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  2. It was a moment of bravery when Audrey had leaned over to steal another kiss from the man. At least then, even if he didn't want her to do that ever again, she would have a clearer memory of having taken that small chance. Audrey wasn't silly. Alan was Alan, and often had to be smacked in the head by something before he'd realise it was there. And sure, it had taken her a long time to realise how she felt too, but Audrey didn't like to be a chicken. She had always faced things head on, and this shouldn't be any different. Audrey hadn't really known what to expect either. Alan had so many emotional scars already that he might not be ready to move on yet. Or perhaps would only ever see her as a friend or his assistant, or as someone who'd attended Tally around seven years ago. But if she didn't take a chance, then she could never know. Of course, finding herself caught in Alan's arms took her completely by surprise, his admission to liking the kiss caused her stomach to flip flop, and anything she might have said in response was cut off as Alan took over and -really- kissed her. The young woman felt her knees go weak as she fell against him easily as her arms lifted to wrap around the back of the man's neck while she responded to his lead, returning the embrace and pressing against his front for more. It was some time before she broke off from the kiss to catch her breath, and her voice was low and husky as the young woman offered a small wicked smile and wiggle of her brows. "We got time to kill," Audrey's gaze shifted to the bed with her breathy suggestion, the woman's confidence boosted by this sudden development. Besides, Alan still had that 'issue' that he'd woken with. It was only polite to offer assistance, right?
  3. He was going to say no. He absolutely had to stick to his story now, and deny that he remembered anything that happened on that dance floor. Even if he couldn't stop remembering it now. Alan could tell from her tone that she doubted him, he knew that she was probing about that one particular thing, so did she remember? She must. Crap. She must remember. Why would she be digging at that particular thing, if she didn't. "I'm sor--" Alan started to apologise, the word cut short when Audrey's lips touched his. Again it was all too brief, and left Alan with his jaw hanging open in stunned confusion. Accident? That she did it? But it wasn't an accident? None of this was really computing. Why in heck's name would she do something like that? Alan didn't understand at all. He stared at her, really unsure of what to do next or what even to believe. "Yeah, it's weird as hell." Alan muttered, standing up from the bed. One arm reached out, caught Audrey by the waist and spun her in toward him once more. "Doesn't mean I didn't like it." Damn these brief kisses to hell, he wanted a proper one. He wasn't even thinking anymore, thinking just made everything more complicated. Maybe he was still drunk dumb Alan, maybe this was a big mistake, and maybe Audrey was going to break out of his arms and hide in a cupboard again---he wouldn't blame her. But right now, he was Bruce Wayne in Batman boxer shorts, and Bruce Wayne did not waste time thinking when a beautiful girl wanted (however crazy it seemed) to kiss him. So he kissed her good and proper.
  4. The petite brunette still wasn't entirely certain how this situation had come about, but somehow she had ended up getting all dressed up in a small black dress and heels, and blow drying her hair into a nice natural wave before applying bombshell make-up, while she was having a status 'battle' with Derrick. It had begun as simple back and forths, taunting and picking on one another. Truth be told, Arti had ended up having a really good time when they'd been thrown together by Audrey, even after being kicked out of the Japanese place. They'd grabbed some pizza, ended up talking a whole lot more, and then stole a couple of street signs because they were the Tally House names. Those same street signs were now sitting on her bookshelf as she made sure the string that held her dress up at the front was tied properly at the back of her neck, her back exposed, and a low cut front. It was a cocktail dress, something that one might wear to a wedding or some other grand event. They'd joked, but if Derrick thought that she wouldn't have the guts to crash someone's wedding, boy did he have another thing coming. Not to mention, she was even going commando, due to that challenge set forth as well, and she had to wonder if he was brave enough to really pull through. According to his last couple of texts, he was apparently going to be there any moment. Since he'd briefly visited her place after their evening hanging out, when he'd turned out to be gentlemanly enough to escort her home, then he actually would be able to apparate there now. Only Apollo was here today, the phoenix watching his charge as she prepared for whatever may or may not happen. It was the phoenix's screech that warned her of the arrival, however, and Arti smirked as she glanced in the mirror once again before turning to greet the man who was supposed to apparently whisk her away for fun. "See, did I not tell you that I was all ready to go?" Arti gave a small pose for the man, before then nodding toward her phoenix companion, "This is Apollo. He decided to adopt me while I was traveling Europe," The brightly coloured firebird meanwhile, simply glared at the man like a father who was assessing him before taking his little girl out on the town. "He is a little protective, do not mind him too much."
  5. Perhaps it is reason Mamiere not say truth of age because not wishing for people should know what number years and always make old mistakes still!!!!!!

