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    COEUS || sci-fi superpowers

    sci-fi superpowers - hint of cyberpunk & post-apocalypse HOME - PLOT - CANONS - ADVERTISE Twenty-two years ago, the ship Justice landed on one of humanity’s colonized planets, Coeus, over two hundred light years away from Earth. As its passengers awoke from their cryosleep, they realized that something horrible had happened: the previously colonized Coeus had fallen. Cities lay empty and ruined, being reclaimed by the alien planet. Like the colonizers of Roanoke, there was no trace of what had occurred except for seemingly endless monstrosities crawling from the ruins of the city. Immediately, the armed forces aboard the ship seized control. They defended the ship, established a perimeter around it, and created a safe haven. The military forces set up a city, calling it Nova Aurora and naming themselves the Justicars, after the ship that had brought them to Coeus. But as time went on, the Justicars’ rule became increasingly oppressive and restrictive, until it was almost downright tyrannical. Then superpowers appeared quietly enough about ten years ago. Sudden, powerful magic, put in the hands of ordinary people. ‘Omens,’ they were called, by those who knew of them. The Justicars, at that point paranoid, xenophobic, and controlling, immediately acted to suppress both the Omens and the knowledge of anything that could challenge their rule. The most powerful Omens joined together in a group known as the Eerie, which was built as an organization for the salvation of Omens. Working together, they saved new Omens from the Justicars, pushed for more knowledge of Omens, and began exploring for another home, outside Nova Aurora. But just as the hopes of the Eerie soar, the monstrosities return, and in even larger numbers.
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    Born too Slow

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    Lomg Live Evil [Descendants]

    home | plot | rules | canons | face claim | advertise Long Live Evil is a second generation Disney advanced role-playing forum. Based on the world created in the TV movie Disney’s Descendants What you need to know: We accept both canon and original characters It is not required to have seen the movie, however full plot synopsis available on site for those that wish it Regular plot progression and themed-events No daily check-ins required- just regular posts No set word-count Post formats encouraged, but not required
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    S O U L S · O N · F I R E

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    magic, madness ! [jcink]

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    magic, madness ! [jcink]

    [div align="center"][a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx"][/a] { [a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx"]INDEX[/a] / [a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=3"]PLOT[/a] / [a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=4"]RULES[/a] / [a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=18"]CANONS[/a] / [a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=20"]REQUESTS[/a] / [a href="http://magicmadness.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=73"]ADVERTISE[/a] }[/div]
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    make daddy proud

    [align=center]There have been rumors of alien abductions in the small town of Red Rock, Nevada. But are they really true? Right on the outskirts of Las Vegas is the place where runaways go. The place where secrets are partially kept, rumors are spread, and people go missing. Where everyone knows everyone and life’s scandal is only the beginning. index 👽 face claim 👽 wanted ads 👽 advertising[/align]
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    hands tied: dead ends [jcink]

  14. JACFC HOME ϟ PHILOSPHY ϟ CONCEPT ϟ RULES ϟ APP ϟ AD FORUM Canonless Potter Roleplay ϟ No Word Count ϟ Jcink Premium ϟ Active 14+ YearsWe solemnly swear that we are up to no good. JOIN THE MISCHIEF!
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    Deviants [jcink]

    Heya! Here's my affiliation button as agreed! <a href="https://deviants.jcink.net/index.php?"><img src="https://image.ibb.co/fRogRo/deviantsaff.png" title="Deviants"></a>
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    The Zyver REgion

    >> Home << It's taken over a year and a half to make, but we're officially open! The Zyver Region is an AU Pokemon role-playing-game set in its own region with Pokemon made exclusively for it. We have unique locations, advancing plots, characters, and battle system. This RPG focuses on a character's journey and growth, with less emphasis on data-driven calculations and more on creative, strategic styles of handling situations. This RPG is for everyone to enjoy regardless of their Pokemon knowledge or experience. A destructive event known as the "Time of Chaos" left the region devastated by raging storms and disasters. Most evacuated to Kanto while they still could, but many more perished. One day, the unexplained event just stopped. For two years, people have been rebuilding - among the first to return were Professors Aspen and Maple. They discovered that Zyver Pokemon have adapted, making them wilder and stronger than those in other regions. But a new era begins as the time has come for trainers to return, mysteries to be solved, and adventures to be had. There are many dangers lurking in the shadows and some fear that devastation may one day begin anew. Main Features 162 exclusive Pokemon to capture, train, battle, and befriend A specially-designed battle system that requires minimal effort from players Voice Actors bring characters to life for special events and plot announcements An inventory with a variety of useful items and new poke balls The story advances over time, as the region's future is shaped by our members Freedom to choose your trainer's goals and story - the Pokemon league is only one of many options Trainers have skills and levels too, unlocking new potentials and strengths We strive to build a community and RPG where everyone can have fun and work together Changing seasons and weather renew the RPG experience, but watch out for the perils of Winter! Town festivals, a Safari Zone, puzzling challenges, and unlocking new areas - there's plenty to do! Your journey begins here! Advert by a trainer
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    Ascension Of Darkness

    What happens when the good guys don't win? The Wizarding World is still recovering from the war. Rebels left scrambling as the new Minister makes it clear he isn't going anywhere. Those caught were punished swiftly, some only losing everything they had to their name, others losing so much more. But if you had money on your side, in your pocket, you might just make it away with a pat on the wrist and a constant reminder to know your place. Rights have been stripped left and right, the Order claiming their rules and laws are to help better their world. It is becoming more obvious to even those who supported the new leadership that it may not actually be the betterment of all. Join us to rebel against the totalitarian regime, or join the force of tyranny and bask in the glory you are met with. No matter your side, no matter your story, join us on our Ascension of Darkness. Rules ~ Available Positions ~ Discord
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    centuries [jcink]

    ARE YOU READY? plot ♦ canon list ♦ requests ♦ extra info ♦ advertising
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    coming home

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    Driving Toward Death

    [ Index | Plot | Canons | Advertise ]( For the optimistic, the supernaturals were incentivized to come here.For the pessimistic, the supernaturals were herded here.For the realistic, well... I suppose that's why you're here, aren't you? To figure out the truth? )
  22. Frisson Home | The Plot | Site Canons | Advertising | Want ads
  23. [align=center]AN AU THE WALKING DEAD RPG [Jcink]Plot | Rules | Canons | Wanted Ads | Face Claims[/align]
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    love lies

    [align=center] plot ♦ rules ♦ face claim ♦ requests ♦ advertise [/align]
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