comment that was spoken lowly, and then he frowned. “… Lily?” he pulled the name from what she had been saying before she realised who he was. It took him far too long to connect the dots, though, and he blinked before going stark white again and his shoulders drooped. “That’s a beautiful name.” It hadn’t been on their list of chosen names, but really, how could he fault her for choosing something he had no say in? Taking a plunge he was not sure he was prepared to take, Michael placed a gentle hand on Ally’s head, causing the little girl to look up from her half masticated chocolate doughnut. “This is Alexandria.” He introduced, and the little girl smiled at him, then turned and smiled at Penny. “Ally!” she cheered, before shoving the treat back between her teeth. Michael chuckled softly. Alexandria was a name on his chosen list, though ironically it was purely coincidental; he had actually had no say in naming the little girl that had come to be his daughter any more than he had ended up playing a part in naming the child that was of his blood.
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    Three days ago, Michael had been out on an early morning jog with Ally asleep in her stroller when he’d been approached by a woman who joined him before inviting him to join her morning group. She gave all the information he’d need, which he had diligently put into his phone, before their paths had split. Michael, at the time, hadn’t been very interested in taking her up on the offer; he quite enjoyed his solo morning sessions. That said, he was also aware that he needed to put down some roots, and if nothing else, the woman might have some information on a daycare he could put Ally into, or know someone who did. In the end, it was for his daughter’s benefit that prompted him to join the group. Michael made his way to the café he’d been given directions to, his daughter – bright eyed morning critter that she was – awake and chatty in her jogging stroller as she looked around. Since the invitation had come to him while he was pushing Ally along, Michael assumed that the little girl would be welcome; she’d likely fall asleep halfway through the jog anyway, as she was wont to do. Entering the café, Michael manoeuvred the stroller to the counter and ordered a large coffee for himself, a couple of slices of raisin toast, and a doughnut for Ally, who clapped her hands excitedly as he handed it to the two year old, watching with fond amusement as she began to devour it, very messily. Shaking his head, Michael looked around and smiled in polite greeting when the woman who had issued the invitation caught his eye and waved excitedly. He began to doubt, not for the first time, his actions, but he stuck true to his path and hoped he would not come to regret the whole ordeal. He just needed to find a good day-care for Ally to spend time at, he reminded himself, joining the group. He very nearly turned on his tail and fled when he recognised the woman who had re-joined the group. His face went a pasty shade of off-white and he took a half step back, wondering if it was too late to pretend he wasn’t there, that he’d never been there, and that … oh fuck. Michael’s face went from a nasty shade of white to bright red when Penny looked up at him and then began cursing. He grimaced uncomfortably as one of the women scolded Penny and held her hands pointedly over Ally’s little ears. “I’m Michael,” he sighed, looking uncomfortable. “I think we should go. I’m sorry.” He grimaced again as voices erupted from every direction.
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    Hi Callie! I'm Shell, I'm also USA :3 I've been in a few places -- Mostly Oregon & Washington, some Utah. Welcome to the site! Come play wiff usssssss`
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    Western NC area. Moved around for a couple years, but I'm back home.
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    Another Appalachian buddy! Welcome!
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    In came the muscle. ....Ennhhh.
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    Anyone wanna come over to Bilby and play?
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    Uniform Policy Like most Australian schools, Tallygarunga has a set uniform. Students are expected to be in full uniform, neat and tidy, for all classes, exams, and school events. There is no division between "winter" and "summer" uniforms. Nor is there division by "female" and "male" uniforms. As long as students are appropriately clothed and presentable in items from the set uniform list, they are free to choose whichever uniform items they feel represent their identity. Depending on the particular class, long sleeved uniform may be required for practical work. Hat rules: During Term One and Term Four, all students must wear a hat during outdoor activities. As there is no official uniform hat, students may choose their own. However, it must have a broad brim that shades all sides of the head. Students who do not have an appropriate hat will be confined indoors or required to wear a hat from a dusty box of discarded hats (known to the students as "scab hats"). This document comes with much love to @Chromatic for her gorgeous illustrations. Tallygarunga uniform Uniform items: Shirt: Long or short sleeve in light beige Trousers or shorts: Light olive Tallygarunga school kilt: Pleated wrap-around style, olive tartan Dress: Light olive/beige/brown check Socks: Olive drab, banded at the top in house colour. Shoes: Black leather, lace-up. Must fully cover feet to be worn in practical classes. Accessories: Sweater: Olive drab, woolen long sleeve, banded around collar and wrists in house color. Vest: Olive drab, woolen, no sleeves. Bounded around collar in house color. Tie: Olive drab, striped in house color. Cloak: Olive drab, woollen. Available but not common due to weather. Blazer: Olive drab. Worn only by school and house captains, and usually only for special events. Whitlam Bilby uniform Uniform items Shirt: Short or long sleeve in butter yellow Shorts: Dark turquoise Trousers: Dark grey Dress: Pinafore style over uniform shirt, in dark turquoise Socks: Dark turquoise Shoes: Black leather lace up, or Mary Jane style. Accessories Sweater: Woolen long-sleeve in dark turquoise Vest: Woolen no-sleeve in dark turquoise