    1. Amiradysébelle Blair

      Amiradysébelle Blair

      It's a sad fact that some people need to be kicked in the head a few times before they learn not to walk behind a horse.

  6. The mention of having fallen caused Audrey's lips to form a small thoughtful pout, her nose wrinkling in the cute way it did when she was really trying to think of something, while her squinted gaze stared into the upper middle distance. She remembered being up on a high spot for a few moments. The bartender had been a nice helpful fellow, and Kate had been there too, before they were all covered in whipped cream. Was that when she'd hurt herself? It was entirely possible, and Audrey couldn't think of any other time in the haze of drunken images when she could have cut her butt cheek open. "Yeah, I suppose I can ask Kate later on," Like in a few hours time. Audrey was again reminded that it was very early in the morning, and realised that she'd become accustomed to waking up early to get the kids ready for the day. She didn't have that to do today, and with her foot bouncing a little, it was rather clear that she was in a similar predicament as Alan. Just what did someone do this early in the morning when they didn't have their usual duties to take care of? "But I'm guessing you must have patched me up, I noticed the med kit opened on the bathroom floor too... along with the other half of my poor dress. I don't remember how that got torn to pieces... I paid a lot for that too," The young woman sighed as she glanced over at the upper half of the dress that was strewn over a chair. Sure, it wasn't the first dress she'd ever ruined, but it had been a very nice one. Maybe she could repair it later. Alan seemed to be deep in thought though, and it made the young woman really wonder if he did remember everything. Or, at least, the important things that one might hope he'd remember. She found herself suddenly feeling a little nervous, her stomach doing small flips while she sat beside him, bouncing her foot lightly and wiggling just a touch as she bit her lip and listened. He was being vague, and she was rather certain that he was being vague on purpose. He mentioned the shots game, Seth's breakdown, but was missing a vital detail in all that... or was simply choosing not to mention it. What do, Audrey? Bring it up? Let it rest? Is he embarrassed by it? Urgh! "So... you don't remember anything else from the whole dancing part?" Audrey asked coyly, glancing up at him through her eyelashes as she bit her bottom lip for a moment. She wanted to bring it up, to discuss it, but at the same time didn't want to embarrass him if he thought that what she'd done was inappropriate or something. Her lips parted, as though she was about to say something, and then she paused, sighing loudly as she began to push herself from the bed to stand up again. And then, a split second later, the young woman spun back around and leaned down in order to press a soft brief kiss to Alan's lips, before then straightening back up. "I know you thought it was an accident that I did that last night... it wasn't," She murmured quickly, before then clearing her throat and turning to look for towels as she mumbled with a bright blush, "Sorry, I won't do that again if it's weird for you, just... wanted to make sure you know so that you don't go beating yourself up over it." After all, Audrey knew Alan better than he knew himself. And if he remembered the kiss, then he was probably feeling like it was his fault. She didn't want him to feel like he'd done something wrong.
  7. Team sport? Caleb? I'll believe it when I see it. Not sure how I feel about you teaching Caley to punch properly while he's got this issue with Dave, doesn't sound like something that is going to end well. Long as you teach him some discipline at the same time, and that "breathing" is not a valid reason to attack someone. I'd rather not have my living room turned into some sort of death match stage... We're gonna have to work harder at this, I know that. Be a little more calm. Not fly off the handle over stupid things, and---I probably need to trust him. Properly. That's always the reason it breaks down is that I keep him out of the rest of that stuff. Jezebel is right, it's not fair. I can't expect him to share only half my life and be happy with that. If he knows the truth of what is going on, at least if it still fails we can say we really tried properly. Then again, he might just run because it's too much. It is a lot. But I think I need to do it anyway. If he runs, he runs. If not, then---maybe I'll finally have someone I can really share everything with. You can bet I won't be abiding by that ban, Stuart. David puts the toilet rolls on the holder the wrong way around, so if you think you're not going to hear that rant, you are dreaming my friend. Love, Del.
