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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

House Points
Flinders: 10
Sturt: 10
Bourke: 10
Spencer: 5
News Plotting & Events

Melbourne Suburbs

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Melbourne is a large city, and has a lot of suburbs expanding far out from the CBD, from the more affordable Western 'burbs, to the expensive Eastern, and to the stylish modern Northern. And let's not forget the bay at the south.


    Melbourne's North

  1. Extending towards rural Victoria, this area is constantly expanding with new estates, while closer in toward the city are very multi-culture rich suburbs, where you'll find just about anything from any culture around the world.

  2. Eastern Suburbs

  3. The classier side of Melbourne, full of rich residential areas and high priced shopping. As well as all the best gardens and beaches.

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  4. South Melbourne Bay Area

  5. It has the pier and markets and bee trams and Luna Park and the best fish 'n' chip shop ever!

    .. And don't forget the 'red light' district!

  6. Western Suburbia

  7. Known for it's multicultural lifestyle, the western suburbs are an interesting place to be. Also the less affluent district of Victoria's capital, be careful what you eat - because you never know if it's going to kill you.

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