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    Triggers; All kinds of angst, death, mayhem. Etc. 2006 - Began dating Penny. He found her pleasant enough, but was mostly pushed into the initial relationship via peer pressure from his mates. Despite that, Michael put effort into the relationship and found her company pleasant and enjoyable. He came to believe he loved her. 2008 - Graduated from Tally. Did well enough, though he wasn't top of any of his classes. 2009 - Penny comes to him, and tells him that she is pregnant. Michael is shocked, having been under the belief that hey were both being appropriately cautious. Despite that, accidents happen. He stepped up, discussing with Penny the actions they would take to make their relationship, and their new roles, work together. Unfortunately, August 12th, Michael woke up in a cold sweat after a nightmare about what his life would be if he followed through. Horrified, and not really thinking, Michael threw his things together while Penny slept, crept out of the house, and never looked back. 2010 - Micheal settled into a small apartment on the Gold Coast, Brisbane. He worked a muggle job at a local beach-side bar. It was there that he met Kimberly Jones, who saw something in Michael that Michael hadn't realised was there. The two hit it off, and began to spend time together after Michael had finished work. 2011 - On the 20th of February, Kimberly officially asks Michael to go on a date with him. Michael agrees, surprising himself with how much he really wants to go. He realises pretty quickly that he's infatuated with Kimberly, and dangerously close to falling in love with him. It was on the first of April, however, that Michael learned that Kimberly had a girlfriend by overhearing a conversation. Confused and hurt, he confronted Kimberly before their next date. Kimberly acknowledges the fact, and Michael goes home in disgust, heartbroken and betrayed. Unfortunately, he's already in deeper emotionally than he thought, and when Kimberly comes to his place to reconcile, their relationship is renewed and things are finally taken to the bedroom, leaving Michael rather starry eyed and definitely in love. 2012 - Nothing particularly interesting happens this year. The most exciting is that Michael gets a promotion to the assistant manager role in the cafe he's been working at since he arrived on the Gold Coast, and he thrives under the additional responsibility and extra hours. Additionally, he begins to expand his friend circle, becoming good friends with his manager's rather shy and lonely sister - Kitty -, often taking her on platonic 'dates', much to her pleasure. 2013 - Kitty begins dating a nice guy who became a part of Michael's small group of friends, and he finds himself in the situation where he needs to reassure the other man that he and Kitty are just friends, even going so far as to laugh and tell him he's gay. It's a surprisingly liberating sentence to utter, and Michael is overwhelmed by the weight it lifts from his shoulders that he didn't realise was there. Most of his friends, who had already assumed as much, took great delight in teasing Kitty's new boyfriend about his fear of Michael stealing her away. Kitty took pains to point out the standard of dates Michael had set. There was much laughter. 2014 - Nothing happened here; Michael lived, laughed, loved. As far as he was aware, life was damn good and nothing could ever spoil that. His only desire was that Kimberly would leave his girlfriend and go public with him, making their relationship real. Hesitantly, he brings the subject up to Kimberly, who doesn't say much and instead just looks at him with a sad expression that doesn't reassure Michael in the least. He loves Kimberly; doesn't Kimberly love him? 2015 - On the 20th of Feb, Kimberly promises that he will break up with his girlfriend that year, and be with Michael only. Instead, Kimberly broke up with Michael on June 10th, informing him that his long time girlfriend was pregnant, and he meant to do right by her and the child. December 15, Alexandria Charlotte "Ally" Jones is born. Unfortunately due to complications, her mother dies during childbirth. Finding himself alone and with a newborn infant in arms, Kimberly turns to Michael, not expecting much but delighted with Michael welcomes both Kimberly and Ally into his home, his life, and his heart. Kimberly vows to make up his betrayal to Michael, and proposes to him a week later. Michael says yes. 2016 - The pair are married in February - the 20th, which is also their official anniversary - and follow the ceremony by formally having Michael adopt Ally, hyphening her name to match theirs. With that taken care of, the pair decide to pack up and move, shifting their lives to Western Australia, where there are better surfing beaches for Kimberly to surf at, and further his career. Michael picks up a job working at a cafe again 2017 - During a morning surf early morning on December 5th, while Michael and Ally were sitting on the beach watching, Kimberly was fatally attacked by a shark. Michael, who hadn't been carrying his wand for years, was unable to do anything to help as he held a confused and upset toddler who was picking up on his own roaring emotions. While the beach lifesavers reacted to the attack, they weren't able to retrieve much of Kimberley's body, and Michael was left to explain to his daughter why her father wasn't coming back in from the water. 2018 - On February 7th, Michael moved back to Melbourne, with little Ally on his hip, and a wedding ring still on his finger. He's close lipped about his past.
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