  8. Lost without farm things to do---that was an understatement. Alan couldn't understand how city people survived. He was bored. There was always something to do on the farm, and if everything was tended to on his side, you could bet his brothers had screwed something up on the other. His father had taught all of his children that there was value to be found in physical work, and putting your own hands to the task built a bond between you and what you were working on. Alan believed in that. Although he had staff available to attend to the little things around the school, he still liked to do them himself. It kept him connected, grounded. He felt like over time, every part of Tallygarunga had been shaped in some way by his hand. And it helped with the students too. How could they possibly feel intimidated by the headmaster, when they often came across him wearing gumboots, gloves, and unclogging the damned Spencer bathrooms? But here he was on what seemed like the millionth floor of a building that was too damn new, with nothing at all to do. He looked over as Audrey flashed her wound. Yes---those indeed were some butt cheeks. Not helping at all. Stop. Focus. How did she get hurt? "Must've fell or something." Alan frowned. He didn't remember. "Kate'll probably know. Long as I've known her---doesn't matter how drunk she gets, she always... remembers." Oh gods, what did Kate remember? It was clear that he'd patched that cut up, and he vaguely remembered doing it. What else had he done? And how had he gone from upsetting Audrey, to doing first aid on her hip? He was so confused. He was also feeling restless, wanted to stand up and pace---get some of this energy out. But it was much safer here if he just sat with the blanket strewn strategically across his lap. Now he couldn't even look at Audrey without remembering that split second before she ran away. He'd been drunk, yes. Drunk Alan was a dumb Alan, and clearly drunk Alan had a lot to answer for---but that memory made him ache just a little bit. He'd almost forgotten how nice it felt to be close to someone. Just feeling them breathe next to you. It had been a long time since Alan had let anyone that close. Maybe... maybe this was his cue to start trying again. Maybe he was finally ready, and that was why he was having these annoyingly inappropriate dreams and thoughts about Audrey? That answer made sense to him. Audrey had been the unfortunate victim of his brain finally figuring out that he needed to move on from Rachel. Why else would he have come to the conclusion that he should be allowed to approach Audrey in that way? And then: the dilemma. Audrey didn't remember, and he did. He had here an opportunity to pretend he didn't, and allow her to not be upset by the whole thing again. That felt like the kinder option, but it also meant lying to Audrey. Which he wasn't so comfortable with. Okay. Find a way. "Just bits and pieces." Alan said evasively. It was the truth, at least. He wasn't lying, he simply wasn't describing things in detail. "Doing shots with Katie, dancing, I think... Seth had a breakdown? Must've been a good night."
  9. "Even if you do performing as a casual or part-time thing..." Cass murmured softly, relaxing in Alex's arms as his hand weaved through her hair, something that appeared to soothe the redhead a great deal. Every touch and gesture he made was always with the utmost care, it displayed the level of care he had for her, and she found herself falling more and more every time they were together. Love could be a strange thing, she decided. It was like they'd found what they'd each been missing all their lives, and she wanted to support Alex's dreams however she could. "Oh yeah, the creepy blue-eyed doctor. Though honestly, I think the real problem would be all the patients who fall in love with you," She chuckled softly, before offering a small nod of her head, "I think you'd make a really great doctor or healer, to be honest. You have strong compassion and a desire to help others, admirable and attractive traits if I do say so," Cass shifted her head to smile up at him, and then snorted softly when he spoke about living with her and Cate, "Alex, we offered and are happy to have you. Besides, it'll be less stress on you at least during this last year of school. And gives you a chance to save up a little before venturing out, though you're probably going to have me with you anyway, when that happens." She winked lightly at him. "I know you've done what you can, but I don't like you pushing your health aside like it's unimportant, it's very important to me," The redhead pouted at him, blinking wide green and gold kitty eyes at the young man. "And I want to be with you all the way on this too. So... I do hope that what you can find out, you are allowed to tell me, so that I can do the best I can to support you. I promise, once you've made it to the other side of all this, then you get to be the one who takes care of me," She tilted her head a little with a small smile. She knew Alex didn't like how he needed to depend on others, that it meant a lot to him when he could be the support for another. He already was a big support for her, and she hoped that he knew that, but if he wanted to take care of her for the rest of their lives, then she was only happy to let him. She would drop that wall of stubbornness for him. "You mean a dog, two cats, and a phoenix, right?" Cass grinned a little cheekily and then chuckled, before blushing a little into the kiss after Alex's claim that she was the sexiest woman in the world. She wasn't so sure about that, but he believed it and that was all that mattered. Listening to Alex speak about wanting better tolerance toward non-humans made her smile as well, and she snuggled close to him, "First wanting to save lives, now wanting to create world peace. You have a big list of goals there, looks like you're going to have to make sure you live a long time to see them all through." They were good goals to have too, and if they truly inspired Alex to survive? Then all the better. Once didn't have to know him for long to be able to see that Alex had the potential to become a great man. And Cass simply considered herself lucky to have met him now, to be able to potentially be a part of that in the oncoming future. "You know what? I believe you, I think you could do it over time," The redhead murmured softly. "Hey, you can't claim ever catch phrase, who says you haven't just been stealing mine, hm?" Cass smirked a little at him, and then smiled warmly before shaking her head, "Don't you worry about me. I'll just scare them off as a tiger weirdo. No one stands a chance against Tiger Cass! Rar!" She playfully batted at Alex's chest with her hand before giggling softly and pressing a kiss to his collarbone, "Don't worry, a long as we got each other, we're unstoppable, right?"
  10. "Ah, you're just lost without having farm things to do for a single morning," Audrey chuckled a little at Alan's lost way in the city. It was an endearing part of him, that desire to be doing something at all times, the inability to sit still unless he had a beer in his hand. It was why she was chasing after him around the school half the time, the man was definitely not meant for an office, and she sometimes wondered what made him put up with being in an office job. But then, seeing him with the students who came for assistance, and genuinely taking an interest in each one, it was easy to see that sense of fulfillment he got. And understand why all he ever wanted was a big family of his own. And honestly, Audrey was aware on some level that she felt that fulfillment as well. She loved her life right now, living with Alan and the kids. Hell, she loved the children as though they were her own, to the point where Rachel would have to deal with a very protective Auds if she upset their lives in any way, more than she already had. The fact that Tavi had asked a number of times in secret, away from Alan's ears, if she can call Audrey 'Mum', spoke volumes as it was. It was something Audrey didn't want to mention to Alan because of the awkwardness that would no doubt follow, but at the same time... if not for that, she would tell the girl that nothing would make her happier. Just thinking of the children now, and how much she enjoyed her life triggered some echo from the previous evening while she looked at the Batman mask, and Audrey's chest ached for a moment. A mixture of cough and snicker escaped the young woman as Alan attempted his Batman imitation, and then a near flood of images and words flashed through her mind, hazy and heavily fogged from the state of inebriation she'd been in. Something had happened. He'd been cheering her up and... Oh. "Right... I guess we must have been pretty wasted, heh," Audrey smiled a little bashfully, her cheeks taking on a rosy hue as she thought about how Alan had held her all night, how safe it felt in his arms, not just in the bed, but on the dance floor as well. And that one moment where she'd taken a chance, and then bolted. Something else came to mind, however as well and she twisted her hips a little before feeling a dull pain. Lifting the back of the flannie she was wearing up a little, she glanced in the mirror at the large cut that had been sealed up by a very drunk Alan. "How on Earth did I do that?" The woman mused quietly. She then shook her head a little and chanced a glance toward Alan, who was looking mighty uncomfortable himself. "Hey, is everything alright?" The brunette asked quietly. Alan said he didn't remember anything, but she could read him as well as his mother could, and he wasn't being exactly truthful. Audrey wandered over and sat next to him on the edge of the bed, "You... really don't remember anything?" A brow rose as she peered at him. Part of her maybe hoping that he might admit that he did. It would mean they could talk about it in a sober state.
  11. Ah, Caleb's just protective of you, dove. Can't really blame the boy, can ya? I doubt he's going to believe anyone is good enough for you until they prove it in his eyes, and given the history with male role models he's had, that's going to take a lot. Dave already abandoned you guys before, and that kind of thing sticks in a boy's head. But I was thinking he might enjoy learning some kind of physical activity, maybe start him off with boxing first, and gradually get him into a team sport. It might be good for Alex too, help him build up his physical health a bit, which will help him cope with his off days, you know? Besides, boys days are important! And still, even though you say that's how you and Dave are, I'm gonna be concerned. So will the kids, I'm sure. If he burns the bridge again, then he's not worth the suffering that it's going to put you, or Caleb, or especially your unborn kiddo through. Remember what we spoke about, it's pretty important to give the young ones a stable life, it's not good for them to have a parent coming and going all the time, or always fighting with the other. Trust me, I know. Just small things to keep in mind Del. You got people who care about you, and don't forget that. And I'm totally calling a ban on bitching about someone you've been mooning over, at least til he's made it through a year, minimum. Love, Stu
  12. “I know, but I’ll feel better if I do, I think.” Which was more or less code for Alan not knowing what else to do with his time, or how to divert his brain from these very awkward dream memories that were assaulting him. It wasn’t right. He couldn’t think about an employee like this. And Audrey just... deserved better. What future could he offer someone like Audrey? All he had was a farm house that required constant repairs, he worked the same job and would likely retire where he was. Alan had no ambitions beyond his current role, and he never wanted to move. Then there were the kids. Audrey loved them, yes. But to ask someone to properly take on the responsibility of raising them with him, yes—she did it. But she had the freedom to walk away when it didn’t suit her. Or so he believed, anyway. He’d never pressured Audrey into doing the things she did. Most of it just came about because it was convenient and/or made sense. He knew her mother thought he was trapping her there. Alan felt like he was too. After all, Audrey was young and beautiful, and—holding a Batman mask? Alan blinked, half a grin forming. “I’m Batma—” the terrible impression scraped the back of his throat, sore from the night before. Because he’d been doing his stupid impression the night before. In a cupboard. Where Audrey was hiding. Because— Alan’s stomach sank. —because he kissed her on the dance floor. Idiot idiot idiot. She didn’t seem to remember, though. How long before she did? And how much of those dreams, that detail, had been real? He hadn’t been more than a big spoon, had he? He remembered her lips. How nice it felt to be so close. Have her wrapped in his jacket, pressed against his chest, and—-no. Stop. Not appropriate. “Dunno when we got that.” Alan mumbled. “Don’t remember anything from last night at all.”
  13. Might be a little bored, yes. Bored is better than acknowledging that Caleb is going through the library right now, dog-earring half the books. He’s not very happy with the news, I don’t really know what to do. At some point he needs to accept that this is what I want, right? He can’t just have a tantrum every time I get close to someone else. But I’m glad you’re still keen to help out. Obviously I’d like him to bond with Dave too, but until that situation settles down it’ll be good for him to have someone outside of me he can go to. Thank you for that. I know Tanya jerked you around, and I appreciate your concern. This is kind of... who we are. Dave and I jerk each other around. Somehow we just always end back where we need to be, even if it takes years. It always seems to come back to him. We’re less destructive than we used to be, but old habits die hard. You should have seen some of our fights the first time around! And of course I’ll be there for drinks nights. You think I would miss a night dedicated to alcohol? Besides, if not there—where else will I be able to whinge about my annoying-ass husband? Love, Del
  14. “There would be less of physical illness, yes.” Bethianna confirmed, and in spite of herself she smiled. The boy was special—in her eyes there was no doubt. For one of Lillian’s mistakes he had a remarkable strength of will, a true passion for life and others. If he survived, if he maintained his strength—wizard or sorcerer, he would be a force in the world. This was what her life was about. Ensuring that forces for good were at play to balance out the bad. Keeping humanity on a peaceful track. Gods, but she had seen some wars. “None of us can guarantee eternity, you have my word that I will do what I can to keep you filled.” And she felt that Adele, Jezebel, even Améa would do the same. If this succeeded, there were still a lot of unknowns even to Bethianna. Nor could she predict whether herself or the others would choose to cease before Alexander was complete in his life. His life would depend on theirs, always. But then—hadn’t that been the case until now anyway? And she had failed at this once. Bethianna was resolved not to fail again. The quote rather amused her. It was as if he knew, and yet he couldn’t. The boy thought so much further ahead than his own natural life, eventually he would have a good eye for the overall design. The logic and compassion present in Alexander was welcome. They needed more of that among their kind. Adele had both too much, and too little, humanity left in her. The rest were far too young to understand much about the world. ”You are brave to commit against such odds. If this is truly what you wish, make your arrangements. Prepare for the end of your life, and we shall hope we are surprised.” There was little more to do on that front. Bethianna knew that there really wasn’t any secret to surviving acceptance, except to be strong of mind and body. Perhaps they would be able to catch him if he fell too low, keep him sustained while his body processed the change, but that in itself was dangerous. If Alex began to bleed energy at dying rate, their own energies would be caught in the whirlpool and all would be drained. You could not save a mortal from dying. It was dangerous to try. It was how most of their kind ceased. Bled to the last of their ability, they could not bear to be full again. They would not wait and grow strength. They lost will and they chose sleep. ”You know well that your mother did not name you, except as an afterthought in her own mind.” Anna’s voice was gentle, almost soothing. It was possible to see now how the woman was a healer. “But neither did your father—your true father, the one who raised you as his own.” Bethianna’s hand lifted, an old and creased sheet of paper appearing between her fingers. She didn’t know if Alex himself had ever seen this, but given his predicament it seemed appropriate. Quietly she placed it face-up on the table, and pushed it across for Alex to view. It was the note he had been left with, a content baby in a basket on the doorstep. Ornate handwriting carried a simple message: His name is Alexander, for he shall conquer.
  15. Bryan laughed. "I went to medical school in the day and night. Two different medical professions. I work at Narragyambie General, and a place called St. Ringo's. You may or may not have heard of that one." He wasn't quite sure if she was a muggle or not, so he tread carefully. However, this was a fairly magical town. "I love it though. It was definitely my calling in life. Both parents were in the medical field." His father was a muggle doctor, his mother was a healer. Bryan just became both. As she got the drink he had recommended, Bryan took a drink of his beer. When she told him it was her birthday, he beamed. "Well, happy birthday then!" He said, and looked over to the bartender. "Put her on my tab. Birthday girl shouldn't have to pay." The bartender nodded, and Bryan turned back to Josie. "Well you certainly got good advice for this place. How old are you this evening? I know it's rude to ask a lady, but I'm curious."
  16. "I have an entire library at home on muggle and magical medicine, along with several potions books. Things I've collected over the years. I try to keep up with my reading as much as I can." Bryan said. He enjoyed the time he could read when possible. Between work at both hospitals and the time he spent at the bar, he was lacking in his reading though. He had to have his break from work related things though, and this was it. "I wouldn't say I'm not the romantic type. It's more along the lines of that settling down just seems pointless at this age. If I met the right person, maybe it would be different. I think it's more of my career and my age really getting in the way of getting into anything too serious. Plus, sometimes it's nice just being a bachelor." He took a drink. "Nights get lonely sometimes, sure, but I meet all kinds of people here. Sometimes the nights don't get lonely from those meetings." At the same time though, he felt he wouldn't mind to have someone to wake up to in the morning that wasn't in a rush to put their clothes back on and go home. Bryan nodded, smiling. "I most definitely think so."
  17. "I would prefer to keep cauldrons in tact. I'm sure Iris will be blowing some up soon." He said, chuckling. Iris had been the one to show an extreme interest in potions. The boys just loved picking on her, fighting each other, and keeping up with Quidditch. He could tell they would be a handful later on in their teenage years. Probably more trips to an infirmary. He wasn't really looking forward to it. When she said she was starving and couldn't wait to get home, Keith nodded definitely. "I'm starved. Honestly, I say we go out after this, yeah? We could get pizza. You all can even get everything on it for your personal pizzas." He said, recalling their previous conversation about the pizza likes. "Yeah! Pizza!" Chris said. Zanthe nodded in agreement. Iris nodded to under Keith's arm that was around her. "What do you say, dear?" He asked, looking to Daria.
  18. "When you're in a constant of worrying about death you tend to. . . Respect that which has life and a desire to claim it for yourself." Perhaps that sounded somewhat odd, maybe too assertive and aggressive but that was how he viewed it. It was common that Humans desired to live but that commonality becomes even more of a necessity when the choice to even do so has slipped even slightly out of ones grasp. Though he didn't realize how severe everything would end up being if he did choose the choice that was boggled within as an option. Was it truly no option? Unable to sustain himself he'd still be weakened, lesser. "I've already resigned in myself to live and I will do everything that I can to conquer that endeavor." Why did that thought alone mark a slight irritation in his mind? Choosing to be a Wizard wasn't a bad choice or wrap it just hadn't been a route that determined a strength within his goals. Yet, what he saw as a strength inevitably becomes a weakness that places him in no better position than he was in now. "That. . . Sounds a lot more painful than my mind can even grasp. I mean. . .I had an idea that's what happened." Though he even knew that the scope of how deep and painful it would be could borderline near unfathomable. "But to be whole one way or another? That, in itself, is a gift. To be broken and imbalanced is harmful and aggravating on many levels." Alex admitted, albeit, something he rarely ever said to anyone so bluntly and broadly. Eyes pinned on the glass of water that had materialized and immediately understood what the concept was to be validated. There were the three, those, that were a clear breakage in themselves of this 'Energy', unable to contain or manipulate it, then there had been those like Adele and the others that were whole. Then. .. Himself, forever cracked, regardless of the choice he'd end up Eyes lowered in contemplation while he started to chew lightly at his cheek. "So, in reality, I'd be no different than I am now. Just less of the painful coughing up blood bit." That changed a lot of how he viewed things by a massive level. "Haha. . . Relying on people, I tend to find myself in that situation more often than I could have ever realized." It stung. Either he fell to the trial of time or risk that one day those that had been found as family may find that his usefulness had come to an 'End'. Yet, that wasn't the kind of people they were, not now in their life. They'd even taken the step at every turn to alleviate his pain when they could. "Locked away? Ngh. . . That's torturous on so many levels." Being confined to a bed was bad enough but to be purposefully pushed into a position to waste away? Though one survived, managed to come out on top to some degree. " 'There is nothing impossible to him who will try.' Alexander the Great. . . Even knowing this maybe I can find a balance that can seal up that very leak. With a problem there is at times a solution." His head shook lightly. "Even if the chances are slim in finding out anything, some kind of understanding and knowledge to uncover in a world that is limitless in potential and possibilities means there maybe a future for the men of that choose that route. " Hopeful, but determined. If he could pave a path than maybe, just maybe, certain concepts and views could change. Lives, could be saved. "So that causalities, like the male of the Violet do not occur so easily. That they needed feel a they have to give up because they gain no sustenance." Everything started with a dream before becoming a reality. This too could be of the same track if given time and precedence.
  19. Bored at work Del? I did hear, and it's great to hear that you're happy, just so long as you know I'll break my knuckles on his face if he screws you around again. Someone's gotta look out for you, since you're too stubborn to ask to be looked after. I'm still gonna take Caleb to do stuff, I already promised, I'm not going anywhere. I'm always available for you and him. Just take care, alright? You know how Tanya jerked me around for years, I don't want to see the same happen to you. And you better not forget our drinks nights, or I'll just have to come kidnap you for them. Talk soon, dove. Love, Stuart
  20. Stuart! You might have heard by now, but David is coming home. We’re going to try and work things out, for the both of us—and the baby too. Now that Caleb is opening up a bit more, maybe he will even warm to Dave. I hope so. I really want us to be a family. Properly. Anyway, it means that we’ll be moving back to our place in town. I’ve got to get it cleaned up again and all, but with all that’s going on with Améa I might need you to arrange those wards for the place. We’ve got some security already, but more won’t go astray. Also, I wanted to say thank you. For making sure I didn’t completely lose it while he was gone. It’s really not that often that someone says they’ll be there for me and then proves it, so—thank you. If only I’d seen that before I ran off on you, might not be as screwed in the head as I am now, haha. But also wouldn’t have met Dave. So there’s that. Anyway. Thank you. I might have done some dumb stuff, but I don’t know if I could have picked a better father for our girls. Love, Del.
  21. Now alone with Alexander, Bethianna sat quiet while she heard him out. His points were all rational enough, but based mostly upon assumptions and experiences that Bethianna knew would not apply to him. This wasn’t anyone’s fault particularly, even Lillian was not as knowledgeable on this subject. For once Lillian’s information was simply incorrect, rather than deliberately misleading. ”You wish to live. That is human.” She acknowledged, and this alone validated her choice in giving him a chance. The boy had a fighting spirit that she admired, and perhaps it would carry him through. Whether it would be enough, and whether it would be worthwhile even if he did survive Acceptance remained to be seen. ”There will be pain, yes. The purge of blood will burn through your body until the last of it is gone, and you are no longer half but whole.” Bethianna had seen a few Acceptances and they were never comfortable. Whichever way they went, it was agony. But there was more to be known. Bethianna’s hand lifted, a jug of water fading into view. In her other hand, a thin glass. ”We are vessels, containers of energy.” She said softly, beginning to fill the glass with water. “As humans are, as all living beings are. What makes us different is our ability to store, process, and utilise that energy.” The glass now full, she tapped it once on the side. A large crack split through the surface, and water began to gush out. Calmly, she picked up the jug again and resumed filling the glass as it poured out onto the table. ”Humans cannot. Their energy is used in their constant struggle against death, a battle they invariably lose. They are like this glass. Always being filled, but forever losing more than they can hold.” Bethianna tapped the side of the glass again, sealing the crack. ”Your sister, her daughters, are as this glass here.” The glass now full and no longer leaking, she tipped some more back into the jug. “Until they make use of it, the energy remains. It will find things to do, heal wounds, keep their looks and health—ensure they are ever young and vibrant. But they do not lose it over time.” Bethianna tapped the glass again, a small crack appearing. This didn’t leak as heavily as before, but the water level dropped steadily down. ”Even whole, this will be you. You will require always the support of the others to ensure you do not run dry. You will not have the ability to absorb or hold as much as they, and should they refuse to keep you filled you will perish.” Bethianna’s voice grew soft. “Such was true of the Violet. A male born whole, he was separated from his kin and locked away where he could not be found. Not until it was too late, he was too empty to refill. Too broken. He chose to cease.”
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  23. "I slept great, to be honest, you're a fantastic big spoon... or at least you must be, I don't remember waking up at all during the night," Then again, Audrey doubted that she would remember even if she did. What time had they even gone to bed? Who could tell. Well, Kate probably... and something about thinking of Kate made Audrey feel a little annoyed all of a sudden. Not at the other woman, but at Alan for some reason. With the blinds drawn and the room dark once again, the young woman felt a little better with her headache, but she knew she was going to need a lot of water and couple of cups of tea before she was going to any kinds of meetings and discussions. "You know Mum's just going to tell you off for calling, but it's your call," Audrey offered a gentle shrug as she got herself a glass of water and took a long drink drink. She then managed to glance inside the bathroom and tilted her head as her gaze narrowed on something... what was that? Wandering into the ensuite briefly, the woman reemerged a few moments later, holding up a Batman mask as she offered Alan an amused half-smirk. "When the hell did we get this?" The brunette had to laugh as she shook her head. Just how drunk had they been? She couldn't remember much at all after they left the suite, but clearly they'd had some fun.
  24. Truthfully, he had resigned to the fact that no one would willingly allow either of them the chance to speak to their father and yet with a single nod it seemed the possibility had opened up wider. This was something that caught him off guard not expecting that it'd actually be taken into consideration so soon and yet there seemed to be the underlying tension before her and Adele. If it had originally been to keep her from turning out like their mother, then they were in the clear, right? But was that the true reason behind it? That was one of those questions he'd keep on the inside and never ask. Never ask because that is a situation the two would need to eventually face when the time came and something inside told him it was better that way. "Truly. . .?" That was a rhetorical reflection and his expression showed it as it shifted into a thoughtful brace. She wasn't a woman who spoke to waste words or time it was always taken to mean exactly what she's said, that much he had managed to pick up. Even her very presence and the airs she held about herself spoke volumes on that kind of a trait. "Then time leading into possibility is all I could ask for." Which was true in the sense that it wasn't by his own or Adele's timetable as much as both of them had wanted to meet their Father they had to step by the rules of those who knew the path towards him. Then. . . She told the woman to leave and this caused his eyebrow to arch upwards in confusion. He was to speak to her alone? The various reasons why ran through his head even as the two women spoke back and forth with Adele's questioning of the Elder woman before resigning. This was something he hoped didn't put a wedge between himself and her, he couldn't control the actions or perceptions of others. Once the door has closed tightly leaving himself and Bethianna into the room his attention shifted back to Bethianna. "Discuss without her influen-?" Alexander cut off his own words instantly realizing were this was headed, of course, the moment of his 'Acceptance'. A choice needed to be made and there had been numerous factors that could be considered an influence that swayed him one way or another either by a persons urging ways or expectations as well as the things he had experienced that made defined those choices. The brief moment of sadness hadn't escaped him and his usual cheery expression seemed to drop slightly - there had never been a moment within himself that he didn't view it as a serious situation. But in the view of others he often held up a façade to keep himself motivated from the possible depression of the atmosphere from the truth. The elephant in the room, so to speak. "I know. I know either way it's going to be. . . Rough is such a powerless word to emphasize it, isn't it? The pain, It's going to be unlike anything I've felt before all at once. " Hasty, that was one way to press it but did he truly have a choice in that regard? Such a choice within a short timespan would still be considered hasty. Then again, that just maybe the fact of being a Male. "There had been no illusions in my mind that'd it'd be easy it's why I've been. . . Trying to find a way to better those chances. Seeing what information, what methods could work." It wasn't all for naught, he knew a key component that it took and that was extremely valuable considering the necessity of it all. "The reason I consider my current choice is because I want to be there for my family through all the years, for myself. To be able to understand and get to know them. Support them in my own way. " Alex wanted to make sure that he could help Adele out from herself from time to time, be able to break through the barriers with Améa at some point - enjoy the casual love for music with Jezebel. He needed to be there for Caleb's life from beginning to end and he needed to make sure Lorelei didn't become too much like her Grandmother. Equal amongst it all he wanted to spend so much more time and build with Cassandra, it all had a purpose, his purpose that he designed. The purpose of the things he wanted in in life for himself that he treasured. "There is also the fact I wish to understand you further, who we are and you as a person. Even though you let fate decide the path and walk. . . You've been more of a mother to me than my own. Much more." In hindsight? Probably didn't mean much but he was often a person that gave credit where credit was due.
  25. Our horror event is an 18+ event. We are working with our venue to confirm the details for A PIRATES ACCORD, but it should be 13+ with parental supervision. Our events are designed to be family friendly normally.
  26. Is there an age limit? Coz it's something my teenage daughter would probably enjoy all well.
  27. Rue couldn’t do much but stand there silently while the young lady walked out of the classroom. She blinked. Well, that didn’t go well at all. She sighed and made a mental note to contact her later. She turned to address the class that remained, nodding gently to the newcomers. ‘I apologise if anything I have said over the last few minutes left you with the impression that I do not few fairies as sentient, intelligent beings on equal footing with us. Because they are. My point is simply that they operate on laws often unknown and incomprehensible to us, and demand respect. Not doing so is liable to be dangerous. Remember Hippogriffs.’ She tilted her head. ‘Herbology, Potions and Care of Magical Creatures all have some overlap. Please defer to the relevant professors for their expertise.’ She was angry with herself as what Geraltine had said finally clicked. Care of Magical Creatures, right. That did seem like something of a faux pas. But then what was deemed ‘sentient’ seemed so arbitrary. Were hippogriffs not sentient? Despite their complicated systems of honour and pride? ‘If you’ll excuse me. I’d best check on the young lady who just left.’ She meant Samhain. She’d sensed some distress. It wasn’t as though she could entirely leave the classroom, that would be irresponsible. But once she was out of earshot of the rest of the class she called softly to Kiki, giving her a piece of paper to carry to Samhain. ‘Make sure she’s okay for me, please?’ With a small yowl, the cat raced off. Samhain would find a small black cat following her with a note in her jaws that read: Are you alright? Please send a response with Kiki, I can provide you with class notes later if you wish. Ps. Don’t be nervous, Kiki gives wonderful hugs.
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